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Three bright golden scorching suns rose up from the center of the Great Solar Undying Body's brows, chest, and lower abdomen, before turning into a majestic golden light that permeated throughout the air.

The golden light was like a thick golden liquid. Wherever it surged past, it shone even more brightly than before. Looking at it from a distance, it seemed like it was a statue of a golden Buddha, standing tall at the space between heaven and earth.

Suddenly, an extremely shocking energy fluctuation rippled out, causing the entire space to shake. At this moment, Mu Chen's body assimilated into the Great Solar Undying Body.

His line of sight pierced through the Great Solar Undying Body, then directly locked on to that Star Spear, which was dropping from the sky. Although he was facing Fang Yi's full-on attack, there was not even a trace of fear in his eyes. Instead, there was a thick passion and fighting spirit present in his pupils.

Out of the Great Solar Undying Body's Power of Nine Suns, he had already unlocked the Power of the Three Suns. This type of power unlocking was like a huge dragon, surging forward and roaring in his body, as it brought along a terrifying power, which was enough to twist the whole world!

Although Fang Yi was one of the strongest Grade Five Sovereigns and had cultivated such a high ranked Sovereign Celestial Body, just like the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body, if they were to compare the two Sovereign Celestial Bodies, Mu Chen had the utmost confidence in the Great Solar Undying Body that had been cultivated by him.

This was because the ultimate evolution of this Great Solar Undying Body was what was mentioned in the legends. It was The Primordial Immortal Body, which was one of the Top Ten Primitive Celestial Bodies. 

Although this Great Solar Undying Body could only be considered as the lowest form of Primitive Celestial Body, even a small lion would have sharp claws, and even a young tiger would have its special kind of prowess. Thus, anyone who underestimated it would have to pay the price.


What sounded like an angry roar exploded from within Mu Chen's heart. After he had abruptly formed a seal with both of his hands, the Great Solar Undying Body clapped upwards with one hand.

Then, a golden seriflux flowed forth, directly covering the Great Solar Undying Body's enormous arm. Immediately, its whole arm was covered by a thick layer of golden colored crystals. What seemed like countless mysterious and ancient runes were imprinted within the golden crystal, and a sort of terrifying power was quietly rippling out.


When the Great Solar Undying Body clapped out its huge palm, the surrounding space immediately shattered under its palm. A golden colored shockwave swept out in a craze, showcasing the terrifying power that was contained within Mu Chen's ultimate palm attack. This was the pinnacle of what was obtained from the cohesion of his own spiritual energy and the Great Solar Undying Body's Power of Three Suns.

The many strong people in this world had all changed their countenances, due to this one palm trick, which Mu Chen had just accomplished with all of his strength. Even the expressions of quite a number of the strongest people, who had reached the Grade Five Sovereign, became solemn. They clearly detected a densely dangerous fluctuation!

"This Mu Chen is truly remarkable! It is really hard to imagine that a mere Grade Four Sovereign could have the capability to break out such a surprising combat force!" Those strong people's eyes were filled with shock, because they knew that there was a huge difference between every Grade within the Sovereign Nine Grades, and also that it was especially difficult to fill in this gap! Thus, they could not help but find it slightly hard to believe that Mu Chen could actually reach this point, with just the capabilities of a Grade Four Sovereign!

Moreover, what was important was that Fang Yi was not a simple Grade Five Sovereign, either. In addition to his capabilities, he had many hidden trump cards. Thus, perhaps no one within the rank of a Grade Five Sovereign could contend with him...

But now, Mu Chen had done it!

Above the horizon, that Star Spear, which was coming down like a shooting star beam, was suppressing downwards. The people all stared, awestruck. Then, it collided viciously together with that huge golden hand that was soaring upwards.


At the moment of the collision, the world suddenly quieted down. Countless sounds of uproar had thoroughly disappeared, and time seemed to have stopped completely.

A golden colored twister seemed to have formed instantly, before it finally merged into the wind. Within a few short moments, it had already grown lofty and enormous. In the end, it raged outwards!

Within the golden colored twister, the spiritual energy was already extremely violent. Even the expressions of the strong people, like Nine Nether, Xu Ba, and Lord Blood Hawk abruptly changed, when they saw that kind of destructive power!

And, of course, the first things that the rage of the golden colored twister rushed towards were those two gigantic Sovereign Celestial Bodies...


The Great Solar Undying Body's arm, which was covered with a layer of golden colored crystals, was immediately minced by the storm. At the same time, Fang Yi's Star Spear shattered completely.

A shockwave, which could be seen with the naked eye, burst out. Immediately, the huge bodies of the Great Solar Undying Body and the Star Celestial Body flew backwards. When they flew out, those enormous bodies were instantly filled with numerous cracks. Clearly, this type of terrifying attack had directly crushed their powerful defenses.

Two enormous shadows flew backwards, before finally coming down, right in front of countless astonished gazes. Their impacts had directly caused two deep traces, which were almost ten thousand fathoms long, to be smeared on the ground. Along the way, several hills were directly shaken, until they exploded, filling the sky with huge rocks that sputtered as they soared.


After shattering yet another mountain, the strengths of those two enormous shadows were finally dispelled completely. Then, when the impact had dispersed, the two enormous shadows turned into light spots, before disappearing.


Two sorry figures shot out from within, crashing into the disorderly rocks. They collapsed in the ruins of the disorderly rocks, unable to move, save for their blood, which was continuously flowing from their bodies. Their breathing had also became extremely weak.

After a long while, that terrifying golden colored storm above the horizon had finally dissipated. Thus, the attention of everyone in the world quickly turned towards those two shadows in the ruins.

