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Within the ice prison that was molded out of black ice, a dark cold air was seething. That sort of chilly sensation was enough to freeze the spiritual energy within a human body. At this moment, Mu Chen stood still and silent in the prison, with his palms folded together.

As he stood, the convulsive sounds, similar to a buzzing, were beginning to ring from within his body. Then, a majestic spiritual energy whizzed out like a flood, permeating throughout all the limbs and bones of his body.

The spiritual energy was rippling all over his body, while simultaneously beginning to swell at a surprising speed. Then, it began to overlay upon itself, as if the layers were also surging, causing it to begin to sweep over towards that even stronger level.

Mu Chen had received many lucky chances during the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. In this time period, the spiritual energy in his body had already progressively achieved the peak level of a Grade Three Sovereign.

However, Mu Chen did not make a breakthrough at that time, because he knew that his body was making progress much too quickly. Sometimes, when progress is too swift or violent, it would result in an unstable foundation for the process.

Thus, even though he had refined a great amount of Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, he still did not attempt to make a breakthrough to a Grade Four Sovereign. He also knew that the moment he completed his breakthrough, the Prince of Netherworld would no longer go easy on him, at least not like he did when they confronted each other before.

Thus, Mu Chen had to be patient until his return to the Daluo Territory. It was only through that seclusion, which had lasted for almost half a month, that Mu Chen was able to completely take control over his ever-increasing power, which he had further developed during the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Hence, the current spiritual energy within Mu Chen has almost reached a state of overflow.

Currently, he only needed to move the spiritual energy in his body slightly to cause the flood-like spiritual energy to automatically overflow. Then, naturally, he would be able to complete his breakthrough.

At this time, around the Title Bestowing Platform, countless eyes were fixated on that ice prison. Among those eyes, quite a number of people were shaking their heads in pity.

Clearly, they thought that Mu Chen had failed. After all, the majestic spiritual energy of a Grade Five Sovereign was certainly not something a mere Grade Three Sovereign could match.

"Elder Sister Nine Nether, Mu Chen, he…" Tang Bing couldn't help but mutter, while she and the rest also wore worried expressions on their faces.

Nine Nether's brows were slightly knit, as she stared at that ice prison. According to her keen perception, she could faintly perceive a slightly abnormal fluctuation coming from within. Thus, she did not make a sound.

On that golden throne, Mandela's golden eyes had also flickered slightly. Soon after this, she curved up her small rosy lips, thinking of Mu Chen.

This fellow does have quite impressive skills...

"This boring battle should be over by now."

Qiu Taiyin was also smiling indifferently, right before everyone's eyes. To him, the difference between the capabilities of him and Mu Chen were just too big. Indeed, he had quite a number of surprising tricks, but unfortunately, this could not fill the gap between him and a Grade Five Sovereign.

But, to be able to crush this young talent, whose fame had recently spread throughout the whole North Territory, still brought Qiu Taiyin much pleasure and peace of mind. Qiu Taiyin sneered mentally, then extended his palm from afar, aiming it towards that black ice prison, before abruptly clenching his fist.


Just when Qiu Taiyin clenched his fist and was prepared to destroy that ice prison, a majestic blazing spiritual energy erupted like a volcano! A purple flame was combusting, along with formless lightning, all within that powerful spiritual energy.

Both the purple flame and the lightning were unbending, celestial, and incomparably violent. With this one rush, the ice prison instantly evaporated, until there were no traces of it left. 

"What?" At this moment, Qiu Taiyin's expression changed abruptly.

The countless strong people were also looking at this scene with consternation. Then, the huge spiritual energy light beam shot up to the sky! Soon after this, it shrunk at a rapid pace, before finally dissipating completely. After the light beam dissipated, a slender and young shadow appeared in the sky.


Everyone's gazes were thrown in that direction. It was Mu Chen, still having his same long black hair and black hole-like eyes, which could make one's heart palpitate. But, the fluctuation of Mu Chen's rippling spiritual energy was clearly much stronger than it had been before!

This type of spiritual energy's powerful enhancement instantly caused countless people to exclaim aloud, "He actually made a breakthrough?!"

The people's faces were filled with stunned expressions, before they started to shortly wonder out loud, uncontrollably. No one thought that Mu Chen would actually make a breakthrough at such a critical moment. This fellow was truly incomparable with ordinary people, as he had achieved such an accomplishment in only the short span of one year!

"But, even if he had completed his breakthrough, he is still just a Grade Four Sovereign. There is still a huge gap between him and Qiu Taiyin."

There were also some strong people who said such things, while shaking their heads. Clearly, they did not think that, just because Mu Chen had completed his breakthrough this time, he would be able to contend with Qiu Taiyin. After all, this breakthrough had only decreased the gap between him and Qiu Taiyin, not bridged it entirely. 

Some strong people also nodded in agreement. There was indeed still a gap between a Grade Four Sovereign and a Grade Five Sovereign.

As the sound of whispers filled the air, Qiu Taiyin looked at Mu Chen, who was standing high up in the sky and wearing a slightly gloomy expression. Clearly, this scene was beyond his expectations.

"Commander Mu Chen is really a young person with outstanding abilities, as he was able to make a breakthrough at such a dangerous moment!" Qiu Taiyin smiled lightly and said, "But, even if one managed to make a breakthrough to become a Grade Four Sovereign, there might still be no point for it. Thus, I would suggest that this battle end here. Otherwise, if we continue, I'm afraid I will not be able to stop." 

