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"Four fighting spirit talents?"

Mu Chen and the rest gave stunned looks and knit their brows slightly upon hearing Zhantai Liuli's words, as there were only three talented ones over here: Mu Chen, Xiao Tian, and Zhantai Liuli. If Zhantai Liuli wanted to find another one it would not be easy, as there were less than ten proclaimed talents to be found in the entire North Territory.

Zhantai Liuli saw the frowns on their faces, then said with a smile, "I know it is troublesome to find the fourth talent, so I have another solution. The fourth person can be replaced by three commanders, who are highly proficient in the fighting spirit. They can lead the troop into the array."

"This might not work." Being talents themselves, they knew very well that three commanders would not excel, because they are on completely different levels in regards to understanding and control. Moreover, if the three of them could not fight against the array together, it would be difficult for them to overcome the Spiritual Four Battle Array on their own.

"According to what you have said earlier, even if we destroy three arrays, our efforts will be futile, if the fourth one is not destroyed as well, right?" Mu Chen asked.

"Yes, but that is only if all the other arrays were in good condition," Zhantai Liuli said softly. "But, due to the years of erosion, the four arrays were no longer in perfect condition. This will at least give us some leeway. As long as we can destroy the three arrays within the shortest period of time, the fourth one will then be weakened significantly. Thus, it will be easier to destroy it."

"So, the fourth person will just need to hold out, while the three of us destroy the arrays."

Zhantai Liuli gazed at everyone, a smile on her smooth cheeks. "What does everyone think about that?"

All of them looked at one another. They had no idea about the Spiritual Four Battle Array, but since she said it was so, they had no other comments about it. If worse come to worst, they could just retreat.

Mu Chen watched the fair-looking girl. He did not say anything, and his only expression was a flicker in his eyes.

"Since no one has any comments, let's get ready to act. Please choose the strongest commander from each of your armies. These will act as the three commanders to replace the fourth talent," Zhantai Liuli said with a nod, a stern look on her face.

Everyone looked at each other without saying much, before retreating back to their individual camps to prepare for the war. Mu Chen did not leave immediately. Instead, he waited for everyone to leave, before he smiled at Zhantai Liuli and asked, "How did you know this place so well, even being familiar with the ways to destroy the array?"

Zhantai Liuli looked at Mu Chen, then laughed. "I was lucky enough to meet some of the remaining commanders, who had been commanded by the previous Sky Array Emperor, upon my arrival at this place. I am sure Lord Mu would have seen them before."

"But, my limited knowledge was not as detailed as yours. Since we have decided to work together, I hope you will not play against us." Mu Chen was not convinced by her explanation, but since she did not want to reveal the intricate details, he did not wish to probe any further. He held his fist up, then left with Nine Nether.

Fang Yi was watching Mu Chen as he left, his sharp, cold eyes intent upon his back. He then looked at Zhantai Liuli and said, "You promised to help me deal with Mu Chen."

"He is not an easy target. Moreover, the death relic is more critical, as it determines if I can become a real war troop dispatcher. So, get your priorities right. Otherwise, it will be hard to answer to the Pavilion Master." Zhantai Liuli lowered her eyes, speaking with a weak and indifferent voice.

Fang Yi frowned, but kept quiet for a moment. He then spoke coldly, "I have already made my terms clear. You may have the time, but your sister might not be able to wait that long. The Nine-Days Soul Revival Herb is a precious thing in the Divine Pavilion. Even though you are one of us now, it is hard to earn our trust, due to past events. I can only beg for an opportunity for you."

Her slanted fringe of hair left a shadow on her fair-looking face. She paused a while, before she lifted her head to give a faint smile. "Don't worry. The Big Hunting War has just started. We still have time."

Fang Yi nodded, then left. Zhantai Liuli watched him leave. She had a calm look, but her hands were clenched tightly under her sleeves. All of her slender fingers turned pale, due to her forceful grip.

After all of the leaders from the various forces returned to their base camps, they started to prepare their troops for war. The vast and mighty line-up of the army was daunting.

