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The rotten smell lingered around the land of darkness. Bones were vaguely exposed, scattered along the soil. The ground was filled with hideous cracks, which signified the numerous fierce battles that broken out here in the ancient times.

The alliance army entered into an empty zone between the external troop and the internal troop, having made it through the blockade. The external troops had never been to this piece of land before.

They opted to no longer attack the alliance army at the moment, even though they have lost their minds. Thus, the alliance army was able to take a small break from the intense battle.

But, while the army regrouped, the leaders from the various forces wore stern looks, gazing forward. The darkness loomed, blocking any clear vision ahead. Everyone could sense the daunting pressure that was exuding from the darkness. Even the expression on the face of a Grade Six Sovereign could not help but change.

Everyone knew that the most dangerous spot in the entire death relic was right there in the darkness. It was the Spiritual Four Battle Array! The real battle array was still exuding its intimidating power,despite the many years that had passed!

Zhantai Liuli stared at the darkness, while standing at the forefront of the troop. Her eyes flickered. After a short while, she turned to smile in the direction of Mu Chen and Xiao Tian. "Everyone spent a great deal of effort in sending us here. So now, it's our turn to do our job."

Upon hearing her words, the leaders all turned to look at Mu Chen and Xiao Tian. Although they did not say anything, their eyes were full of excitement and expectation.

In the previous battle with the external troop, the three top forces suffered a small loss, at least when compared to the rest of the sects. But, the reason that they hadn't given it their all yet, was because they had been conserving their energies for the Spiritual Four Battle Array! Now that they had finally made it this far, it was time to see if the three top forces would indeed be able to destroy the array, just as Zhantai Liuli had said.

Mu Chen could also sense the expectations of the others. He drew his lips together. Judging from the current atmosphere, they might turn resentful, should they fail to destroy the array. But, since the team was being led by Zhantai Liuli, they should not be coming after the Daluo Territory.

With this thought, Mu Chen took a glance at Zhantai Liuli. With a gentle smile on her pretty face, she looked calm and steady, despite the pressure being exerted by the other forces.

This startled Mu Chen a little, as he pondered in his heart many things.

Why does she look so confident?

Does she really have ways of destroying the Spiritual Four Battle Array?


While Mu Chen was having his thoughts, a clap of thunder rumbled from deep within the darkest part of the plain. Everyone was startled. They lifted their heads, seeing that the darkness that was looming over the plain now seemed to be receding. Then, when the darkness had finally completely receded, everyone's eyes narrowed.

The receding of the darkness had revealed the endless dark army, right in front of everyone! There was no end to the vast number of soldiers now before them.

They stood there quietly in the dark plain, like javelins. All of them had an ancient aura about them, lingering around them, as if they were ethereal beings.

The new army did not have nearly so vast a number of soldiers. Hence, everyone had difficulty breathing when they saw the stone-like army.

The army spread out across the vast plains. They were divided into four regions. It seemed like they were grouped into a random formation. But, when Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest cast their sights over, they instantly felt chills all over their bodies.

The real Spiritual Four Army was right before them! This was the only army that belonged to the Sky Array Emperor!


The earth suddenly shook, while everyone was shocked by the dark army that had just appeared out of the blue in the distance. Everyone watched in horror. The army that was standing still, like stone statues, finally opened their eyes. These were the same eyes that had been closed for thousands of years!


Desires to battle were flashing deep in their recently opened eyes. They were born to kill, and they would continue to fight, even unto death!

At the same moment, a tsunami-like black fighting spirit soared towards the sky above the army. The entire land shook beneath such an appalling fighting spirit.

Boom! Boom!

The fighting spirit rippled out like an ocean. The space seemed to be screaming in sorrow. The vast fighting spirit changed the expression of Mu Chen, Zhantai Liuli, Xiao Tian and the rest.

"What an intimidating fighting spirit!" The rest of the leaders exclaimed in horror. They had fear on their faces, as they knew that even a Grade Seven Sovereign would have difficulties in escaping it.

Zhantai Liuli clenched her hands tightly. She stared hard at the huge army, her face stern.


