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"Mu Chen, lay down your terms for releasing our troops!"

When Mu Chen heard Zhantai Liuli's cold voice, he could not help smiling. He had seen her earlier expressions. Mu Chen had seen how grateful Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest were toward Zhantai Liuli. However, instead of feeling disgusted, he was filled with admiration for her. Zhantai Liuli was sharp and able to turn the situation to her advantage.

It would be best not to have her as an enemy.

Although Mu Chen was full of praise for Zhantai Liuli, he could not show it. Otherwise, it would cause Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest to become suspicious of her.

Mu Chen smiled and said, "I can consider releasing your troops, but you have to show your sincerity." He looked open to a discussion.

Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the other lords had gotten out of the battlefield and had joined Mu Chen. They looked at the troops that Mu Chen had captured and were stunned. It was rare to see troops being held as hostages.

"What do you mean?" Zhantai Liuli raised her brows and asked in a cold voice.

"Fifty thousand Meteorfall Alchemy for one troop. There are three troops in my hands, so if you are willing to pay a ransom of 150,000 Meteorfall Alchemy, I will let them go," Mu Chen said with a smile.

When the top powers heard what Mu Chen said, they were shocked. The top powers in the Divine Pavilion gritted their teeth and were furious that Mu Chen had such exorbitant demands.

When Liu Yan saw how the Divine Pavilion was being blackmailed by Mu Chen, he felt happy. When one was out of luck, he would be happy to see another person in a worse situation.

Fang Yi could no longer control himself and shouted, "Mu Chen, dream on. Are you able to swallow such a large amount?"

Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest turned pale. They looked sharply at Mu Chen and were furious.

"In that case, let's call off the deal."

Mu Chen suddenly looked cold. He clenched his fists, and the Fighting Spirit Light Shield that had covered up the three troops from the Divine Pavilion dropped down. It looked like a mountain coming down hard on the three troops, ready to smash them to pieces.

Although the three troops struggled to resist, there was no commander to coordinate the fighting spirit. The troops could not do much but watch the Fighting Spirit Light Shield fall down on them. Many warriors started to turn pale at the strong suppression.

When Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest saw it, they turned pale. They were enraged. They had spent many resources to build up the three troops. If all the troops were destroyed, they would lose their power.

"Stop it!" Zhantai Liuli shouted. She stopped Mu Chen and looked at Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest and said, "I believe you have come to a decision. If you want to fight on, I can help you."

Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest looked unsettled. Mu Chen had control over the troops. Their troops would be seriously injured if they were suppressed by the fighting spirit. Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest would not be able to come to their rescue in time if this happened.

Lord Flaming Wolf gritted his teeth and said, "Why don't we just pay the ransom to redeem our troops? If we lose Meteorfall Alchemy, we can search around again. However, if we lose our troops, our efforts throughout the years will have been wasted."

Lord Heavenly Alligator and Lord Celestial Bear clenched their fists tightly and were fuming with anger. Finally, they let out a sigh. Although they were brutal, they would not leave their troops to die. After all, they had spent a great amount of resources and efforts in building them up.

"No! You can't!" Fang Yi shouted angrily. "We only have a total of 70,000 Meteorfall Alchemy. If we give them all away, whatever we have done will be for nothing! How are we to answer to the Pavilion Master?"

"If not for you, our troops would not have fallen into his hands. If anyone should answer to the Pavilion Master, it should be you!" Lord Heavenly Alligator said unhappily.

When Fang Yi heard that, he turned pale.

Zhantai Liuli looked at them, and then turned to look at Mu Chen and said, "Mu Chen, we do not have 150,000 Meteorfall Alchemy. We will pay 20,000 for a troop. We will give you a total of 60,000 Meteorfall Alchemy. If you accept it, release our men. If not, we will fight. Let's see if you are able to defeat us!"

"Sixty thousand Meteorfall Alchemy?"

Mu Chen smiled. He nodded and said, "Miss Zhantai really has the interests of the troops in mind. Alright, l will make it 60,000. I will take it as a request from a friend."

