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Chapter 875 - The Tricked Xiao Tian

Deep in the plain of darkness, several massive troops stood in the sky as their boundless Battle Wills endlessly poured out, causing space to endlessly distort.

They were the troops lead by Zhantai Liuli, Mu Chen and Xiao Tian.

After the three of them, the three other Commanders had called out their strongest troops and their Battle Wills spread throughout this land.

Xiao Tian stood before the Sky Profound Division, looking down on everyone before sweeping a cold glance at Mu Chen. When he saw the five massive troops behind Mu Chen, the corner of his lips rose into an uncontrollably mocking smile.

In his view, Mu Chen’s actions were foolish. Knowing that his puny Nine Nether Troop couldn’t charge through the Battle Formation, he pulled along the other troops, wanting to use numbers to fill up the flaws.

“I hope that you don’t drag us down. If you fail, then your Great Havenlaw Domain will be bearing the price for us to make our way here.” Xiao Tian sneered towards Mu Chen.

Xiao Tian’s words clearly had sinister thoughts behind them. In the event that they failed to charge through the Battle Formation, he could let Mu Chen bear the blame, attracting the other forces scorn onto him.

However, Mu Chen had only indifferently swept him a glance and replied, “Returning your words back to you. Commander Xiao Tian, be wary of smashing your own leg with the boulder.”

“Let’s not quarrel here, gentlemen. Let’s work together to deal with the Battle Formation first.” Zhantai Liuli broke their fight before faintly looking at Xiao Tian.

“Sky Profound Division, let’s go!”

Xiao Tian cast a glance at Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, then coldly barked. He waved his hand and flew out with his massive troop following closely behind as they swept towards the Four Spiritual Battle Formation that was enveloped in a dark light.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing Xiao Tian’s figure moving towards the distant plain, Zhantai Liuli softly barked and flew out along with the wheelchair. The dazzling Azure Troop had also turned into an ocean of crystals as they followed.

“I’ll get moving as well.” Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether and the Kings as he solemnly said.

“Be careful.”

Nine Nether paused her words and gritted her teeth. “If you can’t destroy the Battle Formation, then just keep yourself safe. It’s fine to give up on this Death Ruin.”

Clearly, Nine Nether knew how terrifying this Four Spiritual Battle Formation was. Furthermore, she was also very worried about whether Mu Chen could command the Battle Wills of five troops. If Mu Chen was to force himself, then he would probably have to pay an extremely severe price.

Sensing the worries in Nine Nether’s voice, Mu Chen nodded his head at her. He did not say any comforting words, since he knew that it wouldn’t be easy to charge through the Battle Formation.

“I will do my best.”

Mu Chen softly replied. He no longer hesitated and flew out. Behind him, the five massive troops swiftly followed and sounds of wind being torn apart rang through the horizon.

Behind Mu Chen, the three Commanders from the allied forces followed. However, their momentum was weaker than the three that went before them.

Under the focus of countless gazes, the massive army had appeared before the Four Spiritual Battle Formation. Xiao Tian looked at the black light that had spread out and briefly hesitated. But, in the end, he still clenched his teeth and charged out.

When he and his troop charged into the black light, their silhouettes had disappeared, as if they had been devoured.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After Xiao Tian, Zhantai Liuli and her Azure Troop had charged in without any hesitation, with Mu Chen’s group following after.

The black light screen was like a bottomless black hole that devoured anyone that charged in without any ripples coming from it, making the other forces hearts turn cold.

“They've entered the Four Spiritual Battle Formation!”

But that heart-palpitating darkness did not last for long. There was a sudden cry of alarm and everyone could see dazzling lights burst out from the four massive areas. When the light dissipated, the four parties had appeared in the four areas.


When the four parties had appeared, everyone could hear the warriors of the Four Spiritual Army that stood like statues on the ground issuing a deep roar that caused undulations in the space.

Buzz! Buzz!

A black Battle Will swept out like a black hurricane and the surging Battle Will caused even the heavens and earth to tremble under the myriad of rolling waves.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the Four Spiritual Army, before deeply inhaling deep breaths and their countenances turned solemn. That’s because they knew that the Four Spiritual Battle Formation had been activated.

Except, they were unsure that the three Battle Will geniuses could destroy that Battle Formation.

Under the nervous gazes of the other forces, Mu Chen was also looking at the unfamiliar surroundings. At this moment, they seemed to have entered a space of darkness, with layers of suffocating darkness shrouding them from the surroundings.

