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"Netherworld Divine Flames of Destruction!"

Just as the Prince of Netherworld's chilling voice rang out, black sparks of flames swept across the void. As they passed, spiritual energy froze and coagulated. The spiritual energy then transformed into black crystal fragments, integrating within the black flames, which caused its power to grow stronger.

Everyone looked at the black flames that were skimming across the sky. They watched, as all things that stood in front of the approaching flames would melt and integrate within them, becoming one with them.

"That's a Top-Grade Divine Art from Netherworld Palace, and it has reached the Near Perfection Divine Art! Apparently, if this Divine Art has been perfected, within a radius of ten thousand miles, anything will be melted into its origin form of spiritual energy, then transform into the power of that dark flame!"

"It's said that the Palace Master of Netherworld's Palace had used it once, and that where the black flames passed, it had annihilated a powerful sect entirely, melting them down and devouring them."

"Although this Prince of Netherworld is still not showing its full power, this force is strong enough that others, who are not at the same level, would fail to withstand it."

Some powerful figures were sharp enough to recognize this technique. Hence, murmured whispers spread, as they were astonished that the Prince of Netherworld had chosen to use such a trump card.

After their astonishment began to subside, they then began to pity Mu Chen. Under such an attack, even the likes of Liu Yan, Su Biyue, and Snapper would certainly perish!

"I'm afraid that Mu Chen will lose." Some sighed such sentiments as the latter, knowing that, under these circumstances, where the black flames swept across the skies, Mu Chen would be melted instantly. However, Fang Yi could persist for a while, and although it was for just a few moments, those few seconds could be crucial in this situation.

Once the Prince of Netherworld had dealt with Mu Chen and joined forces with Fang Yi, the outcome of this battle would be determined. In the other battlefield, which was now at a dangerous stalemate, Cai Xiao and Fang Yi's attentions were drawn to the other battlefield. With a glance, both of their expressions changed.

Fang Yi's expression was gleeful, while Cai Xiao's face turned grave. They could both sense the overwhelming power of the Prince of Netherworld's black flames.

An attack of such magnitude would be threatening to both of them, let alone to Mu Chen, who was only a Third Grade Sovereign. Although he had defeated Liu Yan, and others were afraid to belittle him, in comparison, the Prince of Netherworld was much more powerful than Liu Yan had ever been.

Fang Yi stood atop the Divine Lotus Throne, glancing towards Cai Xiao. He smiled faintly. "Looks like this is an unexpected outcome."

As he spoke, he subtly activated the defense power of the Divine Lotus Throne in an attempt to withstand the devouring force of the colorful whirlpool. He was clearly hoping to buy some time, while distracting Cai Xiao.

However, this was just wishful thinking, as Cai Xiao stared at him coldly, and instead of weakening, the terrifying devouring force from the colorful whirlpool increased in intensity! This turn of events made Fang Yi frown, and he could only hurriedly activate his spiritual energy to resist.

After forcing Fang Yi to shut up, Cai Xiao then glanced towards Mu Chen's direction, chewing on her lips. At this time, even she could not lend a hand to Mu Chen. He would have to rely solely upon his own strength.

"Mu Chen… You have to hang in there…" Cai Xiao clenched her fists and murmured. She knew that, should Mu Chen lose, her advantage would instantly vanish. Thus, she could only place her faith in Mu Chen.

Although she was unsure if Mu Chen could withstand such a powerful opponent as the Prince of Netherworld, she was hopeful that this young man just might be able to create miracles today.

Just as everyone was watching the scene unfold, a multitude of sighs and gasps rang out. Mu Chen, who stood atop the Great Solar Undying Body, was not despondent and terrified as they had thought he would be. Instead, his dark eyes had turned brighter and sharper.

The black flames rolled turbulently, charging over like a torrential black flood, as if nothing could stop them! Mu Chen could sense the terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations contained within the black flames, revealing to him that this Prince of Netherworld was a tough nut to crack indeed, and that his power far surpassed that of Liu Yan!

However, it was not so easy to annihilate Mu Chen, either! Mu Chen pursed his lips tightly, and his expression turned grave. Clasping his hands, he conjured up ancient strange seals. As the seals transformed, mysterious and profound chantings of Sanskrit scriptures rang out in the heavens and the earth.

At this point, many onlookers cast startled glances at his actions, clearly perceiving them to be a desperate strike back. However, it was really a brave counterattack!

Still, the outcome was not one that could be changed by courage alone. If Mu Chen failed to create a wondrous miracle again, this would be a hopeless ending indeed.

