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The Prince of Netherworld stood aloof. His pale face was indifferent, and the terrible power of his spiritual energy flowed out of his body like a flood, causing the world to shake turbulently.

Everyone's expressions changed under the oppressive aura of the spiritual energy, including Mu Chen's.

The oppressive aura surpassed that of an ordinary Fourth Grade Sovereign and reached the rank of a Fifth Grade Sovereign!

Had the Prince of Netherworld advanced to the rank of Fifth Grade Sovereign?!

Countless powerful figures were shocked, as a Fifth Grade Sovereign could be considered the top elite in the myriad of top forces, let alone the younger generation in the North Territory. His power made others feel that it was utterly out of reach.

Some glanced at Mu Chen in pity. Mu Chen still had a chance when he was battling Liu Yan but faced with someone who had the ability of a Fifth Grade Sovereign like the Prince of Netherworld, his odds of victory were extremely slim. 

Amid the many pitying gazes, Mu Chen glanced solemnly at the expressionless Prince of Netherworld as he tried to regain his composure. The power of a Fifth Grade Sovereign was enough to be ranked as a Lord in Daluo Territory!

Liu Yan's ability might be a strong contender among the Fourth Grade Sovereigns, but compared to the Prince of Netherworld, the gap was too significant.

Is this the difference between the second and third ranks of the Dragon-Phoenix Record? Mu Chen clenched his fists as he stared at the Prince of Netherworld unflinchingly. He could feel sparks of pain blooming on his physique, as he could sense the threat and danger ahead.

Although there was only one rank difference between a Fourth and Fifth Grade Sovereign, this difference was far greater than between previous ranks.

In the Nine Grades of a Sovereign, the first four grades differed only in the level of power in spiritual energy. Once one advanced to the rank of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, significant differences appeared between ranks, the most obvious being that a Fifth Grade Sovereign would possess the power of traversing between spaces.

This was a rather powerful defensive and offensive move which could catch others off guard, and with this ability, Fourth Grade Sovereigns would be utterly thrashed if they encountered a Fifth Grade Sovereign.

Hence, this was why, when the other powerful figures realized that the Prince of Netherworld possessed the power of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, they cast pitying glances towards Mu Chen. They felt that the outcome of the battle was already determined.

No matter how powerful Mu Chen's methods were, it would be impossible for him to defeat the Prince of Netherworld.

"Do you still wish to continue?" the Prince of Netherworld asked nonchalantly.

Mu Chen smiled but did not reply. His dark eyes held no trace of fear in them. The Prince of Netherworld was indeed powerful. However, if he wanted Mu Chen to surrender without a fight, that was not going to happen. To put it bluntly, the Prince of Netherworld was far from worthy of simply being surrendered to.

Seeing Mu Chen's gaze, the Prince of Netherworld had his answer. However, his gaze remained unperturbed as he smiled faintly and replied, "Looks like another talent from Daluo Territory will fall in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift."

Narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen was just about to reply but his pupils suddenly shrank, for he saw the space around the Prince of Netherworld distort before his figure vanished like a ghost.


The space behind Mu Chen twisted violently, and a blow containing powerful spiritual energy charged towards his back like a specter. 

The sudden unsettling offensive move caused Mu Chen's expression to change, but he was always on his guard. He instantly conjured up seals with one hand, and in a flash of light, his figure seemed to have turned into a vague dragon silhouette, and as it moved, the space around him twisted, and his figure disappeared in the distorted space.

The blow of a palm landed but missed its mark as the Prince of Netherworld appeared in a flash. Seeing this, surprise flitted across his gaze before he said softly, "I didn't think that a mere Third Grade Sovereign like you could traverse between spaces, too… But what a pity, your method of leaning on physical prowess is too weak."

Just as he finished speaking, his figure vanished again, leaving behind fluctuations in the space.

A thousand feet away, the space rippled as a dragon silhouette soared across, but just as the silhouette transformed into Mu Chen, his expression changed yet again.

In front of him, the space rippled as a specter-like figure rushed out. The blow of a palm surged fiercely with a momentum capable of destroying mountains and seas.

This time, Mu Chen could not avoid it.

The suffocating majestic aura from the palm surged, and golden light flowed on Mu Chen's body as the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor appeared in a flash. At the same time, a layer of dark golden dragon scales emerged on the surface of his skin.

In just a few moments, he had triggered the power within his body to the extreme, and with a blow from both palms, he clashed straight on with the Prince of Netherworld's blows amid countless dumbfounded gazes. 


In the moment of collision, a terrifying thunder blast erupted. An impact that was visible to the naked eye swept out, and the space within a radius of 10,000 feet twisted and rippled like turbulent waves.

