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A humongous spear came down from the heavens like a falling star. It carried with it a destructive power. Its irresistible force shocked the top powers, and they quickly retreated.

Everyone could see that Fang Yi was determined to kill Mu Chen. He was giving it everything he had.

Bang! Bang!

The ground collapsed continuously, and there were large cracks all over the place.

Huge rocks at the spot where Mu Chen had fallen started to explode. They turned to dust under the power of the horrifying oppression.

Fang Yi had consolidated all of his power in this blow. Together with the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body, the power had become extremely great. Even Nine Nether, Xu Ba, and Lord Blood Hawk raised their eyebrows.

Everyone stared at the collapsed ground Mu Chen was buried under. Ever since Mu Chen had fallen into the ground, it had been quiet. No one knew if he would still be able to contend with Fang Yi.

It seemed tough for the dark horse to challenge the overlord.

"Do you think that you can escape by hiding away like a rat?"

The Star Spear shot down to the ground. Fang Yi stood above the Star Descent Celestial Body and looked coldly at the stretch of ruins. He could feel Mu Chen's breath within the ruins. Although he had struck Mu Chen, he knew that it had not done Mu Chen much harm.

However, no matter how Mu Chen had hidden himself, the outcome would be the same!

This was because Fang Yi had dealt a deadly blow!

"Come on out!"

Fang Yi clenched his fists, and the horrifying spiritual energy from the Star Spear spread out, cracking the already ruined ground.

As the ground cracked, everyone saw a figure in Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor standing on a huge rock deep within. A pair of dark eyes gazed at the horrifying blow that had been thrown down.

"I have finally found you, rat!" Fang Yi's eyes were filled with killing intent. The Star Spear shook and shot down toward Mu Chen.

Everyone held their breath and looked at Mu Chen, who was wearing the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. They were wondering what Mu Chen would do to counter Fang Yi's deadly blow.

Mu Chen should have used up his spiritual energy by now.

Mu Chen let out a breath.


He gently lifted up his hands and suddenly clenched them!

Mu Chen shouted in a deep voice, "Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array!"

As he finished shouting, a stunning spiritual energy fluctuation swirled out from where he had collapsed.

The ground around it also collapsed, and four black lotuses floated up from below. As they churned around, they exuded extremely powerful spiritual energy fluctuations.

"Is that… a spiritual array?"

When the forces saw the four black lotuses behind Mu Chen, they could feel a special spiritual energy fluctuation emanating from the lotuses. They could not refrain from crying out when they sensed that the spiritual array was a powerful one.

When Fang Yi heard the cry, he was not affected. He had done research on Mu Chen so he knew much about him. This included Mu Chen's status as a Spiritual Array Master. He even knew that Mu Chen had used a spiritual array to defeat Qiu Taiyin at the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship.

"Qiu Taiyin has only advanced to Grade Five Sovereign. He has not even stabilized himself in this realm. You are too naïve if you are thinking of using the same tricks on me!"

Fang Yi curled up his lips and sneered. He clenched his fist, and the Star Spear pressed down, ready to kill Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked calm and changed the seal with his hands.


The four black lotuses shook and bloomed. Dark lights speedily gathered around the pistils. In the next instant, four huge black beams shot out from the pistils!

Buzz! Buzz!

The four black beams swirled rapidly around one another like four large, black dragons. They carried with them powerful spiritual energy fluctuations and shot up to crash against the Star Spear that was coming down!


When they clashed, the area seemed to be in a state of destruction. Visible shockwaves swirled out, and the ground quickly collapsed. Within seconds, there was a large, deep hole in the ground.

Majestic Dark Light fought crazily with the Star Spear. Every time they clashed against each other, the hole became bigger.

Everyone was shocked by the aggressive attacks. However, they were even more shocked at Mu Chen's powerful defense.

The all-powerful Star Spear had been countered by the powerful Black Lotus Spiritual Array. 

Mu Chen calmly looked up at the fierce fight taking place in the sky.

When he had fought with Qiu Taiyin, he had used the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array. However, he had just broken through then and was not able to control the spiritual array well. The four lotuses were not at their peak performances then.

Now that Mu Chen had consolidated his spiritual energy, and with the help of the Small Heart Demon State, he was able to construct and control a more perfect and powerful Spiritual Array.

Fang Yi would be in trouble if he did not take this spiritual array seriously.


As Mu Chen had expected, Fang Yi turned pale. The trump cards he thought would help him win the duel always disappointed him. This was unacceptable to him.

"You will not be able to escape today!"

Fang Yi was filled with killing intent. When they had been at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, Mu Chen had had to use every means at his disposal to force the Prince of Netherworld to retreat. He had nearly been killed in the process. However, within just a few months, Mu Chen had grown so much more powerful. Even Fang Yi had to use various means to fight him now. He had progressed too quickly, and that alarmed Fang Yi. If Fang Yi let Mu Chen off today, he was not sure he could defeat Mu Chen in the future.

Thus, Mu Chen had to die right now!

Cold lights flickered in Fang Yi's eyes. He stomped his foot hard and hit the top of the Star Descent Celestial Body. Blood flowed out from his palm, and the head of the Star Descent Celestial Body turned into a Star Atlas formed by blood.

Fang Yi shouted, "Blood Star Atlas!" and blood spread out from the Star Descent Celestial Body's head. The blood turned into blood rays and splashed onto the Star Spear at lightning speed.


Spiritual energy fluctuations burst out from the Star Spear. The space quaked like boiling water, and a horrifying spiritual energy windstorm burst out!


The dark beams that were swirling around like four black dragons seemed to be defeated. The beams started to crack and ultimately, exploded.

The chaotic spiritual energy from the Star Spear fell down straight onto Mu Chen, carrying with it an immense killing intent.

However, when the Star Spear had destroyed the Butchering Demonic Spiritual Array, it had paid a high price. The Star Atlas that had spread out onto the Star Spear had dimmed.

Even so, the blow was still powerful and caused the top powers who were at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign to shiver.

Mu Chen looked at the Divine Spear falling onto him. Although he was protected by the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor and Dragon-Phoenix Body, he could feel the prickly pain caused by the horrifying oppression.

"Indeed, it is not enough…" Mu Chen muttered.

The Butchering Demonic Spiritual Array was not powerful enough to counter Fang Yi's attack. The Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body lived up to its name and ranking.

However, Mu Chen had never been fearful of going against a Sovereign Celestial Body.


Mu Chen put his palms together and bright golden lights suddenly burst out. An extremely huge figure instantly appeared. A large golden sun hung behind the figure and exuded a strong oppression.

When the Great Solar Undying Body appeared, even Fang Yi was shocked. He could feel a strange fluctuation from the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body. That was a red alert.

Sovereign Super Power, Power of Nine Suns! Mu Chen shouted within his heart.

Buzz! Buzz!

Two golden suns rose up from between the Great Solar Undying Body's eyebrows and Mu Chen's chest. A horrifying power flowed out. However, that was not all. Golden lights gathered at his abdominal area, and another golden sun started to form!

"Power of Nine Suns, Activate Three Suns!"

As Mu Chen shouted, the top powers turned pale when they saw its power. The Great Solar Undying Body erupted like a volcano!

The whole situation suddenly changed!

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