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On top of the stone lion in that training ground, Mu Chen could not help but shudder when he looked at Mandela. She was under the sun, and her eyes were currently filled with the fighting spirit of a battle maniac.

Never would he have thought that this Dominator with the appearance of a lolita actually had some crazy genes. Where the other forces shunned the Great Hunt, Mandela welcomed it like a hunting ground she was wishing for.

However, the other top forces were not little lambs who could be dealt with easily. Their strong existence was so malicious that they could make the whole North Territory tremble with their actions.

Mu Chen twisted his mouth. Although the Great Hunt was not here yet, he could already faintly sense a thick and bloody smell. In the Great Hunt this time, which of the top forces would be divided and conquered by other top forces…?

No matter which party came out on top, the result would definitely cause a large amount of turmoil in the North Territory. This was because the territory and resources of any top forces were enough to make one green with envy.

The frantic enthusiasm in Mandela's eyes was abruptly contained, however. Her golden eyes were looking towards Mu Chen when without warning, she smiled and asked, "Do you know the Ancient Celestial Palace?"

Suddenly hearing this name, Mu Chen's body quivered, and he quickly lifted his head. Feeling a little wild with joy, he looked at Mandela while his heart rate increased nonstop.

His original goal when he followed Nine Nether to the Tianluo Continent was exactly the Ancient Celestial Palace!

This was because in the Ancient Celestial Palace, there were Immortal Pages which could make his Great Solar Undying Body evolve again!

"Seems like the reason you came to Tianluo Continent was because of the Ancient Celestial Palace." Mandela smiled. She glanced at Mu Chen and added, "Don't fuss, you have the Great Solar Undying Body, so logically you should have some information about this already. And the Ancient Celestial Palace does have what you wish for."

Mu Chen's eyes were suddenly filled with excitement, and even his breathing was rapid. He could finally confirm this information for the first time. Although he was still not clear about what exactly the Ancient Celestial Palace was, this answer confirmed that the thing he wished for was indeed on the Tianluo Continent.

Looking at Mandela, Mu Chen could not help but ask, "Do you know where the Ancient Celestial Palace is?"

Mandela's little red lips curved, and she said, "The Ancient Celestial Palace is indeed hidden on the Tianluo Continent, but nobody knows where it is. Based on my speculation, it should be an independant space that was sealed using big means."

"Even those of you who have reached Earthly Sovereign grade cannot detect it?" Mu Chen asked and frowned.

Giving him a big eye roll, Mandela replied, "The Ancient Celestial Palace, even at the Primordial Age, was a well-known force in the Great Thousand World, and the master of the palace was an invincible master. Do you think the seal laid by such powerful person before his fall could be detected by mere Earthly Sovereigns?"

Mu Chen laughed embarrassingly while feeling awe inside.There is always someone who is better in this world!

"Although we're unable to detect the Ancient Celestial Palace's existence, in the Meteorfall Battlefield there was once a powerful person from a palace in the Primordial Age who fell right there. I think some information related to the Ancient Celestial Palace could be found there."

Mu Chen nodded. Although this information was hardly discernible, it was still information. At least this would be better than trying to find the palace cluelessly. His main goal in coming to the Tianluo Continent was to obtain another Immortal Page.

This was because Mu Chen knew that if he really wanted to start on a journey to become a matchless master, the Immortal Pages would surely provide an immense amount of support.

The day he could evolve his Great Solar Undying Body into the Primordial Immortal Body, he would actually have what it takes to become a renowned person in the Great Thousand World.

When that time came, whether it was the Luo God Clan or the Mysterious Clan his mother belonged to, he would never ever fear them again!

"Seems like I really have to go to this Meteorfall Battlefield," Mu Chen muttered to himself. Whether or not he could obtain the information about the Ancient Celestial Palace in the end, he still had to give it a try in order to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body.

In the remaining two months, as Mu Chen was training the Nine Nether Troop, he also made the best use of his time for cultivation. The Great Hunt would involve the top forces in the whole North Territory, so the scale of this war would certainly reach an extremely terrifying level.

Although Mu Chen was already considered as having a high level of strength in Daluo Territory, he understood that his strength was not nearly enough in a war of the magnitude of the Great Hunt.

Once the war had begun, even Mandela might not be able to take care of everyone. Therefore, he must try his best to raise his power level before the Great Hunt started.

Seeing as he just broke through to Grade Four Sovereign a short time ago, the spiritual energy in his body had just begun to stabilize. Apparently, it was not suitable to relentlessly impact his spiritual energy again, hence another method was required to raise his power level.

