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When Cai Xiao spoke in a cold and mocking voice, all of the top powers were stunned. Only a complete silence filled the space.

Cai Xiao was the daughter of the Flame Emperor from the Endless Fire Territory!


The top powers swallowed hard, looked shocked. The Endless Fire Territory was the most formidable force in The Great Thousand World. In fact, in all of the North Territory, and even in the entire Tianluo Continent, not many top forces would dare to provoke them.

The founder of the Endless Fire Territory, the Flame Emperor, called the shots in The Great Thousand World. Although the Endless Fire Territory had been established much later than the other top forces, it was still among the top forces that one should not provoke!

Among the reputable Heavenly Sovereigns in The Great Thousand World, the Flame Emperor was the cream of the crop. When the people heard that Cai Xiao's father was this famous Flame Emperor, they were stunned. Immediately, they turned to look at Venomous Revered Snake, who had turned ghastly pale.

Venomous Revered Snake was considered to be an Overlord in the North Territory. He was superior to the top powers, thus making him entirely beyond their reaches. However, Venomous Revered Snake was nothing in comparison to the legendary Flame Emperor!

As the people looked at Venomous Revered Snake, they sympathized with him. He was unlucky to have gotten himself into such hot water, all because of the daughter of the Flame Emperor…

As the people looked at Venomous Revered Snake with sympathy, he grew even paler. He looked at the fire emblem above Cai Xiao's head, his mind in a mess. Only those people of his same level truly understood what it meant to be a Heavenly Sovereign.

Heavenly Sovereigns were supreme...

Cai Xiao looked coldly at Venomous Revered Snake and sneered, "You seem very interested in me. If you think there is a need, I can ask my father to talk to you."

Venomous Revered Snake shivered. He quickly forced out a smile and said, "I was too rash earlier. I didn't mean to offend you."

Venomous Revered Snake had toned it down a bit now. He must have been shaken by Cai Xiao's status. Given his strength, he could not even be compared to the top forces in the North Territory, let alone the Endless Fire Territory, which had countless masters!

"So, are you not taking revenge for the tail that you have lost?" Cai Xiao asked flatly.

Venomous Revered Snake laughed her question off. Even though he was indeed enraged, he knew that he could do nothing. After all, he dared not kill Cai Xiao. If he killed her with so many witnesses around, news would spread, and then the Endless Fire Territory would hunt him down to kill him.

"What to do? My skills are inferior. I am leaving."

Venomous Revered Snake had been humbled. He had no intention of staying any longer, as he was afraid of enraging Cai Xiao. If she had sent a signal to the Flame Emperor, given his power, he would shutter through the space, regardless of the distance, and appear instantly.

Venomous Revered Snake grit his teeth and turned around. He disappeared into thin air with only the upper half of his body. He looked pathetic.

The top powers dropped their jaws, watching as Venomous Revered Snake left in embarrassment. They were unable to accept the fact that an Earthly Sovereign had been reduced to such a pathetic state.

"The Endless Fire Territory is so terrifying…The Flame Emperor is horrifying."

Mu Chen was also shocked. He looked incredibly serious. He had considered an Earthly Sovereign as being superior. However, in the face of the Endless Fire Territory, these Sovereign masters were terrified. It was clear now that the Endless Fire Territory was the invincible force and Flame Emperor was the invincible master in The Great Thousand World.

"The Flame Emperor is an extraordinary person." Mandela nodded her head. Even Mandela agreed that the Flame Emperor was amazingly talented. No other top power in The Great Thousand World could be compared to him.

When Liu Tiandao saw what had happened, he turned pale. He had thought of joining forces with Venomous Revered Snake in order to force Mandela to hand Mu Chen over to him. He had not expected the daughter of the Flame Emperor to get involved, much less for her to cause Venomous Revered Snake to run for his life. He had indeed landed himself in dire straits.

"Liu Tiandao, your 'helper' does not seem to be of much help to you." Mandela looked at Liu Tiandao, mocking him.

