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In the dark Death Relics, the smell of death was extremely strong. In fact, it covered the entire area. It was like a place of the dead, causing one to shiver.


The silence in the Death Relics had been completely disturbed by the large number of people who had just barged in. The sounds of chaotic fighting caused the Death Relics to bustle with noise.

Mu Chen led his troop into the Death Relics. They were unstoppable. They swirled deep into the area at lightning speed.

However, they soon faced some obstructions. There were up to 1,000 decomposed warriors, all of whom were attired in rotten armor. Their bodies had dried up, and they looked like skeletons. The only things left behind were their shiny red eyes. These eyes looked evil, ready to destroy everything.

These decomposed warriors had stopped the forces who had just barged in. A majestic spiritual energy burst out, while the forces and the decomposed troop went into a fierce battle. 

The decomposed warriors had lost their minds, and were acting like zombies. They did not feel any pain, but simply fought on fearlessly. Their attacks were constant, and they all moved in unison, as if they were one entity.

As the spiritual energy with the rotten smell merged with the attacks, they were extremely lethal. Many powerful forces, having been taken by surprise, were defeated by them. 

As Mu Chen looked at the decomposed warriors, he was stunned. He exchanged looks with Nine Nether, both of them looking grave. The aura surrounding these decomposed warriors was similar to the one possessed by those elders from the Primordial Celestial Palace in the first relic.

"Before these warriors passed away, they must have fought with the Extraterritorial Race. The evil energy must have invaded into their body, causing them to look as they do now," Nine Nether said softly.

"Extraterritorial Race?" When Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest heard her words, they turned grave. Although the Primordial War had happened a long time ago, they knew how horrifying the Extraterritorial Race was. These were the worst enemies of the entire Great Thousand World!

"Be careful," Mu Chen reminded them, then darted out. After receiving the command, the troop started to be more cautious. A majestic fighting spirit surged, as the troop put up their guards, looking around.

Mu Chen's big troop swirled past, like a windstorm. The smaller groups of decomposed warriors did not get in their way, due to the power that the troop had exuded. Thus, they simply let them go past.

Mu Chen did not let down his guard, but became even more cautious. Very soon, when they dashed past a dark piece of land, violent fighting spirit fluctuations burst out from a dark cave in the distance. Numerous black torrents then swept past, carrying with them a rotten smell.

There was a strong fighting spirit within these torrents. Mu Chen turned grave, looking at the cave. At that moment, a few thousand dried figures floated up in the cave. Majestic fighting spirit spread out, filling it with the cold fluctuation of death.

"Lord Mu, leave them to the Spiritual Sword Troop," Lord Spiritual Sword looked at the decomposed troop, then said to Mu Chen. He waved his hand, and the Spiritual Sword Troop behind them shouted in a low voice. Majestic fighting spirit spread out, and a shadow with a huge sword appeared above the Spiritual Sword Troop.

The shadow had been formed by the fighting spirit. This was the Spirit of Fighting Intent that Mu Chen had helped the Spiritual Sword Troop to condense.

Buzz! Buzz!

The sound of swords clashing resounded loudly, as the figure slashed down hard with the huge sword in his hand. The sword, that was a few hundred feet in length, swept out, carrying with it an overbearing fighting spirit.


The sword ray darted across the horizon. It whizzed past the black torrents, tearing them apart. The figure activated his fighting spirit to its optimum level. The overwhelming sword ray immediately whizzed out, covering the whole decomposed troop.

Bang! Bang!

As the two parties fought, violent fighting spirits raged out, turning the whole place upside down. The Spirit of Fighting Intent of the Spiritual Sword Troop was more overbearing, and in no time, they were able to defeat the decomposed troop.

As the decomposed warriors were killed by the sword ray, the rotten smell on their bodies started to dissipate. Finally, they turned into ashes.

Just as they were turning into ashes, they each broke into a smile, as though they had been relieved of a great burden. It was not because they were still conscious, but rather was an instinctive relief.

Strange powers started to surge, shocking Mu Chen and the rest. This was the Meteorfall gas that they had been looking for!

