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Five crystal balls were suspended in front of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, and a faint mysterious light emanated from them. The light was not very strong, but it was immensely dazzling. The pair were very clear about the amazing value of these five crystal balls!

For these artifacts, even the top forces in the North Territory would scramble and fight to the death! Although it was not easy to train a war troop dispatcher, with these items, it would be much easier. Moreover, if they really succeeded in doing so, the gain would be tremendous!

Mu Chen stared closely at the five crystal balls, licked his lips, then looked at Zhantai Liuli. He saw that she also could barely conceal her excitement.

"Approach them with your mind power," the Sky Array Emperor smiled and said. "The method of cultivating mind power cannot be done forcibly. If the degree of compatibility is not high, even if you attain the technique of cultivating mind power, you would not be successful. Moreover, you might even end up dealing damage to your mind power. So, if you are not destined, you could only return from the trip empty-handed."

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's hearts jumped. They thought secretly to themselves that the conditions for becoming a war troop dispatcher were indeed harsh, and cultivating the Technique of Mind Power was extremely dangerous! Moreover, the technique even required a degree of compatibility.

However, it was apparent that the two of them had little say in the matter, so they could only take a deep breath at once, before they gradually closed their eyes and calmed their minds. As they did so, a gush of invisible mind power surged into the space.

Their sights darkened, the mind power surged. Mu Chen sensed the five lights that had appeared before him. The colors were different, but all of them emitted a mysterious glow. Within these five clusters of light, the brightest spot was right in the center.

Clearly, that crystal ball was the Technique of Mind Power that was left behind by the Sky Array Emperor, which was the most complete. The light of the other four crystal balls was dimmer and hence, was not comparable to the one in the middle.

However, this was not surprising to Mu Chen. After all, the other four crystal spheres that contained the Technique of Mind Power, according to the emperor's words, were also accidental acquisitions, not his exclusive possessions.

Mu Chen's mind power paused for a long time, floating just outside the five crystal spheres. It then went straight to the crystal sphere in the middle. Mu Chen's mind power skimmed over the area, then quickly approached the crystal ball, slowly wrapping it up.

Once Mu Chen's mind power was entangled with it, the crystal ball remained motionless. It then began to glow a little brighter, which was clearly enough! Thus, Mu Chen's attempt to obtain the complete Technique of Mind Power from the Sky Array Emperor was an utter failure.

This situation felt as if a basin of cold water had fallen down on Mu Chen's head, leaving his heart utterly frozen. The feeling that there was no degree of compatibility was beyond frustrating.

Although he was frustrated, Mu Chen was not a person who could not easily let go or admit defeat. He smiled bitterly, allowing his mind power to retreat. Since discovering that the complete Technique of Mind Power did not suit him, his only other option was to try another one. 

After Mu Chen's mind power had retreated, he could sense another hesitant stream of mind power approaching. This mind power obviously belonged to Zhantai Liuli, as she was also aware of the importance of this crystal ball.

Mu Chen's mind power sensed Zhantai Liuli's. As he looked at her mind power, it approached tentatively, then entangled itself with the somewhat cold crystal ball…


Just as Zhantai Liuli's mind power was entangled with that crystal ball, Mu Chen suddenly saw a strong burst of light. Then, the crystal ball, which remained motionless when entangled with Mu Chen's mind power, now shone brilliantly, as if it had become a small sun. Its light was dazzling.

Mu Chen stared at this scene, speechless. Although he was an open-minded person, he couldn't help but feel annoyed, as this darn crystal ball did not react to him at all, but was so enthusiastic towards Zhantai Liuli! He had to wonder if it valued women more than men...

When the crystal ball burst out with a strong light, Zhantai Liuli was incredibly excited. In fact, she could not keep calm at all. She opened her eyes gleefully, looking at the glimmering crystal ball before her.

"I... Did I succeed?" Zhantai Liuli murmured, her eyes turning a little red.

Hers was an expression of extreme excitement. Her spiritual talent was not high, and if she had not been using the enormous resources of the Divine Pavilion for years, she would not have been able to attain even the rank of Fourth Grade Sovereign. Thus, she knew that, if she wanted to be truly powerful, since the road of spiritual cultivation did not suit her, the only option for her was becoming a war troop dispatcher!

She couldn't imagine how desperate she would be, should this last road be blocked. The Divine Pavilion destroyed her family, then brought her back forcefully to the Divine Pavilion, all because of her talent for fighting intent.

