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"If you want me, come and try to get me."

Cai Xiao stood in the air and mocked Venomous Revered Snake. The top powers heard what she had said, and they were shocked. They were baffled that Cai Xiao could remain so calm in the face of such a powerful master like Venomous Revered Snake.

Does she not know how powerful an Earthly Sovereign is?

They were not the only ones who were shocked. Even Venomous Revered Snake was taken aback. He then smiled weirdly. He stared at Cai Xiao and said sharply, "How dare you talk to me in such a manner. Hiss, hiss. This is interesting. I want to have you all the more!"

Having said that, Venomous Revered Snake immediately acted. The space tore apart, and he swiftly appeared before Cai Xiao. He stretched forth his hand to grab Cai Xiao's wrist.

When he struck, the space around Cai Xiao froze, and she was unable to move. Even the spiritual energy in her body could not be activated.

When Mu Chen saw this, he turned pale. As he was about to help Cai Xiao, he saw Cai Xiao curling up her lips, looking scornfully at Venomous Revered Snake. Mu Chen was baffled and held back.

What is Cai Xiao up to?

Cai Xiao remained calm and looked coldly at Venomous Revered Snake. As Venomous Revered Snake was about to grab her hand, she flipped her hand over, and a red jade tablet appeared in her hand.

Fire runes were carved on the jade tablet. Cai Xiao grabbed the jade tablet and crushed it.


As the jade tablet was crushed, flame swirled out and engulfed Cai Xiao. As the flame spread out, the top powers squinted.

The flame that surrounded Cai Xiao was unique. It was colorful and had several different properties.

The colorful flame circled around Cai Xiao like a stream, and it looked stunning.

One could tell that the color was extremely pure, and it exuded a horrifying fluctuation that could destroy anything.

Mu Chen had seen flames with many different properties before. The Myriad Flame Celestial Body that was cultivated by Liu Yan had a similar power. However, the flame was nothing compared to the one that was circling around Cai Xiao.

"The flame…" Mandela was stunned. She looked grave as she stared at the pure, colorful flame. Even with her strength, she could feel an intimidating fluctuation emanating from the flame.

Venomous Revered Snake was taken aback as well. He was an Earthly Sovereign master and was extremely sensitive. When he saw the flame around Cai Xiao, he felt a chill go down his spine and immediately retreated.

He moved so quickly that it was impossible to catch up with him.

Cai Xiao simply stretched forth her finger and tapped gently.


The flame around her body swirled up and disappeared into thin air. Venomous Revered Snake, who had retreated, suddenly screamed. The flame had traveled through space, appeared around him, and entrapped him.

The top powers gasped. The flame was extremely strange. Distance was nothing to it, and it had appeared around Venomous Revered Snake in an instant.

It traveled so quickly that it caught one off guard.


Venomous Revered Snake was enraged. He waved his sleeves and spiritual energy swirled out like a stream. Just a tinge of the spiritual energy was enough to destroy heaven and earth. However, when the spiritual energy came into contact with the colorful flame, it completely dissolved.

"How can this be?" Venomous Revered Snake shouted. He no longer looked dignified; he looked shocked. Even he was no match for her. He found it hard to believe that someone as weak as Cai Xiao could have such powerful means!


Venomous Revered Snake immediately formed a seal with his hands. Red fog gushed out from his body and covered him like a shield.

When the red fog appeared, it dissolved the spiritual energy in the heavens and the earth. That was the divine poison that Venomous Revered Snake had been proud of. Even the Earthly Sovereign masters were wary of it.

The red fog swirled out and formed a Blood Dragon. It roared and darted toward the colorful flame.

Swish. Swish.

When the Blood Dragon and the colorful flame collided, a shocking scene appeared. The Blood Dragon gave out a miserable cry, and the poison was burned up by the colorful flame and speedily evaporated.

The colorful flame went near Venomous Revered Snake and burned his body.

Venomous Revered Snake was alarmed. He could feel that he would be seriously injured if he were to continue to be burned by this horrifying flame.

However, there was no way for him to stop the colorful flame from burning. It seemed determined to burn him into ashes.


Venomous Revered Snake turned pale. He gritted his teeth and formed a seal. His body suddenly exploded and fresh blood spewed all over. The tail of a colorful snake was in the flame, but the actual body had disappeared into thin air.

In the sky afar, the space exploded. Venomous Revered Snake dashed out pathetically. His lower body was bloody, and fresh blood flowed out continually.

The top powers were shocked when they saw Venomous Revered Snake in such a pathetic state. Even Mandela and Liu Tiandao looked extremely grave. Although Venomous Revered Snake had advanced to Earthly Sovereign only a short time ago, he was an Earthly Sovereign master. Even if they were to fight with him, it would take some time for them to triumph over him. However, he had now been forced to break away from his tail in order to escape. Most importantly, he had been beaten to such a pathetic state by a girl who was not powerful!

"Who is she?"

Many top powers, including Mu Chen, were stunned. They looked at Cai Xiao, who was standing in the air. Although Mu Chen knew that Cai Xiao was not a simple person, he did not expect her to have such a powerful trump card!

"You! Who are you?"

Venomous Revered Snake shouted and looked aghast at Cai Xiao. He nearly went berserk. However, he managed to suppress his killing intent.

He knew that Cai Xiao did not own the flame. It was the owner of the flame that Venomous Revered Snake was fearful of.

A jade tablet alone was enough to cause him to be in such a pathetic state. The owner must be extremely powerful!

Is the owner a Heavenly Sovereign?

As Venomous Revered Snake thought of this, he shivered.

"Are you not intending to get me?" Cai Xiao looked at Venomous Revered Snake and sneered. She waved her hand, and the colorful flame shot back and gathered on top of her head. It turned into a fire emblem. It was a furnace with the shadow of a man on it.

The shadow had his hands behind his back, and his black hair was blowing in the wind. A huge black sword was on his back. The shadow stood as though he were standing on top of the world.

He looked awe-inspiring as though he ruled the world.

Many top powers were unfamiliar with the fire emblem. However, when Venomous Revered Snake saw it, he was shocked and cried out, "This fire emblem… you are from the Endless Fire Territory! How are you related to the Flame Emperor?"

His voice was filled with fear. He had never expected Cai Xiao to be from the renowned Endless Fire Territory!

"No wonder…" Mandela's face turned grave. She looked at Cai Xiao and said, "If she is from the Endless Fire Territory, then the flame… should be the Imperial Flame. No wonder it is so overbearing!"

"Imperial Flame?" Mu Chen was stunned.

"The founder of the Endless Fire Territory possesses the flame… It has been rumored that Flame Emperor has smelted different unique flames in the world to form it. It is known as the King of All Flames. In the Great Thousand World, no other flame is comparable to it." Mandela smiled and said, "Since she has the fire, she must be closely related to the Flame Emperor. Hohoho, Venomous Revered Snake has gotten himself into hot soup."

Cai Xiao stood in the air and disregarded the looks of the people. She looked mockingly at Venomous Revered Snake, who was terrified. Her words sent a chill down his spine, and he was shocked.

"Oh, the Flame Emperor… Coincidentally, he is my father. If you wish to have me, should you not at least ask for his permission?"

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