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Majestic fighting spirit swirled out like a windstorm. It was so powerful that even Grade Six Sovereigns turned pale.

"What an amazing fighting spirit!"

Even Lord Blood Hawk and Lord Mountain Cracker turned grave. Although Xiao Tian was haughty, he was indeed powerful. He was unafraid of Mu Chen, who was now famous and powerful.

Mu Chen looked grave as well. Out of those people whom Mu Chen had met in the North Territory, Xiao Tian had maximized his ability to control his fighting spirit. No one had been able to do that as well as he did.

Xiao Tian was indeed the Genius of War!

As the people looked at him, Xiao Tian burst out into laughter. He then waved his hand, and a large number of shadows shot up into the sky from the mountain behind him and hung in the sky. Powerful fighting spirit emanated from them and shocked the top powers.

That was the Tian Xuan Troop, led by Xiao Tian!

A large number of people covered the sky, and horrifying fighting spirit surged quietly. The troop was in silver armor, dazzling brightly in the sunlight.

The troop exuded an awful aura, showing themselves to have gone through many life-and-death wars.

What stunned most of the people was the number of soldiers in the Tian Xuan Troop. There were about 15,000 of them, which was much more than even the Cracking Mountain Army.

"That is the Tian Xuan Troop. Tian Xuan Hall has invested heavily in them to build them up over the past few years, and Xiao Tian has been controlling them!" Lord Mountain Cracker said softly. He looked at Mu Chen, looking worried.

Lord Mountain Cracker knew of Mu Chen's achievements in his fighting spirit. However, Xiao Tian was a Genius of War as well, and he had condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent. With his large army, he had the upper hand. He was a strong opponent.

Mu Chen nodded and did not say a word. He waved his sleeve, and the Nine Nether Troop thundered. They had no intention of retreating.


Nine Nether's majestic Fighting Spirit spread out like an ocean. It was so overbearing that many top powers turned grave. However, compared to the Tian Xuan Troop, Nine Nether was still behind them in terms of numbers.

"Hahaha, are you contending with my troop with only 5,000 men? What a joke!" Xiao Tian said and looked mockingly at the Nine Nether Troop behind Mu Chen. This level of fight would depend greatly on how overbearing the troops were, in terms of the quality of the soldiers and their numbers. Tian Xuan Hall had used many resources in grooming Tian Xuan Troop for the past few years. The Nine Nether Troop had a weak foundation compared to the Tian Xuan Troop. The difference was too great. If they were to fight, Tian Xuan Troop would definitely win.


Xiao Tian was a vicious and merciless person. As he mocked Mu Chen, he immediately struck and gave Mu Chen no time to react. He formed a seal with his hands, and majestic fighting spirit shot up into the sky from behind him. It turned into rays of colorful lights and rained toward Mu Chen.

As the Rainbow Fighting Spirit swirled across, the space surged. The fluctuation that it carried caused even Grade Six Sovereigns to turn grave. Although Xiao Tian was a Grade Four Sovereign, after controlling the fighting spirit of Tian Xuan Troop, even a Grade Six Sovereign became wary of him.

Mu Chen looked at the overwhelming attack and frowned. He changed his seal, and a majestic fighting spirit behind him surged. It turned into a huge Fighting Spirit Screen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several rays of Rainbow Fighting Spirit hit the Fighting Spirit Screen and caused it to rapidly thin. It then exploded with a loud bang.

As the screen exploded, the remaining Rainbow Fighting Spirit swirled toward Mu Chen.


Cold light flashed across Mu Chen's eyes, and a clear chirping sound was heard. A vast Spirit of Fighting Intent appeared on the surface of the ocean. Its wings swirled out like blades and blasted the violent spiritual energy fluctuations of the Rainbow Fighting Spirit into light spots.

As the people looked at Nine Nether's Spirit of Fighting Intent, they were shocked.

"Is that the Spirit of Fighting Intent? It is indeed powerful. Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit has enhanced so quickly!"

"No wonder they have said that in order to have a real troop, one has to condense the troop's Spirit of Fighting Intent. The Spirit of Fighting Intent is indeed powerful!"


The top powers started to whisper among themselves. There were only a handful of troops that had been able to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent. It was an eye-opener for them to see it in action.

