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"Lord Blood Hawk, I wish to borrow the Blood Hawk Troop!"

When Lord Blood Hawk and the rest heard what Mu Chen had said, they were shocked. They looked at Mu Chen, baffled.

Was Mu Chen thinking of using the fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop at this crucial moment?

Would it be possible for him to control both the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop at the same time?

Although they did not understand much about fighting spirit, they knew that, when two contradictory powers were put together, they would clash, if not handled well. Although Mu Chen had helped their troop to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent, that had been a gradual process. It was different from the current situation, whereby he would control their troop, while activating the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop simultaneously!


Although Lord Blood Hawk had his doubts, he was decisive. He nodded his head and waved his hand. The Blood Hawk Troop whizzed out, like a stretch of Blood Clouds, then formed behind Mu Chen.

"Thank you."

Mu Chen thanked him, then immediately looked back sharply at the Blood Hawk Troop. The Blood Hawk Troop thundered in unison, as a majestic fighting spirit swirled out.

Mu Chen triggered his thoughts, channeling them in order to give part of his mind power to the majestic fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop.

"Is Mu Chen thinking of using the fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop?"

Mu Chen's action had caused an uproar among the people. They were shocked. They couldn't help but stare at Mu Chen, baffled. They found it all to be quite ridiculous.

"Mu Chen is desperate!" Fang Yi frowned, then sneered.

"He is not desperate." Zhantai Liuli, who was in front of Fang Yi, shook her head and said. She then looked at Mu Chen. "It is not impossible to control two different kinds of fighting spirit at the same time. This would require an extremely high level of control."

"Is he able to do it?" Fang Yi turned pale and asked.

Zhantai Liuli shook her head, then said, "I have no idea. However, Mu Chen is cool-headed. He will not do anything without a good reason. He should be able to do it, since he has decided to go ahead with it."

Fang Yi looked gloomy, feeling unable to refute her. He had exchanged blows with Mu Chen before, so he knew his character. Mu Chen seldom did things that were not beneficial.

However, it was difficult for Fang Yi to accept the fact that Mu Chen was able to control the two different fighting spirits at the same time. He would rather believe that Mu Chen was trying too hard. He did not expect Xiao Tian to finish Mu Chen off, but he had hoped that Xiao Tian could at least disgrace him a bit.

"Are you thinking of controlling the two types of fighting spirits? You are so presumptuous." Xiao Tian looked coldly at Mu Chen, his eyes glittering. As a Genius of War, he knew how presumptuous Mu Chen was. Even he would require much time and preparation, before he could control two types of fighting spirits. So, surely Mu Chen and the Blood Hawk Troop could not possibly conform to each other.

Xiao Tian's attack became more ruthless. He attacked aggressively, utilizing the huge Python Fighting Spirit. Although Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit kept retreating under the attack, it was not beaten.

Some of the people were watching the fight between the two fighting spirits, but most of them looked at the majestic fighting spirit above the Blood Hawk Troop. The fighting spirit surged like a sea of blood. The people looked forward to seeing how capable Mu Chen was at controlling the two different types of fighting spirits.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two different fighting spirits clashed against each other like a windstorm, causing the whole area to shake. Even after that, Mu Chen had still not moved at all. He shut his eyes, alienating himself from all disturbances. He focused on controlling his mind power, then speedily merged with the fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop.

After a while, he opened his eyes. Red lights were clearly evident within them now.


As Mu Chen opened his eyes, the fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop, which was surging vigorously, suddenly thundered. Several beams of Bloody Fighting Spirit shot up, intersecting with one another in the sky.

The people were surprised at such a scene! Soon, they became shocked, as a humongous Blood Hawk spread out its large wings! Suddenly, an astonishing fighting spirit spread out from it.


The loud cry of a hawk resounded across the heavens and the earth. The forces looked at the humongous Blood Hawk, their jaws dropped. After a while, they started to gasp.

Mu Chen had not only controlled the fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop, he had even awakened the Blood Hawk Troop's Spirit of Fighting Intent! This meant that Mu Chen was able to control the two Spirits of Fighting Intent!

"This is impossible!" Fang Yi turned pale, looking grave. Every time he had met Mu Chen, Mu Chen had become tougher to handle.

