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In a hidden corner of the dark plain, several massive troops were standing tall in the sky, their vast and mighty fighting spirits surging out in continuous waves that distorted the air unceasingly. These were the troops that were led by Mu Chen, Zhantai Liuli, and Xiao Tian.

After summoning their troops, the other three commanders also led out their strongest soldiers. This immediately caused a strong fighting spirit to pervade the air.

Standing at the head of the Tian Xuan Troop, Xiao Tian looked down at the crowd. His eyes swept over Mu Chen coldly. Then, the edges of his lips curved into a mocking smile, seeing the five massive troops behind Mu Chen.

He found Mu Chen's behavior to be utterly idiotic, but reasoned that the latter probably knew that it would be impossible for him to break the array with only his tiny Nine Nether Troop. Hence, that is why he seemed to be dragging the other troops along, relying on strength in numbers to improve his chances in breaking through the array of troops.

"Please don't hold us back. If we lose because of you, the Daluo Territory would have to bear the consequences of breaking the array," Xiao Tian sneered at Mu Chen.

Xiao Tian clearly had an ulterior motive in saying this. This is because, if they fail to break the array, he could blame Mu Chen, thus igniting discontent among the other forces towards the Daluo Territory.

But, Mu Chen merely gave him a glance, then replied, "The same to you, Commander Xiao Tian, do be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot."

"You two should stop arguing! Instead, you should focus on joining forces to break the array," Zhantai Liuli interrupted their hostile bickering, casting Xiao Tian an unamused look.

"Tian Xuan Troop, with me!"

Xiao Tian gave Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli a look, but didn't say anything. With a sweep of his sleeves, he let out a cold yell. He then pushed ahead viciously, taking the lead, with his troops following closely behind, sweeping away in an all-encompassing manner towards the Spiritual Four Battle Array that was engulfed in black light.

"Let's go!"

Zhantai Liuli watched Xiao Tian's diminishing figure. Then, with a soft yell, she flew out in her chariot, speedily followed by the brightly resplendent Liuli Army.

"I'm leaving too," Mu Chen muttered towards Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker.

"Be careful."

Nine Nether paused, lightly biting her silver tooth. She then said, "If you can't break the array, forget about it and save yourself. This death relic isn't that important."

Clearly Nine Nether was also aware of the frightening power of the Spiritual Four Battle Array. Moreover, she was worried that Mu Chen might not be able to control the five troops. If Mu Chen stubbornly held his ground, there might be disastrous consequences.

Reading the concern between Nine Nether's words, Mu Chen nodded with a smile. He did not reassure her, knowing full well that breaking the array would not be an easy task.

"I will try my best," Mu Chen said softly. Then, without further hesitation, he pushed ahead viciously, with his five mighty troops behind him, moving with a whistling sound that rang out across the horizon.

Behind Mu Chen, came the coalition army, which was led by the other three commanders. They seemed much less imposing, when compared to Mu Chen and the other two ahead of them.

Under the numerous watchful eyes in heaven and earth, that vast and mighty army had also appeared in front of the Spiritual Four Battle Array. Xiao Tian looked at the pervasive black light, hesitating slightly. After a few moments, he finally set his jaw and pushed onwards.

The minute they rushed into the black light, their figures disappeared. It was as if that had been swallowed whole!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Behind Xiao Tian, Zhantai Liuli and her Liuli Army resolutely marched forward. Behind her, Mu Chen did the same.

The screen of black light was like a bottomless black hole, swallowing the vast army that entered it, without even the slightest ripple. This sight struck a chill in the hearts of all of the spectators.

"They are in the Spiritual Four Battle Array!"

However, that spine-chilling darkness did not last long. Suddenly, a loud cry echoed from within it. Above the Spiritual Four Army, the spectators saw that a bright light was shining from within the four massive black arrays, which were separated from one another by black light. When the light faded, the four vast armies appeared inside the Spiritual Four Battle Array.


The moment the four armies appeared inside the light array, everybody heard the soldiers of the Spiritual Four Army let out a low growl. The growl reverberated through the air, creating menacing ripples.

Buzz buzz!

The black fighting spirit rolled out like a black hurricane, surging out like giant waves. The whole world trembled under the might of this fighting spirit!

All of the forces watched the abrupt violence of the Spiritual Four Army, stunned. Half a second later, they took a deep breath, their expressions turning solemn. They knew that the Spiritual Four Battle Array was now finally operating in full force. However, they still couldn't predict whether the joint efforts of the three Geniuses of War would truly be enough to break this battle array.

