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Within the stone pool, blood red water kept overturning, forming countless tiny Nine-Headed Snakes. Then, they lashed their jaws toward Mu Chen, revealing their extremely offensive natures.

Upon being faced with this reaction from the Nine-Headed Snake Blood Essence, the real dragon real phoenix symbol on Mu Chen's body let out a clear cry of a dragon and a phoenix, as if being provoked. Then, the voice shattered all of the Nine-Headed Snakes into pieces, which were then absorbed into the Dragon-Phoenix symbols.

As the Nine-Headed Snake Blood Essence gushed out continuously, the Dragon-Phoenix symbols on Mu Chen's chest and back seemed to be gradually turning brighter. But, at that very moment, an inexplicable sharp pain broke out inside Mu Chen's body.

The sharp pain caused Mu Chen's face to turn pale instantly. This was due to the Nine-Headed Snake's having rushed into his body, causing destruction inside his body without restraint.

The blood essence from this type of Divine Beast was particularly ruthless and offensive in nature. However, Mu Chen could not forcefully contain it, as it would also affect the activation of the true spirit. If he were to fail, he would not be able to shamelessly ask Mandela to gather it for him again.

"Dang!" Mu Chen could not resist cursing. If this continued, he was afraid that the Nine-Headed Snake Blood Essence would make a mess inside his body. Only at that very moment did he fully understand how tricky it was to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

But, he had just started refining the first Divine Beasts' Blood Essence! If he could not withstand this, how would he be able to bear the torture of the remaining nine Divine Beasts' Blood Essence?

Mu Chen frowned, his gaze sparkling rapidly, as he thought of ways to overcome this obstacle. His gaze continued to shine, as he made a cold smile with the corner of his mouth.

Nine-Headed Snake Blood Essence, you think you are fierce, huh? But, alas, my body has something even fiercer inside it!

Mu Chen slightly closed his eyes. Then, with an intention from his mind, his inner body radiated forth dark golden rays of light. Within his blood vessels, strands of dark golden light swept through. Then, the cries of a dragon and a phoenix resonated within his entire body. This was the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence!

Mu Chen's body absorbed a large amount of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, allowing it to even cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Body! Therefore, his body now also contained a slight presence of a real dragon and a real phoenix.

Although the ranking of this primordial Nine-Headed Snake on the Divine Beast's Record was not considered as being low, it was obviously of a class lower than the sovereign Divine Beasts of a real dragon and a real phoenix, which ranked at the top.

Therefore, when the golden light started spreading out, and the cries of the dragon and phoenix echoed, the Nine-Headed Snake Blood Essence, which was still wreaking havoc in Mu Chen's internal body, reacted, just as if it was up against an overbearing enemy. Wherever the golden rays enveloped, the Nine-Headed Snake Blood Essence immediately dispersed. Finally, under the pursuit of Mu Chen, they are were all absorbed by the Dragon-Phoenix Symbols that were located at his chest and back.

With the help of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, Mu Chen's condition started to improve greatly. He started recovering his focus, allowing him to absorb the Nine-Headed Snake's blood essence with the best of his abilities.

This absorption process continued for as long as four days. Within these four days, Mu Chen was able to faintly sense that there was something slowly reviving within the blood and muscles of his chest and back.

Then, in the evening of the fourth day, the water in the stone pool gradually dried up. When the pool was completely exhausted, Mu Chen flicked his fingers. This time, two bottles broke into pieces at the same time, releasing a few drops of blood essence. It then became a flowing stream of blood water that covered both the stone pool and Mu Chen.

Mu Chen sat at the bottom of the stone pool cross-legged, every inch of his body still. The Dragon-Phoenix symbols at his chest and back were getting brighter. The original symbols started to look alive, as more and more of the Divine Beasts Blood Essence poured out. Then, strands of blood rays slowly intertwined on the surface of Mu Chen's body, covering it bit by bit.

In the following half month, Mu Chen never left the stone pool. As more and more Divine Beast Blood Essence was dropped, the stench of blood formed blood rays that shot up to the sky, causing much turmoil within the Nine Nether Palace.

This turmoil even alarmed Nine Nether, who was in seclusion. She quickly rushed over to the stone pool. After a series of observations, which showed that Mu Chen did not face any sort of accident or danger, she let out a breath of relief, then ordered the region to be sealed off.

This guy is too reckless.

Nine Nether stood outside the stone pool, looking at Mu Chen, who was cultivating at the bottom of the pool. She shook her head helplessly.

With this sort of ruckus, resulting from his cultivation, how could he not have anyone guarding his surroundings? What if something were to happen to him?

Although Nine Nether blamed Mu Chen, she stopped her cultivation temporarily, immediately sitting down with her legs crossed. She was fully prepared to stay here to protect Mu Chen.

When Nine Nether sat down, only then did she realize the extremity of the violent spiritual energy that was contained within the blood water in the stone pool. Her expression changed, revealing the surprise in her beautiful eyes.

What is this guy cultivating that requires so many types of Divine Beast Blood Essence?

