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The black troop spread out like a tide before Mu Chen. Dark fighting spirit surged above the troop, and a Demonic Wolf cried out to the sky. The fighting spirit surged and brought about an astounding oppression.

Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest turned pale.

Even they felt threatened by the majestic fighting spirit's oppression. They now knew why the Grade Six Sovereign from Jiwu Sect had been killed by the troop.

Mu Chen looked gravely at the troop and shifted his gaze to the sky above them. The dark figure in the sea of fighting spirit said, "There is a commander in this troop. He can also condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent."

Nine Nether and the rest were stunned. The Death Relics were filled with danger. Even the decomposed troop, who had lost their minds, possessed the ability to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent.

As they watched carefully, the dark figure that was above the troop lifted his head. He looked at the direction where Mu Chen and his troop were, and shouted in a hoarse and hollow voice.

"I am Sky Array Emperor's fifth commander. Those who barge into the Emperor's territory will be killed!"

The hollow and ancient voice shouted again without any emotion. The commander of the troop had been invaded by the evil energy, and his body was broken and immortal. He was like a zombie.

"Sky Array Emperor? Fifth commander?"

When Mu Chen and the others heard the hollow voice, they were shocked. Were these the Death Relics that had been left behind by the Sky Array Emperor? If this was the case, Sky Array Emperor would be the war troop dispatcher that they were looking for.

"He is indeed a war troop dispatcher. Even his commander is able to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent and control such a powerful troop." Nine Nether marveled. If the dark figure had been in any of the top forces in North Territory, he would have been at the top level. However, under the Sky Array Emperor, he was only ranked number five.

The war troop dispatcher was indeed powerful.

Mu Chen stared at the Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit and said, "This troop is more powerful than any of us." The majestic fighting spirit that it exuded was way above that of the Nine Nether Troop. There was a huge gap between the scale of the two troops. There were more than 20,000 soldiers in the decomposed troop, and even Xiao Tian's troop was fewer in number.

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest and said softly, "Let's join forces and strike together."

The fighting spirit of the decomposed troop was majestic and overbearing, and could kill a Grade Six Sovereign. However, there were a total of five Grade Six Sovereigns on their side!

If Mu Chen combined the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop, they were comparable to a Grade Six Sovereign. To be more accurate, there were six Grade Six Sovereigns!

Mu Chen had gained his confidence from this array. He was glad that the Nine Nether Troop had not come alone, otherwise, they would be in a difficult position. This Meteorfall Battlefield was filled with danger, and Nine Nether Palace would not be able to overcome it.

"Hahaha, Lord Mu, please command the troop and leave them to the five of us. We cannot let this big fish slip out of our hands." Lord Mountain Cracker laughed. He instantly turned into a ray of rainbow light and dashed out.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Nine Nether, Lord Blood Hawk, and the other three lords shot out as well. Their spiritual energy burst out, and vast spiritual energy fluctuations shot up into the sky. It was so majestic that it caused a Spiritual Energy Hurricane in the area.


When the decomposed troop saw it, they burst out with violent fighting spirit, and the stench was sickening. The Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit opened its ferocious mouth, and a black fighting spirit beam about 1,000 feet long swept out. It targeted Lord Mountain Cracker, who was at the forefront.

"You have come at the right time!" When Lord Mountain Cracker saw it, he laughed and was not afraid. He clenched his fist and threw out a punch. Majestic spiritual energy flooded out and turned into the shadow of a mountain. The punch was as powerful as a mountain.

"Five Mountains Divine Fist!"

The space before Lord Mountain Cracker smashed as he punched out. The heavy fist ray whizzed out like lightning and collided against the fighting spirit beam. 


Violent fluctuations swept out and caused the space to surge. Lord Mountain Cracker was thrown back about 1,000 feet by the shockwaves. He landed hard on his feet and smashed the space below in order to stabilize himself.

He was shocked. He looked at the troop and said, "What a powerful fighting spirit. This is great. Even I am unable to beat it!"

When Nine Nether and the rest saw that Lord Mountain Cracker, who was the most powerful among them, had been thrown back, they turned grave and looked at one another. They struck almost at the same time.

"Nine Nether Feathers!"