While the numerous forces were looking on nervously from the outside, Mu Chen was also assessing the foreign environment in front of him. They were currently in a dark space. The all-enveloping darkness that was enfolding them, layer by layer, was stiflingly thick.

Although the forces could see them clearly from the outside, Mu Chen and the rest of the troops naturally did not have a clear view from inside the battle array. Although his vision was obstructed, Mu Chen did not panic, as he had guessed the reason behind it.

Turning his head to look at the five troops behind him, he found that his soldiers also were not panicking, because they had focused their sights on Mu Chen. As the commander was the heart of a troop, as long as Mu Chen was alright, the soldiers would still maintain their morales and fighting spirits.

The five troops that were standing behind him, gave Mu Chen a lot of confidence. With these five troops, he could remain calm and unafraid, even when facing a master of the same level as Lord Mountain Cracker.

Let's see just how scary your Spiritual Four Battle Array is!

Mu Chen mumbled to himself, his eyes surveying the dark space surrounding them.


Mu Chen had barely finished his thought, when the dark space shook. Mu Chen sharpened his gaze, as he noticed the black fighting spirit that was emanating fervently from the darkness.

The vast and immense fighting spirit immediately transformed into a black ocean in the dark space, surging violently. Mu Chen tensed up, immediately vigilant. Just as Mu Chen had put up his guard, a faint ancient voice resounded gradually from the darkness.

"The Spiritual Four Battle Array was created from the four spirit symbols, which were transformed by the fighting spirit. The four arrays are the Azure Dragon Array, the White Tiger Array, the Black Tortoise Array and the Vermilion Bird Array. The first of the four arrays is the Azure Dragon Array. Therefore, it is the mightiest. Thus, the first person shall enter the Azure Dragon Array, the second shall enter the White Tiger Array, and so on. The four arrays must be activated at the same time, and the first to break the array will have passed the battle array's test. He shall then be allowed to pay his respects to my king."

The ancient voice stunned Mu Chen. He never would have thought that the Spiritual Four Battle Array assigned the battle array according to the order of entry. This meant that he, as the third to enter the battle array, should be in the Black Tortoise Array now.

Zhantai Liuli was in the White Tiger Array, which meant that Xiao Tian must have entered the strongest Azure Dragon Array. Mu Chen couldn't help but slightly twitch his lips, when he finally recalled that Zhantai Liuli had planned it all out!

She never intended to be the first to enter the battle array, because she didn't want to face the strongest Azure Dragon Array! But, if she had revealed that information beforehand, nobody else would volunteer to be the first to enter the battle array. Hence, she revealed a flaw on purpose, in order to make Mu Chen and Xiao Tian suspicious of her. That way, they would not let her take any initiative and would even object to anything that was suggested by Zhantai Liuli!

For instance, when Zhantai Liuli acted like she wanted to be the first to enter the battle array, Xiao Tian, who was more distrustful of her, immediately stopped her in her tracks, choosing to go instead! Thus, he was automatically assigned to the strongest Azure Dragon Array!

What an incredible lady. The Spiritual Four Battle Array was also not at all like how she had described it. She told us that all four arrays must be broken simultaneously, but in actual fact, the first person to break the battle array that was assigned to him would be able to escape the array and receive the Sky Array Emperor's inheritance!

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips, realizing that they had been played by Zhantai Liuli all along. By withholding some information, she had managed to manipulate everyone!

Recalling Zhantai Liuli's delicate appearance, Mu Chen couldn't help but shake his head, lamenting that one really could not judge a book by its cover. He had been a little suspicious all along, but he had never once imagined that the latter had been seriously playing them all along!

However, Mu Chen was not angry in the slightest. This was because it was really Xiao Tian, who should be furious, as he was the one that had been assigned to the Azure Dragon Array! Since the Azure Dragon Array was considered to be the strongest array, it would be the hardest to defeat. Xiao Tian would be lucky if he got out alive! For him to break the array before them, would be nearly impossible.

Looking at it from a certain angle, Xiao Tian had already lost the right to the Sky Array Emperor's inheritance. Mu Chen was obviously very pleased with this. He didn't have a good opinion of Xiao Tian, so he could only laugh at his misery after being set up so harshly by Zhantai Liuli!

What an unlucky fellow.

While Mu Chen was laughing and mumbling to himself, on the other side of the dark battle array, Xiao Tian's face turned ashen. Finally, he couldn't resist tilting his head and roaring to the sky.

"Zhantai Liuli, I will remember this!"


Following Xiao Tian's furious roar, the Spiritual Four Battle Array was activated. A rumbling noise was heard, immediately followed by a strong murderous energy, which exploded from within the battle array.

The Spiritual Four Battle Array had finally been activated!

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