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After Cai Xiao had left, the top powers in the Dragon-Phoenix Ridge left as well after seeing that everything had returned to normal. The incidents that had taken place in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift and Dragon-Phoenix Ridge would spread to the entire North Territory like wildfire.

Mu Chen, who used to be a nobody, had become the dark horse of the younger generation in North Territory.

As Mu Chen looked at the dispersing crowd, he heaved a sigh of relief. The Dragon-Phoenix Rift had finally come to an end.

"Why did you turn down the invitation to go to the Endless Fire Territory?" Mandela asked, sounding a bit surprised. The Endless Fire Territory was a top power, and even Daluo Territory could not hold a candle to it.

"If I told you that before I came to Daluo Territory, I turned down an invitation from the Martial Border, would you be even more surprised?" Mu Chen said with a smile.

Mandela's eyes widened. If someone else had told her this, she would have brushed it off as a joke. However, she believed Mu Chen and became curious. The Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border were top powers. They would not give out an invitation to any ordinary person. Although Mu Chen was not powerful, he had received their invitations. Even Mandela found it hard to believe.

Mu Chen looked at Mandela and said with a smile, "The Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border are top powers. With their help, I believe that my path of cultivation would be smoother. However… I don't need that."

When Mandela heard this, she was silent for a while. She then looked at Mu Chen with admiration. He was a contented and peaceable person.

Mandela nodded and said, "Now I understand why you were able to become the master of the Great Solar Undying Body."

Mu Chen smiled broadly. He felt flattered to hear these words from Mandela.

"Let's go back to Daluo Territory. You have done well and brought glory to us. Nine Nether and the rest are waiting for you to return to celebrate."

Mandela smiled and after a while, she continued and said, "After we are back, we will hold the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship… I hope that you can become the tenth Lord of Daluo Territory."

Mu Chen was taken aback and looked at Mandela. He had mixed feelings. When he first came to Daluo Territory, those lords seemed superior to him. However, he was now able to be on par with them. Although he was not particular about the position, it was a recognition of his efforts throughout the year.

Mu Chen frowned and asked, "I am only a Grade Three Sovereign… If you bestow lordship on me, will this cause any problems?" He had not lost his head over what Mandela had said.

Mandela raised her eyebrows. She was not surprised at his sensitivity as she got to know his sober character. She nodded and said, "Bestowing lordship is an important event in Daluo Territory. We have a big territory, and there are many top forces here. There are about 1,000 dukes, and many of them have contributed to Daluo Territory. Generally speaking, we select a new lord out of these dukes. Many people are eyeing the position of tenth lord."

Mu Chen shrugged it off and said, "In that case, you can give the position to someone else."

Mu Chen did not particularly care whether he got the position. The only advantage of being the tenth lord would probably be to increase the fame of Nine Nether Palace. It did not mean anything to him.

"No," Mandela said flatly.

Mu Chen touched his nose awkwardly. He thought that he had offended Mandela. After all, she called the shots in Daluo Territory.

"If you had not appeared, there were two people who would have stood a chance," Mandela said calmly and continued, "One of them is Qin Zhong, Duke of Tianluo City. Tianluo City is the biggest city in Daluo Territory."

"Qin Zhong of Tianluo City?" Mu Chen muttered. He had heard of this name from Nine Nether. Qin Zhong was a veteran in Daluo Territory. He was as reputable as the nine lords. However, as he had not broken through to Grade Five Sovereign, he could not be bestowed the title of lord.

"The next person is Qiu Taiyin, leader of the Ghost Clan…"

"Qiu Taiyin." Mu Chen frowned as he heard the name. Qiu Taiyin was another reputable figure who had helped to establish Daluo Territory.

"Both of them are more suitable for the position than me," Mu Chen said. Although he had built up a reputation for himself throughout the year, the two candidates were more qualified than he was. There would be a lot of problems if he assumed the lordship.

