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Chapter 83 – Battle for the Entries

The Entry Competition’s first match ended with Mu Chen utterly crushing Chen Tong. This fight surprised many of the audience. Although the battle did not last long, the people that were capable of discerning it could tell how powerful the boy named Mu Chen is. They were both at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, yet the strength they exhibited on the stage were at a completely different level.

“That Mu Chen is the son of the Mu Territory Lord, Mu Feng, right? He is indeed quite capable.”

“It was said that he was the only one, who obtained the qualifications to the Spiritual Road, within the Northern Spiritual Realm. However, something happened and he was kicked out from it.”

“Judging from his appearance, the boy is quite extraordinary. With such abilities, he shouldn’t be too bad within the Spiritual Road, right?”

“Who knows why he was kicked out? But with his abilities, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to enter the Five Great Academies.”

Outside of the Northern Spiritual Square, many whispers spread out. It was evident that other people are starting to notice the boy from the earlier battle, who had once caused a commotion within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Mu Chen did not care much about the various gazes that were sent over and returned to the East Branch’s seats. At the same time, Liu Mubai stood up from the West Branch’s seats with a calm expression and walked towards the stage.

From the East Branch, numerous gazes were directed at Mo Ling, who had become pale. Mu Chen gently patted his shoulder. Only then did Mo Ling grit his teeth and walked up.

Liu Mubai glanced at Mu Chen calmly before turning his gaze towards Mo Ling, who was walking onto the stage. He lowered his head and fixed his sleeves as he said, “You should just concede.”

Mo Ling was suppressed by the pressure coming from Liu Mubai, but immediately gritted his teeth and said, “Please instruct me.”

Liu Mubai’s eyes were calm and indifferent as he shook his head and said, “You really don’t appreciate my kindness.”

Facing Liu Mubai’s attitude, Mo Ling’s face were changing alternately to blue and red. However, the other person was definitely strong. He simply had no other method; he was going to lose in this battle for sure. The only thing he could do was to not to lost too badly.

Mo Ling took a deep breath and clenched his hands tightly. Spiritual Energy flowed out from his body and he felt his body filled with energy. Afterwards, Mo Ling finally had a little bit of confidence and took a step forward. He initiated the attack and headed straight towards Liu Mubai.

Mo Ling’s strength was actually considered to be quite decent. Even amongst the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Heaven Class, he was ranked rather up front. However, he knew that Liu Mubai, who was in front of him, had always dominated the title of the strongest Northern Spiritual Academy student all these years and nobody was able to shake that title.

Against such an opponent, there wasn’t the slightest chance of winning if he didn’t go all out from the beginning.

Liu Mubai looked calmly at Mo Ling charging over. His body tilted slightly forward and an explosion rang out from beneath his feet. His figure instantly turned into a red light as he rushed over.

His speed was extremely fast even Mo Ling was only able to see the red light flash as it emerged. Then, he was horrified to see Liu Mubai appearing in front of him. A slim palm gently smashed over and landed on Mo Ling’s chest. He did not even have the time to defend against it as the volcanic Spiritual Energy erupted.


A muffled sound emitted out. Mo Ling, who was in a position of charging forward earlier, instantly flew back. Fresh blood sprayed out as he awkwardly brushed on the ground.


This scene directly caused numerous uproars from the onlookers. Mo Ling, who had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, didn’t even have a chance to attack in front of Liu Mubai!

“What a terrifying strength.” Su Ling and the others gulped. The title of the strongest Northern Spiritual Academy student wasn’t just for show.

Mu Chen also stared at the stage. When Liu Mubai had attacked previously, his eyes focused slightly. Liu Mubai’s speed was not inferior to his. He was indeed quite powerful.

“Eh, they aren’t at the same level.” Beside him, Chen Fan and the others sighed. It was just like earlier when Mu Chen had fought against Chen Tong. The current Mo Ling and Liu Mubai were at a completely different level.

On the stage, Liu Mubai stared indifferently at the awkward Mo Ling. A hint of disdain emerged on his mouth and he turned away to leave. In a battle where he completely oppressed the other, it didn’t feel great at all.


A hoarse voice came out from behind. Liu Mubai frowned and turned around. He could see Mo Ling wiping the blood from his mouth and stood up while wobbling. He gritted his teeth and said, “I haven’t lost yet.”

Liu Mubai’s eyes slowly darkened.

Under Liu Mubai’s dark eyes, Mo Ling circulated his Spiritual Energy within his body and charged over to Liu Mubai.


A muffled sound rang out once again. Liu Mubai moved like a lightning and emerged at the right side of Mo Ling. With a kick that was like a spear, he fiercely kicked Mo Ling’s waist.


Mo Ling flew backwards again. Fresh blood sprayed out and it was obvious that he was quite helpless.

However, just when everybody sighed in regret, they were surprised to see Mo Ling gritting his teeth as he stood up once again while trembling.

“Ohoho, good. You’re quite stubborn.”

Seeing Mo Ling clinging at him obstinately, Liu Mubai laughed due to his rage. This time, he did not give Mo Ling an opportunity to initiate an attack. His feet stomped onto the ground as he charged out.