Nine Nether's heart trembled a bit, and her expression became more serious. Although the Divine Beasts Blood Essence had the function of strengthening one's body, it was still quite overbearing, making it difficult to be absorbed. Moreover, Mu Chen intended to absorb 10 types of the Divine Beasts Blood Essence simultaneously. Once the types of the Divine Beasts Blood Essence started rejecting each other, then there would definitely be trouble.

However, her worries did not last long, as she could faintly hear the cries of a dragon and phoenix coming from Mu Chen's body. Her heart began to tremble again.

As part of the Nine Netherbird Clan, especially now that she had evolved into the Nine Netherworld Bird, this sort of clan could be considered as a prominent clan, even among the Divine Beasts. Also, within the body of the Nine Netherworld Bird, flows the blood of the Undying Bird.

The Undying Bird could also be categorized under the Phoenix Clan to a certain extent. In fact, it was considered as being the most prominent existence in the Phoenix Clan. But, because it was rarely seen, its reputation did not exceed that of the real phoenix.

Thus, when Nine Nether sensed the pressure of a real phoenix that was contained within Mu Chen's body, her charming face became a little peculiar. This boy's internal body was really not lacking anything!

Nine Nether shook her head helplessly. Then, she temporarily stopped overthinking everything so much, focusing on calming her mind and waiting for Mu Chen to finish his cultivation.

However, this wait lasted for an entire month...

In the inner part of the Nine Nether Palace, the sky and the earth were painted with a scarlet red. Looking at it from afar, it seemed as though there was fire burning in the clouds, displaying an exceptionally spectacular sight.

However, Nine Nether was not presently in the mood to pay attention to this scenery. Instead, she was looking at the stone pool with a frantic gaze, because there were various howling and roaring sounds coming from within it.

The blood pool kept seething. At the bottom of the blood pool, Mu Chen sat with his legs crossed. At this moment, numerous giant blood shadows formed around his body, howling at him crazily.

The blood shadows were actually formed from the Divine Beasts' blood essences that Mu Chen had absorbed and refined. The blood essence contained traces of their individual wills.

At first, Mu Chen was able to suppress them with help from the Dragon-Phoenix Pressure. However, as Mu Chen absorbed more and more Divine Beasts' blood essence, it started to join forces to defy the Dragon-Phoenix Pressure. This was because, the Essences felt that, if they did not resist now, then the remnants of their wills might end up being destroyed, resulting in their being completely absorbed and refined.

It must be noted that the wills of these Divine Beasts Essences were a hassle to deal with. When they united together in going against Mu Chen, even the Dragon-Phoenix Pressure within his body found it difficult to prevail. That was why, at the very end, he could not complete the last stage of his cultivation.

Since I already cultivated up to this stage, how could I let you all ruin my efforts?!

Mu Chen gripped both of his fists tightly, took a deep breath, then steeled his resolve.

Since you all want to thwart me, I will give you the chance!

Once he had this intention, the golden rays of light that were lingering around his body immediately started to disperse. Without the obstruction of the golden rays of light, the 10 light beams of the Divine Beasts immediately howled sinisterly, then plunged into Mu Chen's body. The blood rays immediately spread outwards from Mu Chen's body, before spreading also throughout his whole body.

When Nine Nether saw this scene, her charming face immediately changed. She had figured that absorbing so many Divine Beasts' blood essences would end only in trouble.


While Nine Nether was secretly worried, Mu Chen braced himself. He tried his best to directly activate the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Body and the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence that were hidden within his blood and flesh. 

Majestic dark golden rays of light penetrated through his blood and muscles, mercilessly suppressing the blood light. The two light rays were corroding one another violently within Mu Chen's body.

However, since it was in Mu Chen's body, when Mu Chen thoroughly released his Dragon-Phoenix Body and Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, the blood light that was formed by the 10 divine beasts started to retreat, bit by bit.

Of course, this outcome had directly turned the insides of Mu Chen's body into a battlefield. If it wasn't for the Dragon-phoenix Body that Mu Chen had cultivated, which had increased his toughness, the shockwave produced from the collision would have torn his blood and muscles apart.

Swallow it all!

Mu Chen's face at that moment had a sinister expression on it, due to the great pain he was suffering. But, there was not the slightest hint of hesitation in his gaze. He bellowed loudly in his heart, causing the golden ray to suddenly rush out.

The golden light rushed along majestically, while sounding the intimidating cry of a dragon and a phoenix. Under such impacts, the blood light formed by the 10 Divine Beasts was shattered into pieces.

During that time, all of the blood rays were being absorbed by the Dragon-Phoenix Symbols that were located at Mu Chen's chest and back. Mu Chen's eyes suddenly opened.

He could feel something vibrating in his blood and muscles, directly at his chest and back. Within his blood and muscles, it felt as though something had quietly cracked into pieces, awakening after a long incubation. 


Mu Chen's figure charged out violently, howling towards the sky. The howl sounded like a dragon's and a phoenix's. A big golden ray of light rushed out from his body. It even tore the clouds in the sky apart!

Nine Nether raised her head to look at the figure, which was currently encompassed within the golden light. At that moment, she faintly felt a slight pressure enveloping her. This was not a spiritual energy pressure, but a pressure that would only be naturally released when two Divine Beasts of similar strengths met each other.

She felt as if the current Mu Chen was a Humanoid Divine Beast!

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