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"Be careful…my emperor…"

As the hoarse voice resounded throughout the heavens and the earth, the fifth commander disappeared. Mu Chen looked solemnly in the direction that he had disappeared into, then cupped his fist.

"The Spiritual Four Battle Array…"

Mu Chen looked deep into the Death Relics, where there was total darkness. The suppression that was emanating from within the Death Relics made one feel uneasy.

Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, and the rest joined him, looking baffled. One of them said softly, "The Spiritual Four Battle Array?"

"The real battle array should be in front." Mu Chen nodded.

When Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest heard of the battle array, they became wary. They knew that only a war troop dispatcher could form a battle array. Then, once the battle array had been formed, the power would be earth-shattering!

An ordinary Spiritual Array Master would tap into the power from the heavens and the the earth to form an array. However, a war troop dispatcher had countless ways of forming an array. Even the heavens and the earth were fearful of its vast fighting spirit.

Although the current force was about half the force of the Daluo Territory, if they had encountered a battle array that was formed by a war troop dispatcher, they would have been extremely wary.

However, they were fearless at the moment. They had come this far, and if they should choose to retreat now, the lords would bring disgrace upon themselves.

"Let's first refine the Meteorfall Alchemy," Mu Chen said.

When Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, and the rest heard his instruction, they became immediately alert. They directed their attention to the majestic Meteorfall gas that had been left behind by the decomposed troop after the purification.

Those forces that had just arrived watched the majestic Meteorfall gas with envy. However, they were afraid of Mu Chen's large troop, so dared not covet after it. Other than Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest, there were still four elite troops that were watching them.

They could only watch Mu Chen and the rest refine the Meteorfall gas into Meteorfall Alchemy. The quantity produced was around 10,000 pieces. Such a harvest was comparable to the gains produced from a Grade Two Relic!

When Mu Chen and the rest had finally refined all of the Meteorfall gas, they then wrapped everything up. They had refined more than 9,000 units of Meteorfall Alchemy. After dividing everything out among them, each of them was left about 2,000 pieces, which was quite a good harvest!

"This Death Relic must be a Grade One," Lord Mountain Cracker said. One troop alone was able to refine almost 10,000 units of Meteorfall Alchemy. Given an ordinary Grade Three Relic, one would have to get more than 30 relics in order to amount to this quantity!

Although the harvest in the Grade One Relic was good, it was much more dangerous than an ordinary relic. If they had not had such a big troop, they might have ended up like the Jiwu Sect!


Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest looked at Mu Chen, seeking direction. According to the fifth commander, there was a powerful battle array that was deep inside the Death Relics. The emperor, who the fifth commander had referred to earlier, must be the Sky Array Emperor.

As such, he should be there! There could also be many treasures there, but it might be extremely dangerous as well.

"Let's go over and take a look. If it is too powerful, we will just leave, then hunt for some Meteorfall Alchemy." Mu Chen said.

Although he badly wanted to get some more information about the war troop dispatcher, he would not allow Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest to come to any harm because of it. When Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest heard Mu Chen's words, they nodded in agreement.

"Let's go."

Mu Chen looked out. He saw that the forces, who had watched their fight with the decomposed troop from afar, had now dispersed. Thus, they did not attempt to rob them.

Mu Chen waved his hand, turning immediately into a streamer. He then flew deep into the Death Relics, his big troop following closely behind him.

Along the way, Mu Chen and his troop constantly encountered decomposed troops, jumping out at them from the dark. The decomposed troops had slowed down their progress, so they had no choice but to fight them at this time.

As they encountered more and more obstructions, the men started to get injured. If Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest had not extended a helping hand, the situation would have been truly disastrous!

Navigating these strong obstructions as best they could, Mu Chen and his big troop moved slowly and surely, nearing the deepest part of the Death Relics. On their way, they saw some men, who had ended up in a terrible state.