Lord Spiritual Sword laughed and waved his sleeve. He absorbed the large amount of Meteorfall gas. Then, after a short while, he had refined a few hundred Meteorfall Alchemy. The quantity was comparable to the harvest from a Grade Three Relic.

"This Death Relic must be a Grade One Relic." Lord Mountain Cracker and the others looked envious. They found Lord Spiritual Sword to be quite cunning. After all, he had been so quick to react.

"It is all because of Lord Mu, who helped us condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent. If not for him, we would have had to pay a high price in order to defeat them." Lord Spiritual Sword cupped his fist at Mu Chen, saying the words politely with a smile.

If the Spiritual Sword Troop had not condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent, they would not have defeated the decomposed troop so easily. Thus, with the help of the Spirit of Fighting Intent, they had won the battle triumphantly, leaving relatively unscathed.

Mu Chen smiled at Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest, then said, "This is just the beginning. You will be forced to strike later, even if you have no intention to."

When they heard this, they licked their lips and looked excited. They were fearless. This was a good start, and now, they had been provoked to the hunt!

"Let's speed up."

Mu Chen looked into the distance. He sensed that there were violent spiritual energy fluctuations all over the place. The forces must have realized that these decomposed warriors possessed large amounts of Meteorfall Alchemy within them. The Meteorfall Alchemy in this place was so overbearing, it was more powerful than the ordinary Grade Three Relic. They would really have to speed up their hunt!

Mu Chen looked at the deepest part of the Death Relics, suddenly turning grave. The top powers, who had been killed, must have been invaded by the evil energy of the Extraterritorial Race.

Mu Chen wondered if the war troop dispatcher that they were looking for had met with the same mishap. If this was so, ultimately, they might have to face a war troop dispatcher that had lost his mind due to the invasion of the evil energy.

Mu Chen dared not think how much power the war troop dispatcher would be left with. In any case, no matter how weak a war troop dispatcher was, he would still have some power.

In the current situation, no one would be willing to retreat. No matter how dangerous it would be, Mu Chen had to press on.

After all, a master has no fear...

At this thought, Mu Chen waved his sleeve, then immediately darted out, his troop following closely behind him. They were so dynamic, they had caught the attention of the forces quickly.

As they went in deeper, they encountered larger and more powerful troops. These obstacles had slowed down their speed, but as Mu Chen had a large troop, they were only slightly affected.

As Mu Chen and his troop moved on, there were less forces in the surroundings. However, those that were left were powerful and had large troops. In fact, one would surely be killed in such a dangerous place, unless he was truly capable.

As the troop went deeper into the Death Relics, Mu Chen suddenly became more tense. This feeling could only be described as his premonition regarding danger.

Mu Chen suddenly stopped in the dark sky. He frowned and looked in front of him. About 1,000 battered figures flew backward, blood dripping from their bodies. The spiritual energy fluctuations that they flew amid were weak and chaotic.

Mu Chen lifted up his hand to stop the troop immediately, looking wary.

"Those are the men from the Jiwu Sect…" Lord Mountain Cracker looked at the battered figures, then said softly. Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the rest were shocked. The Jiwu Sect was a top-notch force in the North Territory. They were known to be very powerful. There was even a Grade Six Sovereign among them earlier, but he was no longer around…

"The Grade Six Sovereign has been killed." As if reading everyone's thoughts, Mu Chen looked into the distance, while speaking the words.

"How do you know?" Lord Mountain Cracker asked, shocked.

Mu Chen pointed out in front of him, where an overwhelming black fog swirled out. Then, loud footsteps were heard coming out from the black fog.

The area shook. Then, as the black fog dissipated, a large number of figures in black armor appeared. That same rotten smell pervaded the entire space immediately, while a stunning fighting spirit whizzed above the troop like a wave.

A dark fighting spirit gathered crazily, then turned into a huge Black Demonic Wolf, lingering menacingly just above the troop. The decomposed troop possessed the Spirit of Fighting Intent!

Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, and the others immediately turned pale, screaming in terror. The Jiwu Sect had been destroyed by this horrifying troop!

Mu Chen looked shocked as well, as he shifted his gaze above the troop. There, a dark figure loomed, as the fighting spirit surged around it.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, then shouted, "Someone is leading this troop!"

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