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Chapter 86 – Victory or Defeat

A fiery Spiritual Energy swept down violently from the sky. A dazzling sun emitted a powerful Spiritual Energy as it bombarded down like a meteorite towards the boy at the center of the stage.

At this moment, dark black Spiritual Energy surged out from Mu Chen’s body. Black lights emerged on the surface of his body and formed a blurry black light tower.

Black lights spilled out from the light tower as it guarded Mu Chen’s body. A rather mysterious fluctuation emitted out from it.

When a black light tower suddenly emerged on the surface of Mu Chen’s body, it also attracted a lot of attention. At that moment, many individuals had surprised expressions. As Mu Chen had brought surprise to them earlier when he arranged a Spiritual Energy, they did not dare to underestimate this boy.

Mu Feng was startled slightly when he saw the black light tower. Then, he immediately recalled something and his eyes instantly narrowed. He clenched the chair’s support with his hands while his heart was completely in a chaos.

Although the black light tower was quite blurry, he had a deep impression of it. This was because Mu Chen’s mother had used a similar measure before. However, the black light tower formed by her was many times stronger compared to the one formed by Mu Chen.

“Did Mu Chen’s Great Pagoda Art improve again?” Mu Feng’s eyes twinkled. Surprise surged out from the depths of his eyes. That brat was truly unpredictable.

The Great Pagoda Art that had once troubled him was flowing smoothly within Mu Chen’s hand.

“This is…”

On the main platform, Teacher Mo was shocked as he stared at the black light tower on the surface of Mu Chen’s body. The black light tower exuded a mysterious fluctuation. Although it appeared to be insignificant, nobody dared to underestimate it.

Teacher Mo looked at the boy’s figure and could not help but click his tongue. This boy really hid many cards up his sleeves…


Just when ideas were appearing within everybody’s hearts, the atmosphere within the stage had completely heated up. In the air, Liu Mubai witnessed the commotion caused by Mu Chen. However, the sneer on his face became increasingly rich. Right now, he had advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage. Moreover, with the power of the Spiritual Pulse, there were few that could compete with him among the Spiritual Rotation Stage. No matter what the current Mu Chen would do, it was nothing but a last-ditch effort.

There would only be one outcome for him.

That is to be stepped by him on the stage!

“You’re not qualified to snatch the seeded entry away from me!” A cold light flashed through Liu Mubai’s eyes. The fiery sun within the center of his palm swelled once again. It was evident that he was planning to use all his strength in this one attack to end this fight!


A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure enveloped down from the sky. Mu Chen slowly raised his head and stared at the burning sun that was quickly descending down with his black eyes. He immediately bent his knees slightly as his eyes twinkled coldly.


Mu Chen’s body charged out as a dark black Spiritual Energy erupted out from within his body. A mysterious light pattern seemed to emerge above the black light tower.

Outside of the stage, the countless individuals exclaimed loudly when they noticed Mu Chen actually taking the initiative to attack. They did not dare to blink as they watched the scene.

The black and red lights flashed as they charged out like light beams. In the next instant, it collided fiercely against each other under the numerous gazes.


A shocking sound rang out from midair. The black and red lights bloomed in the sky like fireworks.


The fiery red Spiritual Energy that formed a sun had fiercely smashed against the black light tower and a crunching sound rang out. At the same time, Mu Chen’s eyes peeked through the black light tower and stared tightly at the hideous looking Liu Mubai.


Liu Mubai issued out a deep roar from his throat. His veins on his arms trembled as he pushed the Spiritual Energy within his body to the limits. He instilled Spiritual Energy crazily into the center of his palm.

The collision between the two of them did not go as he expected. He thought that it the light tower would crumple instantly. However, the black light tower that enveloped Mu Chen’s body had a powerful defensive power even when it seemed quite fragile. It actually withstood his fierce attack!

This was not the result he wanted!

“You’re only a Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, what gives you the right to fight against me?!”

Liu Mubai clenched his teeth tightly and retracted his arm. Then, he fiercely smashed forward. The burning sun continuously bombarded the thin black light tower. Deep sounds spread out through the entire Northern Spiritual Square.


The black light tower began to ripple under the crazy bombardment by Liu Mubai. Even Mu Chen, who was protected inside, was subjected to the vibrations and blood flowed out from his mouth.

Mu Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and his eyes became cold. He furiously circulated the Spiritual Energy within his body. The Spiritual Energy Wheel within his aura sea became increasingly brighter as he released all his Spiritual Energy unreservedly.

At the same time, the mini-sized black light tower above the Spiritual Energy Wheel also let out subtle buzzing sounds. This sound seemed to reveal traces of human pride.

It was the feeling of being provoked by something mediocre!


The mysterious black lights within the depths of Mu Chen’s body became increasingly dazzling. It has an arrogance that belongs to itself. A trashy Spiritual Pulse actually dares to challenge its command!

Above Mu Chen’s body, the black lights from the thin black light tower suddenly erupted out. A long humming sound rang out and the black lights that expanded out instantly covered the violent red sun.

As this occurred, a roar emitted out from Mu Chen’s mouth. He moved his feet and his body suddenly spun at a high speed. The black light tower that enshrouded his body had turned into a light spiral at this moment.


As the black light tower rotated, the top part of the tower smashed fiercely into the burning sun. Then, Liu Mubai was horrified to see cracks appearing on the burning sun that combined all his Spiritual Energy.

Moreover, he was astonished when he felt a strange fluctuation passing over from the light tower. Under this fluctuation, the Spiritual Pulse within his body was actually suppressed!

