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Chapter 85 – Hidden Cards Revealed

Under everybody’s astonished gazes, Mu Chen’s hand suddenly formed a strange seal. Afterwards, his eyes suddenly focused. A dazzling red light suddenly erupted from the sky behind hand and formed a fiery red Spiritual Array that was the size of a dozen or so Zhang tall!

“A Spiritual Array?!”

Numerous individuals stood up at the Northern Spiritual Square. They watched the Spiritual Array behind Mu Chen’s back with incredulous eyes. The people with keen vision could even tell that the powerful fluctuations within the Spiritual Array had definitely reached the level of a Rank 1 Spiritual Array!

“God, Mu Chen actually arranged a Spiritual Array? He’s actually a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master?!”

“How is that possible? Even for a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master, they would require some time to quietly arrange an array. However, he’s in a battle right now. Moreover, he even closed his eyes earlier!”

“But this is definitely a Rank 1 Spiritual Array!”

“How is this possible?!”

Shocked cries rang out from the Northern Spiritual Square. Everybody’s eyes were filled with shock and confusion. It was apparent that they did not know how Mu Chen was able to do this.


Not only were they shocked, even the Territory Lords in the seats at front were completely surprised. Liu Qingtian even straightened up his body and had an extremely ugly expression. He never thought that the boy from the Mu Territory, aside from having a decent strength, would actually have such a surprising hidden card up his sleeves.

“So Mu Chen is actually a Spiritual Array Master. No wonder you were so confident.” Tang Shan gradually recovered from the shock and praised him loudly. Then, he was somewhat puzzled and asked: “However, how could he arrange an array this quickly even if he is a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master?”

Mu Feng had a surprised expression as well. However, he quickly understood the reason behind it. He could not help but smile. Others might not be able to understand why Mu Chen could form a Spiritual Array this quickly, but he could guess vaguely why that happened.

“Is it the Heart Array State? It seems that Mu Chen is grasping and understanding the Heart Array State more and more…” Mu Feng muttered to himself.

“That Mu Chen really hid his strength well…”

At the main platform, Principal Xiao also had a surprised expression. He could not help but smile: “I never imagined that he was a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master…”

Beside him, Teacher Mo also nodded his head. He had trained Mu Chen this long, yet he had not discovered it at all. This guy really knew how to conceal his hidden cards.

“Moreover, he isn’t an ordinary Spiritual Array Master…”

Mister Hao’s eyes flashed as he stared at the handsome boy on the stage. He could not conceal the shock within his voice: “He seems to be able to enter the “Heart Array” state. Otherwise, it’s absolutely impossible for him to close his eyes and arrange a Spiritual Array this quickly.”

“Heart Array State?” Principal Xiao and the others trembled. Naturally, they have heard about this state before. They heard that even Rank 3 Spiritual Array Masters might not be able to enter that mysterious state. Yet Mu Chen was actually able to enter that state with his strength of a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master?

Ordinarily speaking, a peculiar fluctuation would emerge while arranging a Spiritual Array. However, they never expected that Mu Chen would arrange a Spiritual Array. Therefore, their attention was completely focused on the exchange between the two of them. But who would have thought…


Mister Hao smiled slightly. His eyes remained tightly fixed at the stage.

“A Spiritual Array?”

On the stage, Liu Mubai’s figure had completely stopped. He had an extremely pale expression as he stared at the circulating fiery red Spiritual Array behind Mu Chen. The violent Spiritual Energy emitted out from that location had caused the air to constantly tremble.

Mu Chen looked at the pale Liu Mubai and gently smiled as he exhaled slowly. He actually carried a mentality of hoping to be lucky as he arranged a Spiritual Array in combat. After all, this was extremely difficult to do. Although he had constantly attempted to understand the mysterious Heart Array State during this one month, he would still have to pay a big price if he made a mistake.

But fortunately, he won this bet. The experience from the Spiritual Road had allowed him to gather his thoughts and focus completely. During the critical moments, he would not be distracted and remain calm like the water as he entered the mysterious Heart Array State. By borrowing its power, he had successfully arranged a Spiritual Array.

“Try out this feast that I’ve prepared for you.”

Mu Chen directed a smile towards Liu Mubai and his eyes immediately turned sharp. His hand seals changed as he shouted out: “Devouring Tigerblaze Spiritual Array!”


Following Mu Chen’s shout, a deep tiger’s roar actually emitted out from the fiery red Spiritual Array behind him as it shone.

This Devouring Tigerblaze Spiritual Art was a Diagram Array that Mu Chen had obtained from Wen Ling the night before he returned to the Northern Spiritual Academy a month ago. The power of this Spiritual Array was quite extraordinary. It required a total of 17 Spiritual Seals in order to arrange it. A month ago, Mu Chen did not have the ability to condense 17 Spiritual Seals. However, after a month of harsh training, he had finally succeeded.

The power of this Spiritual Array was ranked in the top 3 amongst all the Spiritual Arrays that Wen Ling knew. Once it was released, even a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase would have to avoid its brilliance and power.

Liu Mubai stared at the Spiritual Array filled with a violent Spiritual Energy. His hands slowly clenched together and coldness surged through his eyes.


