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"Mu Chen of Nine Nether Palace has come to seek advice from Clan Leader Qiu."

When that young and clear voice rang out from the Platform for Bestowing Lordship, the originally silent surroundings could not help but break out in an uproar. Quite a number of people were looking at that slender shadow in surprise. Clearly, they did not think that Mu Chen would still have the courage to go on stage after witnessing Qiu Taiyin's doughty capabilities.

"This Mu Chen is actually rather brave. It is a rare trait. No wonder he has so many achievements at such a young age…"

"But he is still too young. There is no need for him to make himself known now, for he will lose face if he is defeated later on."

"It is only normal for him to be defeated. Consider how old he is, then consider how old Qiu Taiyin is. Give him a few years' time, and perhaps Qiu Taiyin will not even have the qualifications to fight him."

"Who can say what will happen in the future…"


The sound of whispers began to spread from below the stage. Some people admired Mu Chen's bravery, whereas some felt that Mu Chen was too reckless and could not control his temper. For a moment, the area was rather lively due to the divergence of public opinions.

In the midst of all that clamor, Qiu Taiyin was also looking indifferently at Mu Chen, who was on the upper platform of the Platform for Bestowing Lordship. Soon after, a smile appeared on those thin lips. However, the appearance of that smile on his face seemed somehow false.

"Commander Mu Chen is actually rather courageous."

Mu Chen smiled faintly. He was not afraid of Qiu Taiyin's sharp gaze. He said, "If I didn't possess such courage, perhaps I would not have been able to reach this point."

Qiu Taiyin was noncommittal. He looked at Mu Chen in a calm manner with his hands tucked into his sleeves. If they were to be compared in terms of status within Daluo Territory, then Mu Chen and Qiu Taiyin would be considered equal. But when Qiu Taiyin displayed this attitude, he was just like a senior. Clearly in his heart, he did not consider Mu Chen to be on the same level as he was.

"Since Commander Mu Chen is so courageous, of course I will help him achieve his aim. But fists and legs are without eyes, so when the time comes, I will not be courteous," Qiu Taiyin said slowly.

Mu Chen smiled, but he did not continue to pay attention to him. Instead, he turned and walked towards the heavily injured Qin Zhong. Qin Zhong was covered in blood, and a cold blackness was continuously emerging from the surface of his body. This was due to the incursion of Qiu Taiyin's chilly spiritual energy.

When he became aware of Mu Chen's presence nearby, a bitter smile appeared on Qin Zhong's pale face. But before he could speak, Mu Chen placed his palm lightly on his chest.


Qin Zhong was startled. Then, he could feel Mu Chen's spiritual energy surging into his body, attempting to help him expel that chilly spiritual energy. This caused a slight change in his facial expression before he promptly said, "Stop it. This chilly spiritual energy is extremely overbearing. It'll be troublesome if it penetrates your body." 

Qiu Taiyin was also looking at this scene with a smile on his face. The center of his spiritual energy had merged with a Lunar Crystal, and that was why the center of his spiritual energy contained the chilly spiritual energy. Even for a strong person of a similar level, it would be rather troublesome to expel it once the chilly spiritual energy penetrated within. With Mu Chen's capabilities as a Grade Three Sovereign, the moment he was infused with the energy, his basic combat powers would all be lost.

Thus, when he saw that Mu Chen actually wanted to help Qin Zhong expel the chilly spiritual energy from his body, he could not help but to allow his lips to curl into a cynical smile before murmuring, "What a people pleaser who has an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities…"

When Mu Chen heard Qiu Taiyin, he directed a smile at him. Soon after, a purple flame suddenly surged on his palm before he finally beat it into Qin Zhong's body with a clap.


White smoke began to rapidly rise from the top of Qin Zhong's head. Then he noticed with surprise that the chilly spiritual energy within his body was currently disappearing at a rapid pace.

"This is… the Unperishable Flame?" Qin Zhong was slightly shocked as he looked at Mu Chen. It turned out the center of Mu Chen's spiritual energy had once merged with the Unperishable Flame. No wonder he was not in the slightest bit afraid of Qiu Taiyin's chilly spiritual energy.

Mu Chen nodded and retracted his hand before retreating.

At that moment, a commotion was beginning to spread around the Platform for Bestowing Lordship. The looks which were directed at Mu Chen were especially bizarre. Although this youngster only had the capabilities of a Grade Three Sovereign, the tricks he had used were rather amazing.

"Thank you."

Qin Zhong stood up slowly and directed an appreciative nod at Mu Chen. Soon after, he looked at Qiu Taiyin, who had a grim expression on his face, and said, "You should be careful. He's hard to tackle."

Mu Chen nodded slightly. He was fully aware how difficult it was to deal with Qiu Taiyin. If they were to truly discuss him, perhaps even the Prince of Netherworld could not beat him. It wouldn't be easy for him to win today.

But no matter how difficult it was, he could not turn back because Qin Zhong had failed. If he were to give up, then Qiu Taiyin would win the position of the tenth lord and it would mean that he had failed at his task. And if he failed, his ten types of Divine Beast Blood Essence would also come to nothing, and it would be more troublesome for him to cultivate that Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

This would lead to an obstruction in his path of becoming stronger.

Thus, he had to be involved in this situation.

When Qin Zhong saw Mu Chen's determined expression, he did not continue to speak but instead gave him a light pat on the shoulder before sweeping down from the Platform for Bestowing Lordship.

"Commander Mu Chen actually does have some tricks. No wonder you could mix with the people in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift in such a prosperous manner," Qiu Taiyin said as he glanced at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled. A light was flickering slightly in his black eyes as he stared at Qiu Taiyin.

"Although I want to cherish such an excellent youngster like you, I have never shown mercy to my opponents. Since you stand here, you must pay the price for your actions."

