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In the sky, the majestic spiritual energy swept through like a storm. Then, suddenly, it solidified under the girl's cold voice…

Everyone was looking at the sky, their pupils contracted. At that moment, Mu Chen stepped into the void. The dark shadows of the three hazy shadows pervaded throughout the space.

Just as the fierce blows were about to land on Mu Chen, with killing intent strong enough to inflict serious injuries, there occurred an intervention...

From behind the three dark silhouettes, the young girl's petite hand landed on the back of one of the silhouettes. The terrifying spiritual energy coalescing in her palm caused the silhouette to tense and freeze. The blow, which was about to land on Mu Chen, stopped dead in its tracks!

The air in the sky froze, and all was suddenly still. No one dared disrupt the silence.

The Prince of Netherworld's gaze flickered wildly, oscillating between one of malice and one of fear. The change in his gaze caused his emotionless demeanor to distort.

The Prince of Netherworld then glanced towards Mu Chen, his obvious spite apparent on his face. If he had a few more moments, he could have ended Mu Chen right then and there.

However, he hadn't expected that… Cai Xiao would be even faster! For her to appear behind him, it was clear that Fang Yi had already lost this conflict. What's more, Fang Yi's defeat in this moment would mean that his plan to deal with Mu Chen had also failed.

Mu Chen glanced at the Prince of Netherworld, whose gaze was flickering wildly, and smiled. Despite the ferocious blows that were about to land on him, there was no trace of fear in his eyes. He simply retracted the phoenix wings on his back, causing them to dissipate into spots of light.

"Both of you have lost." Mu Chen glanced at the Prince of Netherworld and repeated.

"Are you asking for death?" the Prince of Netherworld said in a low menacing voice. It seemed that, now that Mu Chen's life was in his grasp, the latter was not fearful at all.

"You wouldn't dare exchange your life with mine." Mu Chen's dark eyes locked onto the Prince of Netherworld, a mocking smirk appearing on his face.

The Prince of Netherworld's pupils shrank. Although Mu Chen had landed in his grasp, during the two's confrontation, the latter's aura had completely overwhelmed him.

Under Mu Chen's fearless gaze, a subtle terror surfaced in the Prince of Netherworld's heart. Although he hated to admit, he was aware that, just like Mu Chen had said, he did not have the courage to die together with Mu Chen.

The Prince of Netherworld's gaze flashed, as he took a deep breath and turned his head to look at Cai Xiao. "We'll stop at the same time. I don't think we should really engage in a deadly duel, for that surely won't do us any good."

Cai Xiao glanced at Mu Chen, as the latter nodded at her. Their goal was to obtain the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy. Thus, there was no need to force the Prince of Netherworld into a corner. After all, even a rabbit at its most desperate would strike back and bite his aggressor, let alone the Prince of Netherworld, who was a ferocious wolf!

The Prince of Netherworld and Cai Xiao were no ordinary characters, thus they were not people who would go back on their word. Both retracted their moves simultaneously, as the storm of spiritual energy dissipated.


The Prince of Netherworld's figure flashed. He then appeared a few thousand miles away, staring at Cai Xiao and Mu Chen guardedly.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He had expended too much spiritual energy in his body, and if the battle had continued, he would have been in great peril. Fortunately, Cai Xiao had defeated Fang Yi first.


Mu Chen gave Cai Xiao a thumbs up. Although he had not fought Fang Yi, he was, after all, ranked first in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. Hence, his reputation was even stronger than the Prince of Netherworld's.

Furthermore, he had experienced the methods of the Prince of Netherworld prior to this confrontation. Thus, he was in awe that Cai Xiao could defeat the more powerful Fang Yi.

Cai Xiao's cold expression warmed, and her smile charmed the masses, causing everyone's attentions to focus on her. However, their glances were ones of respect, as Cai Xiao's capability had indeed shocked them all. 

"You did pretty well, too, so it seems that I didn't make a wrong judgment." Cai Xiao smiled, admiration filling her gaze. In this battle, if Mu Chen had not done his best to delay the Prince of Netherworld, she would not have been able to defeat Fang Yi.

"I nearly lost though!" Mu Chen said in exasperation.

Mu Chen was clear that, with his current ability, if he had clashed directly with the Prince of Netherworld, he could only have put up some resistance. Once the battle turned serious, his odds of winning would have been very low.

No matter what, he was only a Third Grade Sovereign, and with the Prince of Netherworld's capability almost being that of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, this ability was enough to be ranked as a Lord in the Daluo Territory! Hence, no matter how many tricks Mu Chen had up his sleeve, it would have been difficult to defeat the Prince of Netherworld, like Mu Chen had defeated Liu Yan.

