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After reaching a resolution with Zhantai Liuli, Mu Chen didn't hesitate much, either. He just looked at her, but he didn't say anything more. Instead, he turned and flew out.

Where he charged towards was, of course, that dark area where the "Sky Array Emperor" was tugging at the battle symbol chains, trying to break out of them to escape the battle array. 

When he saw that Mu Chen dared to approach that area, his eyes suddenly flashed with malice. He licked his lips, and his face was full of intense murderous aura.

"You little brat, you are courting death!"

The "Sky Array Emperor" laughed fiercely, and his palm lifted sharply so that the black gas, which had gathered around his body, suddenly burst out like a stream of smoke and directly enveloped Mu Chen.


Mu Chen saw the "Sky Array Emperor" attacking. His eyebrows knitted in a frown, but he did not take any defensive posture. Shaking his back, a pair of huge purple and gold phoenix wings stretched out. The wings vibrated as he swiftly retreated.

With the aid of the phoenix wings transformed from the Symbol of the Real Phoenix, Mu Chen's speed had clearly reached an amazing level that was incomparable even to those who were at the peak of being a Fifth Grade Sovereign.

The wicked beacons of smoke, though fierce, could never catch up with Mu Chen. As it pursued him, the black gas gradually became thinner.

That's because the power contained in it was rapidly consumed.

Seeing this, Mu Chen's gaze flashed slightly. In this dark area, it seemed that the power of the "Sky Array Emperor" had been greatly suppressed, and these kinds of attacks surging out from his body would continuously weaken, likely due to being enveloped in the battle array.

It seemed that it was not impossible for him to weaken some of the "Sky Array Emperor's" power if he resorted to using the suppression of the battle array. 

"So, you're a little brat who can only run away like a mouse!"

The "Sky Array Emperor" was surprised to see that Mu Chen was so fast, but immediately he smiled, held out his dry and pale fingers, and suddenly pointed them in the air. "Since you like to run so much, then I'll let you run all you want!"


As the fingers pointed, the thick black air around him rolled wildly and eventually turned into five enormous Black Demonic Serpents about 100 feet long. The serpents were covered with scales, ferocious and grotesque, smelling of rot all over their bodies. Even the space was corroded with traces of distortion.


The moment these five Black Demonic Serpents appeared with a hiss, they had pierced through the void and then surrounded it, charging directly towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's face changed at the sight of the five Black Demonic Serpents. Judging by the fatal and dangerous fluctuations he perceived from them, although the "Sky Array Emperor" had been suppressed by the battle array for thousands of years, and now he was not half as powerful as he had been in his prime, he was still a massive mountain that Mu Chen could not contend with. If it had not been for it using most of its strength to fight against the Stone Army, it would have been possible for it to destroy Mu Chen effortlessly.

Even so, it could still be fatal to Mu Chen when it began to unleash its real power.


The pair of phoenix wings flapped violently behind Mu Chen's back and sped up to their extreme potential. His figure actually left afterimages in the air, and sharp sounds of something whistling through the air rang out piercingly.

He already knew that the power of the "Sky Array Emperor" would be constantly suppressed and depleted as long as it was within the battle array, so he would only have to keep circling. The violent offensive attacks would naturally be constantly weakened, and when they weakened to the point that Mu Chen could deal with them, he would be able to crush them.

Mu Chen's battle strategy was correct, but he somewhat underestimated the severity of the offensive attacks. The five Black Demonic Serpents were so unexpectedly swift that they seemed to be able to penetrate the void. They came from all directions in short bursts and tried to kill him.


The space to the right of Mu Chen shattered first, and a Black Demonic Serpent shot out with a sharp Demonic Spear from its tail. The snake snapped out in front of Mu Chen and shot down towards his heart.

Mu Chen's silhouette rushed to a sudden standstill, and immediately his mind moved. Golden light burst out of his body, the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor emerged in a flash, and an indestructible wave spread out.

Mu Chen's arms folded in front of him, and golden light permeated like a golden shield, allowing the serpent's tail to shoot towards it fiercely.


Both parties clashed harshly, and immediately sparks sputtered. The sound of gold and iron clashing violently reverberated, and the contact point in the space fluctuated with ripples visible even to the naked eye.


Mu Chen's figure flew back hundreds of feet. At his arms, which were protected by the golden armor, there was a dent, and the tingling feeling of pain spread through his arms, which secretly alarmed him. This was the power of only one Black Demonic Serpent's tail, and it was powerful to that extent.

However, with the help of the momentum from flying backwards, Mu Chen had also withdrawn from the attack span of the Black Demonic Serpent, but he did not even have time to heave a sigh of relief. He saw that the space behind him was fragmented, and that another Black Demonic Serpent was coming fiercely and aggressively.

This speed was so fast, that even if Mu Chen had the phoenix wings to maximize his speed, he still could not escape.

Almost there!

Mu Chen's eyes flashed rapidly, and he could feel that, after delaying, the power above the Black Demonic Serpent was no longer as terrible as it had been at first, but he did not have much time to escape now.


