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Chapter 863 - Xiao Tian

“I am Xiao Tian of the Sky Profound Palace…”

“I need to borrow your head for a while…”

When the laughter of that black-robed man rang out, it caused many clamours in this region to instantly turn silent. All sorts of gazes were looking at the party from the Great Havenlaw Domain, where a slender silhouette stood with handsome features and an expression as calm as still water.

The entire region instantly turned quiet, and the other forces had watched this scene from the side with splendour of interest in their eyes. They had heard of Mu Chen’s name, a figure that had completely stabilised his position amongst the top of the Northern Region’s younger generation after his battle with Fang Yi. So, at this moment, no one would doubt Mu Chen’s ability.

But, even if Mu Chen was strong, the black-robed man that spoke out wasn’t an ordinary figure. That’s because he was the Battle Will genius of the Sky Profound Palace, Xiao Tian!

In terms of strength, Xiao Tian couldn’t be considered as outstanding with his cultivation at Fourth Grade Sovereign. But his other identity as a Battle Will genius made others not daring to underestimate him.

That’s because everyone was clear that if a Battle Will genius like Xiao Tian was to command an elite troop, then they could explode forth with horrifying power.

Being looked by all the gazes in this region, Mu Chen looked at Xiao Tian with his black pupils. There weren’t any ripples on his face. He was not angered by the provocation of the latter.

“Where did this fool come from that dares to speak such impudent words. Do you believe this King won’t slap you to death here?” When the eerie voice rang out, the Blood Hawk King coldly looked at Xiao Tian with dense killing intent surging in his eyes. Xiao Tian actually daring to be so arrogant to provoke Mu Chen head-on had clearly made the Blood Hawk King extremely unhappy.

“Impudent words? Did you think that there’s no one in my Sky Profound Palace?” A cold laughter rang out behind Xiao Tian as a silhouette walked up. That familiar appearance had caused Mu Chen to be stunned because it was Liu Yan, who he, himself, forced to erupt his own body. But at this moment, Liu Yan had appeared and was viciously looking at Mu Chen.

“So it’s Young Palace Master Liu Yan. Looks like Palace Master Liu was truly willing to pay to help you refine your physical body so quickly.” Mu Chen smiled towards Liu Yan.

Liu Yan’s face was ashened and his eerie gaze wished he could turn Mu Chen to ashes right now. In the Dragon-Phoenix Haven, his reputation had been destroyed by Mu Chen’s hands, his physical body was destroyed as well. If it wasn’t for his father paying a huge price, he still wouldn’t be able to restore his physical body.

“Mu Chen, cut the crap here. If your Great Havenlaw Domain wishes to muddle with the Death Ruin, then ask my Sky Profound Palace’s opinion!” Liu Yan coldly said.

Along with Liu Yan’s words, four figures had appeared beside him. Those four figures were extremely robust, looking like metal towers that stood beside Liu Yan. The shadows from the four of them had enveloped Liu Yan.

Naturally, their bodies had attracted the attention of others, which made the gazes of countless experts turn solemn, feeling oppressed by the astonishing Spiritual Energy emitted from the four figures.

It was the Spiritual Energy pressure that belonged to Sixth Grade Sovereigns.

“So it’s the Seven Heavenly Generals of the Sky Profound Palace.” The Mountain Splitting King looked at the four towering figures and sneered as his gaze became filled with disdain. “What about it? With just these four rear-ranking figures of the Seven Heavenly Generals, you dare to obstruct my Great Havenlaw Domain?”

“Hmph. What a huge tone, did you think that you, Mountain Splitting King, are invincible? I want to see if you are as tough as your words!” A towering figure beside Liu Yan looked at the Mountain Splitting King with killing intent filling his eyes as he coldly said.

“Then, come and try me.” The Mountain Splitting King laughed, then suddenly took a step forth as boundless Spiritual Energy swept out like a storm, instantly causing the sky to darken and the faces of countless experts to change. They must have sensed that the Mountain Splitting King’s cultivation was currently at the pinnacle of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm.

When those towering heavenly generals of the Sky Profound Palace felt the powerful Spiritual Energy pressure coming from the Mountain Splitting King, their faces slightly changed, but there wasn’t any fear. His figure had moved and was about to dash forth but was suddenly stopped by Mu Chen.

Liu Yan coldly looked at Mu Chen and sneered, “Mu Chen, you should know the current situation. If we start a battle here, I believe you guys won’t be far from being out of the game.”

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. If it was other times, he wouldn’t mind fighting even with Sky Profound Palace’s formation. But he couldn’t do that at this moment. With so many experts gathered here, it might cause a group of wolves to bite him. Right now, he still couldn’t casually start a battle with the Sky Profound Palace.

