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The world was enveloped by an immense spiritual power, and an oppressive spiritual energy was spreading in waves, causing the entire space to be in great turbulence. The massive dark shadow stood like a demon, giving off a palpable pressure and a chilling aura.

Around the square, countless strong men's expressions changed, due to the power that burst out of Qiu Taiyin's body. Everyone could feel that such power and pressure was far beyond a Fourth Grade Sovereign. As such, it had truly advanced into the rank of a Fifth Grade Sovereign!

Many strong characters were secretly shocked, this Qiu Taiyin had already completed the breakthrough, so it was no wonder that he was hell-bent on attaining the rank of the tenth lord. 

Mu Chen's and Nine Nether's faces became grave at the same time. Their eyebrows were knit, as they knew how troublesome things would become once Qiu Taiyin was really a Fifth Grade Sovereign.

This would mean that Qiu Taiyin was qualified to attain the title of lord! Moreover, with his ability of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, he could easily dominate any top power who was beneath the Nine Lords.

A glint flashed across Mandela's large golden eyes, as she looked down on the battlefield. However, her small face remained as passive as a god that was looking down on mortals.

In her eyes, whether Qiu Taiyin was a Fourth or Fifth Grade Sovereign, he was still as inferior as an ant to her. In fact, if it wasn't for her fear of shaking the Daluo Territory armies' morale before the Great Hunting War, she would have destroyed him brutally! However, at the moment, Mandela was obviously unable to do so.

On the Platform of Bestowing Lordship, Qin Zhong also looked at Qiu Taiyin, a powerful oppression surging from the latter. It made him feel quite pressured.

Although he had touched the rank of Fifth Grade Sovereign, he was still a step away from the real breakthrough. So, in a situation where both sides were equally powerful, this step made a big difference!

"Give up! You don't stand a chance." Qiu Taiyin crossed his arms in front of his chest, then smiled at Qin Zhong.

Qin Zhong's face changed, then he immediately took a deep breath. Yet, there was no sign of him admitting defeat. No matter how low the probability of his winning was, he would not throw in the towel.

Qin Zhong looked at Qiu Taiyin, his face becoming increasingly solemn. Immediately, he slowly clenched his palms. Suddenly, a glittering jade light burst out of his palms, and the Jade Tripod Celestial Body at his feet dazzled with a brilliant light. The crowd paid close attention now, as they could tell that Qin Zhong intended to give this meeting his all!

"How obstinate." Qiu Taiyin narrowed his eyes and shook his head, then murmured lowly under his breath.


The brilliant jade light almost enshrouded half of the sky! Soon after, the jade light condensed in the sky above Qin Zhong at an astonishing speed. It then transformed into a huge ancient white jade tripod.

The ancient tripod was carved with mysterious ancient symbols and runes. As the runes twinkled, it looked like a wind tunnel, which absorbed the spiritual power between the heavens and the earth. A powerful oppressive aura permeated the entire atmosphere.

Although Qin Zhong had yet to thoroughly advance into the rank of Fifth Grade Sovereign, his strength could not be underestimated. Such powerful means as his were extraordinarily fierce!

"Jade Tripod Divine Art, Heavenly Tripod Transforming the Galaxy!"

Qin Zhong's eyes burst with jade light, and his roar reverberated like a thunderbolt. As soon as his conjured seals changed, his spiritual energy surged out, pouring into the massive tripod.


The giant tripod soared directly to the sky, then turned into a huge and unparalleled jade-colored torrent. It swept across the vast sky and the space shattered into pieces suddenly, sending numerous brilliant jade-colored lights floating in the sky. It looked like a brilliant galaxy!

Countless strong men were all looking at the impactful blow gravely. This was Qin Zhong's strongest attack by far! Such an attack was enough to kill any strong man of his own rank.

However, when the jade torrent surged towards him, Qiu Taiyin merely looked indifferent, a cold glint flashing through his gloomy eyes. He then raised his head, the majestic jade torrent reflecting in his pupils.

"I'll show you how significant the difference is between you and a true Fifth Grade Sovereign!" Qiu Taiyin smiled indifferently, then raised his right hand slowly. His whole arm grew dark at an astonishing speed, as the thick black liquid condensed and dripped down.


At his feet, the massive Lunar Celestial Body also vibrated, while numerous black beams of light burst out of the Sovereign Celestial Body, before quickly converging at the fingertips of Qiu Taiyin.


The black beams of light condensed rapidly. After a few moments, a black crescent moon, about 100 feet in size, formed on Qiu Taiyin's fingertips. Around the crescent moon, there was an endless amount of chilling aura that was emanating from it. Even the air was frozen to coagulation.

Drops of black liquid flowed along the black crescent moon. When it dripped down, it directly corroded and pierced through the entire space. It then disappeared, a sign of how terrifyingly corrosive it truly was!

"Lunar Divine Art, Lunar Moon!"

A nonchalant voice came from Qiu Taiyin's mouth, and with a flick of his finger, the black crescent moon, which emitted a terrible cold aura, penetrated the space directly. It then collided brutally with the jade torrent that was sweeping towards it!