If it hadn't been for the fact that the chests of those two shadows were still rising and falling, perhaps everyone would have thought that they had been shaken to their deaths in that terrifying collision. The whole world was now silent.

Countless strong people's expressions were shaken. No one would've thought that this battle between a dark horse and an overlord would actually reach such an extent! It made the people shudder in fear. Moreover, such an outcome was also beyond their expectations!

This was because they had initially thought that this was going to be a battle, where an overlord kills a dark horse. But, the final outcome was that neither side won!

Countless strong people looked at each other in dismay. Soon after this, they couldn't help but lightly suck in a mouthful of cold air in their hearts. If news of this outcome was spread, then it would definitely cause another great disturbance!

Although Mu Chen did not obtain a crushing win in this battle, everyone knew how shocking his combat achievement was, just by the fact that he had actually caused his capabilities to reach the peak of a Grade Five Sovereign! Moreover, he had accomplished this by using just his capabilities as a Grade Four Sovereign!

Also impressive was that he had managed to force Fang Yi, who had cultivated the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body, to end the battle in a manner whereby neither side won. After all, when Mu Chen was facing the Prince of Netherworld, who was ranked second in the Dragon-Phoenix Record in the Dragon Phoenix-Rift, he was still surrounded by perils. In the end, he could only forcibly buy time, before the Flame Emperor's daughter defeated Fang Yi.

But now, with just the span of a few months' time, he could already rely on his own power to contend with Fang Yi and not be defeated! This sort of improvement was enough to make people feel shocked.

"This boy is impressive. In the future, there will definitely be a warrior born from the Daluo Territory!"

Some strong people gave Mu Chen high compliments, saying such things in whispers. This was because they all knew how rare it was for Mu Chen, with his identity as a latecomer, to be able to stand out in the North Territory within such a short time.

In that valley, all of the Blood Hawk Troops were rendered speechless. Wu Tian's face was filled with shock, and even Lord Blood Hawk's expression became extremely solemn.

In the past, he had overlooked Mu Chen. Even if Mu Chen had defeated Qiu Taiyin, to him, there was still a small gap between Mu Chen and the other experienced strong people, like himself.

But, after witnessing the battle between Mu Chen and Fang Yi, this previous mentality was completely eliminated, because he knew that, even he would not have dared to ignore that previous all-out attack by Mu Chen!

This youngster was certainly like a tiger! Thus, he should not be underestimated!


Xu Ba's face was ashen, and his eyes were flickering with a murderous light. His countenance and expression were also extremely gloomy.

While this type of outcome had shocked him, he also felt heartache, along with anger. This type of heartache was natural, because of their loss of the Meteorfall Alchemy. 

"Many thanks to Lord Xu for your gift." At this moment, a smile finally emerged on Nine Nether's previously tense face. Her beautiful eyes were looking at Xu Ba, as she spoke with a smile that was filled with ridicule.

The skin on Xu Ba's face twitched. He gripped his fist, and the veins on his arms were shaking.

While the world was feeling shocked by this outcome, two shadows, which were covered in blood within those ruins, wobbled, then staggered to their feet. Mu Chen's complexion was pale, as he wiped away the traces of blood from the corners of his mouth. He looked towards Fang Yi, who had a gloomy look in his eyes from afar, then opened his mouth and said, "Looks like you can't kill me this time."

Fang Yi glared at Mu Chen with a cold and stern expression in his eyes, while an endless rage surged in his heart. Although he had never underestimated Mu Chen, he could never have expected that he would actually be dragged into a situation whereby neither side would win.

This sort of situation was clearly extremely unfavorable for him, because in the younger generation of the North Territory, it was simply impossible for Mu Chen's prestige to be comparable to his own. But, after the news of today's result spread, perhaps anyone would think that Mu Chen already had the qualifications to be on equal footing with him.

How could he bear such a thing?!

"I shall kindly accept your Meteorfall Alchemy."

Golden lights were flickering on the surface of Mu Chen's skin. At this moment, the Dragon-Phoenix Body began to move hastily, as the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence within his body, which was flowing, began to rapidly repair the severe injuries within his body.

The reason that he dared to fight Fang Yi so recklessly, was precisely because he possessed the Dragon-Phoenix Body, which would allow his body's repairing ability to be comparable to that of a Divine Beast. As long as they were not fatal injuries, he would be able to repair them quickly. 

Fang Yi swept off the traces of blood at the corner of his lips, as he looked at Mu Chen coldly. After a while, he suddenly raised his head to look at a distant place, then closed his eyes to sense his surroundings. Then, a corner of his lips slowly lifted up to form a strange smile.

"Although this result had certainly exceeded my expectations, I…"

Fang Yi turned to the side slightly, staring at Mu Chen with a cold look in his eyes. He then said, "The current situation is still within my control...Perhaps I should tell you that, although one of my main aims of fighting you was to kill you, the other aim was just to stall for time, because I wanted to completely obliterate both of your troops. And now...not even one of you can escape!"

Fang Yi's finger pointed towards the sky in the distance. Suddenly, countless red hot lights and shadows swept over from the north, as the sound of howling wolves, which were filled murderous intent, spread over from afar.

Whereas, at the south, snowflakes were falling, and in that sky that was filled with snowflakes, what seemed like the ancient sound of growling bears spread out in a frightening manner. 

At this moment, the looks on NIne Nether's and Lord Blood Hawk's faces changed suddenly. This was because they knew that this was the Divine Pavilion's Flaming Wolves Army and the Celestial Bear Army!

This meant that another two Lords from the Ten Lords of the Divine Pavillion had also rushed over! This time, they were completely surrounded, leaving them at an impasse!

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