“Haha. Brother Liu Yan, why don’t we join force and get rid of the Great Havenlaw Domain first?” When Mu Chen’s gaze was flickering, a light laughter rang out in this region, causing the countenance of all the forces to change, before shifting their gazes towards the peak that was occupied by the Divine Pavilion.

On that peak, Fang Yi was looking at Mu Chen with a smile-yet-not-smile expression.

When all the other forces saw this scene, their hearts throbbed. Could it be that the Divine Pavilion and Sky Profound Palace were going to join forces to deal with the Great Havenlaw Domain? If this matter spreads out, it would definitely cause a huge ripple.

Mu Chen coldly looked at Fang Yi and indifferently said, “A stray dog also dares to bark here? Looks like the thousand mile pursuit in the past didn’t seem to be enough for you.”

Fang Yi and Xu Ba’s gazes turned cold as they eerily looked at Mu Chen.

“If you guys want to join forces, then go ahead. But I believe that even if my Great Havenlaw Domain perishes here, you guys will accompany us as well!” Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly burst forth with an ominous glint as his voice became filled with ferocity.

Seeing Mu Chen’s ferocious gaze, Fang Yi’s pupils had slightly narrowed. With the Great Havenlaw Domain’s current formation, if they were to go all-out, even they would have to pay a huge price.

“Gentlemen, my Divine Pavilion has no wish to fight with you right now. Our enmity will be settled in the future. Right now, you guys should deal with your enmity with the Sky Profound Palace, first.” A gentle voice had suddenly rang out. The gentleness in the voice had dissipated the tense atmosphere.

Mu Chen directed his gaze at the source of the voice and saw a white-dressed lady in a wheelchair. The latter’s elegant appearance made him briefly stunned. Shortly after, his gaze flickered and saw through the latter’s identity. That must be the Battle Will genius of the Divine Pavilion.

But this lady clearly did not wish to fight with the Great Havenlaw Domain right now, allowing the Sky Profound Palace to step out. This way, she could watch as the tigers fight.

The girl might seem weak, but she was definitely not an easy person.

“Mu Chen, don’t make such a firm act before me. If you really want to fight with our Sky Profound Palace, the inheritance of the dead Battle Formation Master in the Death Ruin will then have nothing to do with you.” Liu Yan coldly sneered.

“What do you want, then?” Mu Chen said as he smiled.

Liu Yan looked at Xiao Tian. The latter grinned and the blood veins were climbing in his eyeballs as he gave a frantic smile at Mu Chen with his eyes narrowed. “I heard you can also refine the Battle Will Spirit.”

He turned to look at Mu Chen. “If you guys want to have a share of this Death Ruin and don’t want to fight with my Sky Profound Palace right now, it’s simple. Let me see if you are qualified.”

“If you think that you are qualified, then come and give it a try.”

Mu Chen’s black pupils indifferently looked at Xiao Tian as a cold arc rose on the corner of his lips. He wasn’t surprised by Xiao Tian’s words, since he had targeted him right from the start.

But since the latter wanted to vent their hatred out on him, how could he not wish to kill the chicken and warn the monkey? Mu Chen had noticed the covetous gazes. If he didn’t reveal a little of his strength, he wouldn’t be able to intimidate them.

Therefore, Xiao Tian’s actions were just as Mu Chen had thought from a certain degree.

“Haha. Wait till I remove your head from your neck, you won’t still have that smile.” Xiao Tian laughed but everyone could hear the killing intent and brutality behind his laughter.

Mu Chen calmly looked at the laughing Xiao Tian. The latter had gradually retracted his laughter from being looked by Mu Chen, but his eyes were like a venomous snake that looked at him.

The two of them intertwined their gazes and the killing intent had practically caused the temperature in this region to drop.

In this region, countless forces had interest beaming from their eyes. That’s because, judging from the current situation, it seemed like the Battle Will genius from the Great Havenlaw Domain and Sky Profound Palace were about to fight.

The grandeur of the confrontation between Battle Will geniuses definitely surpassed those on the same level.

“I will kill all the warriors under your command!”

Xiao Tian laughed as a chilling light shot from his eyes. He raised his hand, before waving it down with his eerie voice that resonated throughout this region.

“Sky Profound Division, show yourselves!”


Along with Xiao Tian’s roar, the entire region suddenly trembled and everyone was shocked to see a terrifying Battle Will soaring into the sky from Xiao Tian’s rear.

In that instant, the entire region had changed colours!

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