"The fact that you, as a Third Grade Sovereign, can accomplish this is already very astonishing. I think, if you were at the same grade as him, he would be far inferior to you," Cai Xiao said.

Mu Chen had to acknowledge that such melodious praise from a beautiful girl had boosted his ego immensely. As such, he felt his heart flutter a bit.

After praising Mu Chen, Cai Xiao glanced at the Prince of Netherworld, before commenting nonchalantly, "You are still not leaving?"

The Prince of Netherworld's expression changed, as he stared at the two chillingly, before focusing in on Mu Chen. Then, he spoke, his voice cold. "Netherworld Palace will remember what happened today, but I hope that the next time we meet, you won't need to rely on a girl to save you."

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen smiled. "If we meet the next time, you will be the one who needs to look out."

Although it was difficult for him to defeat the Prince of Netherworld at his current stage, Mu Chen had the confidence that he would catch up. So, if they meet again next time, and the Prince of Netherworld still wanted to force him into a corner, like today, Mu Chen would make him understand that such a desire would be mere wishful thinking, as Mu Chen would improve by leaps and bounds in a short period of time!

"Such boastful claims."

The Prince of Netherworld scoffed, as the ace among the younger generation in the Northern Territory, he was extremely prideful. He found it preposterous that Mu Chen thought that he could surpass him. To him, if Cai Xiao hadn't saved Mu Chen, he would have been dead by now.

The Prince of Netherworld had no intention of remaining in this frustrating place. So, as he glowered at Mu Chen and Cai Xiao, he transformed into a stream of light that soared across the sky, heading straight towards the horizon.

He was aware that in order to obtain the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy, Cai Xiao would not allow a dangerous character like him to remain in the vicinity. And, since he could not obtain the Legacy, there was no point for him to stay any longer. He would simply have to settle this feud in the future.

"You're in for trouble, Mu Chen!" Cai Xiao glanced at the Prince of Netherworld's retreating figure, smiling at Mu Chen teasingly.

Mu Chen froze.

"I'm not from the Northern Territory, so I will leave after the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. But, you're from the Daluo Territory, so you will eventually meet Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld. By then…" Cai Xiao teased.

Mu Chen nodded. Offending the two powerful figures, who were the first and second ranks of the Dragon-Phoenix Record, was not good news. But, throughout his journey, Mu Chen had offended countless powerful opponents. However, he chose to see these all as being mere trials and tribulations, which he could use to advance to higher levels.

Thus, Mu Chen did not fear these underlying threats. Instead, he anticipated them, for such pressure would only make him stronger!

"If you're worried, you can leave with me after the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. I can bring you to a place that will suit you better than the Daluo Territory. You might even obtain better conditions for cultivation there." Cai Xiao smiled and offered.

Cai Xiao's capability was enough to prove that she had an extraordinary background. In fact, according to Mu Chen' s deduction, her background was unparalleled to anyone in the Northern Territory. And, just like she said, if he went to where she came from, he might even attain better conditions for cultivation, which was something many powerful figures desired.

However, Mu Chen just shook his head. He was not used to being protected, and instead preferred to carve a name out for himself, relying on his own ability to become a true powerful Sovereign. He simply did not desire to rely on any other powerful forces or resources to protect and develop his reputation.

"Don't worry about me. Next time, I will help you deal with them." Mu Chen smiled.

Upon hearing Mu Chen's polite refusal of her aid, Cai Xiao raised her brows. But, she had to admit that she was astonished by the confidence in Mu Chen's words, as she was aware of Fang Yi's capabilities.

Even she had expended much effort in her moves today. So, now that Mu Chen said that he would deal with the both of them, in the eyes of ordinary people, that could only be wishful thinking on his part.

However, Cai Xiao did not mock him, but appraised Mu Chen and laughed gently. "Alright then, I hope that you will bring me good news the next time we meet."

Mu Chen smiled and nodded.

Cai Xiao then glanced at the countless gazes, which held fear and reverence in them, before looking towards the sky, where Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan stood. She then stated faintly, "Do you have any opinions regarding our receiving the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy?"

Upon hearing Cai Xiao's voice, Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan looked at each other, before sighing faintly in unison. Even such powerful figures, like Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld, had been defeated, so how would they dare say anything? Thus, only they shook their heads.

"Thanks a lot!" A brilliant smile bloomed on Cai Xiao's face, her charm overshadowing even the remarkable beauty of both Su Biyue and Snapper, as even they paled in comparison.

Mu Chen lifted his head to glance at the zenith of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, where dazzling golden light emanated, as if it contained many wondrous and magical secrets. Excitement tingled in his heart.

The Dragon-Phoenix Legacy finally belonged to them!

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