"Hahaha, is this the Spirit of Fighting Intent that you have condensed?" Xiao Tian looked at Nine Nether's Spirit of Fighting Intent and mocked Mu Chen.

"Let me show you what the Spirit of Fighting Intent really is!"

A powerful fighting spirit swirled out and condensed crazily. Majestic fighting spirit filled the area. The mountain below started to crack as though there was an earthquake.

A large number of shadows appeared behind Xiao Tian, which shocked the top powers.

A humongous Python Fighting Spirit formed and covered the void. As it hissed, the space trembled. Battle runes were carved on its body, and it exuded a powerful fluctuation.

The Python Fighting Spirit was much larger than Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit. There was a vast difference in the spiritual energy fluctuation between the two as well.

"Mu Chen thinks too highly of the Nine Nether Troop. They only have 5,000 men, but Xiao Tian has threefold in his troop. There is a vast difference in the Spirit of Fighting Intent between the two." Fang Yi sneered as he saw the fighting spirits of the two troops.

When Zhantai Liuli, who was in front of Fang Yi, saw it, she was shocked. She gazed at the Spirit of Fighting Intent condensed by Mu Chen and was stunned further.

"The Spirit of Fighting Intent condensed by Mu Chen contains more than 4,000 battle runes, whereas Xiao Tian's contains more than 6,000," Zhantai Liuli muttered.

When Fang Yi and the rest heard that, they were taken aback. After a while, Fang Yi smiled and said, "Then Mu Chen will surely be defeated."

Although they did not understand what the battle runes represented, from Zhantai Liuli's look, it seemed to mean that the more battle runes it had, the more powerful it would be.

Zhantai Liuli ignored Fang Yi and continued to stare at Mu Chen.

Many people did not understand the power of fighting spirit and found it mysterious. Even those commanders who had just started to control the fighting spirit did not know much about it. Zhantai Liuli suspected that even Mu Chen and Xiao Tian did not fully understand the meaning of the battle runes.

Zhantai Liuli had read about the fighting spirit from a Fighting Spirit Ancient Text. She knew that there was a difference in the Spirit of Fighting Intent and a difference in power. The battle runes on its body determined its power. A troop with stronger fighting spirit would have more battle runes on its body.

It looked as though the battle runes of the Spirit of Fighting Intent condensed by Mu Chen lost out to Xiao Tian in terms of numbers. However, Xiao Tian's troop was three times more than Mu Chen's. If Mu Chen had had the same number of troops, he would have suppressed Xiao Tian's troop.

Zhantai Liuli found it amazing that with only 5,000 soldiers in the Nine Nether Troop, there were already more than 4,000 battle runes on the Spirit of Fighting Intent.

Mu Chen was truly capable.

"Hahaha, Mu Chen, do you see the gap between us now? You lose out to me even in the Spirit of Fighting Intent!" The huge Python Fighting Spirit was entrenched behind Xiao Tian as he laughed out loud. He could sense that the Spirit of Fighting Intent that Mu Chen had condensed was weaker than his. It was obvious who would be the winner.

Mu Chen frowned and looked calmly at the huge Python Fighting Spirit.

"I detest your look. It is time for you to die!"

As Xiao Tian saw Mu Chen's calm look, he was filled with killing intent. He wanted to see Mu Chen look flustered, not calm!

When he shouted, the huge Python Fighting Spirit hissed toward the sky. The battle runes on its body shone, and horrifying fighting spirit spread out.


As the huge Python Fighting Spirit opened its ferocious mouth, its hiss melted the void and moved mercilessly toward Mu Chen.

Mu Chen changed the seal, and Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit chirped. It spread out like a shield and blocked off the hissing.

Swish! Swish!

When the two fighting spirits came into contact with each other, they clashed and the battle runes on Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit gradually dimmed.

That was a sign that the fighting spirit had diminished.

Although the battle runes on the huge Python Fighting Spirit had dimmed as well, it had not done so as quickly as Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit. It seemed that Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit would gradually lose out in no time.

Many people had realized it and started to whisper. Mu Chen had kicked the wasp nest this time.

Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker, who were behind Mu Chen, frowned and panicked.


As they watched intently, Mu Chen simply let out a breath. He turned his head and smiled at Lord Blood Hawk.

Nine Nether and Lord Blood Hawk were shocked when Mu Chen said, "Lord Blood Hawk, I would like to borrow your Blood Hawk Troop!"

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