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Chapter 84 – Fierce Struggle Between a Tiger and a Dragon

In the massive Northern Spiritual Square, the atmosphere was becoming heated up. Numerous gazes looked eagerly at the stage, waiting for the true fierce struggle between a tiger and a dragon.

Under the audience’s eyes, Liu Mubai’s body moved and was first to land on the stage. His cold eyes stared at Mu Chen, who was at the East Branch. The corner of his mouth twitched as he could not wait it to start. He wanted to see just how wonderful the expressions of the people, who believed in Mu Chen, would be when Mu Chen was defeated.

Mu Chen also looked at Liu Mubai’s cold smile and calmly headed up to the stage. He stood at a place near Liu Mubai.

“Brother Mu, good luck!”

Su Ling and the others’ faces turned red as they shouted. Although they knew how powerful Liu Mubai was, they still had quite the confidence in Mu Chen.

“This day has finally come…”

Liu Mubai gently twisted his neck and stared at Mu Chen. A smile actually emerged on his face. However, underneath that smile was a hint of coldness. It seems that he has endured for a long time for the scene today.

“You’re not afraid of it becoming twisted?” Mu Chen said with a soft laugh.

“I’ll waste you.” Liu Mubai shrugged and said with a smile.

“If I get the chance, I’ll do the same to you.” Mu Chen nodded his head and replied seriously.

Liu Mubai smiled as he looked at Mu Chen. The latter also seriously stared at him. The atmosphere may seem quite gentle, yet the cold chill flowing through the depths of their eyes made others freeze.

“It seems that Mu Chen is the only one who could compete with Liu Mubai for the seeded entry.” Tang Territory’s Territory Lord looked at the two individuals facing off. He could help but speak. These two individuals were already considered to be the most outstanding individuals among the younger generation within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“But based on what I know, Liu Mubai is probably at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. Moreover, with those powerful Spiritual Arts from Liu Territory he read through, his combat ability is quite extraordinary…Mu Chen is only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, so he’s at a disadvantage.” Tang Shan looked towards Mu Feng. After all, they had a pretty good relationship with each other. At this moment, he was naturally bias towards Mu Chen.

Hearing these words, Mu Feng said with a faint smile: “The boy from the Liu family is quite capable. However, Mu Chen isn’t a weakling that could be defeated by just anybody.”

Although Mu Feng recognized Liu Mubai’s ability, he also had confidence that his son wouldn’t be any weaker than him.

“Haha, since that’s the case, I hope to see a decent match.” Tang Shan said with a chuckle.

On the other side of the seats, Liu Qingtian seemed to have heard Mu Feng’s words. He instantly made a mocking smile and waited for the show to begin: “What a foolish dream.”

At the main platform, Mister Hao from the “Five Great Academies” stared at the two individual in the stage. He finally straightened up his body and did not act this lazily anymore. His pair of muddy eyes finally showed a tiny bit of interest: “So that main event is finally about to begin.”

Principal Xiao also nodded his head. Then, he stood up while his eyes remained fixated at the stage. His eyes paused for a moment as he stared at Mu Chen and Liu Mubai’s body before he gently waved his hand.

“The competition for the seeded entry officially begins!”


The instant Principal Xiao’s voice emerged; two powerful Spiritual Energies seemed to have erupted out from the stage at the same time. It brought forth bursts of winds spiraling.

Two pair of cold eyes would flash as it seemed to bypass the dense Spiritual Energy surrounding the bodies and intertwined with each other.


The two figures also rushed out at this moment. A black figure and red figure ripped through the obstruction of the air and directly charged forward. They did not show any signs of dodging and collided with each other at the center of the stage in a couple of seconds.


A violent Spiritual Energy shock wave erupted out during the instant they collided. The solid ground shattered and tiny cracks emerged.

The intensity of their Spiritual Energy was absolutely not something an ordinary Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase could compare with.

“Interesting.” Liu Mubai licked his lips gently. The eyes that he used to stare at Mu Chen were as if he had met a prey that caught his interest. In the next instant, his eyes turned cold and fiery red Spiritual Energy wrapped around his legs like flames. With the sound of an explosion coming out from beneath his feet, he charged out like a fiery red figure.

This speed was just like a lightning bolt and caused countless cries to appear from the surroundings.

“That’s…the Liu Territory’s Blaze Step. It’s a Spiritual Tier Low Rank Movement Spiritual Art. I never expected that Liu Mubai would actually be able to learn it.” Tang Shan stared at the flames from underneath Liu Mubai’s feet and exclaimed slightly.

Under many gazes, the fiery red figure seemed to have instantly appeared behind Mu Chen. Afterwards, a palm was fired off. At the center of the palm, fiery red Spiritual Energy surged out and it was extremely violent.


However, Mu Chen’s body trembled slightly when Liu Mubai was about to successfully land his attack on Mu Chen’s back. Following this, Liu Mubai’s attack passed directly through his body.

“An afterimage?”

Liu Mubai’s eyes immediately focused when he noticed that his attack missed. He did not hesitate and took advantage of his miss in order to kick behind him like a spear. An enormous gale blew out.


