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Between the dark red sky and the earth, the light surged, driving away much of darkness in the area, and on the ancient stone pedestal, the Sky Array Emperor waved slightly to suppress the horrifying fighting intent of the Stone Army beneath. Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli were shocked to see his means but were immediately relieved. If he could easily control the Stone Army's fighting intent, then the present identity of this figure had been revealed without a doubt.

After the Sky Array Emperor revealed his identity, his gaze was filled with wisdom and reflected the vicissitudes of the situation. That gaze swept around the space, and while the scene here was the same as before, he was aware that today's vast Great Thousand World was bound to witness a sea of change and the change of seasons as the stars changed their alignment.

The Sky Array Emperor's gaze eventually rested on the Stone Army below, and his face was painted with a touch of sadness. In order to help him suppress the evil spirit in his body, the Stone Army actively triggered their spiritual energy and petrified their bodies, transforming into stone statues, and were permanently suppressed here.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli looked at each other and dared not disturb the mournful and pensive Sky Array Emperor. They also knew that the latter was only a vestigial spirit. If they annoyed him, it would dissipate directly, and their efforts to break in would be for naught.

Fortunately, the Sky Array Emperor did not fall into that state for a long time. A moment later, he looked up and smiled at the two and said, "I was surprised that with your young age, you two could break into this place and kill the evil spirit."

"I was lucky to obtain a battle seal left by you, Master, thus I could activate the battle array you left behind. Otherwise, with both of our abilities, we would have been defeated by that evil spirit." Zhantai Liuli stretched out her fair hand, and on her palm, there was also a shattered stone seal, which was the remnant of the stone she had previously exploded.

As soon as the Sky Array Emperor raised his hand, the piece of stone in Zhantai Liuli's hand flew into his palm. He glanced at it and immediately laughed and said, "It is the Stone Battle Seal left by me in those days. You do have some affinity with me, lass."

A look of pleasant surprise flitted through Zhantai Liuli's eyes, and she looked at Mu Chen. "Master, if he had not risked his life to stop the evil spirits, we might not have awakened you."

When Mu Chen heard Zhantai Liuli speak for him, he was stunned. Then, he nodded in acknowledgment and thanks. The latter did not snatch the glory all for herself, and her actions caused Mu Chen to feel more affection for her. Comparing Zhantai Liuli to Xiao Tian, it was obvious that her character was much better, and she was someone he could befriend.

The Sky Array Emperor also laughed before stating meaningfully, "Though I was in deep sleep, I knew what happened previously. If you had claimed all the glory for yourself, I would not have acknowledged you."

In his laughter, there was a significant sense of appreciation. Apparently, Zhantai Liuli's unintentional act had earned her many points in the Sky Array Emperor's heart.

Zhantai Liuli looked at Mu Chen and patted her ample chest secretly. Her joyful expression made Mu Chen smile. After taking away her calm commanding position in battle, Zhantai Liuli was obviously only a young girl who was just slightly older than he was.

"I am a dead man, and it is affinity and destiny that you come here at this time. Although the teachings of a war troop dispatcher have always been passed down one to one according to the rules, I am dissipating soon, so these rules are no longer applicable," The Sky Array Emperor stated slowly.

Upon hearing this, glee bloomed in Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's hearts. It was no wonder that the information about the war troop dispatcher was so scarce, as it was passed down one to one.

"Both of you have a good talent regarding fighting intent, both are good seedlings and qualified to be a war troop dispatcher." The Sky Array Emperor opened his mouth again, but what he said made joy flit across both of their faces. They had taken great pains to venture into the Death Relics, and wasn't it all they wanted, to obtain information about the war troop dispatcher?

"The war troop dispatchers were born out of the Spiritual Array Masters, but they are of different origins. They have their own merits. The Spiritual Array Masters trigger the power of heaven and earth by battle arrays, while the war troop dispatchers pay attention to the strength of manpower to overcome heaven and earth..." The wise voice of the Sky Array Emperor slowly spread in this dark area while Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli listened attentively. They dared not lose focus, for this information about the war troop dispatcher was rather rare.

"However, the barrier to entry to become a war troop dispatcher is extremely high and harsh. If ordinary Sovereigns have a strong mind power, they are able to command an army's fighting intent, but they are ultimately limited, and it would be difficult for them to surpass controlling 10,000 troops."

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli both nodded quietly, as quite a few people, such as the various military commanders, were able to command fighting intent, but their control of the fighting intent was extremely limited. Once the fighting intent's strength reached a certain point, it could no longer be controlled with mind power. If one did it by force, the fighting intent would devour them.