These men belonged to the top-notch force in the North Territory. Among them, were many Grade Six Sovereigns, which had ultimately been defeated by the large number of decomposed troops. Although some of the top powers were quick and escaped, many of their men lost their lives.

Mu Chen and the rest turned cold, while surveying the overwhelming losses of these top-notch forces. If one was careless in such a dangerous place, he could possibly lose his entire troop!

Almost half of the elites of the Daluo Territory were in the Death Relics now. Thus, if they should meet with any mishaps, it would be a great blow to the entire Daluo Territory.

Mu Chen's big troop whizzed past the dark land. Its majesty shook the sky. Mu Chen looked around cautiously at the big piece of land, while majestic spiritual energy surged around his body. He was ready to fight!

Within only a few hundred miles, they had encountered obstructions from many decomposed troops. They had even been obstructed by a troop that was as large as theirs, which had caused them to lose some of their men as well. Even Lord Spiritual Sword had been injured in the resulting fight. They had not expected that it would be so dangerous inside the Death Relics!

"This should be the deepest part of the Death Relics," Mu Chen said.

When Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest heard his words, they started to tense up. Nine Nether looked around, then said with a frown, "Why is it so quiet? We can't even see a single decomposed soldier or troop."

"No other beasts dared to enter into the tiger's territory." Mu Chen looked into the distance, suddenly squinting his eyes. He then said softly, "Be careful."

He then dashed out, spiritual energy surging all around him. Seeing this, his troop became extra careful, focusing on maintaining the battle array with great care.

The troop darted quietly across a dead black mountain. Mu Chen, who was leading the way, then suddenly stopped. He looked shocked.

Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest looked grave. Everyone took a deep breath…

"What is this..." They all shouted in unison.

Mu Chen's mouth quivered, as he stared hard at the front. There was a large stretch of dark plain, which was slightly hidden behind the mountain. It was completely filled with decomposed troops! The troop stood firmly on the ground, like withering wood, while a vast rotten fighting spirit spread out, causing the entire area to quake.

There were tens of thousands of warriors in this troop! Roaring sounds resounded from within the battle flag. The decomposed troop spread out as far as the eye could see. In the face of such a large troop, even Lord Mountain Cracker was fearful! Those troops that he had encountered before were nothing compared to the one that was now before them.

"There are simply too many of them! Even if all of us go in, we will be completely wiped out." Lord Mountain Cracker turned pale.

There were only about 10,000 to 20,000 men in their troop. However, there were tens of thousands in the decomposed troop. And, with the true war troop dispatcher with them, even if the three kings were around, they would still be incredibly fearful of them.

Mu Chen sighed, then nodded his head. He was sharper than Lord Mountain Cracker and the others, when it came to judging the fighting spirit. As such, he was aware of the powerful fighting spirit on the plain. There was a strange fluctuation within it, which caused Mu Chen to shiver. He believed that there was a real battle array hidden within the troop! The moment they entered in, they would be completely wiped out.


As Mu Chen was thinking of his next course of action, sounds of wind breaking resounded on the right side. As they turned to look, a large troop had whizzed toward them, landing just outside the plain.

"Those men are from the Divine Pavilion!" Lord Mountain Cracker, who was clearly shocked, said. "These fellas have found their way here!"

Mu Chen nodded, then looked in another direction. The Tian Xuan Troop had made it through the obstructions to find their way here as well.

Within the next 10 minutes or so, more big troops continued to arrive. They were not top forces, but they were still large in number. As one looked more carefully at them, one would have noticed that these were some forces that had gathered together to form allied forces. Mu Chen finally understood why they were able to come this far.

As more powerful people arrived, instead of looking shocked, Mu Chen appeared happy. With these people around, the previously hopeless situation could now be turned around!

As Mu Chen was having this upbeat thought, a light burst out from the direction of the Divine Pavilion. A weak and soft voice sounded out. "Can all of us gather to discuss how we can breakthrough this situation together?"

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