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As the spirit of the Sky Array Emperor disappeared from the world, a dim light from heaven shot forth, brightening up the dark space. Zhantai Liuli looked at the Sky Array Emperor, who had turned into a statue, sighing sadly. She then turned to look at Mu Chen, saying softly, "Let's get going."

Mu Chen nodded. Although he had not received the inheritance of the Sky Array Emperor, he was pleased to have obtained the art of cultivating mind power from the Nine Calamity Battle Emperor, who was more powerful. Mu Chen had finally found out how he could become a true war troop dispatcher. Thus, he had a good harvest from this trip.

As Zhantai Liuli was about to leave, she suddenly stopped. She raised her brows, as a snail appeared in her hand. She listened to what it was saying to her, turning pale.

"What has happened?" Mu Chen asked, seeing her expression.

"While we were here, the troop that you left behind was defeated and scattered. The forces are now fighting vigorously for the Meteorfall gas, and the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall have joined forces to fight the Daluo Territory," Zhantai Liuli said.


When Mu Chen heard this he turned pale, surging with anger. These guys had made use of this opportunity to attack the Daluo Territory! Mu Chen had brought the five troops into the battle array. If the Daluo Territory lost the five troops, this would weaken their power dramatically. Although Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest of the lords were able to command the troop, it would be difficult for them to contend with the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall at the same time.

"Miss Zhantai, we may be partners here, but once we have left, we will be enemies. Please do not hold it against me." Mu Chen looked sharply at Zhantai Liuli, speaking in a low voice.

Once Zhantai Liuli took control of the Liuli Army, even Mu Chen would be wary of her. Moreover, he would not show any mercy to her, should they meet in a battle.

Although Mu Chen had no intention of getting into a fight with her, it would be unavoidable, since they belonged to two different troops. Zhantai Liuli looked at Mu Chen, disappointed, then said, "I am not grateful to the Divine Pavilion. If I can help it, I will not assist them in any way."

Mu Chen was stunned. He had never expected her to have no desire to defend the Divine Pavilion!

"My family is an ordinary force at the border of the Divine Pavilion's territory. After the Divine Pavilion heard that I possessed great talent in dealing with fighting spirit, they tried to recruit me. However, I rejected them, as I have no intention of joining them. Two weeks later, a mysterious force barged into our house, resulting in heavy casualties to my family. We were saved by the top powers from the Divine Pavilion," Zhantai Liuli said flatly. When she mentioned being saved by the top powers from the Divine Pavilion, her voice turned even colder.

Mu Chen frowned, then said, "Is the mysterious force from the Divine Pavilion?"

"Hahaha, they have thought that they had it all planned perfectly. However, there are no secrets in this world."

Zhantai Liuli sneered. "After that, the Divine Pavilion forced my family to stay in the Divine Pavilion, claiming that they were protecting us. In actual fact, they were keeping us under surveillance, while forcing me to lead their troop. My younger sister was seriously injured during the incident, causing her to fall into a coma. Only the Nine-Days Soul Revival Herb from the Divine Pavilion can save her now. However, the Divine Pavilion hasn't yet given it to me, as they are using it to control me."

After she finished speaking, Zhantai Liuli grasped her hands tightly, until blood dripped down from them. She did not even try to hide her hatred for the Divine Pavilion.

Mu Chen was silent. He had never expected Zhantai Liuli to have such a sad story. She looked as though she held a very high position in the Divine Pavilion, but in actual fact, the Divine Pavilion did not trust her completely.

"I am sorry," Mu Chen said.

Zhantai Liuli shook her head. She worked hard to suppress her emotions, then said, "When I become a war troop dispatcher, the Divine Pavilion will truly hold me in high regard. They will not dare treat me lightly then."

She continued, saying, "Although I have no feelings for the Divine Pavilion, it is a good place. They have a lot of resources, which is very important to me, especially if I want to become a war troop dispatcher. I don't mind swallowing my grievances for now. When I become powerful, I will destroy the Divine Pavilion!"

Zhantai Liuli looked so cold, which stunned Mu Chen. When a woman became so ruthless, she was even worse than a man! The Divine Pavilion could never have dreamt that they were grooming someone, who would one day swallow them up!