"The reason is not difficult to guess, but it depends on the strength of the mind power."

The Sky Array Emperor said calmly, "This strength of mind power is quite different from spiritual power. It is even invisible and intangible, vague and difficult for ordinary people to grasp. Generally speaking, the strength and weakness of thoughts are innate, but even the strong-minded people cannot control the minds of millions of soldiers."

Zhantai Liuli could not help but to ask, "Why can the war troop dispatchers control millions, even tens of millions of huge armies?"

The Sky Array Emperor smiled. "That's because war troop dispatchers can cultivate their mind power."

Cultivate mind power?!

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's eyes narrowed at the same time, with an unbelievable look pouring out of their faces at the idea of this mysterious and vague concept that mind power could be cultivated.

They had never heard of such a thing before!

"Master, this... How can mind power be cultivated?" Zhantai Liuli asked incredulously. The idea of mind power was so intangible, it was impossible for ordinary Sovereigns to grasp it, let alone cultivate it.

"Millions of objects and concepts in the heaven and earth can be cultivated. Why can't mind power be cultivated?" The Sky Array Emperor questioned back.

Zhantai Liuli and Mu Chen looked at each other. They were speechless and could only laugh sheepishly. The Sky Array Emperor before them was a master, and his words were clearly authoritative, so no matter how incredulous they felt, they could only accept reality.

The Sky Array Emperor continued, "This Technique of Mind Power is the most precious thing for every war troop dispatcher. Even in ancient times, the technique was extremely rare, and if one was not a successor of the line, it would not be easily taught."

Mu Chen was silent. With how exclusive it was, it was no wonder that the inheritance of the war troop dispatcher became so rare after the catastrophe of ancient times. Guarding it behind closed doors, no matter what, it would be difficult to foster and enhance it in the end.

"The reason for the scarcity of war troop dispatchers is because cultivating the Technique of Mind Power is extremely dangerous. If the cultivation fails, the mind will descend into chaos, and will be severely damaged. It's hard to recover, so if we can't find the most suitable successor, the war troop dispatcher will not easily teach the Technique of Mind Power. Otherwise, if whoever we pass it on to dies, who could bear it?" The Sky Array Emperor also sighed, grieving over the hardship of the war troop dispatcher's inheritance.

Even for many of the top powers, mind power was an unfamiliar concept due to its intangible nature, and most of their mind power was in the primitive stage, so if they were traumatized and lost their sanity due to cultivating it, it would be a heavy price to pay.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's expressions were solemn, and they were clearly overwhelmed by the danger of this technique. After all, if they cultivated a Divine Art, failing would not result in dire consequences. However, with the Technique of Mind Power, if they succeeded that would be great, but if they failed, they would become mentally retarded…

Ordinary people really would not dare to cultivate this technique.

However, although Mu Chen's heart palpitated, he was also amazed. This vast Great Thousand World was mysterious and unpredictable. Although spiritual cultivation was the fundamental way, there were many extraordinary people who had opened up other roads, and if these roads had reached maximum potential, they were not necessarily weaker than the potential of the spiritual way but were just focused on different things.

"Now that I have told you the danger of cultivating this technique, do you still intend to continue?" Sky Array Emperor smiled faintly.

Zhantai Liuli clenched her fists tightly and immediately nodded firmly. Her spiritual talent was not outstanding, so even if she had been practicing hard all her life, it would be difficult to become a great master. Thus, if she wanted to be truly strong and have the power to protect her clan, she had to take the road of becoming a war troop dispatcher.

Mu Chen was silent but nodded without hesitation. He had carried many things on his shoulders. In the future, he would not only go to the Luo God Clan, but also to the mysterious clan to search for his mother. Those places needed great strength, so he needed all the means possible to enhance his strength.

"Courageous indeed."

The Sky Array Emperor smiled, apparently satisfied with their courage, and immediately said, "In that case, let's test whether you are compatible with cultivating my Technique of Mind Power."

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and five crystal spheres of light appeared, rising slowly from his palm. The five crystal spheres had different colors, but they were all emitting a mysterious light.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's eyes were attracted to the spheres without blinking. These crystal spheres could not be obtained even at the cost of millions of drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

"Of these five crystal balls, only one contains the complete Technique of Mind Power I left behind, while the other four are those I unintentionally obtained but are mostly incomplete. Both of you trigger your mind power and approach them. If there is a degree of mutual compatibility, then the crystal sphere will glow..."

The Sky Array Emperor looked at them, smiled softly, and said, "And what you will eventually get depends on your fate..."

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