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Chapter 80 – Spirit Stage as a Sparring Partner

After Mu Chen had defeated Chen Fan and Huo Yun, his opponent had suddenly become Teacher Mo. This change of events finally made Mu Chen suffer.

Although Teacher Mo suppressed his strength to the Spiritual Rotation Stage, it was not the Initial Phase and rather the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. Based on what Teacher Mo had said, you require great pressure if you want to temper yourself. If they were equally matched, the effects weren’t as great. Initially, Mu Chen had no objections to these words. However, he felt that he was tricked by Teacher Mo after they began to fight. Although Teacher Mo suppressed his strength to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase, his keen vision, experience, the dexterity of his forged body and his variety of offensive and defensive techniques were all at the Spirit Stage level. He could suppress his Spiritual Energy, but he could not suppress these things…

Therefore, Mu Chen was basically fighting against an opponent, who possesses Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase strength and has the experience of a Spirit Stage.

The result of the battle was obvious. Mu Chen was completely slaughtered.

During the first day of combat, Mu Chen had fought against Teacher Mo 13 times. He basically did not manage to do any significant damage to the latter and lost terribly every single time. On the side, Tang Qian’Er and the others felt that it was an extremely painful sight to watch and turned their gazes away.

The situation on the second day was slightly better. However, Mu Chen still remained in a disadvantaged position. If he was slightly careless, Teacher Mo would instantly take advantage of the flaw and defeat him in one move.

Although Mu Chen’s situation was quite miserable, he wasn’t considered to be the same as any ordinary boy. In the Spiritual Road, he had experienced many bloody fights and had a certain excellent talent. He was able to quickly absorb the reason of his failure and improve by making changes bit by bit…

Therefore, after being completely slaughtered by Teacher Mo for two days, he was finally able to gradually catch up to the pace. Although he was still in a disadvantaged position, he was, at the very least, able to counterattack. The counterattacks weren’t that effective, but it was still considered to be an extremely decent change.

Within the mountains, under the waterfall.

Dense Spiritual Energy erupted out and caused the gravel on the ground nearby to shatter to powder. A thin boy’s figure flew out like the wind and like a blurry shadow, he instantly appeared in front of a slender figure. His hand was clenched tightly as Spiritual Energy surged out. It brought out vicious winds as it ruthlessly headed at the back of the slender figure’s head.


But before the fist managed to smash on its target, the slender figure seemed to have eyes behind his back and did not show signs of turning his body. A fist passed by his ears and bombarded behind him. It directly collided with the fist.

A fierce breeze emitted out and the slender figure’s body trembled slightly. His fist instantly turned into a palm as a dense Spiritual Energy surged out from the center of it.


The thin figure was suddenly hit by a heavy blow and his body flew backwards. Then, the figure made a spin in mid-air before staggering as he landed on the ground.

“He lost again.”

Not too far away, Chen Fan and the others watched this scene and instantly grinned. During this past week, they have seen this scene numerous times. However, Mu Chen was currently doing a lot better than the previous week. At that time, Mu Chen would have been defeated miserably when Teacher Mo attacked. But as of now, he had already managed to initiate an attack, though those attacks were easily blocked by Teacher Mo.

“Mu Chen is already quite amazing like this. If it was us, we probably wouldn’t even have the courage to fight against Teacher Mo.” Tang Qian’Er frowned and said when she noticed Chen Fan and the others snickering.

“It’s true that we wouldn’t dare to fight against Teacher Mo. But that’s because we aren’t that stupid.” Chen Fan laughed. Unless he was stupid, why would he fight against a Spirit Stage? Even if the Spirit Stage powerhouse was to suppress his Spiritual Energy to the level of Spiritual Rotation Stage, isn’t it still the same thing?

Tang Qian’Er batted an eye at him sourly.

“Today is the final day of training. We will be fighting for the entries tomorrow…” Mo Ling was a little regretful as he said: “It seems that Brother Mu won’t be able to reach his target.”

“That’s good. That guy is quite proud and arrogant. Even I would have to admire his performance during this period of time. However, how is it possible for him to defeat Teacher Mo?” Huo Yun patted Mo Ling’s shoulders and spoke.

Mo Ling scratched his head. It was true. Teacher Mo was pretty much an unattainable existence in their eyes. With their current strength, it was basically impossible for them to defeat Teacher Mo. It was impossible even if he had suppressed his strength!

“That guy still refused to give up.”

Chen Fan suddenly said. He watched as Mu Chen, who was blown away by Teacher Mo, straightened himself. Within Mu Chen’s eyes, there will still a fiery fighting spirit that refused to be extinguished.

“That guy…” Chen Fan smacked his lips and immediately gave a wry smile as he scratched his head: “He is quite crazy. However, he is definitely much stronger than us. At the very least, I would not be able to persist when I clearly knew I was going to be slaughtered.”

Tang Qian’Er held her hands tightly. Although her eyes were filled with worry, she knew Mu Chen’s personality quite well. The latter would never give up this easily.

“Let’s do this one final time. You have to fight for the entries tomorrow, so you should have a good rest tonight.” Seeing Mu Chen look over here once again, Teacher Mo nodded his head and spoke faintly.