While they were still staring, shocked, the fighting spirit above the Spiritual Four Army transformed again. The black light expanded into four different squares of light shields, which were hundreds of thousands of feet tall! The light shields expanded in all directions, while the connecting mysterious light runes on the light shields exuded mysterious and strange fluctuations.

Seeing this, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. He could see a lurking troop within those four gigantic light shields. But, he could not see it clearly, due to the lingering fighting spirit.

This he knew to be the so-called "Spiritual Four Battle Array." However, Mu Chen could not detect how powerful it was, as the array was not yet activated.

"Everyone, this is the Spiritual Four Battle Array. The death relic will be broken, as long as we destroy it. The decayed soldiers will also get purified. That will be the moment that we reap our benefits." Zhantai Liuli watched everyone with her beautiful eyes, a smile on her lips.

"Miss Zhantai, are you really confident in this?" one of the leaders asked. They were a little intimidated, especially after witnessing the power of the array.

"Do we have any other choice?" Zhantai Liuli smiled. "Yes, the Spiritual Four Battle Array is indeed powerful. But, don't worry about it. They are dead soldiers, and their power has been reduced dramatically. So, we do actually have a chance to succeed."

"Well, we will need the full assistance from Lord Mu and Xiao Tian." Zhantai Liuli turned towards both of them, while she said the words.

"Heh, I would like to test out the Spiritual Four Battle Array!" Xiao Tian gave a cold sneer.

Mu Chen took a look at Zhantai Liuli, a flicker in his eyes. "What should we do?"

Zhantai Liuli looked over to the other forces. "Has everyone chosen the three commanders? The ones who will look after the fourth array?"

The rest nodded. Three people walked out from the crowd, sharp radiances emitting from their eyes. They were the strongest commanders in their respective forces. Although they were not as talented as some in controlling the fighting spirits, they were still not to be underestimated.

"The fourth array will be taken care of by these three commanders."

Zhantai Liuli nodded to the three of them. She then turned around to look at Mu Chen and the rest. "This time, there is no restriction to the scale of the army, but you can only lead the troop by yourself, as the array will increase its power if it is challenged by more powerful people. Luckily, no one is controlling them now. But, top powers with strong spiritual fluctuations cannot enter the premises without permission. Otherwise, it will only increase the formidableness of the Spiritual Four Battle Array."

Mu Chen was slightly stunned. He turned to look at Nine Nether and the clique. According to what Zhantai Liuli had said, Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker, who possessed strong spiritual fluctuations, could not enter the array with him.

The clique looked at each other, pondered for a while, then nodded. "Lord Mu, you can dispatch our troop at any time. Just be careful."

Mu Chen nodded, then cupped his fist, a sign of appreciation.

"Are there any other objections?" Zhantai Liuli said smilingly.

Everyone shook their heads.

"Okay then, let's get ready to leave. I hope we can join hands to destroy the array," Zhantai Liuli smiled. "Since the battle was initiated by the Divine Pavilion, we will take on the vanguard position this time."

She turned, ready to lead the troop into the array. However, just as Zhantai Liuli was preparing to leave, a voice sounded off.


Everyone was startled and looked over. Xiao Tian was staring at her, not knowing if he was smiling or not.

Zhantai Liuli frowned at Xiao Tian. With slight unhappiness in her voice, she said, "What do you mean by this?"

"Miss Zhantai Liuli has contributed so much information. It will be really too much for us to let you lead the front. So, I was thinking that it would be better if I lead the troop." Xiao Tian grinned.

Hearing this, Mu Chen's eyes flickered. Xiao Tian did not seem to trust Zhantai Liuli. Zhantai Liuli hardened her expression.

"Why? Are you unwilling to do so? Or, is there something else that we do not know?" Xiao Tian laughed.

The surrounding gazes now gathered on Zhantai Liuli. They had some doubts in their eyes, as Zhantai Liuli had been leading the battle. They could not help but suspect that Zhantai Liuli might be hiding something from them.

Under the gaze of everyone, she drew her lips together, then gave a faint smile.

"Since you have the courage to do so, you may take over the lead."

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