The expression in Qiu Taiyin's eyes was cold as he locked onto Mu Chen. Soon after, he slowly extended a finger and gave a tap towards Mu Chen from afar. "On the Platform for Bestowing Lordship, no matter if you live or die, no one will save you."


At the end of Qiu Taiyin's sentence, the majestic spiritual energy of a Grade Five Sovereign erupted from his body like a storm. That type of powerful coercion was like a monstrous wave as it began to envelop Mu Chen.

If he were a normal Grade Three Sovereign, then perhaps his combat power would have immediately disappeared due to this type of coercion. But there was still no sign of fear in Mu Chen's eyes.

Mu Chen closed his eyes slightly. Soon after, his black hair began to grow rapidly and became quite long as it hung loosely down. The moment he opened his eyes, they had turned a strange color, similar to a black hole.

Small Heart Demon State!

Mu Chen suddenly clenched his fists tightly, then the spiritual energy which was burning with purple flames and the spiritual energy which had flickering formless lightning appeared respectively on each of his palms at the same time. Those two spiritual energies, which were merged with differently attributed powers, were perfectly integrated when they entered into the hands of Mu Chen, who was in the Small Heart Demon State.

The coercion which had been enveloping him instantly disappeared until not a single trace was left.

Mu Chen's eyes were like black holes as they stared at Qiu Taiyin without any sign of happiness or sorrow. Entering into this sort of state, Mu Chen was definitely calm, sensible, and his heart would not waver in the slightest bit due to any external disruption.

Qiu Taiyin furrowed his brows after being stared at by Mu Chen's strange dark eyes. Although his capabilities were far better than Mu Chen's, he couldn't help but raise his guard. According to his extensive combat experience, he could feel that Mu Chen in this state seemed to be slightly eccentric. 

Grade Three Sovereign. Even if I forgive you, you can never create a big disturbance ever again. Qiu Taiyin sneered mentally. Soon after, without any further hesitation, he flicked his finger, and a spiritual energy ribbon swept out. Like a black python, it swept over to Mu Chen while a chilly energy permeated the area within that dark spiritual energy.

Mu Chen violently retreated. At the same time, he clapped out his left palm, and the ribbon of spiritual energy burning with purple flames clashed violently with the ribbon of dark spiritual energy. Meanwhile, he clenched his right fist in Qiu Taiyin's direction, and a formless lightning flickered in the gaps between his fingers.

Qiu Taiyin glanced at Mu Chen's right palm, and the expression in his eyes froze slightly. Before he could respond, the wailing roar of thunder could suddenly be heard from deep within his soul. 


The sound of the roaring thunder was like an explosion. Qiu Taiyin's body jolted vigorously and at that moment, the spiritual energy in his body was actually beginning to shake.


At that moment, Mu Chen's stature had fully exploded and had actually directly crossed over that collision of spiritual energy ribbons. With the clench of his fist, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared in a flash, and he immediately smashed it down ruthlessly on Qiu Taiyin. 

The cold rays in Qiu Taiyin's eyes were flickering. His body jolted, and his spiritual energy began to agitate before breaking out in a soundwave that actually repressed the lightning roar within his body at a rapid pace. Soon after, he turned his hand over and clapped out with a cold expression.


Qiu Taiyin's dark palm slapped heavily onto the top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar whizzing downwards. While the space was shaking, the earth beneath his feet was crushed, but that huge Great Meru Demonic Pillar had been directly blown off by his slap. Mu Chen's stature was also so shaken that he was shot backwards. 

Mu Chen's soles smeared a long trace on the ground, but his handsome face was expressionless. 

"Although your capabilities are not very strong, you have quite a number of strange tricks. Looks like the only reason why you can stand out from your peers is because you rely on those tricks. But I have to tell you, that in front of someone who is far more capable than you, those tricks are just child's play!"

Qiu Taiyin's facial expression was cold. Initially, he was taken by surprise and was almost hit by Mu Chen's attack. This was undoubtedly what caused an evil fire to surge in his heart. A brat who was a mere Grade Three Sovereign was simply no match for his capabilities as a Grade Five Sovereign.

Qiu Taiyin looked at Mu Chen coldly, and then his body slowly rose up into the air. The dark spiritual energy continuously rippled out from within his body to form a wave before spreading outwards.

"Lunar Ice Prison!"

Qiu Taiyin changed his seal before grabbing onto the air in Mu Chen's direction. Then, the ground beneath Mu Chen's feet was immediately crushed. A dark spiritual energy rushed up into the sky and actually turned into a black ice cage which trapped Mu Chen within it. 


Qiu Taiyin sneered. With the clench of his fist, that ice cage started to shrink rapidly, and cold, dark air began to gnaw wildly at Mu Chen. Even a Grade Four Sovereign would be frozen by that attack.

Countless strong people shook their heads in pity. After all, the difference between a Grade Three Sovereign and a Grade Five Sovereign was too big. No matter how many tricks Mu Chen still had up his sleeve, it would still be difficult to contend with this level of spiritual energy suppression.

Within the ice prison, Mu Chen's eyes, which were still like black holes, were fixated on that cold air sweeping over him. Purple flames were surging around him, but it was only enough to slightly block that cold air. Although the Unperishable Flame was overbearing indeed, there was too big of a difference between Mu Chen and Qiu Taiyin's levels of spiritual energy overbearance.

The spiritual energy of a Grade Three Sovereign was not enough to allow Mu Chen to confront a Grade Five Sovereign skillfully and easily like he always did.

"Is a Grade Three Sovereign not enough?" Mu Chen mumbled to himself. Soon after, his eyes slowly closed, and his palms folded together quietly right in front of everyone's shocked gazes.

Since a Grade Three Sovereign is not enough… then I'll just make a breakthrough!

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