When Mu Chen heard this, he had to ask, "Then, who will be the winner?"

Qiu Taiyin's expression was gradually turning ice-cold. His lips curved up into a cynical smile, while he said indifferently, "Since Commander Mu Chen really wants to compete and see who is the best, then it looks like I can only accompany you." 

At the end of his sentence, a murderous intent swept across the depths of his eyes. What he had said earlier was exactly what he thought. However, who would've expected for this fellow to actually be so ignorant as to ask this sort of question in reply.

With a sudden clench of his dry and thin fingers, his sleeve robe waved. Immediately, the dark spiritual energy swept out overwhelmingly, before directly turning into a huge dark sword. With a swish, it ripped through the void and was directly cut down by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's eyes, which were as dark as a black hole, flickered slightly. He did not dodge the attack, but instead, he suddenly folded his palms together. Immediately, that majestic spiritual energy, which was burning with purple flames and had the flickering Netherworld Thunder Heart, merged together. It then turned into a spiritual energy ribbon, which swept out, before colliding with the huge dark sword.


The two collided! But, this time, Qiu Taiyin's attack did not help him achieve the similar victory that he had obtained earlier with such incredible ease. Instead, it was only after a short moment of deadlock, that the spiritual energy ribbon was cut off. Before that spiritual energy ribbon could be cut off, however, a crack emerged from that same huge dark sword.

Clearly, after advancing to a Grade Four Sovereign, just with the spiritual energy alone, which has been merged with the imperishable flame and the Netherworld Thunder Heart, was enough for Mu Chen to not be too far behind Qiu Taiyin's capabilities during their confrontation.

At least it was no longer possible for Qiu Taiyin to be like before, whereby he could rely solely on his spiritual energy to suppress Mu Chen. Clearly, Qiu Taiyin had also become aware of this sort of situation. Thus, his face which was slightly chilly and turning more gloomy by the second.

Mu Chen retained a calm expression. After entering into the Small Heart Demon State, he was clearly in a state of absolute calmness, which just happened to be the most perfect combat state. Under this type of state, his combat force also had an extreme increase, for he could use every single spiritual energy within his body to the extreme, without a shred of it being consumed pointlessly. 

"Commander Mu Chen truly has some good skills. Today, I want to know exactly how many tricks do you still have up your sleeve?!" Qiu Taiyin's expression was cold. Soon after he said this, he stamped his sole. Immediately, a majestic spiritual energy rushed up to the sky, before an enormous huge dark shadow appeared in a flash, a chilly energy monstrously surging in its wake.

That is the Lunar Celestial Body!

Clearly, the current Qiu Taiyin already understood that, if he wanted to really get rid of Mu Chen, then he could not just rely on the pressure of his spiritual energy. Thus, he had to display his true means as well. He also wanted to let Mu Chen know that, even if he made a breakthrough and became a Grade Four Sovereign, it was still impossible to change the ending of this battle.

Qiu Taiyin appeared at the top of the Lunar Celestial Body. He stared at Mu Chen with a sharp look in his eyes. Soon after this, he extended his pale and skinny fingers. At the tip of his finger, a dark spiritual energy gathered wildly. Then, a black crescent moon, which was emitting a chilly air, appeared once again.

When everyone saw this, their eyes froze. Previously, Qin Zhong was defeated by Qiu Taiyin, when he used this move. Thus, everyone was very clear about the power of this black crescent moon!

Mu Chen's black eyes fluctuated. Then, with a wave of his sleeved robe, a bright golden light swept out from under his feet. Finally, it turned into a huge golden shadow. If looking carefully, one could also see that a golden scorching sun was suspended behind the head of that huge shadow.

The moment the Great Solar Undying Body was called out, it caused the spiritual energy in this world to shake violently, as a golden light permeated the air throughout the world. Even with the wreath of that Lunar Celestial Body's chilly air, it was still unable to erode the area with the golden light.

Everyone could see how impressive Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body was. Even if it was confronting a Sovereign Celestial Body that had been cultivated by a Grade Five Sovereign, its vulnerability still could not be seen.


When Qiu Taiyin saw the Great Solar Undying Body beneath Mu Chen's feet, his expression froze as well. Clearly, he had become too casual and used to this Sovereign Celestial Body. However, he only gave a cold snort mentally.

Even if the Sovereign Celestial Body that was cultivated by Mu Chen was unusual, no matter how impressive a Sovereign Celestial Body was, it would still require the support of one's own spiritual energy. Also, even if a Grade Nine Sovereign had merely cultivated an unpopular Sovereign Celestial Body, it would still be more powerful than the top 10 Sovereign Celestial Body that were cultivated by a Grade One Sovereign.

"Since you're so confident…"

The corner of Qiu Taiyin's lips curved up in a cold smile. He slowly spread out his palms, immediately causing an overwhelming dark spiritual energy to whiz out from that Lunar Celestial Body, before finally gathering under Qiu Taiyin's palm.

Upon seeing this, the onlookers were taken by surprise, their exclamations resounding throughout the world. They had just realized that what they saw were five black crescent moons, appearing one after another, under Qiu Taiyin's palm!

Previously, even just one black crescent moon was enough to make it difficult for Qin Zhong to resist. Now that five moons had come out together, even if Mu Chen had stepped into a Grade Four Sovereign level, that kind of power may still be impossible to contend with! 

This Qiu Taiyin really did not plan on giving Mu Chen any chance!

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