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Buzz buzz!

The spiritual energy in the world was fluctuating severely. There was black liquid flowing across the tops of the five crescent moons gathered under Qiu Taiyin's palm, and they were all emitting an extremely shocking corrosive atmosphere.

At this moment, the expressions of the countless strong people in the world turned solemn. They had all felt a trace of murderous intent in Qiu Taiyin's attack. Clearly, he did not plan to waste any more time with Mu Chen but instead planned to use quick means to end this battle which he had deemed as boring.

Nine Nether's and the other lords' complexions were slowly returning to their normal color. Although Qiu Taiyin had clearly just made a breakthrough to Grade Five Sovereign, this level of attack had already reached an extent that would make people take him seriously.


Qiu Taiyin looked at Mu Chen coldly. Soon after, he waved his robe sleeve, and those five black crescent moons immediately vibrated before disappearing into the air. In the next moment, those five crescent moons appeared in the sky directly above Mu Chen, shuttling back and forth quickly like spiritual fish.

Qiu Taiyin sneered at Mu Chen, who was at the top of the Great Solar Undying Body, with the coldness in his eyes surging. Since he wanted to make a move, of course he would want it to be one which would complete destroy Mu Chen's courage. With this thought in mind, he clenched his fist at once.

"The Unity of Five Moons!"

Five dark crescent moons emitting endless chilly air suddenly swept across the sky violently and collided before actually merging. Immediately, the already surprising attack turned even more terrifying, and that empty space was torn open.

There was a change in everyone's expressions as they could all feel Qiu Taiyin's resolute murderous intent.

Mu Chen stood still quietly at the top of the Great Solar Undying Body as his dark eyes looked at that astonishing attack violently shooting towards him. Both of his hands also suddenly folded together, and the seal was changed irregularly with the speed of lightning.


Along with the irregular change of Mu Chen's seal, a golden light immediately radiated out from between the Great Solar Undying Body's brows as well as from its chest area, like the blooming of two golden scorching suns.

The golden light radiated out before surging directly into Mu Chen's body, causing his body to become a brilliant gold.

Nine Sun Super Power, the Power of Two Suns!

It seemed as if a golden light flashed in Mu Chen's dark eyes when the seal changed once again. A low call rang from his heart, Nine Sun Super Power, Heavenly Sun Golden Seal!


An ancient golden light print rapidly formed under Mu Chen's palm. Finally, it turned into a golden streamer and swept across the horizon as it shot out without any hesitation towards the dark beam coming from that torn space.

Even after displaying such a level of Divine Art like the Heavenly Sun Golden Seal, Mu Chen did not stop there because he knew that it would be impossible to block a full-on attack by a Grade Five Sovereign so easily.


Thus, he stomped his foot vigorously, and a power which was as majestic as a dragon whistled from within his body. The shocking cries of a dragon and elephant also suddenly rang out from within Mu Chen's body. At that moment, the whole sky was trembling.

Swish! Swish!

Four light beams suddenly shot out violently from within Mu Chen's body. They rapidly changed into four enormous dragons and elephants. The huge dragons were entrenched, and the huge elephants stepped on the air as they emitted an incomparably violent fluctuation of spiritual energy. 

"Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art!"

Among those were two burning with purple flames, while the other two had the continuously flickering formless lightning. Different spiritual energies of different attributes seemed to be incomparably violent.


When the two dragons and two elephants collided, a violent spiritual energy fluctuation surged open like the tide, and a huge Dragon-Elephant Halo rapidly formed. Finally, it turned into a streamer and shot out.

A Heavenly Sun Golden Seal followed by a Dragon-Elephant Halo were two types of powerful attacks displayed by Mu Chen without reserve. That power and influence had similarly caused countless people to watch with sternness in their hearts. Although Mu Chen had just made a breakthrough to become a Grade Four Sovereign, perhaps even a great amount of people present who were already Grade Four Sovereigns would not have been able to resist that level of attack.

But would it be enough to withstand Qiu Taiyin's killer move?

Countless eyes were watching nervously as Qiu Taiyin's streamer-like attack finally tore open the space on the horizon. It was like a stony meteorite flying across the horizon as it collided ferociously with Mu Chen's attacks.


When they collided, a terrifying spiritual energy storm instantly carried everything away. The continuous spiritual energy attacks were like lofty billows raging wildly. The overwhelming sound of crashes rang out in the space. 

The dark light and the golden light each occupied half of the horizon as they crazily attacked each other with corrosive power.

Qiu Taiyin watched the collision of those two shocking powers with an indifferent expression. Soon after, the chilly color in his eyes became increasingly rich as he said with a cold voice, "Crush it!"


The giant crescent moon formed by the five black crescent moons jolted violently, and the chilly force surged monstrously. With a swish, the space tore apart, and that golden light print was crushed.

After that giant black crescent moon peremptorily tore through that golden light print, it did not show any sign of stopping and rushed towards the Dragon-Phoenix Halo sweeping over. Both parties crossed each other.

The Dragon-Phoenix Halo burst and turned into light spots before dissipating. But at the same time, that black crescent moon also turned particularly dim, and there were even cracks emerging on it.

"My remaining power will be enough to get rid of you." Qiu Taiyin sneered. Although he had used a lot of spiritual energy defending Mu Chen's attacks, his remaining power was enough.

At the top of the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen's dark eyes glanced at the crescent moon violently shooting over toward him. However, he did a shocking move whereby he did not show any sign of wanting to evade it. Instead, with a stomp of his foot, he rushed up into the sky and actually rushed towards that crescent moon!


Sounds of surprise immediately resounded through the surroundings of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform.