A deep voice sounded out from behind. Without anybody noticing, Mu Chen had appeared behind Liu Mubai and his fist wrapped with black Spiritual Energy collided with Liu Mubai’s kick.

“Pretty good movements you have there!”

Liu Mubai sneered. He leapt up to the sky as Fiery red Spiritual Energy flashed at the soles of his feet. Turning around, he fired off numerous fists towards Mu Chen. Each of these fists contained violent Spiritual Energy and brought forth numerous winds as it enshrouded Mu Chen.

Against Liu Mubai’s fierce offensive, Mu Chen’s body moved and dodged like a ghost. Afterimages would vaguely appear and it was impossible for others to capture his dodging trajectories.

“Huh, what a mysterious movement ability.” Seeing Mu Chen’s movement abilities, Tang Shan’s eyes lit up. With his keen eyesight, he could naturally tell that Mu Chen was displaying a rather mysterious movement Spiritual Art.

Mu Feng was also surprised when he saw Mu Chen’s movements. He was quite unfamiliar with this movement ability and it was definitely not taught by him. It seems that it must have come from the Northern Spiritual Academy.

Bang Bang Bang!

Liu Mubai’s offensive was extremely fierce. He was in hot pursuit, yet Mu Chen relied on the mysterious movement in order to avoid endlessly. He completely evaded all the attacks brought out by Liu Mubai.

The two of them on the stage had pushed their strength to the very limits. It was still fine for the powerful individuals. However, students like Su Ling and the others could only see blurry red and black shadows flashing around the stage. Their faces were completely filled with shock.

After chasing Mu Chen for so long with no avail, Liu Mubai’s eyes turned completely dark. He pondered for a moment and Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. His speed instantly increased and he caught up with Mu Chen’s ghost-like figure.


But during the moment he had just caught up, Mu Chen’s body suddenly stopped. Two fingers remained straight up and had instantly turned into a gold color. It flashed dazzlingly and emitted an extremely sharp fluctuation.

Mu Chen’s fingers tore through the air and ruthlessly headed towards Liu Mubai’s throat.

Mu Chen’s sudden change from defense to offense surprised Liu Mubai. However, he did not panic and straightened two of his fingers. A fiery red Spiritual wrapped around it like flames and it seemed extraordinary brutal.

The gold fingers and fiery red fingers were thrusted out. In the next instant, they collided heavily together.


The collision of the fingers was like metal colliding with each other. A crisp sound actually broke out and sparks flew out both fingers. It was visible that their fingers had changed forms.

Mu Chen’s eyes were cold as he formed finger seals with both hands. His fingers sparkled like gold and he activated the Spirit King Finger. Two golden spears accompanied with finger seals charged fiercely at Liu Mubai.


And while facing Mu Chen’s fierce offensive, Liu Mubai sneered and fiery red Spiritual Energy emitted out. Four of his fingers remained straighten as he stabbed at Mu Chen.

The golden light and fiery light seemed to have enshrouded their bodies.

Everybody could seal that each of the finger seals formed had a lethal power.

Countless individuals held their breaths as they watched the two figures colliding against each other with their fingers. This sort of collision wasn’t something that even a Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase could do.


Another collision between their fingers appeared. Mu Chen and Liu Mubai both had to took a step backwards. From their fingertips, blood actually dripped down. It was evident that the collision had caused them a bit of injuries.

Mu Chen’s cold eyes remained fixated at Liu Mubai’s body. The latter was indeed quite powerful. He couldn’t achieve any results even with such an offensive.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to obtain victory like this.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and his body suddenly retreated backwards. His hands also retreated back into his sleeves. And most surprisingly, he even actually closed his eyes slowly.

Mu Chen’s strange action instantly aroused a commotion from the audience. It was evident that they did not understand what he was doing.

“This…” Tang Shan looked suspiciously at Mu Feng. Wouldn’t it give an opportunity to his opponent if he closed his eyes right now?

Mu Feng also frowned. He was unclear what Mu Chen was planning to do.

“Trying to act all mysterious, go to hell!”

Liu Mubai’s eyes narrowed. He immediately sneered and rushed out towards Mu Chen. But against his offensive, Mu Chen did not show any signs of dodging. Although he closed his eyes, he still pushed the Shadowspirit Step to the extreme. A few confusing afterimages were brought out and he evaded Liu Mubai’s attacks.

Liu Mubai did not hold back because of the strange state that Mu Chen was in. His attacks became fiercer and gradually blocked Mu Chen off.

But just when he was prepared to shut down Mu Chen’s escape path, he did not notice that dozens of Spiritual Seals had emerged from Mu Chen’s hands that were hidden by his sleeves. It silently integrated into the air.

At the stage, Mu Chen, who had always been evading, suddenly stopped. He stared at Liu Mubai as he rushed over and had a faint smile on his handsome face. He gently placed his hands together and formed a strange seal.

At the main platform, Mister Hao stared at the seal formed by Mu Chen’s hands and his eyes focused completely.

“This is…a Spiritual Array’s seal?!”

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