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The flag poles stood on the dark plains. The decayed fighting spirit roared in the sky. But the decayed army was badly shaken now as a similar daunting alliance army was aggressively breaking through their defense line.

The tyrannical fighting spirit from the alliance army reduced the numerous decayed soldiers to ashes scattering in the air.

The daunting alliance army was, of course, led by the Divine Pavilion.

The alliance army displayed their magnificent strength right from the start. They broke through the first line of defense, penetrating far behind the enemy's line like a raging sea.

They quickly rampaged all the way into the heart of the enemy's territory.

Mu Chen watched calmly. He did not look excited like the rest of the forces, as he knew that this easy situation would not last long.

Even though the decayed army was an external troop, it would not be easy to deal with them. The weak defense must have given them a good start.

Moreover, the alliance army may have seemed strong, but they were fighting individually. The fighting spirits had not gelled like the decayed troop had, blending their fighting spirit perfectly with each other. Although both armies had similar strengths, they had a huge gap in their power.

If the decayed army had not lost their minds, the alliance would have suffered a massive number of deaths and injuries had they circulated their fighting spirit.

But even so, it would not be easy to break through the blockade of the entire army.

Eventually, things turned out how Mu Chen had expected. The alliance army slowed down their pace after the smooth beginning. The decayed fighting spirit, like dark clouds, surrounded and engulfed them furiously. The pressure exuded shook the earth.

At the vanguard, the Divine Pavilion army felt the intensified pressure from the vast fighting spirit. They were suppressed, and their fighting spirit could not match up to the decayed fighting spirit. They began to gradually lose their hold on the forefront.

Just when the fighting spirit of the Divine Pavilion army weakened, Zhentai Liuli gave a soft yell, "Qing Yun Sect and Vajra Sect, circulate your fighting spirit!" Her gentle voice was mixed with a stern tonality.

The Qing Yun Sect and Vajra Sect were right behind the Divine Pavilion army. The respective leaders nodded after hearing the orders. They quickly rushed out with violent fighting spirit. Together with the Divine Pavilion army, they managed to oppress the daunting fighting spirit ahead of them.

Boom Boom!

Two daunting fighting spirits confronted each other. Shockwaves filled the air. The space twisted continuously so that even a Grade Five Sovereign would have been shocked.

"Young Hall Master, I will leave the right wing to Xuan Tian Hall." Zhantai Liuli looked in the direction of Xuan Tian Hall. They were at the right of the alliance army, and enormous fighting spirit was sweeping from the right in an attempt to tear them apart. 

As the alliance army had been surrounded by the decayed troop, Liu Yan dared not be careless. After all, if the alliance army was crushed, they would suffer a severe loss when they retreated.

Liu Yan immediately gave a nod to Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian then gave a hand signal to the troops behind. Their fighting spirit soared even more. The earth shook when the soaring fighting spirit gushed out like roaring tides. The violent fighting spirit exuded blocked the decayed fighting spirit from the right.

Mu Chen was watching from the back. He raised his eyebrows slightly. Although Xiao Tian was an irritating fellow, he did have some skill. They were able to stabilize the situation at the right wing with the power from Xian Tian Hall alone.

"Lord Mu, I will leave the rear of the army in the hands of Daluo Territory." Zhantai Liuli shifted her gaze in his direction. The gentle voice passed into Mu Chen's ears.

Mu Chen held up his fist from afar and nodded. "Everyone is in the same boat now. We will do our best."

"Thank you." Zhantai Liuli nodded.

She spoke once again at a steady pace, "All troops, you are to remain at your various positions. Remember to seek help when you are losing your fort."

Her gentle voice was incredibly calm. She did not seem to panic even though they were surrounded by the decayed army. In fact, she was able to command the entire army in an orderly manner with her calmness. Her defense was flawless. Mu Chen was admiring her ability from the bottom of his heart. He could tell that she was talented in warfare even though she might look soft and weak.

He knew that if he were the commander of the army, he might not be able to command such a smooth offense and defense with divided forces from various parties.

