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In the sky, the storm of spiritual energy had already dissipated, and the breathtaking battle had reached its conclusion. The two figures hovering in the air were the center of attention.

Amid many heated glances, Mu Chen stared fixedly at the peak of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform as golden light glimmered brightly, and the ancient cries of the Dragon and Phoenix reverberated in the air.

That was where the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy lay. 


The Dragon-Phoenix Platform seemed to have sensed the reduction in the number of competitors, and a golden flood rushed down from the peak of the Platform, condensing into a golden flight of stairs.

At the end of the stairs lay the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy.

"Go get the reward." Cai Xiao looked at the golden staircase and smiled. It had not been easy to get there after all the bloody battles, and it was time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Mu Chen nodded, and they appeared before the golden staircase, stepping up amid envious glances.

Standing behind them, Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan followed. Although they could not obtain the Legacy at the highest level, they were able to get some great benefits at the lower levels.

The group went up to the golden staircase and finally stopped. Mu Chen looked up to see that at the end of the staircase there was a golden altar with distinct levels.

The altar was in the form of a Dragon and Phoenix intertwined with each other, and it emanated an ancient aura. This aura caused the world to feel as if it were back in primitive times, and as they continued, the aura grew increasingly pervasive.

That oppressive aura seemed to cause even the space to freeze and coagulate.

There were less than ten steps from the top of the altar, but those last steps were incredibly difficult to climb, and the horribly oppressive aura that the Dragon-Phoenix was emitting was threatening to turn those who attempted to ascend into minced meat.

"The oppressive aura here…" Cai Xiao's expression was grave as she tightly knitted her brows, for she could feel that the Dragon-Phoenix aura there was terrifying, especially the ten golden steps before her. She felt that if she stepped up, that horrifying aura would swarm around her.

The oppressive aura there was even stronger than that of the superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

"It's said that when the real dragon and phoenix fell, their hearts descended here and transformed into the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, also sealing the Legacy... I'm afraid this place has the strongest oppressive aura in the entire Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

"The ten steps in front of you are also the ultimate test of the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy. These ten steps are called the Dragon-Phoenix Step. Only those who have successfully ascended it will be able to obtain the final Legacy."

Mu Chen gritted his teeth, as he also felt the terrible Dragon-Phoenix aura. If he had not cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Body, he would have failed to withstand it.

"In the many years of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, many powerful characters have made it here, but even the most elite have only reached the ninth step…"

"Oh?" Cai Xiao's gaze turned somber and her expression grew increasingly solemn. This Dragon-Phoenix Rift was so powerful, that even after being open for so many years, no one had actually made it to the tenth step?

"What do you think?" Cai Xiao glanced at Mu Chen and asked.

Mu Chen lifted his head to glance at the end of the Dragon-Phoenix Step. It was bathed in golden light, and a powerful oppressive aura permeated where the ancient Dragon-Phoenix Legacy was hidden.

"It's not that easy for me to give up!" Determination burned in Mu Chen's dark eyes as he scoffed, and without any hesitation, he stepped onto the Dragon-Phoenix Step.


Just as Mu Chen stepped onto the Dragon-Phoenix Step, the thunderous roar of a dragon rumbled, and a horrifying oppressive aura surged.

Mu Chen's body felt as heavy as mountains.

However, he gritted his teeth as he continued to trudge on with shaky footsteps.

Mu Chen's figure shook unsteadily on the Dragon-Phoenix Step, clearly under immense pressure. With every step, sweat dripped profusely, and his muscles bore an excruciating pain as if they were being torn apart.

Cai Xiao followed him, and although she wasn't having such a hard time in comparison, her steps were also heavy, as she was clearly also withstanding a terrifying pressure.

Behind them, Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan were finding it torturous to climb with every step they took.

Everyone gazed at the five figures slowly climbing up the Dragon-Phoenix Step, and they were dying to know exactly who could ascend to which step in this Dragon-Phoenix Rift?!

Amid countless gazes, Mu Chen's wavering steps stopped at the sixth step, as he could feel his flesh being torn apart and blood trickling down his back.

The Dragon-Phoenix oppressive aura was so strong that even the Dragon-Phoenix Body was overwhelmed.

Cai Xiao followed behind Mu Chen, sweat dotting her forehead. Even with her immense power, she could not belittle the horrifying pressure here.

"You still want to continue?" Cai Xiao gritted her teeth as she glanced at the blood seeping out from Mu Chen's back.

Mu Chen remained silent and only nodded gravely. His dark eyes showed no signs of retreat and in the next moment, he took another step.


A wound surfaced on his shoulders, and blood gushed out, flowing down Mu Chen's to feet, leaving a glaring red footprint on the golden steps.