Mu Chen knew that he had asked for too much. He had not expected the Divine Pavilion and the rest to come up with that amount of Meteorfall Alchemy. He was happy to have 60,000 Meteorfall Alchemy, which was within his acceptable range. Moreover, he hoped that by agreeing to it, Zhantai Liuli could gain the favor of Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest.

Zhantai Liuli was smart. She knew what Mu Chen was thinking. She winked quickly at Mu Chen and then said coldly, "I don't have a friend who is so greedy."

She mocked Mu Chen and sounded angry. She acted so well that Mu Chen was taken aback.

Zhantai Liuli turned to look at Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest. They felt the pinch, but they had no choice. They waved their sleeves and three alabaster jars appeared. There was a strange fluctuation in the jars.

All of them had kept the Meteorfall Alchemy in the jars.

Zhantai Liuli grabbed hold of the three alabaster jars. They turned into three streamers and shot toward Mu Chen. Mu Chen grabbed them with his hands as the jars appeared.

He gently threw the three alabaster jars into the air, and then passed them to Nine Nether. After she had verified the quantity, Mu Chen cupped his fist and said with a smile, "Thank you for your present."

Zhantai Liuli looked cold. Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest looked fierce. They felt like tearing Mu Chen into pieces.

"Release our men," Zhantai Liuli said coldly.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. He waved his sleeve, and the Fighting Spirit Light Shield dissipated from the three troops. After the barrier had been removed, the three troops escaped desperately. They no longer bothered about formation and behaved like refugees. The scene was unsightly.

The three troops were precious in the eyes of Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest. However, to Mu Chen, they posed no threat to him. As long as they were not under the control of any Genius of War like Zhantai Liuli, Mu Chen was not afraid of them.

Zhantai Liuli had formed a secret alliance with him, so Mu Chen was not afraid that the situation would turn against him after he had released the troops.

The three troops ran back pathetically to the top powers of the Divine Pavilion. After this battle, the morale of the troops was low. Their fighting spirit had weakened. When Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest saw it, they were furious.

After releasing the three troops, Mu Chen turned to look at Liu Yan and the rest. When Liu Yan saw Mu Chen looking at him, he turned pale. After seeing how Mu Chen had dealt with the Divine Pavilion, he was worried that Mu Chen would deal with him likewise. After all, Tian Xuan Troop and a Genius of War were in his hands.

Mu Chen smiled warmly and said, "Young Master Liu, I shall return your men to you after we get out of the Death Relics. Are you fine with it?"

When Liu Yan saw that Mu Chen had no intention of blackmailing him, he was taken aback. He then heaved a sigh of relief. After pondering for a while, he nodded.

Liu Yan suddenly felt that Mu Chen had been kind to Tian Xuan Hall after seeing how Mu Chen had blackmailed the Divine Pavilion…

Mu Chen was not being kind to Tian Xuan Hall. He did not want to force Liu Yan into a corner and make him lose his cool. Liu Yan might just forego Xiao Tian and the Tian Xuan Troop and join forces with the Divine Pavilion. If that happened, Mu Chen would have to pay a high price.

Mu Chen had been harsh on the Divine Pavilion and went soft on Tian Xuan Hall intentionally. When Liu Yan saw this, he would not have the thought of putting up a struggle. Moreover, when the Divine Pavilion saw that Tian Xuan Hall did not suffer any losses, they would feel a psychological imbalance. They would see the great difference in treatment, and this would reduce their probability of joining forces with Tian Xuan Hall.

When Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the other lords saw how Mu Chen had easily separated the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall, they looked at one another. They were shocked and at the same time, filled with admiration for Mu Chen.

This was a splendid move.

"Hahaha, in this case, we will make a move first." Mu Chen laughed and waved to Nine Nether and the lords.

The men from Tian Xuan Hall and the Divine Pavilion followed behind them.

When the forces saw the outcome, they were shocked and shook their heads. No one had expected that after Daluo Territory had been put in such a dire situation, that Mu Chen's appearance would turn the tables so spectacularly.

Some of the top powers sighed faintly. They sensed that from this Big Hunting War, the youth whom no one had any regard for would become a mighty dark horse that would take everyone by surprise…

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