Mo Ling’s body was directly sent flying by Liu Mubai’s palm.


Before Mo Ling could even stand up, Liu Mubai’s figure had rushed out again. His eyes were dark and he kicked Mo Ling in the waist and sent him flying a dozen meters as if he was garbage.

Countless people watched as Liu Mubai continued to attack the helpless Mo Ling. But even so, that boy continued to grit his teeth and endured. Although his face had turned pale, he still refused to surrender.

“What a tenacious boy.”

A few people secretly sighed. Although Mo Ling’s strength was incomparable against Liu Mubai, the courage to fight against him when he knew he was in a completely different level was still quite surprising.

At the East Branch’s side, all the students watched Mo Ling, who refused to admit defeat, as he was kicked around. They were all silent. A few students even tilted their heads away and could not bear to watch anymore.

It was too cruel.

“Motherf*cker!” Chen Fan gritted his teeth. It would be fine if Liu Mubai had knocked out Mo Ling and threw him off the stage. However, this way of insulting others was going overboard.

Tang Qian’Er also gently gritted her teeth. She moved her gaze away from the stage and whispered, “Should we just let him surrender?”

“If he surrenders now, Mo Ling wouldn’t have the slightest chance of obtaining an entry.” Mu Chen said gently. His eyes swept past the main platform. At that location, Mister Hao was frowning as he watched the stage. It was impossible to tell whether he was delighted or furious based on his expression.

“But…” Tang Qian’Er still wanted to say more.

“This is the method he chose. Perhaps his strength could not compare with Liu Mubai, but his courage would help him obtain dignity and pride. There is something called guts. If a man doesn’t have this deep down inside, he would be a weakling no matter how powerful his Spiritual Energy is. He would be looked down by others.” Mu Chen said in a calm voice.

There was nothing Tang Qian’Er could say. Although she did not understand why men would have to struggle even if they had to die, those men were indeed quite attractive to the girls.

This one-sided battle lasted for nearly ten minutes. At that moment, Mo Ling was completely covered with blood. His consciousness was also quite blurry. However, he used his willpower and endured it.

Liu Mubai’s face had already turned completely dark. This sort of battle brought no benefits to him. He knew that when he heard sounds of whispers appearing from time to time.

Liu Mubai stared at Mo Ling and a hint of killing intent emerged within his eyes. Since you can’t be sensible, I’ll destroy you!

But just when Liu Mubai was about to deliver the killing blow, Mister Hao gently waved his hand on the main platform. Principal Xiao immediately shouted out, “The battle is over, Liu Mubai wins.”

Hearing this, Liu Mubai glared fiercely at Mo Ling, who was almost unconscious. He could only leave while waving his sleeves in anger. As he left the stage, he glanced coldly at Mu Chen. Apparently, he thought that this was Mu Chen’s idea to deliberately trouble him.

Seeing that the match was over, a few students from the East Branch carried the unconscious Mo Ling down from the stage.

“It’s my turn next.”

Chen Fan gritted his teeth and angrily stepped onto the stage. His opponent was a rather well-known student from the West Branch. They were both at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. However, this student lacked combat experience compared to Chen Fan, who had joined an Adventurer’s team. It couldn’t be seen at the start of the battle. However, as the battle gradually intensified, it was slowly revealed. In the end, Chen Fan finally discovered a flaw and seized the opportunity to defeat his opponent in one attack.

Following Chen Fan was Huo Yun. He, too, obtained victory just as anticipated from the start. And the final match was Tang Qian’Er’s fight. The match made many eyes lit up. This was because her opponent was the West Branch’s Hong Ling. The two Northern Spiritual Academy’s flowers would actually clash with each other.

It was evident that two beautiful girls fighting were more likely to attract attention. This attention surpassed even the matches of Mu Chen and Liu Mubai. It could be seen that a beauty’s attractiveness would always be the strongest.

This battle was not brutal nor bloody. However, everybody still watched intently. The girls’ gentle methods were like butterflies flying around. Even the attacks that would take one’s life would still become graceful in their hands.

Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling’s strength were equally matched. Although they had their own means of attacking, they failed to determine the winner. In the end, Mister Hao opened his mouth and the match between the two of them actually ended up in a draw.

As it was a draw, everybody was shocked. There were only this many entries. How would they allocate it if it was a draw? But since this was said by Mister Hao, they could only keep this question deep down in their hearts.

With the end of this battle, the Northern Spiritual Square’s atmosphere quietly rose. Even the powerful powerhouses casted their gaze over with great interest.

This is because, next up, it was the fight for the seeded entry.

After all these battles, they could tell that there were only two students among the group, who could compete for the seeded entry: Mu Chen and Liu Mubai.

And coincidentally, these two individuals were the Mu Territory’s Little Lord and Liu Territory’s Little Master. The relationship between these two territories was quite terrible. In another perspective, this seeded entry competition would be a battle between the two territories.

However, they just didn’t know who exactly would have the final laugh?

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