"This woman has some skills." Nine Nether sang her praises as well. Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest all nodded in agreement. They envied her, too. She had a talent for fighting spirit, and she could lead an army. She was considered to be an extraordinary person.

Who knew? She might be able to take out the external troop as a leader of the alliance army and compete with the Spiritual Four Army in the Spiritual Four Battle Array.

While Mu Chen and the rest were singing her praises, the violent fighting spirit broke out from the alliance army, defending the decayed fighting spirit that was coming from all directions.

As the two great armies collided, there were no fancy tricks. Every collision reduced countless decayed soldiers into ashes. But at the same time, the alliance army incurred losses as well. The number of casualties was still acceptable by the various forces. They knew if it were not for Zhantai Liuli, they would not have been able to make it this far, even if they had sacrificed the entire army.

With each collision, the formation of the decayed army collapsed. The alliance army went deeper into the darkest area of the plains.

The front line of the alliance army sustained the highest pressure among all other areas. No troops would be able to stay alive if they remained in the same position for long. But Zhantai Liuli was smart enough to rotate the troops. Dozens of soldiers rotated their positions under her command. When one's fighting spirit weakened, another stronger one replaced it. Consequently, they were able to keep charging and breaking the defense line of the Spiritual Four Army.

Zhantai Liuli took care of the other wings even though she was looking at the front. All the positions were well taken care of by her.

But most of the superior forces took the position at the vanguard most of the time. In contrast to the Divine Pavillion, Daluo Territory and Xuan Tian Hall, who were stabilizing their positions, had more losses.

In those situations, Zhantai Liuli explained to the rest of the forces who suffered more significant losses, "The three armies had to conserve energies for the upcoming battle in the Spiritual Four Array. If we consumed too much of our fighting spirit now, what would be the purpose of our trip?"

Upon hearing her, the rest of the forces could only swallow whatever words they had in their mouths, as they knew that they could only reap any benefits after the Spiritual Four Battle Array was destroyed.

And they could only rely on Zhantai Liuli, Mu Chen, and Xiao Tian to do it.

Mu Chen gave a faint smile. He looked at Zhantai Liuli from afar with thoughts in his mind. He then turned and smiled at Nine Nether and the rest. "It should not be difficult to break through the external troop soon."

They all nodded in agreement. They could feel that the weakening of the decayed fighting spirit was because they were closing in on the border. 

However, they could not lower their guard even after breaking through the external troop's defense. In fact, all of them were nervous about it. They cast their gazes into the deepest part of the plain. In the darkest area, a giant beast seemed to be waiting for them. Although they could not see it, they could feel the pressure from it.

The Spiritual Four Battle Array laid in the most daunting part of the Death Relics.

No one had absolute confidence that they could destroy the array. And if the army failed to do so, they would have even more casualties.

The earth continued to shake under the collision of the fighting spirits. As countless decayed soldiers turned into ashes, numerous soldiers battled to their last breath as they spat out their last mouthfuls of blood.

Although Zhantai Liuli was good at commanding, the damage from the collision was real. The entire army could perish if they were not careful.

But when two of the superior forces were getting ready to take over the vanguard position with their circulated fighting spirit, the immense pressure that shrouded the body like a mountain suddenly completely disappeared.

Countless soldiers lifted their heads in astonishment. They realized that the endless decayed troops in front of them had disappeared. The alliance army stood in an open space, and the countless decayed soldiers at the back seemed to be in great fear as they refused to move a step more.

"We have made it!"

The various forces lifted up their spirits. Their faces were filled with surprise. After close to two hours of fighting, they had finally made it through the blockade of the external troop.

But while they were feeling excited, Zhantai Liuli, Mu Chen, and Xiao Tian had a change in their expressions. They lifted their heads and looked at the faraway land in front of them with serious looks on their faces.

They could not breathe as the more immense and daunting oppression engulfed them from the darkness as if dark clouds were over their heads.

There lies the Spiritual Four Battle Array!

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