Although the forces outside could clearly see their situation in the battle formation, the ones that had entered clearly could not look out of it.

Although their sights were hindered, Mu Chen could also guess the reason, so he wasn’t panicking. He turned around and looked at the warriors of the five troops, they did not panic as well because all of their attention was focused on Mu Chen. For a troop, their Commander was their heart. As long as nothing happened to Mu Chen, the troop could maintain their morale and fighting power. Having five troops behind him had given him quite the confidence. With the five troops at his command, he wouldn’t fear even experts like the Mountain Splitting King.

“Let me witness how terrifying this Four Spiritual Battle Formation of yours is!” Mu Chen looked at the surrounding darkness as he muttered.


Space suddenly trembled in the darkness and Mu Chen had suddenly squinted his eyes. That’s because he saw a black Battle Will swiftly spreading out from the darkness.

That Battle Will seemed endless, it had formed a black ocean in this darkness with endless violent Battle Will.

Mu Chen tensed his body and had immediately brought his guard up.

Just when Mu Chen was at full alert, there was an ancient and hoarse voice that slowly rang out from the darkness.

“Four Spiritual Battle Formation, forming the Spirit of Four Divisions with Battle Will. The four battle formations are separately the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Battle Formation. The Azure Dragon Battle Formation is the main, thus it is also the strongest. The first trespasser will enter the Azure Dragon Battle Formation, second being the White Tiger Battle Formation and so on.”

“The four spirits will be activated at the same time, and the first to break the Battle Formation can pass through the Test of Battle Formation and meet my liege.”

The ancient voice that resounded from the darkness made Mu Chen surprised, before his gaze turned abnormal. He never thought that the battle formations were distributed according to entry sequences. Since he was the third to enter, then he should be in the Black Tortoise Battle Formation…

Zhantai Liuli should be in the White Tiger Battle Formation. So Xiao Tian must be in the strongest Azure Dragon Battle Formation… Just thinking about it, the corner of Mu Chen’s lips twitched as he finally understood why Zhantai Liuli would have such an expression earlier. It turned out that everything was within her calculations.

She had never intended to enter the Battle Formation first because she would have to face the strongest Azure Dragon Battle Formation. But she couldn’t say this information out loud because no one would enter the battle formation first. Therefore, she revealed a mistake on purpose, causing him and Xiao Tian to suspect her. That way, people would suspect whether everything would fall into her hands, thus rejecting her.

Just like how she acted as if she wanted to be the first to enter the Battle Formation. But Xiao Tian was too doubtful and stopped her and took her spot…

Therefore, he was being sent to the strongest Azure Dragon Battle Formation.

“What a formidable lady… The Four Spiritual Battle Formation is not as she said, that the four battle formations needed to be destroyed at the same time. One only has to break the battle formation they are in at the fastest speed and they could charge through the formation and obtain the inheritance of the Sky Formation Emperor!”

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips. It turned out that they were fooled by Zhantai Liuli right from the start, since she had clearly hidden some information and made use of everyone.

Thinking about how feeble Zhantai Liuli pretended to be, Mu Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. Indeed, you cannot judge the book by its cover. Although he always had some doubts, he never expected that the latter had fooled them all.

But Mu Chen wasn’t enraged because he shouldn’t be the one that’s enraged at this moment, but Xiao Tian, who was sent to the Azure Dragon Battle Formation… It was the strongest, so it would definitely not be easy. It would be a great fortune if Xiao Tian could even protect himself in it and it was practically impossible for him to destroy the formation before them.

So, judging from a certain degree, Xiao Tian had already lost the qualifications to the Sky Formation Emperor’s inheritance.

Mu Chen was clearly willing to see this, since he did not have any favourable opinion of Xiao Tian. So knowing that Zhantai Liuli had tricked Xiao Tian, he could only laugh and take joy in Xiao Tian’s misfortune.

“What a misfortunate fellow…”

While Mu Chen was laughing, after that ancient voice had disappeared into the darkness, Xiao Tian’s face had completely turned ashen and he couldn’t help roaring out.

“Zhantai Liuli, you better remember this!”


 Just when Xiao Tian furiously roared, the Four Spiritual Battle Formation rumbled and had been activated. Instantly, a chilling danger burst out in this Battle Formation.

The Four Spiritual Battle Formation has been activated!

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