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The spots of light slowly descended from the sky, and silence enveloped the heavens and earth as everyone stared, dumbfounded.

Shock and disbelief were written in their gazes, as this outcome was entirely unexpected.

That was the Prince of Netherworld!

An ace in the Dragon-Phoenix Record ranked second only to Fang Yi in the younger generation of the North Territory, any talent had to admire him. Even brilliant talents like Liu Yan and Su Biyue felt fear and dread when faced with the Prince of Netherworld.

In the previous battle, even if it were the likes of Liu Yan or Su Biyue, not to mention Mu Chen, who was only a Third Grade Sovereign, it would be impossible for them to counter that fatal blow!

However, reality was full of miracles…

Everyone stared shell-shocked at the slender figure in the sky, and as the silence continued for a moment, it was finally broken by astonished whoops and cheers.

In the sky, Su Biyue and Snapper stared at each other at a loss before bitter smiles appeared on their beautiful faces.

"This Mu Chen… is really too formidable," Ding Xuan stated gravely. Even someone who craved battle as much as he did had to acknowledge that Mu Chen's performance was incredibly outstanding. He admitted to himself that if he were the one who had to counter the Prince of Netherworld's fatal blow, even if he could have escaped alive, he would have had to pay a heavy price.

"It wasn't a fluke that he defeated Liu Yan." Su Biyue and Snapper nodded. If they had thought that Liu Yan lost to Mu Chen because of underestimating him, they now understood that Mu Chen was indeed immensely powerful and was capable of defeating Liu Yan.

"Looks like after this Dragon-Phoenix Rift, Mu Chen's reputation will be renowned across the entire North Territory…"

As the world was enveloped by shocked gasps, Mu Chen remained unperturbed, though he was extremely pale. The Datura Sky-wrecking Light he unleashed previously had expended much of his energy.

Although he had resisted the Prince of Netherworld's fatal blow with the Datura Sky-wrecking Light, Mu Chen's body did not relax in the slightest as he stared sharply into the distance where the Prince of Netherworld stood. However, the latter's emotionless demeanor now morphed into something livid, and his gaze became chilling and malicious.

Clearly, his miss caused him to be livid with fury as rage surged in his heart.

He was in disbelief, as his fatal move he held absolute confidence in had been countered by a mere Third Grade Sovereign!

Even Liu Yan and Su Biyue would have failed to counter it!

"Haha, looks like I had poor judgment this time…" The Prince of Netherworld's gaze was piercing, as if he wanted to impale Mu Chen, and his low voice rumbled with fury.

"However, the counter-attack previously must have expended your spiritual energy, right? What next then?!" The Prince of Netherworld's tone was chilling as murderous intent surged out from him, causing the temperature in the atmosphere to drop.


Just as fury erupted in the Prince of Netherworld's heart, a roar reverberated from the battlefield at the other end of the sky. This roar caused the Prince of Netherworld's face to change as he hurriedly lifted his head to glance over. The colorful whirlpool's devouring force increased magnificently in Cai Xiao and Fang Yi's battlefield as the Divine Lotus Throne at Fang Yi's feet showed signs of cracking.

Fang Yi, who sat atop the Divine Lotus Throne, was incredibly somber as his spiritual energy flowed towards the throne continuously in an attempt to strengthen his defense.

He was now groaning inwardly, as he had been paying attention to the battle between the Prince of Netherworld and Mu Chen, but had not expected Mu Chen to counter the Prince of Netherworld's fatal blow. This had shocked him to the point where a flaw appeared in his manipulation of spiritual energy.

Although Fang Yi's flaw was very minute, Cai Xiao had caught this mistake with her sharp eyes. The devouring force caused cracks to appear in the Divine Lotus Throne, diminishing its power greatly. Although Fang Yi immediately tried to salvage it, he had lost his decisive advantage…

In such a battle, losing a decisive opportunity would be enough to doom him.

Thus, under the high-speed rotation of the colorful whirlpool, Fang Yi's magnificent spiritual power was constantly swallowed up. As the cracks on the Divine Lotus Throne spread, it was clearly impossible for him to persist much longer.

At this point, even with Fang Yi's composure, he couldn't help but roar at the Prince of Netherworld. If he failed to end Mu Chen, Fang Yi would fail as well.

Hearing Fang Yi's roar, the Prince of Netherworld's gaze flickered as he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet. The space twisted as his figure vanished. 

However, just as the Prince of Netherworld disappeared, massive phoenix wings sprouted from Mu Chen's back, and as they fanned out, his figure appeared in a flash 1,000 feet away.

Just as Mu Chen vanished, the Prince of Netherworld's silhouette appeared where Mu Chen had just been. His expression was livid as he stared at Mu Chen, who was on guard a distance away.

Clearly, Mu Chen had expected his move.

"Looks like both of you have lost." A smirk appeared on Mu Chen's pale face as he stared at the Prince of Netherworld.

"Oh? Escaping like a rat now?" The Prince of Netherworld smiled chillingly, and as his laugher rang out, he vanished into thin air again.