The chanting of Sanskrit continued to reverberate throughout the heavens. Mu Chen closed his eyes. Then, a dark purple spiritual light bloomed on his body, before converging and transforming into mysterious and enchanting purple petals.

The petals gradually gathered together, transforming into a huge mysterious flower underneath Mu Chen. The flower was about 100 feet tall, and was entirely dark purple. It was enchanting and mysterious. Upon its petals, there were countless ancient patterns.

Mu Chen's face was solemn, as he could feel the swift consumption of the spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea. Even the blood in his body was vibrating in his veins, and all the spiritual energy in his body was now pouring into the mysterious flower, like a tidal current.

Mu Chen stretched his palms flat, then conjured up seals with two fingers. The mysterious flower bloomed slowly, its heart aimed straight at the ferocious black flames.

Mu Chen's face paled. Then, his spiritual energy surged at an alarming speed, yet he had showed no signs of stopping, his dark eyes only growing brighter.

"If you want to annihilate me, it's not going to be that easy!"

Such an extreme measure as he had just taken was the primordial divine art that he had received from Mandela. Even during this period, Mu Chen had never stopped cultivating it.

Although he had failed at executing it every time before now, he had still attained an epiphany through every failure. Now, at such a critical moment, he had finally displayed it successfully!


Just as the cold voice rang in Mu Chen's heart, the ancient patterns on the mysterious flower's petals grew more distinct. Almost as if the light patterns were suddenly resurrected, they flowed towards the heart of the flower. Then. purple spots of light began to converge in the heart of the flower.

The heavens and the earth began to dim, with only the primordial flower's heart emitting the brightest light. It was almost as if the light from the world had been absorbed into the heart of the flower.

Many powerful figures watched in shock, as they could sense unusual fluctuations occurring. Mu Chen's methods made them wonder with awe.

As the world grew dimmer, even the space shook violently. Mu Chen's pallor turned deathly pale. However, the gaze in his eyes only grew sharper. In the next moment, his slender fingers pointed gently in mid-air.

"Go forth, Datura Sky-wrecking Light!"

As the murmurs in Mu Chen's heart rang, the world turned dark. At that time, the enchanting primordial divine flower was the only source of light in all of the heavens and the earth.

Next, everyone saw the primordial divine flower shake, as a dark purple light erupted from within the flower, like a blazing volcano. The purple beam of light did not carry a destructive aura that would tear apart the heaven and the earth, yet as it soared across the void, everyone still seemed to hear the sound of space shattering. As the beam of light passed through, it wiped out all traces of life, and its domineering aura caused everyone to feel a bone-chilling fear in their hearts.

Doubt and surprise flit across the Prince of Netherworld's usually emotionless demeanour, before his expression turned malicious. At this point in time, he would not allow any unexpected circumstances. He had to destroy Mu Chen!

The Prince of Netherworld conjured up seals, as the black flames surged forward at an increasingly ferocious speed. Then, in a flash, the flames completely disintegrated the space, as if a black dragon roaring within the depths of the Netherworld had emitted a deathly chill over the entire land. It clashed directly with the purple beam of light amid many shocked gazes. 


At the moment of collision, dazzling light soared towards the sky. This intense introduction of light into the dark world grew so blinding, many had to squint their eyes.

Then, a frenzied eruption of violent spiritual energy shock waves rippled across the space within a radius of ten thousand miles. The sturdy golden Dragon-Phoenix Platforms that were hovering in the skies disintegrated into dust.

Su Biyue, Snapper, Ding Xuan and the others fell backwards, as their strong spiritual energies formed a protective barrier in front of them, resisting the impact of the aftershock. The terrifying shockwaves wreaked havoc, but the blinding light had weakened, allowing everyone to briefly glance at the sky.

They all wanted to know, who would be the last man standing after such a horrifying clash! Would it be the incredibly powerful Prince of Netherworld? Or would it be Mu Chen?

The brilliant light in the skies dissipated, allowing the scene to grow clearer. The enchanting primordial divine flower in the sky closed its petals, also dissipating into spots of light. Just as it vanished, a slender figure appeared before everyone.

Although his face was pale, he showed no signs of weakness or defeat! It was Mu Chen!

Incredulous gasps of surprise erupted from the onlookers like a volcano, and countless people were stunned. Mu Chen had really blocked the Prince of Netherworld's fatal move, which had been aimed to kill!

This fellow had actually succeeded!

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