More blood gushed out from Mu Chen, with gashes appearing on his face. Blood blurred his vision, but he continued trudging on doggedly.

His steps finally paused at the eighth step.

Mu Chen was now covered with blood from head to toe, the terrifying pressure threatening to cause his body to explode. A dark golden light glowed within his flesh as the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence mended his battered body.

If it weren't for the protection from the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, his physical body would have exploded by now. Even now, he felt that he had lost his sense of sight and hearing, as he couldn't hear any sounds from the world. He only sensed the oppressive pressure surging towards him that was as heavy as the mountains.

Mu Chen stood shakily on the eighth step as Cai Xiao stood beside him on the same step. Sweat trickled down her fair and slender neck, and her slightly damp clothes revealed her graceful curves.

Her beautiful face was pale, and as her chest heaved, her expression was solemn. She glanced at Mu Chen worriedly.

She finally realized why after all these years, no one had reached the tenth step. According to her estimation, even she could only reach the ninth step, and that was the limit. If she tried to advance further, her physical body would explode.

Behind them, Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan stood on the sixth step and stopped, for they knew that was their limit. If they persisted, their physiques would fail to withstand the pressure.

They sat cross-legged on the wide steps and lifted their heads to look at the two silhouettes before them. Respect and admiration crossed their gazes when they saw Mu Chen's bloody figure.

Mu Chen was only a Third Grade Sovereign, but could make it to the eighth step. The pressure he was withstanding was clearly horrifying. Any person who had less determination and resilience would have broken down by now.

The fact that Mu Chen could defeat Liu Yan and fight with the Prince of Netherworld despite only being a Third Grade Sovereign had baffled many, but now they understood how this young man had performed so many miracles.

These miracles were not opportunities that fell from the sky but instead were created by his own persistence and resilience.

Su Biyue, Snapper, and the others looked at each other with complex gazes.

Cai Xiao dabbed at her chin and wiped off her sweat as she glanced at Mu Chen, who was covered in blood, and stated solemnly, "Don't continue."

The blood coagulated into blood clots and covered Mu Chen's face. "You can go up." His voice had become incredibly hoarse, as if his throat were damaged by the terrifying Dragon-Phoenix aura.

Cai Xiao nodded and gritted her teeth, moving daintily. Majestic spiritual energy surrounded her, defending against the Dragon-Phoenix oppressive aura as her shaky steps finally landed on the ninth step.

The ninth step!

Gasps rang among the crowd, as only one brilliant talent had managed to step on the ninth step after the Dragon-Phoenix Rift had been open for so many years. Now, another talent had appeared.

Amid the ruckus, Mu Chen, who was drenched in blood, struggled to lift his head as he stared at the peak of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform with blurry eyes. Golden light shimmered, as if the real dragon and phoenix encircled the platform, looming over him and emanating an incredibly oppressive aura.

That pressure was enough to make any one break down.

However, Mu Chen clenched his fist. What stood before him was an insurmountable mountain. Even with his powerful physique, he could not withstand the power of the Dragon-Phoenix aura.

Mu Chen could feel that if he stepped onto the ninth step, cracks would appear on his physique. If he stepped onto the tenth step, there was an 80% chance that his physical body would explode.

Now… should he give up?

Mu Chen's vision turned blurry, and in the darkness, a slender silhouette emerged. The young girl was dressed in a black robe and had long, billowing hair. Her crystal-like eyes gazed at him gently.

Luo Li.

The girl who had motivated him to keep on running… Now, she should be in the Luo God Clan, bearing the pressure of saving the clan. The pressure she would be facing was no less than what he was facing.

And he had promised her… that he would become the most powerful Sovereign…

His eyes, which had been blurred with blood, suddenly opened, and his gaze no longer held any hint of hesitation. The road to becoming a powerful Sovereign was destined to have many trials and tribulations, and if he gave up easily, how would he fulfil the promise made to her?


Shocked gasps rang in the world as Su Biyue and Snapper covered their mouths in shock and stared in astonishment. The wavering figure who was about to fall suddenly had a surge of majestic aura, and he let out a skyward roar as he stepped forward!

With one step, he stepped onto the ninth step!

Cai Xiao's eyes widened, shock flitting across her face as she realized that bloody wounds had emerged on Mu Chen's body with blood spurting out of them.

Excruciating pain surged, almost overwhelming Mu Chen's rationality, but in the frenzied growls, he stepped forward once again!

Cai Xiao was utterly stunned.

Everyone gasped, as they knew what Mu Chen intended to do.

Amid everyone's shell-shocked glances, Mu Chen stepped onto it!

The tenth step!

Mu Chen stood atop the peak of the Dragon-Phoenix Step as Cai Xiao's face twisted in horror, for she saw his body explode!

Blood spurted everywhere!

His physical body had exploded!

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