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As the alabaster jars were flying directly towards Mu Chen, he quickly caught them with his hands. He stared at the Blood Essence that was contained inside the alabaster jars. There were several different colors represented, but without exception, all of them contained extremely pure and potent spiritual power. This made Mu Chen lost in thought for a moment, before he lifted up his head once more.

Looking at the twisted space in front of him, Mandela was standing there in mid-air. She currently was looking a little travel-strained. When she noticed Mu Chen's gaze upon her, she twitched her small lips snappily.

Mu Chen, who was now holding those 10 alabaster jars, was unable to contain his ecstasy. He could not help but ask, "Are these jars of the Divine Beast Blood Essence? Did you get them from the auction site?"

"Duh, would you rather have me travel around and find these divine beasts, then kill them one by one? Were you thinking that these divine beasts were some stray dogs and cats on the streets that could be killed with a single stomp?"

Mandela rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, then said, "To get the Divine Beast Blood Essence, I had to use a lot of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid droplets. Furthermore, those sellers at the auction only sold them to me at such a discounted price, because I am the Dominator of Daluo. Anyone else could not have bought them, even with a sufficient amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid droplets."

Hearing this, Mu Chen nodded his head. He naturally understood that the Divine Beast Blood Essence he required was not simple to obtain at all, as even a few of the Divine Beasts among them was ranked quite high in the Beast Record. Hence, the Divine Beast's Blood Essence of this grade was generally considered as being extremely rare, making it understandably expensive. So, collecting any amount of such a treasure was immensely difficult!

Those sellers at the auction only sold the Divine Beasts Blood Essence to Mandela because she was the Earthly Sovereign of this land. If Mu Chen been the one at the auction, he might not have been able to buy a single bit!.

"Thank you very much, Mandela."

Mu Chen thanked her quite sincerely. To complete this mission, he asked Mandela to collect the Divine Beasts' Blood Essence for him. This situation alone was suspiciously similar to blackmailing, since, to some extent, as a citizen of the Daluo Territory, he should be solving problems for Mandela, not putting forward his own conditions to her!

However, Mandela did not seem to mind this at all. Instead, she happily used her energy and fortune to search for the Divine Beast Blood Essence on his behalf. This could be guessed from Mandela's travel-strained appearance and her recent absence. During this absence, she might have gone to every big auction site within the entire North Territory in search of the Divine Beast Blood Essence! Her actions had, without a doubt, made Mu Chen feel quite touched.

Mandela's little face was originally unhappy, due to her constant running around these past few days. However, upon hearing Mu Chen's sincere gratitude, her facial expression became a little unnatural.

In the Daluo Territory, everyone treated her with the utmost respect, due to her identity. Hence, their normal conversations could never be like how Mu Chen treated her. When Mu Chen talked with her, he did not think of her as the Dominator of Daluo Territory, but as a simple friend.

This intimacy made her feel at ease. In fact, maybe it was precisely because of this feeling that she was willing to overlook some of Mu Chen's offenses towards her.

Regardless, Mandela was full of pride, so she obviously would never show any other emotion at this moment. When her small face was properly straightened, she said in a businesslike tone, "As a Dominator, I naturally keep my word. You have helped me get rid of this snake in the grass, Qui Taiyin. These are your rewards for that."

Mu Chen smiled, not intending to argue with the prideful Dominator. He asked, "Then, what happened to the problem regarding Qiu Taiyin?"

Speaking of this, her small face sank a little. "As I expected, Tian Xuan Hall had embedded quite a number of spies in the Daluo Territory. Qiu Taiyin was only one of them. He spilled a list of them to us, so we just had to follow the clues to get rid of these suspicious guys as soon as possible.

Mu Chen just nodded, knowing that he could not interfere this matter. Plus, with Mandela's capability, she should be able to solve this problem perfectly by herself.

Mu Chen looked towards Mandela and asked, "There is still about two months before The Great Hunt. Can you explain The Great Hunt to me? Currently, I am a Daluo Territory citizen, so I would like to have a hand in this if possible."

Although he had heard of The Great Hunt so many times, he still do not understand the specific details of it.

Mandela took a glance at Mu Chen, then stretched her back lazily. Moving to sit next to Mu Chen, she said, "There is actually not much to say. The Great Hunt was just a cruel war of the survival of the fittest. Although the North Territory had a lot of top forces, in actuality, this situation was only like a pack of wolves coexisting, instead of having a tiger to lead groups of beasts."

"And The Great Hunt happened because some wolves wanted to be a tiger?" Mu Chen asked, his eyes lighting up.

"In this world, the thing that most definitely is not lacking is ambition," Mandela said dully. "Only after unifying the North Territory, can one can possibly stand out and then become an overlord in The Great Thousand World."

"This is the unwritten rule of the North Territory. It is unknown when it was handed down. However, once the rule had been made, there was no one who could break it, because anyone that broke the law would automatically be deemed an enemy of all the other forces."

She continued her explanation. "And so, The Great Hunt has been passed down each generation. Yet, even until now, there has still been no appearance of a tiger! However, I do think that a tiger might appear this time."

