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The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was bathed in brilliant golden light. As it soared through the horizons, a massive shadow and overwhelming power accompanied it.

It hurtled towards the Prince of Netherworld, who was hovering in mid-air. Its movement was as swift as lightning, and countless onlookers stopped to gaze at it in awe.

Under the Demonic Pillar's power, even the surrounding space showed signs of distortion. This display also revealed the the immense power of Mu Chen's Power of the Twin Suns, which had been summoned from the Great Solar Undying Body.

However, even in the face of Mu Chen's full-force attack, the Prince of Netherworld's demeanor remained unperturbed. He lifted the Netherworld Divine Halberd in his grasp, a malicious glint flashing in his eyes. He had finally made a move.


Everyone watched, as a faint light tore through the sky. Then, a crisp, clashing sound of gold and metal rang out. It was the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, which had descended brutally, before solidifying suddenly. The immense force contained within it seemed to have been extremely weakened!

Countless gazes followed the scene, looking towards the tip of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, where a black halberd now blocked the pillar. Although the obsidian black halberd looked extremely weak and frail in comparison to the great size of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, such a slender halberd could actually block the massive pillar completely!

Many strong men gasped in astonishment at this revelation. Was this the power of the 2nd rank of the Dragon-Phoenix Record? This degree of power was terrifying indeed, as this strength being exhibited had surpassed even Liu Yan!

Mu Chen, who was a dark horse, had finally overcome all of the trials in order to meet with a worthy opponent. But, alas, who knew if he could continue his journey?!

Mu Chen stood atop the Great Solar Undying Body. He glanced solemnly at the Prince of Netherworld, who had blocked the Great Meru Demonic Pillar single-handedly with the halberd. He then took a deep breath, his gaze turning sharper. He knew that this battle would not be an easy one.

Just as Mu Chen and the Prince of Netherworld were about to begin their final showdown, at the other end of the sky, the atmosphere was equally tense. Although there were no intense storms of spiritual energy there, it still attracted the crowd's attention.

They knew, that no matter how intense the battle was between Mu Chen and the Prince of Netherworld, this arena was the most important battlefield, for the two that were confronting each other there were the most powerful existences in the entire Dragon-Phoenix Rift!

Fang Yi, who was ranked first in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, was a renowned and highly reputable figure among the younger generation in the Northern Territory. Many talents and geniuses paled in comparison to him. Also, many people believed that he just might become the next Pavilion Master in the Divine Pavilion in the future, thus making him the top ace character in the entire Northern Territory!

As for Cai Xiao, she was such a mysterious one! Her mere presence struck fear in people's hearts. Also, she had dominated all of her battles thus far, so even outstanding talents and geniuses, including the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi, had not gained an edge over her. Hence, this showdown between the two was the key factor that would determine who would win the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy!

As Cai Xiao's petite and dainty foot stepped on the void, her cold and charming eyes locked onto Fang Yi. At that very moment, a seven-colored beam of spiritual energy flickered in her palm.

Although Fang Yi's expression was nonchalant, his gaze was solemn. Facing the mysterious Cai Xiao, even though he was confident, he still did not have absolute faith that he would win. However, he had no road of retreat now.

Fang Yi clenched his fists slowly, as a majestic spiritual energy surged violently. The space behind him rippled, causing the spiritual energy to sweep out like torrents of water.

"Let me have a taste of your methods, then." Fang Yi smiled, pointing immediately to the spiritual energy that was surging behind him. It then transformed into massive purple light swords, which were approximately a few hundred feet long. The massive swords emanated a sword aura, which was so strong, it seemed like it could tear apart the the heavens and the earth!

The sheer vastness and power of the sharp sword aura caused many powerful figures to tingle in fear. It was hard to believe that only a beam of light would be powerful enough to cause dread in the heart of even a Fourth Grade Sovereign!

And now that they converged together, the power was even more overwhelming! Clearly, Fang Yi was aware that, facing such a powerful opponent as Cai Xiao, if he did not go all out, he would just be asking for humiliation.


With a flick of Fang Yi's slender fingers, the cry of swords reverberated. They rang out thousands of miles away, as the crowd saw the purple swords roaring by, like a torrential rain, charging towards and enveloping Cai Xiao.

The entire scene was rather terrifying! However, facing a powerful attack akin to a barrage of ten thousand arrows, Cai Xiao drew an arc in the sky with her fingers. As she did so, the space before her was torn apart by a dark spatial crack.


The aura of the purple swords howled, but was then directly engulfed by the spatial cracks. As such, the aura completely failed to deal any injury to Cai Xiao, who was standing behind the protection of the cracks.

As the crowd witnessed how Cai Xiao had effortlessly neutralized Fang Yi's attacks, their gazes became more focused. They saw that this Cai Xiao was formidable indeed, and they now also understand why Fang Yi was so wary of her.