If she could not become a war troop dispatcher, then perhaps the Divine Pavilion would not value her anymore. Should that happen, her and her family would be in grave danger. Fortunately, the heavens were merciful, and her last road finally opened to her.

Mu Chen also opened his eyes at this time. He looked at the excited Zhantai Liuli, whose eyes had turned red. This slightly startled him. He immediately remained silent, as it seemed that there were also some unknown stories about her background. She clearly needed this Technique of Mind Power more than him!

At this point, the slightest regret in Mu Chen's heart also disappeared. Although being a war troop dispatcher was good, for Mu Chen, it was not the only way to live. 

Thus, even if he really could not become a war troop dispatcher, he would not feel despondent. Moreover, even if the Sky Array Emperor's Technique of Mind Power was not suitable for him, that did not mean that other techniques were not suitable for him. After all, this Great Thousand World was endlessly vast, and although the Techniques of cultivating Mind Power were quite rare, they were not limited to only those belonging to the Sky Array Emperor.

"It seems like you truly have an affinity for me." The Sky Array Emperor smiled. As he glanced at Zhantai Liuli, his expression became more gentle.

"Thank you so much, Master!" Zhantai Liuli exclaimed, her eyes still red.

With a wave of his palm, the crystal ball swept out. Then, in a flash of light, it rushed into Zhantai Liuli's forehead, only to disappear quickly.

When the crystal ball was fully integrated into Zhantai Liuli's head, the latter's delicate body was also slightly shaken. Her beautiful eyes slightly narrowed, as she had apparently just become aware of some additional things that appeared in her mind.

"I have sealed it in your mind, so you can look it up at any time. There are many experiences that I have learned from my own practice, which you can now also learn from. I can't guide you anymore, so you need to go on your own way from now on," the Sky Array Emperor said gently.

Zhantai Liuli bowed respectfully. "Thank you so much, Teacher."

She was smart enough to change how she addressed the Sky Array Emperor. To some extent, she was the successor of the latter, as she had obtained his inheritance.

"Haha." When he heard how she addressed him, the Sky Array Emperor could not help but laugh. "Well, I didn't expect to be able to get a good successor on my deathbed! I truly hope that my legacy can be carried forward by your hands."

Zhantai Liuli nodded her head meekly, then immediately looked at Mu Chen with a bit of embarrassment and awkwardness, because the latter was still empty-handed.

The Sky Array Emperor also looked at Mu Chen. "There are four crystal balls left," he said. "You may try to see if you are fated with them. They were what I obtained in the ancient times, so don't think that they are shoddy items I randomly picked up! The hidden techniques in them have high reputations. In fact, were they not incomplete, their value would be far more than the Technique of Mind Power that I left behind."

As soon as Mu Chen heard this, he looked at the remaining four crystal balls with astonishment. He thought that they were just mediocre artifacts, never imagining that they had such origins!

"Slightly flawed and incomplete, is it…"

Mu Chen's gaze flickered, then he laughed. Throughout the years, there were many incomplete things that he had obtained, including the Great Solar Undying Body, which he had cultivated. As such, he felt more affinity with incomplete objects.

"Then, I'll try again." Mu Chen closed his eyes again, his mind power sweeping out, then twining itself around the four crystal balls that floated forward.

Zhantai Liuli and the Sky Array Emperor were both looking at Mu Chen. They could feel the latter's thoughts as they wrapped around the other four crystal balls.

They watched and waited quietly. Their silence lasted less than a minute, before their gazes suddenly became solemn. They suddenly saw, at the far left of the four crystal balls, there was a crystal ball that burst into a dazzling light.

The light of that crystal ball showed a dark color, but in that black light, it was as if there was lightning flashing, and a faint thunderous roar reverberated within it as well. When the Sky Array Emperor saw that Mu Chen had such a high degree of compatibility with the crystal ball, his eyes flashed, revealing a touch of amazement.

Mu Chen opened his eyes at this moment, then stared at the glowing crystal ball with some amazement. With a wave of his palm, the crystal ball came and fell slowly into his hands.

Mu Chen hesitated slightly, then took hold of the crystal ball, as its light penetrated into his body. His body shook violently, as if something had entered into it, along with the rumble of thunder and lightning.

The thunder echoed. Within that roar of thunder, there was an ancient script, like a thunderbolt, that surfaced in Mu Chen's mind.

Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization!

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