The sound of the collision was like two streams of torrential floods, pouring down a mountain, then crashing into each other frantically. The impact felt as if the heavens and the earth were shaking.

Countless powerful men looked up, their eyes locked onto the land where the collision had happened. There, the space was twisted and was distorting violently, as the crescent moon and the torrent were releasing their energies frantically, trying to destroy each other.

However, in this confrontation, it was obvious that Qiu Taiyin gradually had gained the upper hand. The chilling black aura was corroding and invading the jade torrent, as shards of black ice started to form on it. Qin Zhong's pallor turned increasingly pale.

"As I said, you are no match for me." Qiu Taiyin's lips, like a blade of a knife, curled into an arc of a sneer. Immediately, his eyes were cold, while his seals suddenly changed.


The chilling aura that was surrounding the black crescent moon suddenly surged, then turned into a faint glow that swept across the sky. The jade-colored torrent was torn and shattered apart, exploding into spots of light.

When the jade torrent disintegrated, Qin Zhong's face paled, as he spurt out a mouthful of blood. Qiu Taiyin's eyes were cold. Then, his body suddenly disappeared! At the same time, a black spear was condensed in the giant hand of the Lunar Celestial Body that was under his feet. With a whoosh, the spear had pierced through the void!

The black spear penetrated into the Jade Tripod Celestial Body at the speed of lightning. The chilling black aura permeated the space, while a layer of black ice spread out on the surface of the Jade Tripod Celestial Body. Qin Zhong's expression twisted drastically.

"Worry about yourself first!" A cold voice rang out from the front, as a ghostly figure flashed out. Qiu Taiyin's eyes glanced at Qin Zhong sharply, and as he spoke, the power of a swift and fierce kick was delivered, looking as if it was carrying the power to shatter mountains! It landed on Qin Zhong's chest.

Qin Zhong was dealt with a hard blow. As he spurt out a few mouthfuls of blood, his body fell from the sky like a cannonball.


As Qin Zhong was in distress, the Jade Tripod Celestial Body completely shattered and turned into light spots, totally dissipating. The world was then quiet, and countless strong men looked at the scene, shocked.

Who could have imagined that Qin Zhong would lose so quickly? How embarrassing!

The eyes of the lords also turned grave. The strength of Qiu Taiyin was indeed not to be underestimated.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether's eyebrows were knit tightly. Qin Zhong was really no match for Qiu Taiyin.

Under the gaze of countless eyes in the crowd, the Lunar Celestial Body at the foot of Qiu Taiyin faded away. He folded his arms in front of his chest and descended slowly, landing on the platform.

He looked indifferently at the seriously injured Qin Zhong, whose body had been invaded by the chilling Lunar aura that had been dealt by the kick. The chill had rendered Qin Zhong immobile. The result of this battle was clearly evident.

After defeating Qin Zhong, Qiu Taiyin looked directly at the direction where Mandela sat. His face appeared to be respectful, as he bent over and clasped his fist and said, "Dominator, can we declare the result of this Battle of Bestowing Lordship?"

As soon as he said this, there many strange gazes were cast in the direction of Mu Chen, as everyone knew that Mu Chen was the third person qualified to be crowned lord. Now, Qiu Taiyin's behavior was clearly disregarding him!

Obviously, Qiu Taiyin did not think that Mu Chen could pose any threat to his being crowned lord. Under the countless gazes, Mu Chen's expression remained calm, but still pursed his lips lightly.

"Mu Chen... Let's forget it." Behind him, Tang Bing hesitated for a moment, then whispered. After seeing Qiu Taiyin's overwhelming power, she could not help but worry about Mu Chen.

Now that Qiu Taiyin had really entered the rank of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, unless Nine Nether battled him personally, no one in the entire Jiuyou Palace would likely be capable enough to be his opponent.

"The 200,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, we'll just treat it as Nine Nether Palace's sponsorship of you," Tang Bing added.

When Mu Chen heard this, he couldn't help but look at her, exasperated. This miser...

Nine Nether also knit her brows. Looking at Mu Chen, she whispered, "Even Qin Zhong is not his opponent, so if you want to go, I'm afraid your odds of winning are not high."

She still had some knowledge of Mu Chen's strength, but Qiu Taiyin was not someone Mu Chen, a Third Grade Sovereign, could deal with. The world was quiet, and everybody's eyes were fixed on Mu Chen. Even Mandela, who sat on the golden throne, had her golden eyes on him.

It seemed that everyone was waiting for Mu Chen's response. Under the watchful gazes of countless men, Mu Chen also took a deep breath, then immediately smiled. In that smile, he showed no tinge of fear at all.

Looking at Mu Chen's smile, Nine Nether and Tang Bing already knew his decision. In a flash, Mu Chen appeared on the Platform of Bestowing Lordship, where everyone's eyes were currently focused. He then smiled at Qiu Taiyin and clasped his fist, as a clear voice rang out in the air, immediately causing the crowd to burst into an uproar.

"Nine Nether Palace and Mu Chen would like to seek guidance from Clan Leader Qiu." (Meaning: Let us fight!)

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