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Mu Chen flew backwards, like a bullet in the sky. Dark purple light spread out, then turned into a large beautiful divine flower, which appeared behind him.

As the flower bloomed, ancient runes appeared on its petals, swirling outward. The area darkened, causing a mysterious power to exude from the flower. The top powers, sensing a dangerous fluctuation, stared at the mysterious flower that was behind Mu Chen.

"How could he possibly have so many different means?!" When Xu Ba saw this, he exclaimed, turning pale. He looked extremely grave, as he saw that the Divine Art that Mu Chen had just displayed was more powerful than even the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art!

The Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art is a Near Perfection Divine Art! Does Mu Chen possess a Perfect Divine Art?

Xu Ba's eyelids twitched, while these thoughts swirled in his mind. He knew that the Perfect Divine Art was precious and rare. Even in the Divine Pavilion, it was considered as being the most powerful Divine Art. Given his status, he would certainly not be able to obtain it.

Most importantly, this level of Divine Art was not easy to cultivate. It demanded much from the person cultivating the skill, and it was extremely difficult to attain. Thus, when Xu Ba saw that Mu Chen had successfully cultivated a Perfect Divine Art, he became tremendously envious of him.

The people were stunned by the mysterious flower that had just appeared behind Mu Chen. Mu Chen licked the blood that was at the corner of his mouth, then looked with disdain at Fang Yi, who was looking extremely pale.

Without hesitation, he formed a seal with his hands. The beautiful mandala flower bloomed instantly, its dark pistil directing itself at Fang Yi.


Upon seeing this, Fang Yi turned. He transformed into afterimages, then retreated, as he could sense the strong power of the attack. In the face of such a powerful attack, even Fang Yi had chosen to flee.

Fang Yi had seen it in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. When the Prince of Netherworld threw out a deadly blow, Mu Chen had used it to counter the attack. Thus, Fang Yi was well aware of its power.

Mu Chen had obviously become more powerful than before. Although he was performing the same movement, this time was much more powerful than before.

Buzz! Buzz!

Mu Chen looked nonchalantly at Fang Yi, who had retreated. He slowly shut his eyes, then said in a cold voice that was filled with immense killing intent, "Datura Sky-wrecking Light!"

Mu Chen stretched out his finger and tapped on the void. The moment he tapped on it, the space cracked, like a thin piece of glass.


The beautiful mandala flower bloomed even more. In the next instant, the pistil shook violently, shooting forth a purple beam.

As the purple beam darted across the horizon, the entire area darkened. It was as though the lights had been devoured by the purple beam. It looked extremely mysterious.

The speed of the beam was extremely fast. It was like a python, squirming around in the space. Wherever it past, the space cracked. Distance was not an issue.

Within a short span of time, the purple beam, which was filled with destructive fluctuation, appeared before Fang Yi. Fang Yi had completely turned grave. He took a deep breath, then formed a seal. Powerful spiritual energy swirled out, then turned into an extremely large Star Atlas.

"Cosmic Star Atlas!"

The Star Atlas spread out, looking incredibly mysterious. It had an extremely powerful spiritual energy fluctuation.


The purple beam shot toward the Star Atlas, hitting it hard.


As the purple beam came into contact with the Star Atlas, the Star Atlas cracked. The crack then spread out, covering the entire Star Atlas rapidly.


The Star Atlas burst, then immediately turned into colorful dazzling light spots.


The destructive beam continued to pass through the light spots, before hitting the blurry figure that was standing among the light spots. At that instant, the sky seemed to have collapsed completely.

The top powers turned pale. Even though Fang Yi was at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign, he would be badly injured by such a horrifying attack.

"He is so powerful!" Wu Tian was stunned by the scene.

He looked at Mu Chen with disbelief. Although he had seen the power of Mu Chen at the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship, he still found it hard to accept that Mu Chen was able to contend with a top power, who was at the level of Peak of Grade Five Sovereign.