Mu Chen did not say anything. He only took a deep breath and his eyes instantly became sharp. Dark black Spiritual Energy surged out from his feet and his body turned into a black line as he headed directly at Teacher Mo.

Teacher Mo did not move his body at all and only stomped with his feet. Some gravel on the ground flew up into the sky as he waved his sleeves. His Spiritual Energy surrounded the gravel and it covered the sky as it shot off towards Mu Chen like a volley of arrows.


Mu Chen’s speed suddenly accelerated and an afterimage emerged behind him. His body actually passed through the sky filled with gravel.


Teacher Mo’s body also rushed out at this moment. He instantly collided against Mu Chen. His Spiritual Energy surrounded his body, fist, fingers, elbow and legs. Every single part instantly turned into a lethal and terrifying weapon as it shot off fiercely at the vital areas of Mu Chen.


Mu Chen pushed the Shadowspirit Step to the limits and a blurry shadow went around Teacher Mo. He avoided every single attack that contained a powerful force.

“It’s still not fast enough!”

Mu Chen could feel Teacher Mo’s attacks barely hitting him. The powerful winds caused by the attacks made his skin sting. Moreover, it was obvious that the latter’s offensive was speeding up. Sooner or later, he would be showered by it.

He must let his speed become even faster!

Mu Chen gritted his teeth. At this moment, he gathered all his focus and pushed his Spiritual Energy to the extreme. The Spiritual Energy within his meridians roared and brought dense waves of energy.

It was still not fast enough!

His attacks weren’t strong enough!

An unyielding roar echoed within Mu Chen’s heart. His eyes seemed to have been cut apart from the world again. He did not make any strange sound and only watched Teacher Mo’s fierce offensive in front of him.

Bring out all my power!


As this roar echoed within Mu Chen’s heart, a buzzing sound suddenly rang out from within Mu Chen’s aurasea. He could see that his Spiritual Energy had actually gathered together and formed a vague light tower above the Spiritual Wheel in his aurasea.


The moment that the vague light tower emerged, lights seemed to have been summoned and lit up within the depths of Mu Chen’s body.


The Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body suddenly rose sharply and flooded out. An indescribable feeling rumbled through his limbs and bones!


At this very moment, Mu Chen’s speed suddenly increased. It even turned into numerous afterimages and enshrouded Teacher Mo. Afterwards, the latter was somewhat surprised to discover that all his attacks were dodged by Mu Chen.

“How could his speed suddenly increase this much?!” A hint of suspicious arose within Teacher Mo’s heart.

“Mu Chen’s speed became faster! How is that possible?!”

Chen Fan and the others, who were watching this scene, also exclaimed out loud. They were unable to tell which afterimage was Mu Chen’s true body.

Teacher Mo stopped his attacks. He stared at the afterimages that surrounded his body as the winds surged out and enveloped him. He frowned for a moment. Mu Chen, who had been firmly locked on by him, had sudden escaped his sights.

“It’s my turn to attack!”

A cry suddenly resounded through the sky.  Teacher Mo narrowed his eyes and suddenly turned around. He noticed that Mu Chen had two fingers that were straighten out and a dazzling golden light was flashing at the fingertips. This light actually emitted out from the bones and it made it seem that the fingers were made of gold.


The golden fingers were like a divine golden spear as it tore through the sky. An extremely fierce power, along with an abnormally dense Spiritual Energy, stabbed at Teacher Mo’s chest at lightning speed.

There was no hesitation within that stab. It was sharp and vicious!

“So fast!”

Teacher Mo was also surprised. The dazzling golden light had almost obscured his vision. Before he could respond, the golden fingers had already been thrusted over.


A dense and matchless Spiritual Energy instantly rushed out from Teacher Mo’s body. At the same time, cracks appeared on the ground and a huge boulder nearby even instantly shattered.

Mu Chen’s finger also landed on Teacher Mo’s body at this moment. However, before it could penetrate through, it was bounced back by the powerful Spiritual Energy. His body left a dozen or so meters trail on the ground before it finally stopped.

Tang Qian’Er and the others were flabbergasted as they witnessed this scene. Then, Tang Qian’Er could not help but suddenly shout out: “Teacher Mo, you cheated!”

In the moment earlier, the Spiritual Energy that erupted out from Teacher Mo’s body had far surpassed the limits of a Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Hearing Tang Qian’Er’s shout, Teacher Mo could not help but feel slightly embarrassed. It was true that he had brought out his Spirit Stage’s Spiritual Energy. However, it was not intentional. Rather, it was a reflex due to his body sensing danger.

Mu Chen climbed up awkwardly from the ground and stared at his body covered with mud. However, he did not reveal any signs of being dispirited. Instead, the eyes that looked over at Teacher Mo were filled with excitement.

“This boy…”

Teacher Mo could not help but shake his head when he stared at Mu Chen’s excited expression. He immediately chuckled and raised his thumb towards Mu Chen: “Amazing.”

“I won!” Mu Chen sat down on the ground and felt exhausted, yet he could not endure laughing out loud.

“Holy sh*t… No way, right?”

Chen Fan, Huo Yun and Mo Ling were all staring dumbfounded at Mu Chen, who was laughing maniacally. Is this crazy bastard still human?

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