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The incomparably violent spiritual energy raged within the heavens and the earth like a storm. The two figures crashed into each other fiercely in the skies. The Sharp Moon Wheel and the Demonic Pillar smashed into each other, causing the spiritual energy shockwave to explode forth and shaking the space intensely.

When the two clashed violently, Mu Chen's figure dove into the Great Solar Undying Body. He was obviously relying on the Great Undying Body's protection in order to evade the brunt of Qiu Taiying's attack.

"You think you can just hide within your Sovereign Celestial Body, like a turtle in its shell?" Qiu Taiying jeered at Mu Chen.

The frustration from being blocked by Mu Chen several times not long ago had now dissipated. It was replaced, instead, by an intense euphoria. As everyone could tell that Qiu Taiying had the absolute upper hand, it seemed like his victory had already been determined.

Qiu Taiying wore a sinister smile on his face, the spiritual energy within his body erupting like a volcano. In that instant, the eerie and cold aura surrounding the Lunar Celestial Body became even more sinister. Its attacks towards the Great Solar Undying Body grew fiercer as well.

Under the brutal barrage of Qiu Taiying's attacks, the golden light on the Great Solar Undying Body began to bend disorderly. It was clearly evident that even the Great Solar Undying Body could not ignore the combined siege of Qiu Taiying and the Lunar Celestial Body.

Every powerful individual between the heavens and the earth looked on apologetically, as the Great Solar Undying Body gradually retreated. However, not a single scoff or taunt was heard.

Everyone understood clearly that Mu Chen's having cornered Qiu Taiying into fighting conservatively, only relying on his newly attained Grade Four Sovereign powers after his breakthrough, was already a surprising feat. After all, even Qin Zhong, who was halfway into Grade Five Sovereign, could not force Qiu Taiying into fighting so seriously.

As they looked on, all of the powerful individuals present slightly frowned. They looked at the retreating Great Solar Undying Body with doubt in their eyes.

With their exceptional intuitions, they could tell that the immense spiritual energy surrounding the Great Solar Undying Body seemed to be steadily diminishing. It felt almost as if Mu Chen's spiritual energy was also starting to fade, rendering it unable to continue supporting his Sovereign Celestial Body.

Many would say that this was caused by Qiu Taiying's strong attacks. However, these powerful individuals did not think so, as they understood Mu Chen's capabilities clearly. While this fella was young, his unpredictable moves had even warranted caution from many who were much stronger than him. This was why they were slightly puzzled at Mu Chen's sudden withdrawal.

Between the heavens and the earth, only Mandela, who was seated on the golden throne, and the Condor King, along with the other two of the Three Kings, were staring at the Great Solar Undying Body. They were astonished, as they gazed at its shining eyes, with the golden light surrounding it waning.

As the light from the Great Solar Undying Body dimmed, they felt a strange fluctuation. However, the fluctuation was overshadowed by the immense spiritual energy that was emanating from the Great Solar Undying Body. Hence, they were unable to sense it accurately at that moment.

Yet one thing was certain... Mu Chen was not retreating in defeat, as everyone was thinking. Instead, he must be plotting something in secret.

This discovery had piqued the curiosity of Mandela and the Three Kings. They were eager to know how Mu Chen would turn this difficult situation around.

Under the innumerable gazes between the heavens and the earth, the spiritual energy fluctuation grew fiercer. It was obvious that Qiu Taiying was worried that the battle would drag on for too long. This concern was why he had intensified his offense. As fast as lighting, Sharp Moon Wheels slashed at the Great Solar Undying Body, causing cracks to appear all over the golden figure.

"This battle should end now!"

Qiu Taiying, who was now upon the head of Lunar Celestial Body, focused his cold stare on the dimming golden shine of the Great Undying Body. In the depths of his eyes, a streak of killing intent shimmered.

Then, he immediately formed a seal with both hands. The spiritual energy within his body gushed into the Lunar Celestial Body like a tide.


A dark light pulsed around the Lunar Celestial Body, as if it was a physical material. Then, the Lunar Celestial Body immediately let out a dull growl, as dark spiritual energy gathered spontaneously on its giant fists, forming an enormous knuckle of black ice.

"Lunar Fist!"

With a loud shout from Qiu Taiying, the fist of black ice pierced the void. As it did so, the wind blast from the fist froze the air into layers of black ice. The dark and chilling powers were terrifying!

This punch of Qiu Taiying's had almost drawn the very extent of a Grade Five Sovereign's power. Coupled with the Lunar Celestial Body, its force could shatter the firmament of heaven itself! In fact, with just one look, countless powerful individuals sensed the ferocity of this punch.

Facing such a fierce attack, Mu Chen could only look on, watching as the fist of black ice penetrated the empty space, then rammed itself into the Great Solar Undying Body at the speed of lightning.