“How is that possible?!” The Spiritual Pulse that was shining within his body had suddenly dimmed a little bit. Liu Mubai’s face instantly changed.


However, when he was still astonished, a cold cry rang out from within the black light tower. The fiery sun instantly began to collapse and completely shattered apart.

Moreover, the black light tower also crumbled and became like an illusion while the fiery sun shattered.


A black figure charged out swiftly from the illusory light tower and fist filled with black lights fired out. On the fist, two black light seals emerged.

When the fiery sun shattered, Liu Mubai turned pale. The Spiritual Energy within his body had quickly vanished. He hurriedly crossed his arms in order to protect his body against the black fist that fiercely smashed over.


The fists wrapped with the two black light seals landed on Liu Mubai’s arm. A domineering and matchless energy exploded out like a flood.


Liu Mubai felt a stinging pain emerging from within his arms. He could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood and his body flew back awkwardly. However, the instant he was sent flying away…

His leg also fiercely kicked Mu Chen’s body.


The two figures descended down from the air and landed severely on the ground. It created two holes on the stage as they spat out a mouthful of blood.


A commotion rang out once again from outside the stage. They never expected both of them to fight to the point where they were both hurt.

Mu Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he stood up unsteadily. He stared coldly at Liu Mubai, who was not far away. Although he felt immense pain, he ignored it completely and charged forward. He stuck up two fingers and a golden light flashed dimly at his fingertips. Since the two of them have fought to this extent, they had almost completely depleted the Spiritual Energy within their bodies.

Right now, it was a competition of whose willpower was stronger.

Mu Chen charged directly at Liu Mubai. His face was expressionless, yet it gave off a sharp killing intent. From this killing intent, nobody doubted that he was really going to kill Liu Mubai!

Seeing Mu Chen charged recklessly over to him, Liu Mubai’s face became even paler. He stood up awkwardly and retreated two steps. The Spiritual Energy within his body was already completely depleted and there was no way of him attacking anymore.

From this scene, the outcome was already quite obvious. However, since Liu Mubai refused to admit defeat, the competition was not considered over.

Mu Chen’s body charged towards Liu Mubai. But just when his fingers were about to stab into the latter’s throat, Liu Qingtian’s face finally turned dark and he shouted out: “Asshole, you dare!”

As he cried out loudly, he actually charged out and an immense Spiritual Energy fluctuation filled the entire venue.

“Liu Qingtian, you dare touch my son?!”

Mu Feng also shouted out furiously and his palm smashed against the armrest. His body also rushed over and appeared directly above Mu Chen. Then, he smacked Liu Qingtian in anger.


As the two Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouses fought fiercely in midair, the Spiritual Energy shock wave made Mu Chen and Liu Mubai fly backwards. Both of them immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Liu Qingtian, Mu Feng, what are you two doing?!”

Seeing both of them fight, Principal Xiao also shouted out in anger. His body moved and appeared between the two of them while stopping both of them.

As they noticed Principal intervening in this, Liu Qingtian and Mu Feng stopped as well. They glared fiercely at each other.

“That Mu Chen is too ruthless. It was evident that he was going to take Liu Mubai’s life. Acting this ruthless in a duel, we must cancel his qualifications!” Liu Qingtian gnashed his teeth and said.

“Stop with your bullsh*t! You lost the battle, yet you don’t want to lose the war? Just how shameless is your Liu Territory?” Mu Feng said mockingly.

“Both of you, if you both disturb the competition again, then don’t blame the Northern Spiritual Academy for not giving face to you two!” Principal Xiao shouted in anger.

Liu Qingtian gritted his teeth and lowered his voice and asked: “Then, who is the final victor of this match? Seeing that both of them are completely exhausted, why don’t we consider this as a draw?”


When these words were said, hushing sounds instantly rang out from outside the stage. If it wasn’t for Liu Qingtian earlier, Mu Chen would have probably obtained the victory.

Principal Xiao also frowned and said: “That will be determined by Mister Hao.”

After he said this, he turned towards Mister Hao, who was on the main platform, and cupped his hands as he asked: “Mister Hao, in your opinion, what’s the outcome of this match?”

Hearing this, Mister Hao said with a faint smile: “Mu Chen wins.”

“Why?!” Liu Qingtian shouted out furiously.

“Can’t you see?” Mister Hao pointed at the stage and said: “Mu Chen is still on the stage while Liu Mubai was sent out. Therefore, he lost.”

When Liu Qingtian heard this, he hurriedly looked down and his face turned dark. The shock wave caused by Mu Feng and him when they fought had actually sent Liu Mubai out of the stage…

Although Mu Chen was lying down faraway, he was still at the edge of the stage and did not drop out.

Sounds of suppressed laughter rang out from outside the stage. Liu Qingtian really shot himself in the foot. Originally, he could still argue about the situation. However, in the end, he sent his son directly off the stage. This way, there was no hope on arguing about it.

Mister Hao slowly stood up and looked at the audience. His faint voice resounded through the sky.

“Right now, I declare that the Northern Spiritual Academy’s seeded entry belongs to the East Branch’s Mu Chen!”

At the Northern Spiritual Academy’s East Branch, Su Ling, Tang Qian’Er and the others were stunned. Then, thunderous cheers resounded out instantly.

At the same time, countless individuals stood up outside of the stage and a loud applause rang out. The earlier battle was magnificent. The strongest student within the Northern Spiritual Academy was well deserved.

Amongst the thunderous cheers, Mu Chen struggled to sit up. He had a pale expression and lifted his head to look at Mu Feng. Then, he noticed the latter giving a thumbs up to him and immediately smiled.

What belongs to me will ultimately belong to me. Nobody can take it away!

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