"You are courting death!" The cold ray of light in Qiu Taiyin's eyes was surging.


A bright light erupted from within Mu Chen's body. On the surface of his body, it was as if the huge shadows of a dragon and a phoenix had emerged, and then in a flash, golden armor appeared on the surface of his body.

He punched out his fist with a rumble, and the golden light surged. Immediately, that fist ruthlessly struck the black crescent moon which was emitting a shocking, chilly force.

A violent spiritual energy shockwave raged out.

Mu Chen was so shaken that he was immediately shot backwards.

However, while he was flying backwards, everyone saw that cracks were quickly spreading out on the black crescent moon where Mu Chen had punched. Finally, with a boom it completely exploded and shattered before turning into a sky full of dark light spots. 

That full-on attack by Qiu Taiyin was still ultimately repelled by Mu Chen!

As Mu Chen's silhouette shot backwards, the Great Solar Undying Body extended its huge hand and took hold of him. That terrifying brisance even made cracks appear on the Great Solar Undying Body's huge hand.

Mu Chen landed in the Great Solar Undying Body's hand before his golden armor dissipated. Everyone saw that there was blood on his palm flowing down along the area between his fingers.

Mu Chen only took a glimpse at the blood on his palm. It felt numb. If he had not possessed the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor and the Dragon-Phoenix Body, perhaps that crescent moon would've instantly torn through his body.

One certainly should not underestimate the full-on attack of a Grade Five Sovereign. Even if that type of attack had made him use a majority of his power, it was still enough to kill and behead a Grade Four Sovereign.

However, Qiu Taiyin had also clearly underestimated Mu Chen's abilities.

At the same time, everyone in the world could not help but to let out an uproar. It was assumed that many people were amazed by the fact that Mu Chen had only paid the price of minor injuries in order to stop Qiu Taiyin's full-on attack.

Similarly, Qiu Taiyin was watching the scene with a cold expression. He looked over at Mu Chen, whose expression remained calm to the point that no turmoil could be seen, yet the anger in Qiu Taiyin's heart was gradually getting more and more dense. 

Mu Chen's actions that had caused him to accidentally slip up again and again had clearly caused him to lose face very badly.

But after feeling surprised and angry, Qiu Taiyin also began to truly treat Mu Chen as an opponent. He knew that if he continued to hold onto his initial mentality of contempt, perhaps today he would be failing miserably at an easy task. And this point was something that he absolutely could not tolerate.


Qiu Taiyin sucked in a mouthful of cold air, and the anger in depths of his eyes was beginning to converge before being replaced by dense coldness.

When Mu Chen saw Qiu Taiyin's change, he furrowed his brows. Clearly it would be more difficult to deal with Qiu Taiyin in this state.

Qiu Taiyin looked at Mu Chen coldly. Then with a stomp of his feet, a black weapon like the full moon congealed on the huge hand of that Lunar Celestial Body. An extremely sharp cold air was revealed on that moon blade's edge.


The Lunar Celestial Body shot out violently while carrying along that cold air, which seemed to be all over the sky as it directly began to unfold its most rabid attack towards Mu Chen. The Qiu Taiyin merged his own spiritual energy with the Lunar Celestial Body. The attack launched by both parties at the same time seemed as though it could cause the earth to shatter with mere gestures.

When Mu Chen saw this, he changed his seal as well. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared in a flash, and the Great Solar Undying Body held it with its huge hands before sweeping out violently.


Two huge shadows collided and crossed swords while high up in the sky. Instantly, the wind and clouds in the world surged, and the wild wind whistled. Even the clouds higher in the sky were torn to shreds. It was clear to see how intense the crossing of swords between those two parties was.

Everyone looked at those colliding Sovereign Celestial Bodies with a solemn expression.

"Elder Sister Nine Nether, Mu Chen doesn't seem to be looking so good," Tang Bing couldn't help but say as she and the rest looked at the sky. Clearly, the Lunar Celestial Body was gaining the upper hand in the conflict between those two huge shadows.

Nine Nether also nodded her beautiful head solemnly. After all, Qiu Taiyin was not someone who could be easily dealt with. After experiencing repeated slipups due to his initial underestimation of Mu Chen, he had already straightened out his attitude.

He did not continue to compare means with Mu Chen, but instead chose the combat mode which was most advantageous to him, which was to converge the powers of his own body and the Sovereign Celestial Body.

He possessed the capabilities of a Grade Five Sovereign. In terms of the brutality and power of spiritual energy as well as persistence, he was far stronger than Mu Chen!

Thus, if they continued to fight this way, Mu Chen would definitely be defeated in the end.

Clearly it was not only Nine Nether who saw this, as the other princes were also secretly shaking their heads. The tempo of this battle was already under Qiu Taiyin's control. If it weren't for the fact that the Sovereign Celestial Body cultivated by Mu Chen was unusual, perhaps he would have been defeated already. Even so, he had only extended the time before his defeat.

At this moment on the golden throne, Mandala had also knit her brows. Could it be that even Mu Chen was unable to stop Qiu Taiyin from being bestowed a lordship?

As everyone in the world watched, Mu Chen, who was standing at the top of the Great Solar Undying Body, raised his head to look at the Lunar Celestial Body's sharp attack. At the top of the Lunar Celestial Body, Qiu Taiyin directed a densely cold smile at him.

Clearly, anyone could see how disadvantaged Mu Chen was.

Mu Chen lightly sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Then as everyone watched, he slowly closed his eyes, and his body sank bit by bit into the Great Solar Undying Body.

If you want to get rid of me this way, I'm afraid it will not be as easy as you think...

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