Mu Chen, who was a little shocked by her last words, stared at Mandela and asked, "Why?"

"Do you know the location of The Great Hunt?" Mandela asked, tilting her head.

Mu Chen was startled a little, then quickly nodded his head, answering, "Meteorfall Battlefield?"

Meteorfall Battlefield was a forbidden land within the North Territory. It was said that, in the Primordial Age, when the tribes of the outer lands were invading The Great Thousand World, they had fought until they reached the edge of the North Territory. It was there, at that place, that an armageddon like war was unleashed upon this supercontinent!

Currently, this Meteorfall Battlefield was one of the locations of that ancient war. At the time, there were countless powerful people that had fallen there. Hence, people later named this place Meteorfall Battlefield. The name signified the cruel sacrifices of the time.

The Meteorfall Battlefield also had quite a loud reputation, which attracted a lot of powerful and wealthy people to swarm into the area. However, among those who tried to treasure hunt among that wealth in the Meteorfall Battlefield, only few made it out alive at the end.

This was because there were too many powerful people fallen in the Meteorfall Battlefield, making the spiritual power there brew violently, like an erupting volcano, which occasionally erupts a Spiritual Energy Windstorm, such that even the Earthly Sovereign grade powerful people feared it very much! Therefore, with more and more treasure hunters going in, without coming back out, the Meteorfall Battlefield had become an infamously bloody and forbidden land.

"Correct, it is the Meteorfall Battlefield." Mandela slowly nodded her head and said, "In ancient times, there were once some Earthly Sovereign grade powerful people that had fallen there, and the ultimate goal of The Great Hunt is connected to these fallen Earthly Sovereigns."

Mu Chen froze.

"Do you know about the Spiritual Deity Liquid?" Mandela asked once again.

Mu Chen, who was stunned, shook his head.

When an Earthly Sovereign powerful person has fallen, his Sovereign Sea will weather as time passes. When his Sovereign Sea has weathered to its end, it will be refined into Spiritual Deity Liquid, making it the last essence of the Earthly Sovereign powerful person." Mandela lightly licked her small lips. As she was speaking about the Spiritual Deity Liquid, her golden eyes had a glimpse of thirst and desire.

"This type of Spiritual Deity Liquid is extremely beneficial to those of us who have reached the Earthly Sovereign grade. However, the Spiritual Energy Windstorm that erupts in the Meteorfall Battlefield is extremely scary. Only at special times will the storm will weaken, and it is in this period of time that The Great Hunt is held."

"The Divine Pavilion has experienced The Great Hunt five times, and they survived the war! Therefore, the Divine Pavilion's ruler can now be considered as the person who has obtained the most Spiritual Deity Liquid among all the the rulers of all the top forces in the North Territory. According to what I know, that guy's level is currently at the peak of Lower Earthly Sovereign grade. He may even have already reached the Upper Earthly Sovereign grade. If he successfully obtains the Spiritual Deity Liquid once again, it is very likely that he will complete his breakthrough to advance to Upper Earthly Sovereign grade. "

She took a deep breath, before continuing. "If not for him, the rulers of Netherworld Palace and other top forces might also have such a possibility…"

With a heavy face, Mandela added, "If anyone had the power of Upper Earthly Sovereign, then almost nobody from the North Territory could stop him. In the future, that said person would become a tiger, thus unifying the North Territory."

"Upper Earthly Sovereign?" Mu Chen frowned, as this level of grade was both distant and unfamiliar to him.

Mandela looked at Mu Chen helplessly, then explained, "Earthly Sovereigns naturally also have the classification of realms. We split them into three realms -- Lower Earthly Sovereign, Upper Earthly Sovereign, and Complete Earthly Sovereign. In these three realms, there is a dreadful distance between each level, Currently, all the rulers of the top forces in the North Territory are at the level of Lower Earthly Sovereign. Once the ruler of the Divine Pavilion completes his breakthrough, with the help of The Great Hunt this time, then it will be very troublesome."

Mu Chen's eyes became dignified. So, this was the world of the Earthly Sovereigns! He just had never thought that, between the realms of the Earthly Sovereigns, there was such an unexpectedly dreadful difference.

From Mandela's words, he could also understood how dangerously attractive was the Spiritual Deity Liquid to Earthly Sovereigns. The source of the cruel war, The Great Hunt, might just be the Spiritual Deity Liquid entirely!

I wonder which level of Earthly Sovereign Luo Li's grandfather is at?

Mu Chen suddenly had this thought, remembering Luo Tianshen, whom he had met at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. However, based on his estimation, Luo Tianshen might just be even a little stronger than Mandela.

"The Great Hunt, this time, might just be the most soul-stirring one in history." Mandela smiled softly.

Lifting up her small face, her large, golden eyes did not show a single sign of fear. Instead, there was only a boiling fighting spirit glowing within them. Then, looking at the sky in the distance, her small lips curled.

"Let us see, who can breakthrough in the Great Hunt this time!"

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