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When Cai Xiao and the Prince of Netherworld's gazes turned sharp at the same time, the air between the heavens and earth seemed to suddenly stop flowing as chilling murderous intent permeated the atmosphere.

All the other powerful people's eyes suddenly narrowed, and even Su Biyue, Snapper, and others solemnly looked up. Powerful spiritual energy fluctuations protected their bodies, lest they be affected by the battle.

Cai Xiao stood gracefully in the sky with her long hair billowing in the wind, and her mesmerizing eyes flashed with a freezing chill as if they could freeze the world.

An indescribably dangerous aura emanated from within her body.

She could also feel the change in aura from the Prince of Netherworld on Mu Chen's battlefield, and as she expected, he was also intending to deal Mu Chen a fatal blow.

However, she was not distracted by this, as she knew that both parties were taking a gamble. Fang Yi was betting that if the Prince of Netherworld could defeat Mu Chen swiftly, they could then unite to defeat her, and she was betting that if Mu Chen could hold the Prince of Netherworld back and give her enough time, she could kill Fang Yi.

What she needed to do now was to not worry about Mu Chen, but get rid of Fang Yi as quickly as possible, as this would be the greatest help to Mu Chen.

"Looks like we have a consensus on this." Fang Yi looked at Cai Xiao as her hair billowed, and his body was suddenly tense. The dangerous aura emanating from her caused pain to bloom in his body, and he looked increasingly somber.

"But the outcome will not be one that you expect." Cai Xiao's tone was nonchalant, but the chilling intent behind it caused the temperature in the air to drop.

"Is that so?" Fang Yi smiled. He was courageous indeed, even in the face of Cai Xiao's extremely dangerous state. He still did not get flustered but remained calm, and judging from his composure, he was worthy of being ranked first in the Dragon-Phoenix Record and of being at the peak of the young generation of the North Territory.

"I'm afraid another person will give way first."

"Is that so?" Cai Xiao retorted with a cold smirk, and without any hesitation, she conjured up seals with her slender hands. The seals swarmed, transforming into a barrage of afterimages that flashed in a blur.

The space surrounding her fluctuated in a frenzy, bubbling and spreading like boiling water. Seven colors surged out from Cai Xiao's body, and within a few moments, they had permeated the heavens and earth with their magnificent colors, but under that brilliance lurked a deadly danger.

The seven colorful beams of light coalesced in Cai Xiao's palms at an alarming speed as the spiritual energy within the world wildly converged. Everyone witnessed a colorful whirlpool emerge in her palms.

The colorful whirlpool expanded rapidly to 100 feet across. The whirlpool was like a black hole, but instead was full of myriad colors that only increased its mysterious aura.

The colorful whirlpool materialized before Cai Xiao, and as the surrounding space was torn into smithereens, dark cracks visible to the naked eye spread swiftly.

Everyone was horrified at the destructive power of the colorful whirlpool, and some powerful people even retreated in fear.

Anyone could sense the terrifying danger of Cai Xiao's attack.

The seven colors reflected in Cai Xiao's eyes were intoxicatingly gorgeous, but she only stared at Fang Yi coldly. In the next moment, she pointed her dainty fingers, and a melodious voice rang out in the sky, "Art of Heaven-Devouring Colors, Engulfing the Heavens!"

Just as the cold voice rang out from Cai Xiao, Fang Yi's body tensed, and the space surrounding him quickly twisted, his figure disappeared out of thin air, and even his breath and spiritual energy fluctuations disappeared entirely.


In the face of Fang Yi's disappearance, Cai Xiao was entirely unperturbed, and with a quiver from the colorful whirlpool, it also disappeared into thin air.

The moment the colorful whirlpool disappeared, an area in the sky thousands of feet beyond burst into pieces, and between the spatial distortions, a blur of light and shadow swept by.

Just as the silhouette appeared, the space over his head also tore apart, and a huge colorful whirlpool surged out, suspended directly above him. Colorful light pillars shot down, quickly enshrouding Fang Yi.

Enveloped within the light pillars, Fang Yi's original ghostly speed immediately froze, for he found that even the surrounding space was reinforced, and he could not tear it apart and escape.

Furthermore, in the huge, swirling, seven-colored whirlpool above, there was a constant release of a terrible, devouring suction force. Under that suction, not only was his body was pulled closer to the colorful whirlpool, but even the spiritual energy within him showed signs of being sucked out!

"What a horrifying devouring force!"

Fang Yi's expression finally twisted as if this colorful whirlpool were full of maggots deeply embedded in one's bones, and there was no way of evading it. Once one had been engulfed by it, it was relentless, and would not cease until it had devoured its prey.