Liu Tiandao turned gloomy, especially when he saw Cai Xiao looking at him coldly. His mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Mu Chen seemed to be on good terms with Cai Xiao. Hence, if he struck, he might get himself into trouble.

Although Tian Xuan Hall was more powerful than Snake Shrine, and his strength was stronger than Venomous Revered Snake, they were nothing in the eyes of the Endless Fire Territory. Thus, Liu Tiandao was caught in a difficult situation.

"Take it easy, Dominator. I have heard that you have offended a lot of people. Netherworld Palace and Divine Pavilion would not take such an offense lying down. When the Big Hunting War starts, your men will probably be killed." Liu Tiandao looked coldly at Mandela and sneered.

"They can try and see if we are pushovers," Mandela looked cold and said. "However, even if the Daluo Territory is being destroyed, we will make sure that we will pull Tian Xuan Hall along with us."


Liu Tiandao returned her threats tit for tat. He waved his sleeve and said, "I will be looking forward to the Big Hunting War. Let's see if you can survive!"

Liu Tiandao knew that he was unable to get his hands on Mu Chen. He looked sharply at Mu Chen, the coldness in his eyes causing Mu Chen to feel a pricking pain over his entire body.

However, Mu Chen reacted calmly to his look. When Liu Tiandao saw his reaction, he snorted and disappeared into the space warp.

After Liu Tiandao had left, the spiritual energy oppression immediately dissipated. The top powers could finally heave a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Mandela looked at the spot where Liu Tiandao had just disappeared into, frowning.

"Will there be any problems?" Mu Chen went near Mandela and asked softly.

Although he did not fully believe what Liu Tiandao had said, he could feel that the Big Hunting War was brutal. Although the Daluo Territory was a top force, they might still be exterminated in the battle.

"It has nothing to do with whatever that has happened in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift." Mandela shook her head. Regardless of the outcome, whatever had happened in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift would not affect the Big Hunting War.

"We will definitely have some problems. Anyway, after the Big Hunting War, some top forces will most certainly be exterminated and encroached upon." Mandela smiled flatly, then said, "The Daluo Territory will not be devoured by them. Those who want to try their luck must be prepared to be devoured as well."

Mu Chen nodded. He had learned that The Great Thousand World was cruel. Many people were secretly eyeing the Daluo Territory, even though they were already quite powerful.

Cai Xiao came over to them and smiled at Mandela, a showing of respect. Mandela nodded at her. Although Mandela had been cold towards the people, she had to show some courtesy to the daughter of the Flame Emperor.

"I will have to leave this place." Cai Xiao looked at Mu Chen and stretched out her hand. She smiled and said, "Happy working with you."

Cai Xiao did not belong to the North Territory, so Mu Chen was not surprised that she had to leave. After being with her for the past few days, he found that she was a nice person. Thus, he was happy to have her as a friend.

"Nice working with you. Thank you for your help," Mu Chen said. He was grateful to her, as Cai Xiao had not only helped him in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, but she had also helped him to get out of a tight spot earlier.

Cai Xiao waved her hand, then said with a smile, "Since you know who I am, how about going to the Endless Fire Territory with me?"

When Mandela heard this, she raised her eyebrows and simply looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was stunned for a while, then shook his head. He recalled that, when he was at the Continent of Trade, the Princess of Martial Border, Lin Jing, had invited him as well. Her status was comparable to Cai Xiao's, but Mu Chen had not accepted her invitation. His reason for rejecting the invitation still remained unchanged.

What he needed was not protection...

Cai Xiao was not surprised that Mu Chen rejected her invitation. In fact, she now admired Mu Chen even more. She smiled at Mu Chen and said, "I understand. I am looking forward to our next meeting. I wonder, by then, which level you will have moved up to."

Having said this, she waved her hand and left. Her graceful figure turned into a streamer, which speedily disappeared into the horizon.

As Mu Chen looked at Cai Xiao, he grasped his fists together tightly. If they were to meet again, he would not want to be asking her for help. He had to start his cultivation.

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