"Qin Zhong is loyal to me. I don't mind if he is bestowed lordship." Mandela's eyes were cold as she said, "Although Qiu Taiyin is powerful, he is extremely ambitious. I have received news that he is secretly dealing with Tian Xuan Hall."

Mu Chen was stunned when he heard it. Given his previous status in Daluo Territory, he would not be able to hear such news.

"However, I do not have concrete evidence. On top of that, he has contributed much to Daluo Territory over the years. If I deal with him without a valid reason, the people will lose confidence in me," Mandela said flatly.

"I could have taken my time to observe him, but we are now running out of time."

Mu Chen frowned and asked, "Is it because of the Big Hunting War?"

Mandela nodded and said, "Before the Big Hunting War starts, I need to have the ten lords in place. I cannot allow someone who is not loyal to become the tenth lord. I cannot have such a dangerous person with me."

Mu Chen pondered and asked, "What do you mean?"

"During the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship, Qiu Taiyin will definitely ask to be bestowed the title. I will ask Qin Zhong to intercept. If Qin Zhong manages to do it, I will make him the tenth lord. However, if he fails…" Mandela looked at Mu Chen and said, "You will have to do it and become the tenth lord!"

Mu Chen smiled wryly and said, "I should have known that it was not so simple. This is not an easy task."

Although Mu Chen had not met Qiu Taiyin before, he must be someone who was not easy to deal with given his reputation in Daluo Territory. Mu Chen reckoned that Qiu Taiyin's strength must be comparable to the Prince of Netherworld's.

Mu Chen had no confidence of winning if he were to fight with Qiu Taiyin.

"Don't worry. If you can complete this mission, I will grant you any wish that you may have," Mandela said with a smile.

When Mu Chen heard it, he could not help asking, "Really?"

Mandela nodded and saw Mu Chen curling up his lips. She sensed something amiss.

When Mu Chen saw it, he passed Mandela a scroll and said boldly, "If I manage to complete my mission, please help me to get all these things."

Mandela looked baffled and took the scroll. When she saw the scroll, she was stunned. Bright text was shimmering on the scroll:

Ten drops of Blood Essence of Primordial Hydra.

Ten drops of Blood Essence of Sky-devouring Swallow.

Ten drops of Blood Essence of Void Beast.

There were ten different Divine Beasts' Blood Essences listed on the scroll. These Divine Beasts were well-known in the Great Thousand World. Their Blood Essences were rare and expensive.

Mandela gritted her teeth and asked, "What do you need these Blood Essences for?" Even with the wealth and power of Daluo Territory, it would still be extremely tough to gather all the Blood Essences of the Divine Beasts.

"I have use of them." Mu Chen shrugged. He needed the ten different types of Blood Essences to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture. When he first realized that he needed these different types of Blood Essences, he was depressed. He knew that given his ability, it was impossible for him to gather all of the Blood Essences. Since Mandela had given her word, it could save him a lot of trouble.

Mu Chen looked at Mandela, who was looking a bit stunned, and asked, "How is it? Will you be able to do it?"

Mandela glared at Mu Chen and said, "Have you been eyeing me to help you get them?"

Mu Chen must have thought of using the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship to extort these from her when she had proposed it. He was cunning. He had put on a false front earlier.

When Mu Chen heard it, he smiled in embarrassment.

"If you are able to take over the position of the tenth lord, I will gather these different types of Blood Essences for you. If I cannot find them in Daluo Territory, I will get them for you at the auctions in the entire North Territory." Mandela gave Mu Chen a threatening look and snorted, "If you fail in your mission, don't blame me."

Having said that, she turned into a streamer and left.

Mu Chen shivered when Mandela stared at him. He shook his head helplessly. The Dragon-Phoenix Rift had just ended, and he had to handle the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship…

I hope Qin Zhong is able to deal with Qiu Taiyin.

Mu Chen curled up his lips and quickly caught up with Mandela.

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