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Right where the ancient stone seal in Zhantai Liuli's hands had just burst into pieces, there was suddenly an overwhelming light that surged out. The brilliant light made the dark, red world look instantly bright.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the dazzling light, the sound of something whistling through the wind suddenly was heard. The sound was coming from countless beams of light that were flying forth, each of which seemed to have ancient battle runes wrapped within.

The battle runes soared up into the sky, then rushed directly into the dark area. Once there, they merged with the gray beams of light that had burst out of the crowns of the Stone Army.


After being combined, the beams of light swelled almost instantaneously at an astonishing rate. Then, the violent fighting intent erupted like a volcano!

The intense light then rushed into the sky, driving out the darkness of the dark area. Eventually, it even overwhelmed the stone pedestal that was covered with battle runes.

The ancient stone pedestal trembled violently. The battle runes upon it glowed brightly as well, making it seem as if it had awaken all of its powers.


The four battle rune chains, which shot forth from the stone pedestal, rose sharply at this time. The battle runes on the chains shone brightly, and there was a surge of overwhelming fighting intent that was starting to spread.

All these changes happened in a very short time. The Sky Array Emperor had just dealt a brutal blow towards Mu Chen, and in the next moment, he saw something massive, coming at him from below. Immediately, its distorted face burst into a look of horror.


It let out a sharp screech, and the half-ghostly black rune on its face squirmed rapidly. As it did so, a thick, corrosive black gas gushed forth, signaling its attempt to resist the fighting intent above the battle rune chains.


However, by this time, the battle array in this area had obviously been triggered by Zhantai Liuli, as its strength was unparalleled. That fact, coupled with his previous attempt to kill Mu Chen, revealed that he had split his Ghostly Rune, resulting in its own strength being scattered.

Hence, its resistance was futile at this time! As such, the four battle rune chains were tied its limbs securely, leaving no room for escape. Then, with a loud and brutal gesture, they dragged it back to the stone pedestal that was full of battle runes.


The Sky Array Emperor roared wildly, its eyes turning scarlet red. It apparently perceived a deadly danger, knowing that, if it was pulled back to the stone pedestal, it would be obliterated by the battle array.

Its power was far from what it had been at its peak. As such, it was dragged down in humiliation, finally forced to sit on the ancient stone pedestal.

"I'm gonna kill y'all!"

In the moment before it was pulled back to the stone pedestal, the grotesque and crazy gaze of the Sky Array Emperor suddenly locked onto Mu Chen. It then roared. Suddenly, the half-ghostly rune that was charging towards Mu Chen accelerated. Obviously, it was planning to drag them down with it.

Upon seeing this scene, Mu Chen's expression twisted. He then retreated rapidly. The Phoenix wings, which were behind him, shook rapidly, and the spiritual energy in his body surged wildly.

He could feel how terrible the Sky Array Emperor's power was. If he was hit, even though he was physically strong, it would be fatal. 

Boom! Crash!

The dark stream of light charged forth with immense power. Its speed was even faster than lightning! In a few short moments, the light appeared in front of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked at the approaching glow, then grit his teeth severely. He knew that it was impossible to avoid it.

As soon as the golden light surged in his body, the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor re-emerged in a flash. At his chest, the golden dragon symbol swam, and the mighty spiritual energy gathered around him.

He had obviously activated all of his current means in order to counter the blow. Although he knew that putting up a hard resistance was a terrible method, he had no other choice now, as the deceptively weak glow was now right in front of him!

However, just as Mu Chen readied his defense to withstand the terrifying attack, there was a sudden screech that emanated from the stone pedestal. He could see that the Sky Array Emperor was bound to the stone pedestal, and that numerous bright lines of battle runes on the pedestal began to creep up, eventually pouring into it, like swarms of insects, densely covering its body.

The thick black gas around the Sky Array Emperor disappeared rapidly, and the ghost-face rune on its face emitted a mournful scream. The black gas then dissipated, becoming thinner.

The dense lines of battle runes eventually completely covered the body of the Sky Array Emperor. At that moment, the shrill scream finally stopped.