Mu Chen's figure disappeared to a safe distance again as he smiled faintly. "Why use such an inferior way of goading me to fight?"

Mu Chen was clearly aware that the Prince of Netherworld wanted to force him to clash head-on with him, but Mu Chen would not do such a silly thing. Besides, after a series of excruciating battles, his spiritual energy was weaker now, and clashing head-on would be a foolish thing to do.

He just had to delay the Prince of Netherworld, and the scales of victory would tilt in their favor, for he could feel that the usually calm and composed Prince of Netherworld was beginning to lose his cool.

It was precisely because he was beginning to lose his composure that Mu Chen could avoid his relentless pursuit.

Two shadows flickered in the sky, one in hot pursuit, the other in escape. Although there were precarious moments where they nearly encountered each other, Mu Chen did not give the Prince of Netherworld a chance to strike.

This cat and mouse pursuit continued for a few rounds, and everyone could sense the growing murderous intent surrounding the Prince of Netherworld. His malicious stare wanted nothing more than to tear Mu Chen apart.

There was another flash as the Prince of Netherworld stopped in his tracks. He glared at Mu Chen eerily, and that glance caused the latter to tense, as he was on high alert.

The Prince of Netherworld did not strike out of anger, but took a deep breath as the blazing fury in his eyes dissipated. He was no ordinary man after all, and he knew that if he carried on, he would be unable to capture Mu Chen.

As the Prince of Netherworld's gaze returned to its usual nonchalance, Mu Chen's heart skipped a beat. This fellow is hard to deal with indeed, to regain his composure so quickly. A Prince of Netherworld who had calmed down was the most dangerous to deal with. 

The Prince of Netherworld glanced coldly at Mu Chen before conjuring up seals. A dim light surged out from within his body and transformed into two blurry shadows.

His own body also blurred, transforming to look exactly like the two dark silhouettes.


The three shadows vanished into thin air unsettlingly.

Mu Chen's expression changed as he felt a fatal danger approaching. He fanned out his phoenix wings and swiftly retreated.


Just as Mu Chen retreated, the space surrounding him suddenly distorted as the three silhouettes appeared out of thin air and surrounded him.

"Try and escape again. Shall we see what will happen?!"

The three silhouettes chillingly spoke simultaneously as they dealt blows full of murderous intent that charged straight at Mu Chen. If the blows landed, even if Mu Chen had cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Body, he would be grievously hurt.

In the face of a sudden stealth attack from the Prince of Netherworld, Mu Chen had no way of avoiding it. His gaze flickered wildly.


However, just as the Prince of Netherworld was about to strike, horrified gasps rang amid the heavens and earth while in the other battlefield, the Divine Lotus Throne beneath Fang Yi could no longer withstand the terrifying devouring force and exploded with a deafening boom.

The moment the Divine Lotus Throne shattered, Fang Yi was directly exposed to the devouring force.

Cai Xiao glanced coldly at Fang Yi as he was sucked towards the colorful whirlpool vortex. Once he had been devoured, his death was certain, and even his spirit would fail to escape!

Fang Yi struggled valiantly but it was futile, and even summoning his Sovereign Celestial Body was for naught, as the colorful whirlpool was too overwhelmingly powerful.

Fang Yi's expression was grave, and he lost his previous composure entirely as he glanced at the approaching colorful whirlpool. The dangerous fluctuations emanating from it caused even his scalp to tingle in trepidation.

"D*mn it!" 

Fang Yi finally couldn't help but curse. With a gnash of his teeth, he clenched his fists, and an ancient crimson jade appeared in his hand. He crushed it without hesitation.


The piece of ancient jade shattered, and as the surrounding space around Fang Yi warped in a frenzy, it formed a spatial black hole and swallowed him before immediately vanishing.

As Fang Yi vanished, his voice rang in the heavens and earth livid with fury, "I will remember today's humiliation and soundly repay it in future!"

Countless powerful people stared dumbfounded as the scene unfolded before they gasped.

Fang Yi actually chose to escape!

The ancient jade he had crushed was the protective treasure that the Divine Pavilion had given to him, and once shattered, it had the ability to pierce space and allow one to escape. Hence, Fang Yi should have escaped out of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, and this would mean that he had forfeited competing for the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy…

Cai Xiao stared coldly at Fang Yi, who had ultimately chosen to escape, and in the next moment, her figure vanished into thin air.

At the other side of the sky, the blows of the three shadows landed brutally in an attempt to kill Mu Chen, but Mu Chen's gaze, which had been flickering wildly, suddenly became calm, and a mocking smirk appeared on his face.

"Sorry, but we have won."

Upon hearing Mu Chen's words, the Prince of Netherworld's heart lurched in shock, and malice flashed in his gaze. No matter what, he could not let this brat off!


The murderous intent surrounding the Prince of Netherworld surged as three powerful blows charged brutally towards Mu Chen's head with a speed as swift as lightning.

However, just as the aura of his blows was about to land, a cold hand rested on his back like a specter, and a chilling voice rang out, causing him to freeze.

"Make another move, and you're dead."

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