At this point, Mu Chen did not hesitate. With a movement of the mind, the majestic spiritual energy erupted from his body like a storm. The light spread, and a huge silhouette emerged.

Behind the silhouette, a golden sun hung in the air, and the figure was like a Buddha. The wave of strong spiritual energy was pervasive.

It was the Great Solar Undying Body.

"Power of Three Suns!"

Mu Chen conjured seals with both hands, and within the Great Solar Undying Body, three golden suns rose slowly and finally burst open. Golden light like liquid gold flowed freely, causing the Great Solar Undying Body to shine brilliantly.


The Great Solar Undying Body dealt a blow with its huge palms, and the golden light condensed into golden crystals on its arms. The power of that blow was enough to shatter mountains.


The huge palm, covered with a golden layer of crystal, ended up clashing violently with the Black Demonic Serpent. The impact of the crash caused a shock to the space, and the violent impact caused fluctuations to spread wildly.

The Great Solar Undying Body flew back harshly as the entire palm was blown to pieces and dissipated into light spots.

However, although the Great Solar Undying Body paid the price of one palm, that Black Demonic Serpent also shattered into black spots of light.

Within the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen wiped away a trace of blood from the corners of his mouth, and his face became extremely grave. In the previous blow, he had triggered the Great Solar Undying Body's strongest force, but even so, the palm had been shattered and even his own body was affected. After paying such a price, he had only gotten rid of one Black Demonic Serpent.

Now, four other Black Demonic Serpents were coming into the space, encircling him and driving him to despair.

Once the "Sky Array Emperor" really started to get serious, and Mu Chen was forced into a corner, the disparity in ability between both parties could clearly be seen.


Mu Chen's expression turned solemn. The surrounding space had violent turbulence as the four Black Demonic Serpents slithered across. Their raging momentum was incredibly ferocious.

"The more you fight, the weaker you will be, and I do not believe that you will kill me here!"

Danger was approaching, but Mu Chen was not afraid. Instead, there was a ferocious glint in his eyes. The next moment, the Great Solar Undying Body clenched its other fist, and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar bearing an ominous demonic force spirit flashed out, and the three golden suns within the body shined increasingly brighter. Apparently, Mu Chen had triggered his strength to its maximum.


The Great Solar Undying Body stepped out with its huge foot as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar rushed out, emanating a demonic force and directly enshrouding a Black Demonic Serpent.

A ruthless battle suddenly erupted within the arena.

Every time Mu Chen made contact with the Black Demonic Serpent, huge cracks appeared on the Great Solar Undying Body, and even Mu Chen's own body was impacted as more blood at the corners of his mouth gradually trickled down. 

However, just as Mu Chen was in a terrible mess, the four Black Demonic Serpents also paid a heavy price. When the Great Meru Demonic Pillar smashed harshly, the thick black gas around them was constantly dispersed and dissipated.


The last Black Demonic Serpent could no longer endure when the Great Meru Demonic Pillar roared down again with its mighty power. It broke apart in a hiss, but at the critical moment before it shattered completely, the snake's tail collided hard on the Great Solar Undying Body's chest.


The Great Solar Undying Body, which was already full of cracks, was unable to withstand the attack and burst into pieces. With the explosion, Mu Chen's figure flew back violently.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Mu Chen's mouth. His face was a little pale, and he was thrown back 1,000 feet before he forcibly stabilized himself.

Deeper in the darkness, when the five Black Demonic Serpents were shattered to pieces, the "Sky Array Emperor," who was battling with the battle symbol chains, was aware, and immediately the eerie eyes were once again looking at Mu Chen.

Originally, he thought the previous attack was enough to get rid of Mu Chen, but how could he have expected that this mere ant of a Fourth Grade Sovereign could have resisted his attack?

This attack was powerful enough to obliterate even Fifth Grade Sovereigns.

"You have piqued my interest!"

The "Sky Array Emperor" grinned maliciously at Mu Chen, and the ghost face rune on his withered face seemed to begin to squirm. Seeing his smile, Mu Chen's face suddenly changed, for he felt a terrible, dangerous wave.


The ghost-face rune on the face of the "Sky Array Emperor" suddenly split and opened. Half of the rune directly transformed into a black beam of light, shooting out and surging towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen saw this and without any hesitation, he sped up to his maximum limit and retreated swiftly. At the same time, his face was slightly steely. Why hasn't Zhantai Liuli dealt her blow yet?

Did she really want to kill him through the hands of another? If that was the case, then even if he had to pay a heavy price, he would have to kill her here!

However, just as Mu Chen was withdrawing hastily, outside the battle array, Zhantai Liuli's gaze flickered slightly. She hesitated for a moment and finally sighed softly, and immediately her expression became solemn. 

She bit her finger, and a trace of red blood dripped down on the stone seal. Her hands conjured up seals with a lightning speed as she exclaimed, "Erupt!"


With her exclamation, the ancient stone seal in her palm burst and exploded!

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