The ghost-face rune on its face was also melted away by the fury of battle runes. Just as the ghost-face rune melted, the glow of the other half of the ghost-face rune, which was about to hit Mu Chen, emitted a shrill screech. At last, with a bang, it shattered apart in the sky, then turned into a black spot of light.

At the sight of this scene, the heavily armed Mu Chen was stunned. He then heaved a sigh of relief, as a cold sweat dripped down his back.

He had not been absolutely certain that he would be able to counter the attack, he was just trying his luck. However, since he need not face such perilous danger now, he was naturally glad to have been saved the trouble!

Mu Chen wiped away the cold sweat from his forehead, then withdrew his defenses. At this time, the sound of something whistling through the air rang out, just as Zhantai Liuli was approaching in her wheelchair. Zhantai Liuli was rather pale, as she had expended much of her power previously.

"Thank you." Mu Chen looked at Zhantai Liuli and smiled. His tone was much gentler than before. It was clear that Zhantai Liuli had done nothing to harm him, which had helped her gain to his trust. At the very least, he was no longer as wary of her as he had been from the start.

Zhantai Liuli smiled softly, pursed her mouth, then said, "It's rare that someone would dare to trust me with his life, especially after knowing I cheat! In that case, I couldn't let you down, could I?"

Mu Chen smiled, then said, "It was a good collaboration."

He didn't mind that Zhantai Liuli had played them before, because if it had been him, he might have done the same thing. After all, in the eyes of Zhantai Liuli back then, maybe they were just free labor.

However, circumstances were different now. The two sides were in the same boat, which was why this could be regarded as a genuine cooperation. Zhantai Liuli did not squander the trust of Mu Chen, which gave Mu Chen good feelings towards her.

Zhantai Liuli nodded gently, as she cast her beautiful eyes towards the stone pedestal. Their gazes met, then both of them carefully swept out, landing 100 feet away from the pedestal.

The two stopped there, not recklessly approaching, as it was unclear whether the evil spirit inside the Sky Array Emperor had been completely erased yet. If they approached carelessly, they might be obliterated, meaning that their efforts would have all been for naught.

The two looked cautiously at the ancient stone pedestal. Above the stone pedestal, the Sky Array Emperor's body was covered with bright lines of battle runes. They realized that the lines were beginning to slowly fade. After a bit, they finally disappeared completely!

As the lines of battle runes dissipated, the two immediately tensed their bodies. Their bodies were surging with spiritual energy in order to prepare for any sudden or unexpected occurrences.

Under their watchful gazes, the battle runes on the body of the Sky Array Emperor disappeared completely. Then, his face appeared again. This time, however, the cruel and ferocious brutality on his face had vanished completely, having been replaced by only peace. As such, his face, although still a little pale, no longer seemed eerie.

He sat quietly on the stone pedestal. Suddenly, his closed eyes seemed to tremble slightly. Then, his eyes opened slowly. There was now light in his previously empty eyes, and vicissitude and wisdom appeared in his gaze. He twisted his neck stiffly. He looked down at his palm, then at the dark area, and then at the stone army, before finally sighing.

"Thousands of years later, and that evil spirit is finally killed..." His voice seemed hoarse, and was less harsh than before.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli glanced at each other, but remained silent, not wanting to alarm him. The figure on the stone pedestal also raised his head at this time, looking towards the pair. Seeing his gaze, they tensed, keeping guarded postures.

"Did you activate the battle array, kill the evil spirit, and awaken my lingering willpower?" The figure smiled gently, then asked.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli looked at each other, then nodded together.

"May I ask if Master is…" Mu Chen hesitated, then asked cautiously.

The figure laughed, then lifted his palm and pressed it lightly. Suddenly, the tremendous fighting intent swept up from beneath it, before quieting down, then finally pouring back into the Stone Army.

Seeing what he did, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's were suddenly filled with relief. After all, who else could control this Stone Army's fighting intent so effortlessly, besides the true Sky Array Emperor?!

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