At the moment of collision, the surrounding space shuddered. Also, a terrifying spiritual energy was fiercely released from the icy fist. Everyone could see black cracks growing on the surface of the Great Solar Undying Body, rapidly covering its entirety.

It's over.

The countless powerful individuals gave out a collective sigh. After taking such an astonishing hit from Qiu Taiying, Mu Chen could not even maintain his sovereign celestial body. Having lost his sovereign celestial body, Mu Chen could not possibly go against Qiu Taiying in this condition.

Thus, the result of this battle was clear...


The cracks multiplied on the huge body of the Great Solar Undying Body. Then, golden light was shone through the cracks, before shooting out in a dazzling explosion. Suddenly, with a loud bang, the celestial body was blown into smithereens! 

Standing on top of the Lunar Celestial Body, Qiu Taiying stared intently at the blinding gold light. His lips could not help but curl into an icy smile. Surely Mu Chen, with his sovereign celestial body now obilerated, could not manage a comeback, even if he had godly powers!

As Qiu Taiying also came to this realization, his own thoughts started to run wild. I will have the last laugh in this battle. The seat of the 10th Lord in Daluo Territory will remain mine, Qiu Taiying's!


As he thought of these things, even the usually calm and calculating Qiu Taiying could not stop himself from laughing. As his laughter became louder, his high-spirits could be felt by everyone.

No one dared rebuke him as he was reveling in his triumph, for they knew that he would soon be the 10th Lord of the Daluo Territory. At that time, there would only be four persons greater than him in the entire Daluo Territory. Finally, he would then be considered a true winner!

A blinding golden light filled the heavens and the earth. While Qiu Taiying was indulging in his own laughter, the lords looked at the golden light intently. Surprise was written all over their faces.

On the golden throne, Mandela's big eyes shone brightly. The Three Kings were slightly stupefied as well. At that very moment, a calm voice resonated throughout the heavens and the earth.

"Isn't it too soon for celebration?"

It was not a loud voice, but it rendered the entire plaza filled completely silent. Then, after the pause, a series of gasps and shouts exploded.

Mu Chen was not yet defeated?!

Disbelief was practically oozing from the eyes of the countless powerful individuals. Qiu Taiying's loud laughter was cut short at that moment. He looked at the ground, which was now permeating with golden light, with a sullen face, then said in a solemn tone, "You dare talk back at this moment? Do you think I won't kill you?!"

A surge of killing intent swirled in Qiu Taiying's eyes.Then, with a swift wave of his sleeves, he sent a devastating hurricane sweeping forth. It completely cleared away the golden light that had previously permeated the heavens and the earth.

As the golden light dissipated, the situation was laid bare for all to see. The uproar was immediately silenced, and many could not help but drop their jaws slightly.


Qiu Taiying's pupils immediately shrank. As he looked forward, he saw a pale Mu Chen standing on air in the sky. Four enormous black lotuses floated by quietly, surrounding Mu Chen.

The four black lotuses seemed to be devoid of any spiritual energy fluctuation. However, they did have countless ancient and obscure runic symbols carved on their petals. The runes shimmered and glittered, a horrifying wave spreading out from them. 

"Is that a spiritual array?!"

Lord Asura and the others let out gasps of disbelief. The four black lotuses seemed extremely calm, but they could feel the strange spiritual energy fluctuation.

It was a fluctuation belonging to a spiritual array. And, it was a rather high level spiritual array at that! This was known because the four black lotuses' hearts were even palpitating with fear.


Sharp gasps could be heard all over the heavens and the earth. All of the powerful individuals were extremely shocked by Mu Chen's surprise comeback.

No one would have imagined that Mu Chen not only had alarming capabilities, but was also an adept Spiritual Array Master! Now, it was clear that Mu Chen hid in his Sovereign Celestial Body not from cowardice, but so that he could silently lay out his spiritual array under the cover of his Sovereign Celestial Body!

"This spiritual array, consisting of four black lotuses, is nothing ordinary! Such an advanced spiritual array could only be arranged by a Earth Grade Spiritual Array Master!" a trembling voice said.

Not even Grade Five Sovereigns would dare to face the sharp edge of a spiritual array that had been laid out by a Earth Grade Spiritual Array Master!


With a darkened face, Qiu Taiying roared in anger. He had not expected this twist to happen in this fight. After all, he had thought his victory was already in the bag!

"I don't believe that you are an Earth Grade Spiritual Array Grandmaster, so your facade will not scare me!" Qiu Taiying bellowed harshly, his face twisting.

Mu Chen, with his pale face, calmly looked on as Qiu Taiying's face continued to tighten. Without another word, Mu Chen raised his slender finger, then lightly tapped downward on the air. A soft sound resonated within his heart.

Perfect Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, activate!

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