Fang Yi lifted his head as he glanced at the colorful whirlpool, sensing fatal danger in it. If he became engulfed by the whirlpool, he was not confident that he could escape alive.

He had never underestimated Cai Xiao, but her methods had terrified him. Where exactly did this mysterious young girl hail from?

However, this was just a passing thought. At this point in time, he could not afford to get distracted. He must withstand Cai Xiao's attacks, and at worst, he just had to delay her... buy time for the Prince of Netherworld to kill Mu Chen!


A glint flickered in Fang Yi's gaze, and in the next moment, he swiftly conjured up seals. Spiritual light bloomed around him, and indistinctly, mysterious and cryptic fluctuations emanated from the light. 

"Heaven Piercing Divine Art, Heaven Piercing Divine Lotus!"

Along with Fang Yi's roar reverberating in the sky, spiritual light condensed at his feet. Finally, it transformed into a Divine Lotus Throne that was ten feet tall. The throne was dark green, and ancient light patterns covered its petals. Cryptic and mysterious ripples revealed powerful spiritual energy fluctuations.

Clearly, Fang Yi had activated his defensive techniques to their maximum potential.

The Divine Lotus Throne appeared before Fang Yi's feet. Its petals rose gradually, transforming into a light barrier, protecting Fang Yi within it. This defense was so strong that it seemed like even in the face of the collapse of the heavens and earth, this Divine Lotus Throne would not shatter and give way.

As the Divine Lotus Throne appeared, the rate at which Fang Yi was being sucked rapidly towards the colorful whirlpool slowed, as the throne was emitting a wondrous force that was resisting the colorful whirlpool's devouring force.

The two forces clashed harshly, causing the space to twist and distort violently.

Cai Xiao glanced at the scene before her and raised her brows. Fang Yi's many methods had surprised her. The ace of the North Territory's younger generation was no mediocre man, indeed.

However, this was not enough to stop her.

With a flourish of her hand, the colorful whirlpool spun at a faster speed than before. The devouring force became more overwhelming, and Fang Yi's body, which had been protected by the Divine Lotus Throne, began to slide towards the colorful whirlpool yet again… 

Although the speed was slower than before, it was apparent that with Fang Yi's myriad methods, he had failed to resist, and it was only a matter of time before he would be devoured by the colorful whirlpool. Once he was sucked into it, no matter how powerful he was, he would not be able to escape alive.

Countless powerful people watched on in abject horror, as they did not expect such a powerful ace like Fang Yi to fail to withstand this mysterious young girl.

Ding Xuan stared at the fearsome battle in terror as he commented, "If this continues, I'm afraid Fang Yi will lose."

Su Biyue and Snapper nodded solemnly before they turned to look at the other battlefield where terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations rippled.

"But Fang Yi should be able to persist for a while more. If the Prince of Netherworld can defeat Mu Chen, they can form an alliance and turn the situation around."

This thought was a shared consensus by the other powerful characters. As they glanced towards the other battlefield where spiritual energy roared, the two figures wildly activated the spiritual energy within their bodies.

As Cai Xiao and Fang Yi were at a standstill, everyone knew that the other battlefield would be the deciding factor.

Amid the countless gazes, a barrage of spiritual energy surged as Mu Chen and the Prince of Netherworld stood at opposing ends. The latter's eyes were nonchalant with vast spiritual energy surrounding him as he gazed at Mu Chen perched above the Great Solar Undying Body. The Prince of Netherworld murmured, "It's about time to finish this."

He had sensed that Fang Yi was in a fix, thus he understood that it was time for him to end Mu Chen once and for all.

The Prince of Netherworld clasped his hands together. He closed his eyes, and as his mouth moved, an ancient sound rang out.

It sounded like it came from the Netherworld, carrying a freezing chill as the temperature of the heavens and earth dropped drastically. Snow fell, but the snowflakes were black and possessed an eerie chill cold enough to freeze the air.

Endless black snowflakes fell and converged behind the Prince of Netherworld. The black snowflakes burned and transformed into a continuous stream of black flames, flowing around the Prince like a liquid.

This eerie scene made countless powerful people gasp in fear, for they realized that wherever the black liquid flames flowed, spiritual energy seemed to coagulate.

The Prince of Netherworld lifted his head, his dark eyes locking onto Mu Chen emotionlessly. He pointed his fingers, and the flowing black flames became like fiery dragons from the Netherworld, surging out with a whoosh.

At the same time, the Prince of Netherworld's cold voice reverberated throughout the heavens and earth with an eerie chill.

"Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Flames of Destruction!"

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