One year ago, when Mu Chen came to the Daluo Territory, he was a nobody, who had not even secured the Sovereign-level. However, he was now able to fearlessly take on the overlord of the younger generation in the North Territory.

Even Wu Tian, who was extremely prideful, was at a loss for words. Everyone continued to stare at the bright light spots that were spreading out in the sky.

Nine Nether, Xu Ba, and Lord Blood Hawk did not say a word. They were looking sharply at the aggressive spiritual energy fluctuation in the sky.

Mu Chen stood in the sky, wiping off the blood stains that were at the corner of his mouth. He looked at the spot where the light spots had started to spread out. There was a stillness there, and Fang Yi seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Had Fang Yi been killed?

Mu Chen squinted his eyes, feeling shocked.


The light spots exploded, sending light waves surging outward. A huge figure shot forth from the light spots, then appeared before Mu Chen. A large palm, which was like a mountain, then hit down hard on Mu Chen.

The attack was too sudden, catching Mu Chen off guard, even though he was at the Small Heart Demon State. As the wind blast of the palm was about to land on Mu Chen, golden lights shimmered on his body. Immediately thereafter, the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor appeared.


When the huge palm hit Mu Chen's body, a metal sound resounded. Mu Chen fell, crushing a hill into ruins and causing large cracks on the ground.

This sudden change of events had taken everyone by surprise. When Mu Chen had been thrown onto the ground, the crowd suddenly became alert. They speedily lifted up their heads, looking at the sky, where a large figure stood in the air, exuding a powerful spiritual energy oppression.

The large figure was about 1,000 feet tall. Numerous stars were carved on its body. As the star lights connected to one another, they formed a mysterious Star Atlas. One of the arms of the large figure had been smashed. It had turned into a one-armed giant!

"What is that?"

Many people were stunned upon seeing the one-armed giant. After a while, they shouted numerous exclamations of wonder and inquiry.

"Is that the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body?"

"Is that the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body, which is ranked number 65 in 99 Sovereign Celestial Body?"

"That is right! I have heard that the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body is a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body in the Divine Pavilion. I never expected Fang Yi to have successfully cultivated it. Not many people have been powerful enough to display it."

"It is ranked number 65. It is such a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body. I have heard that, when the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body has been cultivated to its optimum, it can turn into a starry sky. When the Star Descent Celestial Body is covered by starlight, it will be indestructible and become extremely powerful."

"Hmnn, no wonder he is able to counter the formidable blows from Mu Chen. Fang Yi has used his trump card as well."

The place was in an uproar. Fang Yi appeared above the huge Star Descent figure, looking pale. He had been injured by the earlier blow that was thrown out by Mu Chen. Even though he had summoned the Sovereign Celestial Body, he had lost an arm, which had weakened the power of the Star Descent Celestial Body.

Fang Yi looked gravely at the collapsed ground below him. He had used up much of his spiritual energy. Although he had never taken Mu Chen lightly, he had not expected Mu Chen to push him to such an intense level of fighting.

"You deserve to be ranked number three in the Dragon-Phoenix Record."

Fang Yi sounded cold. His eyes were filled with extreme killing intent. He knew that, if he did not kill Mu Chen now, Mu Chen would only become more famous.

By then, Fang Yi would have become his stepping stone towards his rise to the top. This was a situation that Fang Yi did not want to see!

Fang Yi formed a seal with his hands, sending a bright starlight burst out from the complex Star Atlas that was on the Star Descent Celestial Body. The starlight then gathered on the huge palm, before turning into a huge Star Spear.

"Galaxy Ancient Divine Spear!"

"I will finish you off with one blow!"

Fang Yi roared like a dragon, then stomped his foot. His body seemed to merge with the Star Descent Celestial Body. He then whizzed down like a starlight beam. The Star Spear carried with it a majestic fluctuation that blasted toward the collapsed ground.

The top powers looked grave. Everyone could tell that Fang Yi had activated his power to the optimum, as he obviously had the intention to finish off Mu Chen.

The battle between the dark horse and the overlord had ended with one fatal blow!

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