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Boom! Boom!

The beautiful battle runes whizzed down from the sky. From far, it looked like a destructive divine spear that was piercing through the void. It was so violent that even the Grade Six Sovereigns turned pale when they saw it.

They could sense a life-threatening force from the battle runes on the beam.

Xiao Tian turned pale as well and looked at the beautiful beam that was moving toward him. He could not believe his eyes. He had never expected Mu Chen to be able to activate such a powerful attack with the fighting spirit of the five different troops.

The power of the fighting spirit in the beautiful beam had surpassed the power of the Python Fighting Spirit!

"Stop pretending. You are not as powerful as you seem to be. Don't you think you can fool me!" Xiao Tian shouted. He had thought that he would triumph over Mu Chen, but the tables had been turned. He could not accept the fact and was furious. He quickly formed a seal with his hands and shouted, "Tian Xuan Troop, give it your best shot!"


The Tian Xuan Troop, which was behind Xiao Tian, roared, and majestic fighting spirit shot up into the sky. The battle runes on the Python Fighting Spirit's body became brighter and after a loud bang, it broke the void apart and shot out.

The Python Fighting Spirit showed no intention of retreating. It soared up into the sky like a large dragon. It had gathered the majestic fighting spirits from all of the warriors of Tian Xuan Hall and hit hard against the beautiful beam!


When the large dragon and the beautiful beam collided, the space instantly tore apart, and large cracks started to form. The scene was disastrous.

As this was happening, there was a shrill cry. Many top powers turned their gazes toward the cry, and they were shocked to see that the beautiful beam had pierced through the Python Fighting Spirit. Horrifying fighting spirit whooshed down, and the bright battle runes on the Python Fighting Spirit dimmed and broke into pieces.

Xiao Tian instantly turned ghastly pale.

Fang Yi, Liu Yan, and the rest who were watching from afar turned sour. All of them were shocked. They realized that Mu Chen had become more powerful than before.

Xiao Tian would not have dared to provoke Mu Chen if Mu Chen had displayed such power from the beginning.

"This scoundrel is too good at hiding his power!"

Mu Chen ignored the startled looks of the top powers. He looked coldly at the Python Fighting Spirit that had been pierced by the beautiful beam and suddenly clenched his fists.

Boom! Boom!

The Python Fighting Spirit was unable to withstand the attack, and it burst into light spots.


When the Spirit of Fighting Intent exploded, Xiao Tian spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked pale. Many warriors from the Tian Xuan Troop spewed out blood as well. Some of them fell from the sky, and the majestic fighting spirit started to weaken.

With the destruction of the Spirit of Fighting Intent, the Tian Xuan Troop suffered heavy losses.

Mu Chen stood in the air and looked flatly at the defeated Tian Xuan Troop. Since the Spirit of Fighting Intent had been destroyed, the fighting spirit of the Tian Xuan Troop no longer posed a threat to him.

Xiao Tian wiped away the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth and looked at the Tian Xuan Troop. The warriors' morale had collapsed, and he could no longer form its fighting spirit. He had been utterly defeated in this battle.

"Scoundrel!" Xiao Tian shouted out in anger and suddenly retreated. He commanded his troop to withdraw as well. Since Tian Xuan Troop could not condense its fighting spirit, Xiao Tian no longer had any power to contend with Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen had no intention of letting Xiao Tian off. He looked coldly at Xiao Tian and waved his sleeve. A beam of fighting spirit pierced through the void and caught up with Xiao Tian at lightning speed. It then hit hard on his body.


After being hit by the severe blow, Xiao Tian spewed out another mouthful of blood. His eyes dimmed, and he looked as though he were dying.

Mu Chen used his palm as a suction force to draw Xiao Tian to him. He used his spiritual energy as a rope and tied Xiao Tian up. After he had dealt with Xiao Tian, Mu Chen triggered his thought. Majestic fighting spirit dropped down like a curtain and covered the Tian Xuan Troop up.

After the Tian Xuan Troop had lost Xiao Tian, the troop was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. It had no power to resist. The troop was unable to escape from the fighting spirit that had covered it up, let alone attack it.

When a troop lost its commander, it was unable to condense its fighting spirit. The warriors were like any other ordinary warriors, and they had lost their Sovereign-level power.

Although the quantity of these small fry was large, they were useless.

Mu Chen had captured Xiao Tian and entrapped the Tian Xuan Troop within split seconds. After he was done, Fang Yi, Liu Yan, and the rest came back to themselves. Liu Yan looked pale.

