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Chapter 889 - Surrounded

Along with the remnant consciousness of the Sky Formation Emperor completely disappearing from this world, a faint light from the sky seemed to have penetrated through space, which gradually lit up this crimson area.

Zhantai Liuli looked at the petrified Sky Formation Emperor with red eyes, before sighing with pain. She then looked at Mu Chen and softly said, “Let us go as well.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. Although he did not obtain the inheritance of the Sky Formation Emperor on this trip to the Death Ruin, he managed to obtain the visualisation technique that was left behind by an even more terrifying existence, the Nine Tribulation Battle Emperor, which he was satisfied with. Regardless of anything, he finally knew how to become a genuine Battle Formation Master.

So he was pretty satisfied with his harvest in this trip.

Zhantai Liuli turned around, but just when she was about to leave, her body froze and had slightly knitted her brows. She gently grasped her hand and a stone shell appeared. She placed it near her ears and listened, before her face drastically changed.

“What’s wrong?” When Mu Chen saw the changes in her expression, his face had changed as well.

“When we entered here, the troops left behind by my teacher gradually collapsed and all the forces are currently seizing the Fallen Origin Aura. The Divine Pavilion and Sky Profound Palace have joined together to deal with the Great Havenlaw Domain.” Zhantai Liuli slowly said.


Hearing her words, Mu Chen’s face instantly changed and a killing aura surged in his eyes. Those fellows did know how to make use of opportunities. Since the five troops of the Great Havenlaw Domain had entered the battle formation, they might still be there at this moment. Without the five troops, their Great Havenlaw Domain would definitely be much weaker. Although there were the Kings, they had to deal with the peak experts of both the Divine Pavilion and Sky Profound Palace at the same time.

“Miss Zhantai, despite our cooperation here, we’ll be enemies when we leave this place. So don’t blame me at that time.” Mu Chen’s sharp gaze was directed at Zhantai Liuli and he said in a solemn voice.

The moment Zhantai Liuli commanded her Azure Troop, it was something that even Mu Chen would fear. If they fought at that time, there probably wouldn’t any leniency.

Although Mu Chen did not wish to fight with Zhantai Liuli, it was unavoidable since they were from different camps.

Zhantai Liuli looked at Mu Chen, then her eyes hung low. “I do not have any grateful feelings for the Divine Pavilion. If it wasn’t for me not having a choice, I wouldn’t even want to help them.”

Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at Zhantai Liuli. He did not expect the latter to not have any protective feelings for the Divine Pavilion.

“My clan was initially an ordinary force at the edge of the Divine Pavilion’s territory. But the matter of my talent in Battle Will was leaked out, which made the Divine Pavilion try to have me join them. But I wasn’t willing to become one of the Divine Pavilion, so I declined. But then, half a month later, there was a group of mysterious forces that slaughtered their way through, causing heavy casualties to my clan, and we were rescued by the Divine Pavilion in the end.” Zhantai Liuli spoke indifferently, but her voice was cold. Furthermore, when she spoke about the Divine Pavilion rescuing them, there wasn’t any gratitude in her voice. On the contrary, her voice had turned even colder.

Mu Chen frowned as he said, “The mysterious forces were from the Divine Pavilion?”

“Haha. They thought that their plan was flawless, but there are no secrets that can be completely hidden in this world.”

Zhantai Liuli coldly sneered, “When the Divine Pavilion forcefully brought my clan to the Divine Pavilion, it was done on the name of protection but actually, it was for surveillance. They forced me to lead their troops and my little sister had suffered heavy injuries from that disaster, causing her to be in a comatose state. Only the Nine Heavens Soul Replenishing Herb of the Divine Pavilion can save her. But the Divine Pavilion did not give it to me even till now, they clearly intend to control me with it.”

As she spoke, Zhantai Liuli tightly balled her fists and crimson drops of blood dripped from her fingers, with her face being filled with unconcealable hatred.

Mu Chen fell into silence, since he did not expect Zhantai Liuli to bear such a story. Despite the fact that she seemed to have a decent status in the Divine Pavilion, she wasn’t too trusted by them.

“My condolences.” Mu Chen sighed.

Zhantai Liuli shook her head, then suppressed the emotions in her heart. “But if I’m able to become a Battle Formation Master in the future, perhaps the Divine Pavilion will truly value me. At that point in time, I believe that they will not dare to drag this matter on any further.”

“Although I do not have any feelings for the Divine Pavilion, it’s indeed a good place that has a large number of resources that were provided to me. Furthermore, resources are extremely crucial in becoming a Battle Formation Master, so I do not mind enduring it and waiting until I become strong enough to destroy the Divine Pavilion myself!”

Zhantai Liuli’s face was covered with frost, which made even Mu Chen feel startled in his heart. He inwardly smacked his lips. Comparing ruthlessness, women were naturally more terrifying than men. The Divine Pavilion probably never expected that under their huge resources, they were nurturing a viper that would bite them back…

Mu Chen briefly pondered, then said, “Then, you have to be careful.”