The shockwaves wreaked havoc as Mu Chen's figure crumpled and fell 1,000 feet backwards. Blood gushed up in his throat as he spit it out in a gasp.

Excruciating pain bloomed in his arms as if his bones were crushed, causing his gaze to turn increasingly somber. The Prince of Netherworld was immensely powerful indeed, and without the protection of the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor and the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Body, he would have broken both his arms in this direct clash.

Just as Mu Chen flew backwards, the Prince of Netherworld's body shook, too. As he retreated a dozen steps, his nonchalant face finally showed a glint of emotion with a chilling cold flashing in his eyes. He did not expect his blow to fail to paralyze Mu Chen.

The Prince of Netherworld stared at Mu Chen as he stated, "No wonder you could defeat Liu Yan. You do have a lot of tricks up your sleeve." In the previous clash, any Fourth Grade Sovereign would have been severely injured, but Mu Chen had only spit out a mouthful of blood.

Mu Chen stared coldly at the Prince of Netherworld. As he wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, scorching combat desire burned in his eyes. He was not cowed by the power of the Prince of Netherworld in the slightest.

He conjured up seals as golden light swept out from within his body. It transformed into a massive golden silhouette standing tall between the heavens and earth. Spiritual energy surged tremendously with brilliant and dazzling golden light.

Mu Chen stood atop the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, and with the clench of his fist, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar burst out, landing on the huge palm of the Great Solar Undying Body.

The Prince of Netherworld gazed at the strange Great Solar Undying Body as he knitted his eyebrows in a frown. He did not recognize the origins of the Sovereign Celestial Body before him. However, he could feel that this Sovereign Celestial Body was not an ordinary one.

"No matter how desperately you put up a fight, the outcome won't change."

The Prince of Netherworld did not care too much about Mu Chen's resistance. He gently clasped his palms and a dim light gathered between them that finally turned into a black obsidian halberd. 

The long halberd gave off extremely chilling spiritual energy fluctuations, and this caused even the spiritual energy between heaven and earth to freeze and solidify.

"That's a Top Grade Divine Artifact from the Netherworld Palace, the Netherworld Divine Halberd!" Many powerful figures gasped in shock, clearly familiar with the halberd the Prince of Netherworld was wielding.

"Looks like the Prince of Netherworld truly does not intend to spare Mu Chen, going as far as to summon the Netherworld Divine Halberd." Others sighed. If the Prince of Netherworld had held any contempt and belittlement, Mu Chen could still have had a slim chance, but the latter, who was clearly experienced in bloodshed, was not willing to commit such a rookie mistake.

Even a lion hunting a rabbit would exert his full strength, and for the Prince of Netherworld to become the best among the young generation in Netherworld Palace, he clearly would not commit the mistake of losing because of underestimating his opponent.

"You have yet to truly advance to a Fifth Grade Sovereign." Mu Chen glared at the Prince of Netherworld.

After the brief clash, Mu Chen could sense the powerful strength of the Prince of Netherworld, but he could also sense that he was not a true Fifth Grade Sovereign, and according to his deduction, he should be at the critical point of breakthrough.

Despite this, the Prince of Netherworld was far more dangerous than Liu Yan.

Seeing that Mu Chen had deduced his true power, the Prince of Netherworld was astonished before he smiled faintly and said, "Would an ant bother about whether it's a wolf or a tiger that squishes him?"

Mu Chen smirked coldly, and with the stomp of his foot, two golden scorching suns rose at the crown and chest of the Great Solar Undying Body.

"Sovereign Super Power, the Power of Twin Suns!"

Mu Chen roared as the golden scorching suns erupted, and a mighty force majestic enough to crush a mountain spread throughout the Great Solar Undying Body.

"Haha, that's interesting."

The Prince of Netherworld glanced at Mu Chen, who was increasing in both aura and power. His expression changed as he smiled and said, "So you intend to go all out? I'm afraid it's all for naught."

"Whether it's futile or not, it's too late to say now!"

With a chilling growl, golden light surged within the Great Solar Undying Body as it enveloped the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in a dazzling golden hue. It then exploded in the void, carrying a massive shadow and strength of utter annihilation that enshrouded the Prince of Netherworld.

Facing such a strong opponent, Mu Chen naturally also triggered his power to the extreme.

Countless powerful figures watched solemnly as Mu Chen launched his powerful attacks. They were astonished and awed by his courage.

However, in such a battle where one was obviously at a disadvantage, just having courage could not achieve much.

Only power would reign!

This battle would only be more bloody and intense than the last!

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