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"I am Xiao Tian from Tian Xuan Hall, and I would like to borrow your head…"

When the man in black laughed, the area that had been in an uproar earlier dropped into a still silence. The people looked at the handsome figure, who was standing in the sky in front of all of the Daluo Territory.

The forces looked on with interest at what was going on. They had heard Mu Chen's name. After his duel with Fang Yi, Mu Chen had secured his status among the younger generation in the North Territory.

No one had doubted his abilities ever since that duel. Although Mu Chen was powerful, the man in black was no ordinary person. He was Xiao Tian, the Genius of War!

In terms of strength, Xiao Tian was a Grade Four Sovereign. He was considered to be outstanding among the younger generation in the North Territory. Hence, no one dared to look down on his status as the Genius of War.

Everyone knew that people like him could have destructive power, as they had control over a group of elite soldiers. Mu Chen looked calmly at Xiao Tian, not affected whatsoever by what he had just said.

"Where has this silly fella come from? How dare he talk such nonsense? Do you believe that I can kill you easily?" When Lord Blood Hawk saw how prideful Xiao Tian was, he was unhappy. He looked at Xiao Tian with immense killing intent, as Xiao Tian had the audacity to challenge Mu Chen in their presence.

"Talk nonsense? Do you think that we have no men here from Tian Xuan Hall?" A familiar figure walked out from behind Xiao Tian and sneered.

Mu Chen was shocked when he saw him. It was Liu Yan, who had been pushed to the wall by Mu Chen at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, and who had destroyed his own body. Liu Yan looked at Mu Chen with hatred.

"So it is Liu Yan, the young master. Master Liu is rich. Within such a short period of time, he has helped you build up your body." Mu Chen smiled at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan turned pale. He looked gruesome, and felt like tearing Mu Chen into pieces. His reputation had been tarnished by Mu Chen at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. If his father had not paid a high price, he would not have been able to get back his body that had been destroyed.

"Mu Chen, don't be too proud. If the Daluo Territory wants to have a share in the Death Relics, you have to seek approval from us!" Liu Yan said.

After he said that, four muscular figures, who looked like iron pagodas, stood beside Liu Yan. Their shadows covered Liu Yan up entirely!

Although their impressive builds caught the attention of the people, what daunted the people most was their strong spiritual energy oppression. Only Grade Six Sovereigns possessed such a powerful spiritual energy oppression!

"It is the Seven Heavenly Generals of Tian Xuan Hall." Lord Mountain Cracker looked at the four figures and sneered. He continued to look at them with disdain, then said, "Do you think that you can stop us with these four generals, who are ranked lowest among the Seven Heavenly Generals?"

"Ha. You are boastful. Do you think that you are invincible? I would like to see if you are as powerful as you have deemed yourself to be!" The first iron pagoda figure said this, while looking at Lord Mountain Cracker with an ominous aura.

"Come on, then." Lord Mountain Cracker laughed, then stepped out. A vast spiritual energy oppression swirled out like a windstorm at that moment, darkening the sky. Many top powers turned pale, as they sensed that Lord Mountain Cracker had reached the Peak of Grade Six Sovereign.

When the iron pagoda Heavenly General sensed the powerful spiritual energy oppression that was coming from Lord Mountain Cracker, his expression changed. However, he showed no signs of fear. As he was about to spring to action, Liu Yan stopped him.

Liu Yan looked coldly at Mu Chen, then sneered, "Mu Chen, you should be well aware of the current situation. If you want to start a war, you will be wiped out in no time."

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. Under normal circumstances, he would have no qualms about taking on Tian Xuan Hall. However, he could not do so with so many top powers around. Many of the forces were watching and waiting to pounce on them.

Although the Daluo Territory was a powerful force, if they showed any signs of weakness, others would take advantage of this, encroaching upon them. Thus, they would not want to fight with Tian Xuan Hall under such circumstances. 

"Hohoho, Brother Liu Yan, we can join forces to drive the Daluo Territory out." Someone suddenly laughed and said. The top forces were stunned. They immediately turned to look at another hill, which had been occupied by the Divine Pavilion. It was there that the voice had come from.

It was Fang Yi, who was smiling faintly, while looking at Mu Chen. The top forces were taken aback. Would the Divine Pavilion join forces with Tian Xuan Hall to take on the Daluo Territory?

This news would surely hit the headlines! Mu Chen turned to look at Fang Yi, then said flatly, "How dare such a loser like make so much noise?! Is it not enough to have been hunted down previously?"

When Fang Yi and Xu Ba heard this, they turned cold and looked solemnly at Mu Chen.

"If you wish to join forces, go ahead. However, just know that, even if we die, we will definitely pull you along with us!" Mu Chen spoke sharply, as he looked fiercely at them.

As Fang Yi looked at Mu Chen, he was taken aback. Taking into account the array of the Daluo Territory, if they decided to lay their lives on the line, Fang Yi would have to pay a high price as well.

"Friend, the Divine Pavilion has no intention of contending with you at this moment. We will settle our score with you another day. We will now leave you to settle your score with Tian Xuan Hall." A gentle voice was suddenly heard, one which softened the tense atmosphere.

Mu Chen saw an elegant lady in white, sitting on a wheelchair. He was stunned. Then, after pondering for a while, he realized that she must be the Genius of War from the Divine Pavilion.

The lady had no intention of fighting the Daluo Territory, but had let Tian Xuan Hall take the lead instead. The Divine Pavilion might have the chance to benefit from it, once the two parties had been exhausted.

Although the lady looked weak, she was no weakling at all...

"Mu Chen, stop acting tough. If you dare to fight Tian Xuan Hall, you will not get your hands on the Death Relics that have been left behind by the war troop dispatcher."

"What do you plan to do?" Mu Chen smiled flatly.

Xiao Tian smiled. He looked at Mu Chen with bloodshot eyes, as he laughed foolishly. He then said with a smile, "I have heard that you have cultivated the Spirit of Fighting Intent as well."

He slanted his head to look at Mu Chen, then said, "If you wish to have a share of the Death Relics, but at the same time, you have no wish to start a war with Tian Xuan Hall, that will be very simple. Let me see if you are up to it."

Mu Chen looked at Xiao Tian with disdain. He was not surprised at Xiao Tian's words. In fact, Xiao Tian had seemed to be targeting him from the beginning.

Tian Xuan Hall had thought of venting their anger on Mu Chen by defeating him. As for Mu Chen, he wanted to kill Xiao Tian as a warning to the others. Mu Chen could tell that there were many people waiting to pounce on them. Hence, he had to display his power to frighten them. In a way, Mu Chen was actually happy about what Xiao Tian had done.

"Hohoho, I hope that, when I take your head off, you will keep this smile of yours." Xiao Tian laughed out loud. Everyone could tell that there was an immense killing intent in his laughter.

As Mu Chen looked calmly at Xiao Tian, Xiao Tian stopped laughing. His eyes were like a serpent, staring sinisterly at Mu Chen. When their eyes met, the mutual killing intent caused the entire area to turn cold.

Many top forces were excited. The two Geniuses of War from the Daluo Territory and Tian Xuan Hall were about to fight! The fight between these Geniuses of War would be far more interesting than a fight between any top powers of the same rank!

"I will wipe out all of your men!"

Xiao Tian laughed aloud, his eyes turning cold. He lifted up his hands, then brought them down with a shout.

"Tian Xuan Troop, show yourself!"


After Xiao Tian shouted, the whole area quaked. The forces saw a horrifying fighting spirit shoot out of the mountain that was behind Xiao Tian.

At that instant, everyone in the area was shocked!

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