“I don’t intend to fight with you. That’s because I feel that even with the Azure Troop, I would still have to pay a significant price if we fought, and I’m not foolish enough to do it.” Zhantai Liuli lightly smiled.

Mu Chen was stunned. With the two factions fighting and Zhantai Liuli being a formidable force in the Divine Pavilion, would Fang Yi and the rest allow her to wash her hands off this battle?

“If I’m completely fine, then they will naturally want me to join the fight as well. But what if I’m injured?” Zhantai Liuli cunningly smiled like a fox, then suddenly stretched her hand out and slapped her own chest.


A mouthful of blood spewed from her rosy lips and her face became much more pale, shocking Mu Chen to the point that he immediately went up, but was stopped by her.

“I’m fine, I have to act more realistically.” Zhantai Liuli smiled as she messed up her hair, making her look rather pathetic.

“I’ll go out first and claim that I’ve been heavily injured by you. After all, I did not bring the Azure Troop along with me and with my strength, I wouldn’t be able to confront you. So I don’t think that they will suspect anything.”

Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at Zhantai Liuli. Shortly after, he deeply inhaled a breath and gently nodded his head. “Thanks for that. If there’s an opportunity in the future, I’ll return this favour.”

Mu Chen knew that Zhantai Liuli had given him a great help this time. If she partook in the battle, even if she couldn’t defeat him, she could definitely hinder him. At that point in time, the Kings would have to face the two forces and would naturally be weaker in comparison, thus having them to pay an extremely heavy price for it.

“That’s all I can do to help. Even if I do not act, it won’t be easy for your Great Havenlaw Domain to confront the Divine Pavilion and Sky Profound Palace. So after we exit this place, your situation won’t be any better as well,” said Zhantai Liuli.

Mu Chen nodded and his gaze turned sharp. “Rest assured. I’m afraid that not even Fang Yi and the rest are capable of devour this party from my Great Havenlaw Domain.”

Zhantai Liuli smiled with her lips pursed. The blood stain on the corner of her lips made her look even more amorous but she did not continue to speaking, she waved her hand at Mu Chen.

“Then, let us move out.”

Finishing her words, she had turned into a streak of light and flew out. At her rear, Mu Chen quietly waited awhile, before executing his speed to the limits and ferociously chased after her.

The two of them travelled and swiftly made their way towards the entrance. Space distorted in that location, before the two of them flew out like bolts of lightning.

With the two of them exiting that place, space returned to being calm and in the future, there wouldn’t be anyone that could enter this place anymore, since this place would be destroyed as time passed.


When Zhantai Liuli and Mu Chen flew out of that space, there were yells of battles resounding from every direction as violent Battle Wills surged in this entire region.

The two of them naturally appeared in the Four Spiritual Battle Formation, but it was on the verge of destruction, since the four Battle Will Spirits had already disappeared at this point in time.

When he appeared here, Mu Chen could see the five troops of the Great Havenlaw Domain at a glance. Without Mu Chen’s command, they couldn’t form their Spirits of Battle Will nor could they destroy the battle formation here and leave.

The two other battle formations, on the contrary, were empty. The Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird Battle Formation were empty and Xiao Tian and the three Commanders had disappeared, they had clearly broken the battle formation.

“Xiao Tian’s out as well.”

Mu Chen couldn’t help squinting his eyes at this sight.

Looking out of the battle formation, Mu Chen saw violent bursts of Spiritual Energy and numerous streaks of light tore apart the horizon, then clashed together, causing the entire heavens and earth to tremble from the terrifying battles.

Vaguely, Mu Chen could see numerous figures being surrounded in the chaotic battle, which was clearly the Great Havenlaw Domain party!

Seeing this sight, Mu Chen’s gaze instantly turned cold.

Zhantai Liuli had also seen the situation as well, before giving Mu Chen a ruthless glance and swiftly fled towards the direction of the Azure Troop. At the same time, her sharp voice, which was filled with hatred, resounded between the heavens and earth.

“Mu Chen, I will definitely not let you off!”

Her sharp voice rang out with hatred, which caused the hectic battle in the distance to freeze and numerous gazes were immediately shot over, before focusing on Mu Chen with resonating clamours.

“Mu Chen actually made it out?!”

“He even wounded Zhantai Liuli of the Divine Pavilion!”


When Mu Chen heard those clamours, his face was cold and his silhouette moved. He had directly appeared in the Black Tortoise Battle Formation, with the five troops anxiously watching the Kings being surrounded.

“King Mu!”

When the five troops saw Mu Chen’s arrival, they instantly rejoiced, as if they had found their backbone.

Mu Chen coldly nodded his head and raised his hand with a cold voice that was filled with killing intent resounding out.

“Activate your Battle Wills and slaughter your way out!”

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