Mu Chen pondered this, then said, "Do be careful."

"I don't intend to fight with you. I know that I would have to pay a high price, if I led the Liuli Army against you. It would be silly of me to do that, Mu Chen."

Mu Chen was stunned. Fang Yi and the rest would definitely pull Zhantai Liuli into the fight, as she was one of the top powers in the Divine Pavilion.

"They will definitely make me fight, if I am not injured. But, what if I am injured and unable to control the army's fighting spirit?" Zhantai Liuli smiled cunningly. She suddenly stretched out her hand and hit her chest.


She spewed out a mouthful of blood, looking pale. Mu Chen was shocked. He quickly moved forward to help her, but she stopped him.

"I am fine. I have to make it look real!" Zhantai Liuli smiled. She let down her hair, messing it up. She looked beaten.

"Later, I will go out first. I will tell them that you have injured me. After all, without my army, I would not be able to contend with you. Hence, no one will doubt my words."

Mu Chen was shocked, looking at Zhantai Liuli. He took a breath, simply nodded his head, then said, "Thanks. I will return the favor, if I ever have the chance."

Zhantai Liuli had helped him a lot. If she was involved in the battle, she would have held him back, even if she could not defeat him. This would weaken the power of the Daluo Territory in contending with the two top forces, which they would have to pay a high price for indeed.

"I am not much help. Even if I don't get involved in the fight, the Daluo Territory will have a hard time contending with the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall. Your situation will still be as bad, once we are out of this place," Zhantai Liuli said.

Mu Chen nodded. His eyes turned sharp, then he said, "Don't worry. It will not be easy for them to wipe us out. They are still not up to it."

Zhantai Liuli smiled. The blood stains at the corner of her mouth made her look appealing. She did not say another word, but simply waved at Mu Chen.

"Let's go."

Having said that, she turned into a shadow and darted out. After a while, Mu Chen shot out as well, chasing after her aggressively.

Zhantai Liuli was at the front, followed by Mu Chen. When they reached the entrance, there was a space warp, and the two of them darted out.

After they had gone out, the space quieted down. No one would be able to step into this place any longer. It would be destroyed.


Fighting sounds filled the air and violent fighting spirits surged in the entire area. Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli appeared within the Spiritual Four Battle Array. The four Spirits of Fighting Intent had disappeared, as the array had been almost destroyed.

Mu Chen looked at the five troops of the Daluo Territory that had been trapped by the Black Tortoise Battle Array. As Mu Chen was not around to control them, they were unable to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent. They could not even get out of the Spiritual Four Battle Array that had almost been destroyed.

The other two battle arrays were empty. They were the Azure Dragon Battle Array and the Vermilion Bird Battle Array. Xiao Tian and the other three troops were nowhere to be seen. They must have destroyed the arrays and left.

"Xiao Tian has left."

When Mu Chen saw the scene, he was shocked. Violent spiritual energy burst out crazily, just outside the Spiritual Four Battle Array. The sky was being torn apart by the fierce fights, and the entire shook amid the chaos.

Mu Chen could see many people being besieged. They were the men of the Daluo Territory! Mu Chen's eyes immediately turned cold upon recognizing them.

When Zhantai Liuli saw the situation, she glanced at Mu Chen, then shot out quickly toward the Liuli Army. Her sharp and resentful voice resounded throughout the area.

"Mu Chen, I will not let you off!"

Her voice stunned those who were fighting, causing many people to turn around and look at Mu Chen. They then started to shout.

"Mu Chen is out!"

"He has injured Zhantai Liuli from the Divine Pavilion!"


Mu Chen looked cold, completely ignoring the people. He moved to immediately appear within the broken Black Tortoise Battle Array. The five troops were looking anxiously at the lords, who had been besieged outside of the array.

"Lord Mu Chen!"

When the five troops saw Mu Chen, they were overjoyed. It was as though they had found their pillar of strength!

Mu Chen nodded, then lifted up his hand. His voice, which was filled with killing desire, resounded throughout the area.

"Activate your fighting spirit. Follow me, and let's fight our way out!"

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