For example, cultivating the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

Deep area of Nine Nether Palace.

Mu Chen sat down cross-legged next to an empty stone pool. Staring at the stone pool, ten alabaster jars appeared in front of him with a flick of his finger. There were light patterns glowing on the surface of the alabaster jars. These were a simple seal that was used to seal the Divine Beast Blood Essences inside. Otherwise, their raging spiritual power would instantly erupt.

Staring at these ten alabaster jars, his face seemed a little down. Although he obtained the legendary Dragon-Phoenix Body in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, he clearly understood that the Dragon-Phoenix Body was just an initial stage. This could only make his body became a little stronger, and to reach the level of the real dragon real phoenix, he had to go through a very hard cultivation.

And right now was the first step.

Mu Chen took off his clothes, revealing a body that was not strong, however, anyone could tell there was terrifying power inside the slender body. There were real dragon real phoenix symbols on his chest and back.

Mu Chen lowered his head, looked at the real dragon real phoenix symbols, and touched them gently with his palm. Those were not simply painted symbols. They gave off a strange feeling of being alive.

From the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture, cultivating the Dragon-Phoenix Body was separately into three stages. The first stage was activating the real spirit, the second was shape forming, and the third stage was the realization of the dragon and phoenix.

The two symbols on Mu Chen's chest and back should be called the real dragon real phoenix's spirit. This was because the symbols contained a trace of the real dragon real phoenix's remaining real spirits.

In this stage, a lot of Divine Beast Blood Essence was needed to activate the real dragon real phoenix's spirits, subsequently giving Mu Chen a stronger power.

When the real dragon real phoenix's spirits were activated completely, the "Shape Formation Stage" could be reached. Reaching this step, the real dragon real phoenix symbol could then be removed from the shackles of the physical body, moreover, it awakened the power belonging to the real dragon real phoenix.

And the third stage… Just looking at the name alone, one could guess what it meant.

What Mu Chen wanted right now was the first stage, "Activation of real spirit."


Mu Chen gently let out a breath. He had already stopped staring at the symbols. Without hesitation, he flicked his finger, and a Spiritual Light shot out, instantly breaking an alabaster jar.


With the breaking of the alabaster jar, a few drops of dark red, thick Blood Essence instantly fell from the sky. Just as their speed increased, the sound of splashing waves rang out.

The Blood Essence dropped into the huge stone pool. The Blood Essence began to expand at a terrifying speed, and in a short time, the Blood Essence became a pool of thrashing blood rippling inside the stone pool.

A raging spiritual energy and thick blood smell suddenly floated up from the pool. The Blood Essence was certainly extraordinarily overbearing. Once it was spilled, it abruptly corroded the stone pool. Fortunately, Mu Chen had prepared for this earlier. The stone pool was made with special material and was not disintegrated by the corrosion of the Blood Essence.

"It was indeed the Blood Essence of the Primordial Hydra…"

Looking at the thrashing blood pool, he could not help but sigh. A few drops of Blood Essence was enough to become a whole pool of blood. This Primordial Hydra indeed deserved its ranking on the list of the Divine Beasts.

The Blood Essence of this Divine Beast did not experience any refinement, therefore, it was full of offensive power just as Mu Chen required. Only such a primitive Divine Beast's Blood Essence could activate the real dragon real phoenix's spirits.

However, the process was extremely painful.

Mu Chen looked at the thrashing blood pool as his fist slowly clenched. Next, without any hesitation, he jumped directly into the blood red pool.


Fresh blood splashed outwards as Mu Chen sat down cross-legged in the blood pool and formed a seal with his both hands. Suddenly, the blood pool thrashed, forming a blood red whirlpool, and the source of the whirlpool was Mu Chen.


It was as if countless hissing sounds fizzed in the blood pool. As the blood was thrashing, it unexpectedly turned into many miniature blood-red hydras that ferociously bit Mu Chen's body.

Mu Chen trembled vigorously, and the intense, surging pain made his face turn pale.

However, the intense pain was not enough to break Mu Chen down. Instead, he took a deep breath and changed his seals to begin the activation of the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

As the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture was activating, the symbols on Mu Chen's chest and back also began to glow with Spiritual Light. It seemed that the low-pitched cries of a dragon and phoenix rang out, and then the miniature hydras were instantly shattered into lines of blood flowing down from Mu Chen's skin before ultimately being devoured by the real dragon real phoenix symbols.

Although the Blood Essence of the Primordial Hydra was overbearing, compared to the real dragon real phoenix's spirits, it was clearly at a lower tier.

However, Mu Chen knew that the Godly Blood Quenching Body had just begun.

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