"Celestial Spirit Sword Technique!"

"Blood Hawk Shattering Wings!"


Four powerful attacks from the Grade Six Sovereigns shot out and caused the space to crack. The darkness in the area had been dissipated by the surge in the spiritual energy.


The commander of the decomposed troop roared among the majestic fighting spirit sea. It had sensed danger from the four Grade Six Sovereigns. It waved its sleeve and fighting spirit surged. The Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit cried out, and the black battle runes on its body glittered. A black crescent then formed in its large mouth.

There were battle runes on the crescent, and majestic fighting spirit spread out.

When Mu Chen saw it, he was taken aback. The fighting spirit that had been activated was well condensed. Even Mu Chen had not been able to display such a sharp fighting spirit attack previously.

Buzz! Buzz!

The Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit swung its head, and the black crescent shot out. The speed was so fast that it was beyond description. It appeared in a flash and pierced through Nine Nether and the other three lords' attacks.

Bang! Bang!

The attacks from the two parties were fierce. The black crescent was extremely destructive. It destroyed the three attacks as it shot past, before disappearing into thin air after using up its fighting spirit.

Even so, the sharp attack took Nine Nether and the rest by surprise. It was so powerful that it was able to destroy their three attacks!


Before the black crescent broke into pieces, the last attack from Nine Nether tore the void apart and hit the decomposed troop. Violent spiritual energy raged out. Up to 1,000 decomposed warriors had been destroyed and turned into ashes.


The fifth commander roared, and fighting spirit surged more violently. He started to attack Nine Nether and the rest crazily. Spiritual Energy Fighting Spirit whooshed out, and the area looked majestic.

Mu Chen looked at the battle from afar. He had instructed four troops to seal off the area. Although the decomposed troop was tough to handle, it was much sought after. Mu Chen had estimated that if they could purify the troop, they could at least refine a few thousand Meteorfall Alchemy pills, which was a considerable amount.

Most importantly, they might be able to get some information on the Sky Array Emperor from the fifth commander.

Dong! Dong!

As Mu Chen was dwelling on these things, the battle became more and more aggressive. The powerful spiritual energy fluctuations took him by surprise.

He was shocked that the decomposed troop was still doing its best to resist the fierce attacks from the five Grade Six Sovereigns. Every time the Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit attacked, it would put Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest in danger. Thus, they dared not go all out and attack.

However, this situation was sustained only for a short while. Although the troop was powerful, it was not powerful enough to fight against five Grade Six Sovereigns. The outcome was not a surprise to Mu Chen. After about ten minutes, the decomposed troop lost more and more of its warriors, and the majestic fighting spirit started to become chaotic.

Under the attacks of Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, Lord Spiritual Sword, and the other two, the Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit started to dwindle. This was because it was using up its fighting spirit at a fast pace.

Even in the face of such a dire situation, the fifth commander had no intention of retreating. Destructive force emanated from his body and became stronger.


Three huge rays of spiritual energy shot forth from Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, and Lord Spiritual Sword. They pierced through the Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit, and it moaned. Its huge body speedily burst out.

When the Demonic Wolf Fighting Spirit burst, the fighting spirit of the decomposed troop crumbled as well. The violent fighting spirit was instantly at rock bottom.


The fifth commander roared and sounded unhappy. He could not accept the outcome and refused to admit defeat. He shot out and tried to fight Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest.

After the fifth commander had lost his troop, his combat force was not even comparable to a Grade Four Sovereign's. He posed no threat to Lord Mountain Cracker or anyone else. However, his fearless spirit had commanded the respect of Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest. After all, during the great calamity, the fifth commander and those who had fought in the battle with the Extraterritorial Race had died while trying to defend the Great Thousand World.

"Leave him to me." Mu Chen sighed and dashed out. He appeared before the fifth commander and looked into his hollow eyes. Mu Chen pressed his palm quickly on his chest, and majestic spiritual energy burst out from his palm like a windstorm.


As the violent spiritual energy entered into the fifth commander's body, he seemed to receive relief and regained his senses temporarily.

Before the fifth commander exploded, Mu Chen heard him stammering in his hoarse voice, "Thanks to the Spiritual Four Battle Array! Be careful of my emperor!"

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