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The entire dark space seemed to be shaking. Vast and mighty black fighting spirit seeped out from the darkness like a black ocean and dominated the dark space.

Mu Chen eyed the space in front of him warily. The black fighting spirit had already changed into an ocean so vast that its ends could not be seen, with huge waves and a growl roaring out endlessly from its depths. A terrifying sense of oppression emanated from this black ocean formed by the fighting spirit.

The Spiritual Four Battle Array could already be considered to be truly activated. Therefore, the space they were in would reveal its savage side very soon.

Mu Chen glanced backwards and waved slightly.


The moment Mu Chen made the gesture, the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop behind him almost simultaneously burst out their fighting spirit. Two powerful fighting spirits emerged together in the space behind Mu Chen.

After initiating the fighting spirits of the two troops, Mu Chen's gaze never again left the vast black fighting spirit ocean. The sheer size of it was at least ten times stronger than the fighting spirit ocean formed by the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop...


While Mu Chen was waiting warily, the sound of water splashing rang out from the vast black fighting spirit ocean. Mu Chen saw extremely huge waves rising from the fighting spirit ocean. Within the waves he could faintly see the outline of a massive object being unveiled.


A bizarre growling noise rang out abruptly from the huge waves, shaking the space. The already shocking sense of oppression became more stifling, so much so that even Mu Chen's breathing had turned sluggish.

"It's coming!"

Mu Chen tensed his body in preparation, clenching his fists tightly.


The huge waves finally came crashing down, splattering the vast fighting spirit everywhere. Within the waves, a giant black tortoise slowly came into sight.

The giant black tortoise was enormous beyond belief. It had a savage-looking head and a python-like tail. It was making a hissing sound while flicking its tongue in its snake-like mouth. Its torso was completely decorated in black battle runes. Terrifying fighting spirit fluctuations emanated from the tortoise's huge torso that made it so fearsome, it was as if its terror could swallow the sky and the earth.

So this is the battle array spirit of the Black Tortoise Array.

Watching the enormous monster emerging from the black fighting spirit ocean, Mu Chen's heart rattled in his chest, and his expression turned somber. He could feel just how terrifying the fighting spirit fluctuations emanating from the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit in front of him were. Facing this type of Spirit of Fighting Intent, even a peak force of Grade Six Sovereign like Lord Mountain Cracker would quail in fear.


The Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit stood like a mountain peak with its four feet planted firmly in the fighting spirit ocean, and its huge, awe-inspiring gaze was fixed directly on Mu Chen. It released a roar which sounded like thunder and actually stirred up a storm in the area.


Since its appearance, the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit had shown no sign of resting. The countless battle runes on its huge torso sparkled. While it surged with fighting spirit, black light gathered in its huge mouth. The next moment, a huge black beam of fighting spirit shot out violently piercing through the void, immediately enveloping Mu Chen and the troops behind him whole.

Clear ripples appeared in the space where the black beam of fighting spirit swept past. The Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit did not pull its punches. An attack of this caliber would overwhelm even a Grade Six Sovereign.

Mu Chen gazed somberly at the terrifying attack that came hurtling out from the void. Without risking even the slightest delay, he stomped his foot. Behind him the mighty fighting spirits above the Nine Nether Troop and Blood Hawk Troop suddenly roared to life.


Amid sharp cries, the Nine Netherbird Fighting Spirit and the Blood Hawk Fighting Spirit materialized in the air above the two troops almost simultaneously. With a shake of their wings, two huge fighting spirit ribbons swooped outwards as quick as lightning and started grappling with the black beam of fighting spirit.


Upon impact, an astonishing shockwave was ferociously released. Mu Chen was pushed backwards by the force, but in the next moment, his inner spiritual energy burst out and resisted the power of the shockwave.

Behind him, the Nine Netherbird Fighting Spirit and the Blood Hawk Fighting Spirit were similarly forced backwards by the impact. Some of the soldiers in the two troops let out a faint cry, and their faces were drawn and pale, clearly affected by the impact.

Mu Chen's face twisted. He never thought that the army at his side would be completely suppressed by just the first random clash. The Black Tortoise Array Spirit was indeed incredible. It was capable of resisting the attacks of his side's two fighting spirits with its own strength while being able to achieve complete suppression.

So this is the power of the battle array?

Mu Chen pursed his lips tightly. When the fighting spirits of the two sides collided, he could clearly tell that the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit was undoubtedly more cohesive and powerful.

Needless to say, the power of fighting spirits could be differentiated into high and low grades. And clearly, the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit was of a higher grade than the fighting spirits of the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop.

The high grade power originated from the strength of the battle array, which made the power of the fighting spirit even greater.

Had Mu Chen only relied on the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop to resist, it would have caused huge losses to the Nine Nether Troop because the gap in strength between the two sides was too big.