Liu Yan looked angrily at Mu Chen and shouted, "Mu Chen, release them. If you don't, Tian Xuan Hall will not let you off!" Tian Xuan Hall had spent a lot of resources on Xiao Tian and the Tian Xuan Troop. If Tian Xuan Hall lost any of them, it would be a great blow to them.

Mu Chen simply raised his brows in response and said, "Are we even friends now, Young Master Liu?"

Liu Yan was shocked. He looked viciously at Mu Chen and said, "What do you want?"

"Ask your men to stop fighting." Mu Chen said flatly, "If you want to continue with the struggle, I will first destroy Xiao Tian and the Tian Xuan Troop."

Although Mu Chen's voice sounded flat, it exuded a cold killing intent.

"Dream on!" Liu Yan shouted.

Upon hearing it, Mu Chen wasted no time. He curled his fingers, and spiritual energy appeared in his hand like a sword blade. It whizzed across Xiao Tian's shoulder, and he let out a sharp cry. Blood splashed out, and his right arm flew off.


Liu Yan was mad. He looked angrily at Mu Chen, but Mu Chen continued to look at him flatly. Mu Chen then lifted up his fingers again.

"Stop!" Liu Yan shouted. Xiao Tian had great potential and was the only one in Tian Xuan Hall who could become a war troop dispatcher. If he were crippled by Mu Chen, Liu Yan would not be able to answer to Liu Tiandao.

Mu Chen looked coldly at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and lifted up his hand. The top powers, who were involved in the fierce fights behind him, stopped fighting and retreated. The moment they retreated, Nine Nether and the other lords were released of their burden. They caught the top powers from the Divine Pavilion by surprise and attacked them.

"Liu Yan, you!" When Fang Yi saw it, he turned pale.

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and said, "I have no wish to lose a Genius of War and an elite troop, and get nothing in return at the end of the day!"

"Do you think that he will let you off? Mu Chen is so cunning. If you submit to him, you will end up being controlled by him," Fang Yi said.

Mu Chen smiled and replied, "Hohoho, Fang Yi, you are cunning as well. Are you trying to instigate Tian Xuan Hall to fight with me, and when both of us suffer losses, you will just step in to reap the benefits?"

Liu Yan's eyes glittered.

When Fang Yi saw that Liu Yan was swayed by what Mu Chen had said, he panicked and quickly said, "Liu Yan, don't listen to him. He is trying to sow discord between us. Daluo Territory cannot hold out for too long. As long as we double up our efforts, we will be able to kill the lords of Daluo Territory. By then, we will be able to deal with Mu Chen and the five troops as we wish."

"By then, the Divine Pavilion will have the last laugh!" Mu Chen interrupted. Fang Yi was hopping mad, and he felt like tearing Mu Chen into pieces.

Liu Yan took a deep breath and said in a glum voice, "Alright, Mu Chen, as long as you release my men, Tian Xuan Hall will not interfere in this fight. However, I have to warn you, if you dare to be funny with me, I will not let you off!"

Mu Chen smiled and said, "Young Master Liu, you indeed value your people. You will be a good hall master in the future. I will let your men go. However, please hold on for a while as I settle the problems here."

Mu Chen would not be silly enough to release the men now. Once he did not have the hostages, Liu Yan might attack him. He was already mad at Mu Chen for threatening him.

Liu Yan stared at Mu Chen. He then ignored Fang Yi and turned around to join his men, watching the battle from afar.

After the men from Tian Xuan Hall had retreated, the situation in the battlefield changed. The Divine Pavilion previously had the upper hand but was now suppressed by Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the other lords.

There were more men in Daluo Territory, and they now had the upper hand. As the Divine Pavilion did not have the help from Zhantai Liuli, their power had weakened.

Moreover, Mu Chen was around to control the five troops, and he was eyeing them.

When Fang Yi saw it, he turned ghastly pale. Zhantai Liuli, who was behind him, curled up her lips and looked on mockingly.

After a while, Fang Yi looked shocked. He realized that Mu Chen was looking at him.

Mu Chen's gaze made him despair. He would be Mu Chen's next target.

All the top powers from the Divine Pavilion had been suppressed by the lords from Daluo Territory. Zhantai Liuli had been seriously injured, and it would be impossible for Fang Yi to contend with Mu Chen, who was controlling the fighting spirit of the five troops…

He had shot himself in the foot. 

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