"He has condensed the Blood Hawk Troop's Spirit of Fighting Intent!" Zhantai Liuli was shocked as well. She looked at the Blood Hawk's Fighting Spirit, then said softly, "There are 3,000 battle runes on the body of Blood Hawk's Fighting Spirit. That is less than Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit. It seems like Mu Chen is unable to control the Blood Hawk Troop's Fighting Spirit as well as the Nine Nether Troop's. However, with the combination of the two fighting spirits, it will be enough for him to deal with Xiao Tian."

Xiao Tian turned pale, when he saw the Blood Hawk's Fighting Spirit. He looked cunningly at Mu Chen, then said, "You do have some means!"

Mu Chen looked flatly at Xiao Tian, ignoring what he had just said. He changed his seal, causing the Blood Hawk's Fighting Spirit to suddenly chirp and flap its wings. It shot out to appear above Xiao Tian. It then shook its wings, sending Blood Feathers shooting down, which tore the space apart.


Xiao Tian's countenance fell immediately. He quickly withdrew the attack of the huge Python Fighting Spirit. As the tail of the huge Python Fighting Spirit swept past the Blood Feathers, it smashed them up.

When Xiao Tian withdrew the attack of the huge Python Fighting Spirit, Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit immediately shot out, taking its position below the huge Python Fighting Spirit. With the Blood Hawk's Fighting Spirit above it and Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit below it, the huge Python Fighting Spirit was trapped in between the two.


The three fighting spirits now faced one another. Cold rays of light flashed across the eyes of Mu Chen and Xiao Tian, while the three Spirits of Fighting Intent shot out. The fighting spirits were extremely violent, colliding together.

This was a fight that would be determined by the forcefulness of the fighting spirits. Although the huge Python Fighting Spirit was more powerful than Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit, with the additional power of Blood Hawk's Fighting Spirit, the huge Python Fighting Spirit faced a big setback. It went into a standstill position, which kept depleting its power.

When Liu Yan saw that Mu Chen had turned the tables, he turned ghastly pale. He had never expected Mu Chen to use such means, especially in such a dangerous situation!

"Stupid guy!" Liu Yan gritted his teeth, extremely furious. However, he could do nothing.

Boom! Boom!

The three fighting spirits contended in the sky. Every time they collided, the space would shake. At the last collision, the three fighting spirits were hit by the violent shockwaves, which caused them to turn into light spots. The fighting spirits of both parties had come to a draw!

"How can this be?!" Xiao Tian looked angrily, trying to make sense of what had just taken place. He could not accept the fact that it was a draw.

After all, this elite troop that he was controlling was the Tian Xuan Troop! Mu Chen was controlling the Nine Nether Troop, which had a weak history. Even with the additional numbers from the Blood Hawk Troop, there were only around 10,000 in number, which was far less than the Tian Xuan Troop's ranks. Thus, the outcome was not at all what Xiao Tian had expected!

"What a waste that the troop in under your charge." Mu Chen looked at Xiao Tian, who was now red with anger. Mu Chen's calm voice only enraged him further.

"You are courting your own death!" Xiao Tian shouted, having lost his cool. As he was about to activate the Tian Xuan Troop again, Liu Yan appeared beside him, stopping him.

Tian Xuan Hall had been instructed by Liu Yan's father to check on the Death Relics. If they were seriously injured, they would not be able to carry out their mission. Liu Yan had only wanted to use Xiao Tian to put Mu Chen down. He had no intention of starting a war!

"We will deal with him after getting our hands on the Death Relics," Liu Yan said to Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian looked furiously at Mu Chen, before retreating. Mu Chen looked calm, and after Xiao Tian had retreated, he glanced around. He saw Fang Yi, who was standing on the peak of the mountain, then said coldly, "Does anyone else doubt our ability?" 

There was a dead silence. No one dared to offend Mu Chen. Even the Grade Six Sovereigns were wary of him.

Mu Chen had indeed established himself with this fight. Fang Yi looked gloomy, not saying a word. When Mu Chen saw that there was only a dead silence, he turned around to go back to his troop.


Just as he was turning around, there was an earth-shattering roaring sound. It sounded as though many warriors were in pain. The roaring sound carried with it a killing intent, which caused the entire area to darken.

This sudden change of events took all of the forces by surprise. They lifted up their heads, looking at the Death Relics, which had just been covered by darkness.

The strange roaring sound had come from that direction!

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