Mu Chen looked at the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit standing tall in the far-off black fighting spirit ocean. He gradually clenched both fists tightly. Although he had firsthand experience of how terrifying that fighting spirit was, it was not enough to make him afraid. On the contrary, fiery passion glinted within the depths of his black eyes.

Perhaps in this clash with the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit, he could experience how a fighting spirit boosted by a battle array differed from a normal fighting spirit.

Hence, he might be able to figure out the key to becoming a war troop dispatcher.

Just as Mu Chen's gaze blazed with heat, Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest in the outside world witnessed the clash between Mu Chen and the terrifying Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit through the black screen.

Their expressions darkened when they saw that Mu Chen was almost completely suppressed at the first clash, despite commanding both the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop that had materialized their fighting spirits to confront the enemy.

"The fighting spirit materialized by the battle array is not an easy opponent," Lord Mountain Cracker commented somberly. He understood well how powerful Mu Chen was with the support of the fighting spirits of the two troops. In that regard, Mu Chen was comparable to a Grade Six Sovereign, and yet now he was backed into a corner by the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit. By this turn of events, he could tell just how powerful the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit was.

"Will Mu Chen be okay?" Lord Spiritual Sword could not help asking. His concern for Mu Chen was genuine, but he was also equally worried for his Spiritual Sword Attendants whom he had trained for many years. If they were completely annihilated here, he would be so sad that he would have no tears left to cry.

While the cold expression on Nine Nether's pretty face had turned slightly somber, she still had the utmost confidence in Mu Chen, despite him not having the slightest advantage in the confrontation before him.

"Don't worry too much, Mu Chen would not have so rashly led all five troops into battle without a trump card," stated Nine Nether.

Lord Mountain Cracker hesitated a while but could not help asking, "Can Mu Chen really control five troops with different fighting spirits?" Exactly what kind of astonishing fighting spirit talent would be able to do that?

Hearing this, Nine Nether smiled bitterly and shook her head saying, "I have no idea, but he would definitely have his reasons for doing so."

Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest also could only smile bitterly while shaking their heads. If that was the case, they could only wait and see what cards Mu Chen would play.

"The situation within the other three battle arrays is also not looking good."

Nine Nether's pretty eyes turned towards the other three battle arrays where extremely violent confrontations were also taking place. And just like Mu Chen, none of them were able to gain the upper hand.

Zhantai Liuli was faring the best out of the four. She had clearly entered the White Tiger Array with preparation. She had brought along along 30,000 soldiers in her Liuli Army, but she only deployed 20,000 soldiers to materialize a mighty fighting spirit, which was bitterly resisting the maniacal attacks of the White Tiger Fighting Spirit...

Despite being at a disadvantage, Zhantai Liuli managed to keep her cool. It seemed everything that was happening was within her calculation.

Apart from Zhantai Liuli, Xiao Tian and the three coalition commanders were in dire straits.

Xiao Tian, who had entered the strongest array, the Azure Dragon Array, was completely suppressed pretty much the minute the battle array was activated. Between the roars of the Azure Dragon Fighting Spirit, terrifying fighting spirit ribbons shot out ferociously, encompassing the area and bombarding the Python Fighting Spirit Xiao Tian materialized from the Tian Xuan Troop to the extent that it kept on letting out mournful wails. Some of the soldiers were already spitting blood...

As for the three coalition commanders who entered the weakest Vermilion Bird Array, they had joined forces because individually they were vastly inferior to Mu Chen. However, they still incurred the most severe losses among the four arrays.

In the outside world, the powers to which the three commanders belonged, who were witnessing this scene, were so anxious that their eyes turned red. However, they could not do anything because none of them dared to rashly enter the battle array at this critical moment.

The murderous battle array was already in force, and they could do nothing but wait to see who would be the first to break one of the four arrays.

Within the Black Tortoise Array.

Boom! Boom!

The terrifying fighting spirit continued wreaking havoc. Its attacks, which were as heavy as the entire weight of Mount Tai, kept on sweeping towards Mu Chen. Under the assault of these attacks, Mu Chen kept on retreating, and the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop managed to persist only with much difficulty. The battle runes on the torsos of the two fighting spirits were starting to dim, apparently no match for the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit.


Mu Chen, who was retreating in reverse, fell on the torso of the Nine Netherbird Fighting Spirit. Looking at the dimming battle runes on the its torso, uneasiness flickered across his handsome face. He immediately took a deep breath. While eyeing the three other troops behind him, he slowly raised up his palm.

All the soldiers of the three troops at the back tensed in preparation.

Seeing Mu Chen raising his palm from the outside world, the eyes of Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest narrowed all of sudden, and they even stopped breathing. This was because they knew that Mu Chen was finally going to release the fighting spirits of all five troops.

But could he really control them all?

Even Nine Nether could not help but clench her delicate fists tightly.

Under numerous shocked gazes, Mu Chen resolutely waved his palm, and his low-pitched command resonated in the ears of all the soldiers of the five troops.

"Activate the fighting spirit!"

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