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Chapter 81 – Entry Competition

Within this vast region of the Northern Spiritual Realm, it was hard for the variety of large and small commonplace events to attract the interest of others. However, there was one event that was considered to be a rare and grand event within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

That was the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Entry Competition. During this competition, they would decide the home for the entry into the “Five Great Academies”.

Within the eyes of all the forces in the Northern Spiritual Realm, the Five Great Academies were basically an incomprehensible and massive existence. They could not imagine what sort of background and terrifying power it possesses. The only thing that they did know was that they couldn’t even be considered as ants in the eyes of the Five Great Academies.

This is why almost everybody would attempt to let their child enter this massive existence. They were clear that their achievements would far surpass any ordinary person if they managed to enter the Five Great Academies.

Although the Northern Spiritual Realm was considered a vast region, it was still a relatively remote place within the endless Great Thousand World. If they truly want to experience the brilliance of the Great Thousand World, they must first past through the path of the Five Great Academies.

Thus, the Northern Spiritual City would become the most dazzling and bustling location whenever the Northern Spiritual Academy’s “Entry Competition” was hosted. Even the Nine Territory’s Territory Lords would personally come over. This was because it was an extremely important matter to them.

As long as their children are able to stand out and obtain an entry within the competition, their reputation would improve. Moreover, they would enjoy the envious gazes of other people.

This comfortable feeling was not something that could be achieved through the daily expansion of their territory.

Today, the Northern Spiritual City was undoubtedly in a state of being inflated. The massive city was crowded and many noisy sounds gathered. The sounds soared through the clouds and could be heard within a radius of a hundred miles.

The venue for the Entry Competition was set in the Northern Spiritual City’s northwest area’s Northern Spiritual Square. It was considered to be the most spacious location within the Northern Spiritual City and could accommodate a hundred thousand people.

However, the spacious venue has already long been occupied by the crowd. Looking at it, the sea of humans filled the venue to the limits. Even the tall buildings near the square were filled with figures.

Inside the square, all the students in the Northern Spiritual Academy were gathered there and were all excited. Wasn’t the reason why they came to train in the Northern Spiritual Academy the wish of being qualified for this sort of competition one day? Although they weren’t good enough to be in the competition right now, they could still take the opportunity to observe it. Moreover, they would be able to assess how powerful the students that were participating in it were.

In front of the Northern Spiritual Square, there were also a few rather prominent and special seats. Currently, the seats were all filled with people. Every single one of them had an extraordinarily imposing manner as well as dense Spiritual Energy. As they glanced around, their might was revealed. It was the Nine Territory Lords of the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“Haha, Brother Mu. You came really early. It’s said that that little guy, Mu Chen, is also participating in it this time, right? I haven’t seen that little guy in a while, but I’ve heard from Qian’Er that he is very amazing?”

In front of the seats, sounds of laughter rang out. A few individuals glanced over and noticed a middle-aged man smiling. Everybody immediately recognized him. It was the Tang Territory’s Territory Lord, Tang Shan.

Mu Feng smiled as he cupped his head towards Tang Shan and said: “How could that boy be powerful? He just likes showing off in front of girls.”

Mu Feng had a pretty good relationship with Tang Shan. Although the two territories weren’t allies, they would often cooperate with each other.

“That girl, Qian’Er, has only broken through to the Spiritual Rotation Stage a few days ago. I wonder if she will be able to pass this time.” Tang Shan was a bit worried. Although Tang Qian’Er was quite gifted, the ones participating in this Entry Competition were all outstanding individuals among their peers. It was not easy to win.

“Ohoho, I’ve heard that there is a Seeded Entry this time. It’s the first time that the Northern Spiritual Academy obtains it. It’s impossible for Qian’Er to get it, but let’s see if that little guy, Mu Chen, can obtain it.” Tang Shan did not say much about this matter and his tone changed as he laughed.

Mu Feng smiled, but just when he was about to speak, a mocking voice rang out from nearby: “The Liu Territory have preordered this Seeded Entry. We did not plan to let the others obtain it.”

Mu Feng turned around and glanced at the calm Liu Qingtian. He let out a faint laugh and said: “This isn’t a queue for business. How could you talk about preordering it?”

“I’ve said it wrong. Your Mu Territory shouldn’t even dream of obtaining this Seeded Entry.” Liu Qingtian took a fleeting glance at Mu Feng and said.

“You shouldn’t say too much. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be disgraceful for you when you can’t retract back those words?” Mu Feng smiled and said.

“Then let’s see who will be the one that would be disgraced.” Liu Qingtian sneered. A cold chill emerged within his eyes. Just act all you want now. I’ll see if you can laugh when Mubai beats your son half to death.