"Why humiliate yourself with such inane tricks? Cai Xiao sneered coldly. Then, with a gentle leap of her foot, she vanished in mid-air, the space fluctuating in her wake.

She was about to make her move. Just as Cai Xiao vanished, Fang Yi's pupils contracted. Then, the space surrounding him rippled, as he disappeared into thin air as well.

Upon seeing the two fighters vanish, many powerful figures widened their eyes in disbelief. This specter-like speed was extremely difficult to maintain, and a Fifth Grade Sovereign was significantly more powerful than that of a Fourth Grade!


At a void, which was a thousand feet away, a violent turbulence of spiritual energy spread out. Within that distorted space, two specter-like silhouettes appeared, their palms clashing with each other harshly. The palms' collision caused shockwaves to spread, as both figures shook and fell backwards. However, it was apparent that Fang Yi had clearly retreated further…

Struggling to regain his balance, Fang Yi knit his brows in a frown. He then clenched his fist, a long purple sword in his grasp. The sword aura was so sharp that it tore apart the space. It was clearly a Top Grade Divine Artifact!


Without a hint of hesitation, the spiritual energy within Fang Yi's body erupted. Then, his figure vanished within the distorted space, leaving behind only a sharp and brutal sword aura soaring into the sky.

Cai Xiao and Fang Yi's battle was not earth-shattering, but rather silent and unsettling. The two silhouettes flashed and moved instantaneously, appearing in various spots in the sky. They moved at a speed so swift that the crowd could only gasp in awe. 

In the sky, Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan watched the two battlefields, shaking their heads and laughing bitterly. These fellows were putting on a performance in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift this time, and they were mere spectators.

"We don't know who will win," Ding Xuan muttered in a low, muffled voice. He always craved battle, but seeing this battlefield, he clearly did not dare to intervene. He refrained because he knew that he would be in trouble if they decided to divert their attacks on him.

"It's hard to tell who will win Cai Xiao and Fang Yi's battle, but the Prince of Netherworld had the upper hand in his battle with Mu Chen. However, if Mu Chen's intention is to hold the Prince of Netherworld back, then he did manage to do it. Although, the Prince of Netherworld did not let him succeed so easily," Su Biyue said gently. She was one of the elite among the young generation in the Northern Territory. Thus, she could assess the battle circumstances with just one glance.

"Once the Prince of Netherworld defeats Mu Chen and joins forces with Fang Yi, Cai Xiao would be doomed."

Upon hearing Su Biyue's words, Snapper giggled. "Oh, so sister thinks the Prince of Netherworld would win? I think Mu Chen won't be easily defeated by him."

"It's true that Mu Chen is not simple, but the Prince of Netherworld is not to be trifled with either." Su Biyue smiled, choosing not to take a side, but simply stating what she saw in a matter of fact manner.

"Is that so? Let's see then." Snapper smiled. She knew all of these things too. However, out of her habit of singing the opposite tune from Su Biyue, she refused to agree with the other party.

As they conversed, the fighting in the two battlefields intensified. Terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations caused the thick clouds in the ten-thousand-mile radius to shatter and disintegrate into remnants of clouds, floating in the sky.


The Great Meru Demonic Pillar carried a terrifying force as it swung, but no matter how ferocious it was, it was still unable to shake the long halberd in the hands of the Prince of Netherworld.

In the confrontation between the two men, Mu Chen was in the midst of launching a fierce offensive attack. Even though everyone could see that he was the disadvantaged party, he was surprisingly not anxious about it.

Mu Chen knew keenly the gap between himself and the Prince of Netherworld. Had it not been for the power of the Great Solar Undying Body and the Dragon-Phoenix Body, he could not have clashed head-on with the Prince of Netherworld.

Yet, he was satisfied with the current situation, as Mu Chen had never intended to defeat the Prince of Netherworld, even from the start. Instead, all that he needed to do, was to buy some time for Cai Xiao.

Just as Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld envisioned, Fang Yi hoped that the Prince of Netherworld could defeat him swiftly, so that they could then join forces to deal with Cai Xiao. Mu Chen was also waiting. He was waiting for Cai Xiao to defeat Fang Yi…

Time went by in the fierce battle. The four's gazes flickered, for they all felt that they must begin to determine a result soon.

Cai Xiao and the Prince of Netherworld's gazes turned sharp simultaneously, as the battle aura around them transformed drastically. Sensing a change in their aura, Mu Chen and Fang Yi's pupils contracted and their bodies tensed.

"They intend to determine an outcome!" Su Biyue and Snapper's face changed, their expressions anxious.

The two battlefields intend to determine victory and defeat at the same time!

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