The fiery red Spiritual Array had become increasingly violent. In the next instant, a fiery red light swept out like lava and directly formed into a mighty flame tiger.


The instant that this flame tiger had appeared, it shouted to the sky. With a burning flame and violent Spiritual Energy, it crossed through the skies and lunged towards Liu Mubai under many gazes.

This attack was something that a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase individual would be afraid of.

The flame tiger roared and heated winds blew. It seemed that the air was completely oppressed and fled away as it enshrouded Liu Mubai. Liu Mubai lifted his head and stared at the rapidly approaching flame figure. His face suddenly became extremely cold.

“You think you can win with such a technique?”

He muttered to himself. However, he did not move too much. The fiery red Spiritual Energy gushed out like fire as the flame tiger charged towards him.


Within the Northern Spiritual Square, everybody watched as Liu Mubai clashed together with the flame tiger. They exclaimed out loud. Did this guy abandon himself to despair?

In the seats at front, Liu Qingtian smiled sarcastically when he saw this.

Mu Chen also watched tightly at the location where the flames were raging. However, he frowned. In the next instant, he seemed to have felt something and quickly retreated backwards.


A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation erupted out from within the center of the flames. The powerful Spiritual Energy actually forcibly scattered the raging flames away.

“What a powerful Spiritual Energy!”

This sudden turn of events stunned everybody. They hurriedly looked over and saw a figure wrapped with dense Spiritual Energy slowly walking out from within the flames.

“Liu Mubai’s Spiritual Energy is actually even more powerful than an ordinary Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!” A few individuals sensed the dense Spiritual Energy surging out from the figure’s body and could not help but shout out loudly.

“So this Liu Mubai also had a hidden card up his sleeves!”

Su Ling, Tang Qian’Er and the others turned slightly pale as they watched this scene. Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase? This Liu Mubai was truly a person, who concealed himself completely.

“Mu Chen. You’re not the only one that holds a hidden card.”

Dense Spiritual Energy enshrouded Liu Mubai. He felt the powerful Spiritual Energy within his body as his viper-like eyes locked itself onto Mu Chen and he laughed.

Mu Chen also stared at Liu Mubai. This guy really made a breakthrough during this one month and reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

“However, did you believe that a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase was the limits of my power?” Liu Mubai smiled gently and had a cold smile. The eyes he used to look at Mu Chen became extremely mocking. I’ll show you what is called an insurmountable gap!

“Although I haven’t used it for a long time, did you all forget that I possess a Spiritual Pulse as well?”

Liu Mubai slowly spread out his hands. Afterwards, everybody was able to see lights slowly emerging on his body. These lights were like a soaring dragon as it flashed.

With the emergence of these lights, Liu Mubai’s Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase’s Spiritual Energy fluctuation actually began to expand once again. Finally, under many astonished gazes, he had reached the pinnacle of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

At this moment, he had reached the limits of a Spiritual Rotation Stage!

Just who, among the Spiritual Rotation Stage, could compete with him?

The entire venue was completely silent. The only thing happening was Liu Mubai’s dense Spiritual Energy spreading out in waves. The pressure from this Spiritual Energy even made the people near the stage feel a sense of pressure.

“Not only did Liu Mubai advance to the Spiritual Rotation Stage, he even possesses a Human-Level Spiritual Pulse. It will be troubling now.” Tang Shan sighed. There are probably only a few people who could compete with Liu Mubai within the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Mu Feng’s face sank. The boy from the Liu Family wasn’t that simple. He never expected that the Rank 1 Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had arranged would be completely useless in front of him.

“I won’t give you a chance to struggle.”

On the stage, Liu Mubai stared coldly at Mu Chen. His hands slowly clenched together and forceful waves of Spiritual Energy quickly gathered at the center of his palm. In the end, a dazzling sun seemed to emerge at the center of Liu Mubai’s palm.

Sensing the powerful Spiritual Energy at the center of Liu Mubai’s palm, many people’s hearts jumped. Is he planning to defeat Mu Chen ruthlessly?

“Solar Inferno Palm.”

Liu Mubai’s body rushed into the air and his Spiritual Energy poured out endlessly. His entire body seemed to have turned into a fiery light while a fiery sun was tightly clutched at the center of his palm. It carried an extraordinary fluctuation as he charged furiously at Mu Chen, who was below him.

The ground on the stage collapsed slightly due to the violent impact. Everybody watched flabbergasted at Liu Mubai’s amazing offensive.

Within the Spiritual Rotation Stage, is there really someone who could block it?

The outcome will be decided like this?


Under numerous gazes, Mu Chen also took a deep breath. Then, he actually slowly closed his eyes once again. His heart was calm like the water and his Great Pagoda Art began to furiously circulate.

Within his aura sea, the Spiritual Energy Wheel began to emit numerous lights. These lights gathered above it and a vague black light tower with nine levels slowly emerged.

When this black light tower appeared, mysterious black lights began to slowly lit up within the depths of his body. At the same time, a vague black light tower appeared on the surface of Mu Chen’s body.

He suddenly opened his eyes and watched with razor-sharp eyes at the sun descending down from the sky.

You have a Spiritual Pulse. I also have one. Furthermore, mine is much more powerful than yours!

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