The other Territory Lords nearby did not participate when they noticed the confrontation between Mu Feng and Liu Qingtian. They knew that the Mu Territory and the Liu Territory were incompatible with each other. Although there were few of them who were accustomed to Liu Territory being so overbearing, the Liu Territory was still the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Unless there is a need to do so, they did not want to offend them.

Mu Feng retracted his gaze away from Liu Qingtian’s body. It was useless to say anything right now. Although he knew that Liu Mubai was quite amazing, how could his son be an ordinary individual within his generation?


After the bustling sounds lasted for half an hour within the Northern Spiritual Square, a deep bell sound suddenly rang out and echoed throughout the entire city.

As the bell sounded, countless gazes fixated itself in the direction of the Northern Spiritual Square. At that location, four figures slowly appeared. The person in front was the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Principal Xiao. Behind him, Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi were closely following him. Moreover, there was a rather unfamiliar old man amongst them. He seemed to have a lazy appearance and did not pay the slightest attention as he glanced at the Nine Territory Lords.

“Ohoho, I would like to thank everybody for coming today. We are considered to be acquaintances, so I will not say any superfluous words to annoy you.” Principal Xiao cupped his fists in the direction of the Nine Territory Lords and smiled.

Seeing this, Mu Feng and the others hurriedly cupped their hands to return a salute. Although Principal Xiao kept a low profile within the Northern Spiritual Realm, no force would dare to underestimate him. Not to mention the peerless identity of the neutral Northern Spiritual Academy, there weren’t more than three individuals who could surpass his strength amongst the Nine Territory Lords.

“Of course, I’ll introduce the referee of the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Entry Competition this time. He has the final say over all the rules.” Principal Xiao cupped his hands towards the seemingly lazy old man nearby. He immediately smiled and said: “Everybody, this is Mister Hao from the Five Great Academies. He will be supervising the Entry Competition this time.”

“From the Five Great Academies?”

Mu Feng and the others were shocked when they heard this remark. They quickly stood up and cupped their hands towards this old man. Every single individual that came out from the Five Great Academies was an all-powerful individual. They were not to be underestimated.

The old man known as Mister Hao only directed a nod towards Mu Feng. This attitude was not considered to be polite, yet the Nine Territory Lords could only chuckle dryly. His background of the Five Great Academies was enough to overwhelm them.

“Let’s begin.” Mister Hao nodded at Principal Xiao and said.

Hearing this, Principal Xiao also smiled and glanced at the entire venue. Under his dense Spiritual Energy, his voice resounded in everybody’s ears.

“For the Entry Competition this time, there are a total of 12 individuals participating: 5 from the East Branch and 7 from the West Branch. There will be 5 ordinary entries and 1 seeded entry. The 12 individuals will split up into six matches and fight with each other. The winner will be able to obtain the qualifications of the ordinary entry. Of course, if anyone would like to obtain the seeded entry, they can challenge once again. The final winner will be able to obtain this seeded entry.” Principal Xiao’s gaze looked towards the students from the East and West Branches and he said: “Is there any problems?”


“That’s good. The students that are participating in the competition should come up onto the venue!”

Just as Principal Xiao’s voice faded away, a commotion rang out from the East and West Branch. Under numerous envious gazes, a group of figures surged out and landed on the venue.

“Brother Mu, good luck. Go seize that seeded entry!” From the East Branch, Su Ling, Tan Qingshan and the others shouted out while being excited.

Mu Chen directed a smile at them as he waved.

“Seeded Entry? I’m afraid you don’t have the right to get it.” At the opposite side, Liu Mubai tilted his head slightly and stared coldly at Mu Chen as he gently spoke.

“Won’t we know if I have the right to obtain it later on?” Mu Chen smiled and replied.

“You think you have the right to fight against Brother Liu?” Beside Liu Mubai, a boy sneered and spoke. He was the one who had a conflict with Mu Chen during the Northern Spiritual Field, Chen Tong. However, the current him seemed to have broken through to the Spiritual Rotation Stage after Teacher Xi’s training. This made his confidence soar and he did not have the fear that he initially had when facing Mu Chen.

Mu Chen only glanced at Chen Tong and ignored him. A person, who had just advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage, wasn’t someone worthy of his attention.

And when Chen Tong noticed that Mu Chen had directly ignored him, he gritted his teeth in hatred. He thought that he must punish him if he meets him later on.

“For this Entry Competition, we will follow the old rules. We will decide the opponents through lots.”

Principal Xiao waved his hand and the person holding the bamboo lots ran up. Mu Chen and the others extended their hands and each of them picked a bamboo lot from him.

When they noticed that they were drawing lots, the numerous gazes fixated over at that location. The fierce Entry Competition was about to begin.

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