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Chapter 82 – Complete Victory

Mu Chen stared at the lot within his hands. A number [1] was written on the lot. Then, he lifted up the bamboo lot. The others, seeing this, also raised the bamboo lot that they just drew.

“How interesting…I was only thinking about it earlier.” Chen Tong smiled hypocritically as he stared at Mu Chen. Then, he arrogantly lifted up the bamboo lot within his hand. It was the same number as Mu Chen. Apparently, he was Mu Chen’s opponent.

Mu Chen stared at Chen Tong, who was arrogantly smiling, and shook his head helplessly.

“That idiot…” Chen Fan and the others grinned. They felt pitiful as they directed a smile towards Mu Chen. The two of them weren’t even opponents for Mu Chen right now. Moreover, Chen Tong was probably even weaker than them by a bit. They really didn’t know how foolish this person was. How could he still reveal this sort of smile at this moment?

“It’s over.”

Besides them, Mo Ling’s face turned pale and he smiled bitterly. He raised the bamboo lot within his hand and said, “My opponent is Liu Mubai.”


Chen Fan, Tang Qian’Er and the others all looked sympathetically at Mo Ling. Amongst the 12 participants of the Entry Competition, there was no doubt that Mu Chen and Liu Mubai were the hardest to defeat. Since Mo Ling had to fight against Liu Mubai immediately, he was indeed quite unlucky.

“It’s fine. For this Entry Competition, the outcome is related to the entry. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of luck if you lose.” Mu Chen patted Mo Ling’s shoulders, yet his eyes glanced at the platform towards Mister Hao, who was from the Five Great Academies. He said: “Your current strength has already reached the requirements for the Five Great Academies. Therefore, even if you lose, it’s possible for you to get an extra chance if you are able to prove how different you are from the others.”

“Really?” Mo Ling hesitated for a moment before quickly asking.

Mu Chen nodded his head and said: “Of course, but as for how you will impress him will depend on yourself.”

Mo Ling nodded his head gratefully. The entry was equally important to him. If he failed this time, he would no longer be allowed to enter the “Five Great Academies”. It was his final chance.


A bell sound rang once again within the Northern Spiritual Square. Chen Fan, Tang Qian’Er and the others looked at the bamboo lots they drew and slowly backed off. Right now, this first match should be Mu Chen against Chen Tong.

As they moved away, numerous gazes instantly gathered at the two figures within the stage.

“Ohoho, I never imagined that Mu Chen would be in the first match.” Tang Shan looked at the two individuals on the stage and said as he smiled.

Mu Feng also smiled and nodded his head. Naturally, he could tell that Mu Chen was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. Although his opponent was the same level as him, Mu Chen should still be able to defeat such an opponent. Moreover, if Mu Chen were to win this match, he would at least obtain the entry to the Five Great Academies.

“So he’s that Mu Chen?” On the main platform, Mister Hao, who seemed to be lazy, suddenly straightened up his body. He looked peculiarly at the handsome boy at the stage.

Beside him, Principal Xiao smiled and nodded his head.

“He looks like a gentle and peaceful boy…I never thought that he would actually do all those things. You really can’t judge a person through his appearance.” Mister Hao stared in interest at Mu Chen and muttered these words.

“I hope that this little guy will not disappoint me. Otherwise, I came here for no reason.”

At the side, Principal Xiao was quite curious when he heard these words. However, he did not ask about it. He could only try to figure out within his heart just what sort of shocking thing Mu Chen had done in the Spiritual Road that made the Five Great Academies concerned about him.

“I’ve said that sometimes people would be unlucky. It really is unreasonable.”

On the much anticipated stage, Chen Tong smiled as he looked at Mu Chen. He was still thinking about punishing this guy earlier. Who would have imagined that the opportunity to do so would appear in the next instant?

Mu Chen stared helplessly at the arrogant Chen Tong. He could not help but shake his head. This guy…is quite foolish.

“Can you stop talking?” Mu Chen sighed and said.

Seeing Mu Chen’s disregarding attitude, Chen Tong gnashed his teeth. This guy always had an appearance that angers others.

“Mu Chen. This time, I won’t let you act this arrogant!”

Chen Tong shouted out. Dense Spiritual Energy surged out from within his body. The extent of this power made many Northern Spiritual Academy’s students secretly click their tongues. As expected, this person had advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage.


His toes touched the ground and his body moved swiftly. Spiritual Energy erupted out from both palms and a faint burning fluctuation emitted out.

“Fiery Heartbreak Palm!”

Chen Tong emerged directly in front of Mu Chen. A fiery energy gathered at the center of his palm. It was like a mass of extremely hot flames. Then, it carried violent winds as it shot off in anger towards Mu Chen’s chest.