Mu Chen stood at the peak, his mighty troop from the Daluo Territory spread out behind him. The vast fighting spirit that they eluded seemed like a lurking beast, stretching its massive body.

Nine Nether was watching the troop from behind Mu Chen. She frowned slightly. "Do you think that what Zhantai Liuli said was true?"

"She is definitely making use of us, but none of the people here are dumb. So what if she makes use of us? Nobody wishes to return empty-handed. All of them knew that joining forces would be the only way to gain any advantage. But, no one is able to take the lead. Since Zhantai Liuli has the capability, so be it."

"But, we should at least be careful. I have a feeling that she is hiding something from us." Mu Chen squinted his eyes, looking in the direction where Zhantai Liuli was.

Nine Nether nodded.

The mobilization of the troop took an hour to complete. A large army with strong military strength spread across the skies of the vast mountainous area. The surging of the magnificent fighting spirit also soared through the sky. From afar, the scene looked extremely spectacular.

"Is everyone ready?" Zhantai Liuli projected her gentle voice over the loud roars in the air. She attracted much attention instantly.

All parties cupped their fists towards the mountain peak where Zhantai Liuli was standing. This was the official signal that they were ready.

"Since we are all ready, let us prepare for action! Although the external troop was not as talented and strong as the internal troop, they had an advantage in numbers. But, fortunately, they presently were operating with less than half of the fighting spirit as compared to before, when they were in their prime. As long as everyone listens to my command, I can guarantee that our losses will be minimized." Confidence could clearly be heard in her slow and steady voice.

The various forces nodded. Everything was good, assuming Zhantai Liuli could break through the troop, without incurring much damage. However, if she was discovered to have been only using them as cannon fodder, they would withdraw immediately, thus leaving her in the lurch. In this way, Zhantai Liuli would not dare to just blindly follow her, doing whatever she likes. Mu Chen and Lord of Mountain Cracker exchanged gazes, before they also nodded.

"Everyone, the Divine Pavilion will be the vanguard, while the rest of the army will stay as wings. Let's move!" Zhantai Liuli took a deep breath, while many people looked at her. Her eyes were usually calm, but passion now surged within them. She lifted up her fair hand, then slammed it down with force.


The massive army from the Divine Pavilion roared towards the sky, emanating a magnificent fighting spirit that flowed like great, vast oceans. Instantly, the sky turned dark and violent.

Shoo! Shoo!

The enormous army whistled away amid the dark clouds. The rest of the forces flit orderly and closely behind the great army of the Divine Pavilion.

The forces of the alliance army were overwhelming. They shook the earth and mountains wherever they moved. Although the fighting spirits were individualized among the ranks, and they were not gelling together, the amount of it was already daunting.

Mu Chen led the army of the Daluo Territory, following right behind the main troop. He was stunned secretly, as he saw the scale of the grand alliance force. He was feeling excited.

The dark clouds that were formed by the black figures of the troop flit across the sky. They rushed into the dark plains within an hour. The endless now decayed soldiers showed up in front of them with standing flags, eluding fighting spirit. Everyone felt nervous about it.

But Zhantai Liuli, who was leading the main troop, did not have any fear. The fire in her eyes was burning, and her clear voice rang out in everyone's ears.



With the Divine Pavilion as the vanguard, the entire army charged forward like a sharp knife, piercing through the defense line of the decayed army. They bashed against each other, like two colliding waves, shaking the earth.

The tyrannical fighting spirit soared towards the sky. As it did so, the entire space vibrated. The ground also cracked, as two fighting spirit collided. The first defense line of the decayed troop was torn instantly. The grand alliance army broke into their defensive line, like violent torrents. They rushed deep into the heart of their enemy, as quickly as a cheetah.

Countless decayed soldiers turned into ash, then disappeared with the wind. But, the grand alliance army still did not stop their pace. They continued to sweep in, tearing the decayed army apart with fierce looks in their eyes. The alliance went even deeper.

Mu Chen, being part of the alliance army, took a deep breath, as he saw the collision of the fighting spirits. It was such a grand scene!

He watched the figure in white, who standing far ahead, a stern look on his face.

This woman is really something!

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