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A strange screaming sound filled with much pain came from the dark Death Relics. It sounded so heart wrenching that it sent chills up the spine of the top powers.

A constant roaring sound followed the scream. The roaring sound contained a special power that caused the area to darken and suppressed the people in the vicinity.

The top powers looked at the dark Death Relics from afar. Although they had not entered into the Death Relics, they had already felt their horror.

"This fluctuation…" Mu Chen turned grave and looked at the Death Relics, shocked. He found the special power in the roaring sound familiar. It was the power of the fighting spirit.

The Death Relics were indeed related to the war troop dispatcher!

Mu Chen was excited. It seemed that whatever was inside the Death Relics had been triggered when it sensed the fighting spirit outside.

Mu Chen's eyes glittered, and he retreated to his troop. He said softly, "It looks like these Death Relics are related to the war troop dispatcher. I can sense its fighting spirit fluctuation."

Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker shivered as they looked at the strange Death Relics. If they were related to the war troop dispatcher, they must be extremely dangerous. They would have to be extra careful.

"When shall we go?" Nine Nether asked softly.

Mu Chen shook his head and said, "Let's wait for a while." After he had confirmed that the Death Relics were related to the war troop dispatcher, Mu Chen calmed down. It would be risky to take the lead in such a dangerous environment.

Nine Nether and the rest shared the same thought and nodded. They then rested on a mountain at the forefront and watched the Death Relics carefully.

As the troop from Daluo Territory rested on the mountain, the strange roaring sound from the Death Relics became softer, and ultimately, stopped…

After the Death Relics had resumed their peace, the forces started to get excited. The strange behavior from the Death Relics had proven that it was unique. This could be a Grade One Relic.

If they could be the first to enter, they would be able to refine a large amount of Meteorfall Alchemy before the others. The amount of Meteorfall Alchemy that a Grade One Relic could refine was so huge that it would shock everyone.

Moreover, there must be many Divine Weapons, Divine Art, and other precious items left behind by the primordial top powers in the Death Relics. These were enough to tempt anyone.

Some of the forces who had intended to wait outside the Death Relics started to become impatient. They were burning with greed.

Not many people were able to remain sober under such a great temptation. Everyone thought that the lucky stars might shine on them.


After more than ten minutes, some of the forces could no longer suppress their greed, and they started to jump up from the ground. There were about 1,000 of them. They turned into colorful lights and shot toward the dark Death Relics.

Those people were all from the same force, and some of them were extremely powerful. Needless to say, in such a place, unless one is powerful, he would not openly show his greed.

The people became restless, and after the force had taken the lead, the rest of them could no longer hold back. Many other forces led their men and shot out as well. They did not want the other forces to wipe out the treasures before they could lay their hands on them.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

One after another, the forces shot up into the sky, and the area was bustling with noise. A large number of shadows whizzed past the horizon, and the scene was majestic.

However, those top powers who were nearest to the Death Relics kept their cool. They simply looked flatly at those forces that had flooded into the Death Relics.

Mu Chen stood on top of the mountain and looked calmly at the forces that had rushed into the Death Relics like moths to a flame. He did not find them pitiful. It was a great sin to be greedy. Since they were greedy, they had to pay a price for their greed.

Mu Chen looked around at the other mountains. The Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall did not take any action. Other top-notch forces were not rash, either. They were waiting for the most appropriate time to act.

These forces had been around the North Territory for many years, and they were praiseworthy. As these thoughts ran through his mind, Mu Chen turned his gaze back to the Death Relics. He could sense a violent spiritual energy fluctuation coming out from them as more and more people barged in.

Indistinctly, an explosive fighting sound with the Relic Spiritual Energy came out of the Death Relics.

The forces that had gone in must have met with some obstructions, which came as no surprise to Mu Chen. If they had not met any obstructions, Mu Chen would not dare to enter.

There must be hidden danger in anything that was abnormal. Mu Chen was a careful person. He would not get involved in things that were abnormal, as they would usually lead to death.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Violent spiritual energy burst out continuously from the Death Relics. Even those who were outside could see that there was a chaotic fight in the darkness.

"It is about time," Mu Chen said suddenly after watching the Death Relics for some time. He felt that the fighting spirit fluctuation in the Death Relics had weakened.

"Let's go!"

As Mu Chen finished speaking, Zhantai Liuli, who was with the Divine Pavilion on another mountain peak, said the same.


Vast spiritual energy fluctuations shot up into the sky. Large troops whizzed out one after another and covered up the sun. The men of the Divine Pavilion shot toward the Death Relics.

After the Divine Pavilion had taken action, Tian Xuan Hall started to move as well. Zhantai Liuli and Xiao Tian must have also noticed that the fluctuation had weakened.

"They certainly act fast." Mu Chen looked at the large amount of people and smiled flatly. He turned to look at Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others and said, "Try to stick together after we get into the Death Relics."

"Alright!" They nodded in agreement. They knew that they had to stay together and look out for one another in such a dangerous place.

"Let's go!" Mu Chen smiled and immediately waved his hand. He took the lead and shot out. Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others followed suit, with the troop following closely behind them.

The troop swirled out like dark clouds. Within a short while, they appeared outside the Death Relics. It seemed gloomy and cold in the darkness, which sent a chill up one's spine.

However, the troop was not deterred by the darkness. As the majestic aura swirled out, the place became not as dark. One could indistinctly see a dark piece of land that was filled with skeletons…

As Mu Chen looked at the skeletons, he was shocked. The skeletons maintained the same postures as they had had in life. They remained immovable like rocks even in the face of death.

They used to be a troop.

Even when the troop was facing death, they remained fearless.

The war troop dispatcher who had controlled the troop must have been an extraordinary person.

Mu Chen looked deep into the Death Relics excitedly. Some war troop dispatchers must have died in the Death Relics. If he could chance upon them, he might have the opportunity to become a true war troop dispatcher!

If he could become a true war troop dispatcher, his status in Daluo Territory would surpass that of the lords!

With this thought in mind, Mu Chen immediately turned into a shadow and shot out. He moved into the darkness, with the troop following closely behind him. They were soon totally engulfed by the darkness.

When the troops from Daluo Territory, Divine Territory, and Tian Xuan Hall barged into the Death Relics, darkness surged deep inside. Indistinctly, a low, inhuman roaring sound resounded. The roaring sound was filled with destructive force.

There were fluctuations in the darkness, and a stone seat appeared deep inside. A figure in black armor sat quietly on the stone seat. He had white hair, and a black aura circled around him, sending destructive fluctuations from his body.

He slowly lifted up his head in the darkness. His eyes were red and filled with destructive force.

"This is my territory… those who barge in… die!"

A hoarse voice filled with killing intent traveled out in the darkness. It was eerie and filled with destructive force.

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