Mu Chen glanced at him casually and raised his hand.


A crisp sound suddenly resounded out from the stage. The palm that Chen Tong had fired off suddenly froze in midair. He was stunned as he stared at the boy, who directly a helpless smile, in front of him. He immediately felt a burning sensation coming from his face.

He was suddenly slapped mysteriously?


Surprised voices also broke out from outside the stage. Many people did not even see what had exactly happened. They could only see a handprint emerging on Chen Tong’s face and hear the crisp sound of a slap.

“What a fast speed!”

Only the ones with extraordinary eyesight muttered to themselves with a serious expression. They could vaguely see the lightning speed attack during that instant.

“I’ll kill you!”

Although he did not understand what had happened, the pain from his face made Chen Tong’s eyes turn red. He looked ferociously at Mu Chen and the Spiritual Energy within his body was released unreservedly. The palm winds were like fire sweeping through the place as it bombarded towards Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen only moved slowly against this fierce offensive. It was like a stroll and he allowed Chen Tong to attack him crazily, yet it did not even touch his clothes.

The scene on the stage looked quite funny. One of them was crazily attacking while the other was walking around relaxed. It was like a boat following and rising with the waves within a storm.

At this moment, even the ordinary individuals could see the difference between the two of them. It seems that the two individuals were not at the same level.

“What a mysterious movement ability, that Mu Chen isn’t simple at all.”

A few powerful individuals nodded in surprise. He could actually act so relaxed during a Spiritual Rotation Stage’s berserk attacks. This wasn’t something that anybody could do.

Liu Mubai watched this scene coldly. He was quite surprised about Mu Chen’s speed. However, he immediately grinned. It would only be interesting if it’s like this, otherwise, wouldn’t he feel bored about it?

“Do you only know how to dodge?!” Seeing that his attacks were to no avail after a long period of time, Chen Tong immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation. It was too hard to bear when every attack of his missed.

Mu Chen finally stopped moving. His black eyes stared undisturbedly at Chen Tong.

“Pyroblast Spirit Fist!”

Seeing that Mu Chen had stopped moving, Chen Tong’s eyes were filled with delight. He immediately took a step forward and his Spiritual Energy rushed out endlessly from within his body. Layers of flame accumulated on his fist as it fiercely blasted off towards Mu Chen.

Since there was an opportunity, he must use all his strength in this attack to defeat this person!

This thought flashed through Chen Tong’s mind. Then, he noticed Mu Chen also clenching his fists in front of him. Then, his arm fired off directly like a spear.


Wrapped by a dark black Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen’s fist collided with Chen Tong’s all-out attack without the slightest signs of dodging. A deep sound suddenly resounded through the sky.

With the two individuals as the center, a violent blast of air spread out.

Mu Chen’s body remained motionless, but Chen Tong’s face turned red. In the next instant, his body trembled and flew backwards under many astonished gazes. He brushed against the ground for a dozen meters before finally stopping.

“How is that possible?!”

Chen Tong lifted his head. His face was filled with an incredulous expression. Both Mu Chen and he were at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, why is it that he couldn’t even block one attack from Mu Chen?

“I won’t believe it!” Chen Tong’s eyes turned red. With a low cry, he fiercely attacked again.


Just when he was about to charge out, a ghost-like black figure appeared in front of him. Before he could even react, a cold hand was pressed onto his throat.

Feeling the cold hand on his throat, Chen Tong was suddenly shocked and froze. He stared at the boy’s face that was close to him. The originally gentle face had become cold and heartless. Those indifferent eyes made his heart jumped and he could feel that he was being stared by a cheetah.

“I…I surrender.”

Chen Tong swallowed his saliva and said while quivering. He finally understood the difference between the two of them. Although he had advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage, he wasn’t Mu Chen’s opponent at all.

Mu Chen glanced and him. He did not seem to care about him and slowly released his hand.

“Brother Mu is amazing!”

As Mu Chen released his hand, a commotion instantly burst out from outside the stage. The East Branch students, especially Su Ling, Tan Qingshan and the others could not help but excitedly shout out. They weren’t able to see the battle clearly, yet they could tell that the arrogant Chen Tong was completely overwhelmed by Mu Chen.

Hearing their cheers, Mu Chen directed a smile towards them. Then, he suddenly felt something and turned his head around. His line of sight landed at the direction of Liu Mubai. At this moment, Liu Mubai had crossed his arms and was staring at Mu Chen like he was something interesting. That appearance was just like a wolf that had found a prey.

Liu Mubai noticed Mu Chen looking over and smiled. Then, his lips moved slightly.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. He could tell what Liu Mubai wanted to say to him.

“You will end up as pitiful as him.”

Mu Chen replied back with a smile as his eyes turned cold.

“I’ll be waiting for it.”

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